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Have you had an encounter with the Djinn?  I invite you to tell your story.  It will contribute to the growing database that can help people understand some of their experiences, and shed light on how to deal with them.  Selections will be posted on the site.  You can hit the contact button on this website, and tell your account:

How, when and where the experience took place

What happened to you and/or others, positive or negative

How did you know you were dealing with Djinn

What did the entity look like and how did it behave

Did you have repeat experiences

If the experience was problematic, how did you solve or resolve it

Please indicate whether or not you give permission to have the account posted, or you would prefer to keep it confidential for the database only.  Even confidential reports will help us build patterns that can be described in broad and general terms for the benefit of others.

Thank you!

~ Rosemary

March 8, 2011

I’ve been reading your and Philip Imbrogno’s book, The Vengeful Djinn recently and I want to share a little syncronicity that happed with you. I just recieved the book last week and have been reading since then(I have a hard time putting it down). I just got cable installed this past Saturday, and when the cable guys left I decided to enjoy my new service and decided to see what was on. One of my favorite channels is the SyFy channel, and I noticed that the Twilight Zone was on. So I tuned in and guess what episode was on? The genie episode, the same one that you mentioned in your book, which I had just read the night before! Funny, isn’t it? What was also interesting is that the movie following was “Dog Soldiers” a werewolf movie, and I am also reading Linda S. Godfrey’s book, The Michigan Dogman, which was also interesting (actually there was an entire werewolf marathon the rest of that day). I also noticed something else odd. It looked like there were shoeprints, two, o n the top of my wall, and one on my ceiling, like someone walked up the wall and onto the ceiling! I can’t for the life of me figure out what they really are(I even considered the cable guys, but that is impossible). They really look like shoe prints but I cant think of anything else they might be. Very odd. Do spirits leave footprints? 🙂
I’ve had many supernatural and spirtual experiences for years, far too many to mention here certainly, but maybe someday I will write them all down. Its good that there are people interested in this subject and many outlets on the internet in which to discuss it.  — B.S.

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  1. mardi says:

    This is a story that was told to me by my ex-boyfriend…unfortunately i can’t quite remember all the details but i will try my best…My ex boyfriend was from the United Arab Emirates and he told me a story that was told to him by his Mother which was supposed to have really happened. I’m not sure now who…it may of been a relative of the family, had been walking along the Beach and found a Hijab (Muslim womens headscarf)lying there and picked it up and took it home with him….After that he became possessed by a Djinn and they got someone to come and exercise the Djinn from him….While this was happening he spoke in a different voice and said he was a thousand years old….When he was asked why it took this man’s body the Djinn replied that it was attracted to his eyes!

    That’s all i can remember, thought you might find it interesting!

  2. Kimbal says:

    My Djinn Experience !

    It was 1992 and my wife and I were travelling from Victoria to Queensland in our small car. At the time, I was also very much into Satanic ritual and channelling beings from the Necronomicon often at night, at home on my own when the children were staying with their grandmother and my wife was on night shift at work.

    This particular occasion was around September and a mild-cool evening. We were driving on the Newel Highway through southern New South Wales ( Australia ) when we decided to pull over and have a sleep from the many hours drive.

    We drove through the town of West Wylong and were heading out onto the open highway into open wastelands of Australia which generally ran as far as the eye could see for hundreds of miles.

    Eventually we found a wide opening on the side of the road near a closed farm gate located near some old dead looking gum trees. Nothing really stood out as exceptionally strange, but the area did look very deserted and eerie, having almost no living vegetation from a recent drought. We stopped the car at about midnight and wrapped ourselves in blankets to keep warm as we had two kids in the back seat and they often complained of the night cold. After about an hour of sleeping in the car if it was that long as I lost track of the time, I felt an abominable evil presence like something out of the Exorcist, a feeling I had never before experienced enter the car window and envelope my whole body with a frozen fear.

    It awoke me from sleep and as I awoke I looked at the farm gate through the car window in the shadows of the night and saw nothing visible but sensed whatever it was, was coming from that direction and entering through the car window. Automatically without thinking I wound up the car window which was down a couple of inches to let in fresh air. Initially I tried to at first ignore it, but the fear got more intense and I started to have my skin crawl with pins and needles, the hair stand up on the back of my neck as well as literally shake and panic.

    My whole aura was enveloped in this thing that was creating the intense fear. I tried to call out a loud to my sleeping wife saying “Sue, Sue, wake up and start the car and let’s get out of this area as it’s haunted” but it was an effort to do so I had to force my being to move my mouth.

    With that Sue immediately sensed the same fear I had, and heard me call out. She started the car and we were like “rats up a drain pipe” leaving the area. The kids were ok, but shaken with the incident as it was primarily me that got the brunt of the attack. We noted the entity was “chasing” still with us in the car for a kilometre or two up the highway before the fear slowly subsided. We drove the rest of the night without a break other than to stop for fuel and food. As we drove into the distance I said to sue we had been in its territory and it did not like us. She agreed and kept on driving.

    Upon getting to Queensland the next day, I told my parents who were also into psychic phenomena and UFO’s and they sensed it was an evil spirit of some sort, and what we had in-avertedly done was park on its territory without realizing. Like animals spirits can be very territorial and if your on their property it will attack just as a dog would when you enter their territory.

    When we returned back to Victoria a couple of weeks later, we drove past the same spot on the highway during the dusk of the evening and got a better look of the physical appearance. The place looked like a deserted farm property with a wide but rusted gate connected to the wooden and wire fence line, having an overgrown drive with dead trees and dry yellow grass only. The only life there was a few black Crows ( Ravens ) who often are seen as omens and appear at times around the dead. When driving past, I again got an eerie presence about not staying to sight see as that would bring on trouble.

    When we got home and I was on my own a couple of nights later, and had a male friend come over who had experienced first hand UFO experiences and I told him of the encounter. Within a few minutes, the same fear came into the room and knew it had entered by the open front door of the house in the living room. We both sensed it was listening about us talking of the event.
    My friend sensed the same fear and so we changed the subject onto something else.

    What it did teach me was that one had to be very careful when around certain places and spirits as they can produce in one such intense fear, that one may in advertently kill themselves and fall victim to the entities power once out of the body.

    • Kimbal says:

      PS: Further to the above experience, which by all means can be usedas a reference; I did not see anything with my literal eyes, other than moving shadows in the near distance. It was not a full moon so light levels were very dim. I see things more in my head, as if a vision in my mind.

      In this case it was a shadowy form without any specific shape but it could have shown itself as humanoid if it desired. As for Djinn - I am told by spirits that I communicate with that it was. At the time I believed it to be one of the children from the Underworld or dessert wastelands.

      In Australia we have the Po and the Nin-Nin Lights, and Bunyips which live along water ways. These often scare travellers, if possible to their death.
      What ever it was, its intent was to harm and induce fear.

    • Hamza says:

      First of all, if you have had an experience than would you not try to catch it? In reference, you can capture or summon it into a objec of some type. If Djinn is too powerfull than get the video evidence for example use a summoning process and then use camera. Muslims of some kind may help on the summoning and could be used to process the video for the inter-linked invisible dimension of our world with the mystics. For more link up email me I might be able to help…, I have had a lot of rare experiences in Pakistan.

      • Sam says:

        Trying to “catch” a djinn agaisnt its will would result in devastating consequences.

        • Isaac says:

          I accidentally killed one, I think. I thought someone was living in my attic be a use of all the noises. Then I found a hole in the wall by the washing machine. I thought some pervert was coming Into my house via the attic and this hole. I heard noises in the wall for 3 days Attica did one day I stabbed r be wall with a piece of rebar, like 15 times. Then one time I felt it squish. Like I had hit someone in the gut with the rebar. I wanted this person day salad so I pushed harder and harder. Fin a llc I pulled the rebar out and heard something hit the ground. Through this huh be hole all I could see were two small eyes. Still thinking It was a person I asked if they needed an ambulance. I started to panic at bye realization that maybe I had killed someone. It’s eyes just kept ol long asnmbulanceround asnmbulanceround It smelled lime human shit. I finally crouched down to better look and 3 black worms (about a foot long and as big around as my arm) with the same small human looking eyes came down from the wall and took the one I had stabbed it looked so sad and….hurt. I feel so bad, but now they won’t leave me alone and they are ruining my life. Loosing my job, my wife and kids, and my sanity if they don’t stop. Please soneone, help me. Make them.stop. it was an accident I swear. I thought someone was in my house spying on me and my kids. (That laundry room wall is my kids bathroom on the otherside).

          • Isaac seems like ur in a pickle.
            U do know that all your problems will be fine if u have faith. Believe in a higher power. Do not just believe in but believe God’s presence and ask for protection. If its too much to handle contact a priest or imaam or any religious powerful figures in any religion. I’d say go find an imaam or conct ruqya services and they’ll cleanse your only giving u this advice since it seems like ur really in trouble and if its made up then there’s nothing I can do. If I was of help to you in any way. You’re welcome.

          • james says:

            Did you pray and ask for forgiveness to God. Next you should cleanse your house.

      • achergui says:

        hello djinn they can give us supernatural gifts such as invisibility?

      • Ahmed says:

        As Muslims it is wrong to practice magic which also includes the summoning of Djinn. Please refrain from such comments which can cause harm to people.

    • Lynn says:

      Please tell me you do now realize that the “Necronomicon” existed only in the imagination of H.P.Lovecraft, and that it is a work of fiction for god’s sake!

      • Sam says:

        Though the Necronomicon is fiction, Lovecraft borrows heavily on concepts, ideas, and beings that actually do exist.

      • Ahmad says:

        Dearest Lynn……..concepts,ideas,are all registered in our subconscious as a result of connecting via our silver cord to the over-self,you were informed by wikepedia and the author’s biography that it is a fiction without realising that truth is stranger than fiction.Lovecraft is a satanist and the fiction veil was to lure innocent folks into practising without knowing it,i would advice you activate your pineal gland/third eye and you will see stranger concepts more deep than love-craft envisioned and gave to us in paper…….don’t be ignorant,its no fiction,its a devilish pamphlet for interested students with a cover up…….just like a CIA safe-house looking like a grocery store

  3. J says:

    Today is Sunday March 20. I have been relaxing this afternoon listening to your podcast on Mysterious Universe.

    I was shocked to realize that the nightmare I had three nights ago sounds like a Djinn experience.

    I dreamt that I was walking through a building with a glass corridor on the right. As I walked, I saw outside the window what appeared to be large black clouds forming very low to the ground. I wondered if a tornado was forming when I realized that the clouds began to take the shape of an enormous monstrous black dog. As I was attempting to process this, the woman beside me turned and ran. By the time I realized that I must run away, it was too late. There were numerous beings inside the building. They were chanting in a foriegn language that I didn’t recognize. For a moment, I hunched over, covering my head trying to hide like a child. But I realized it was no use. I stood up and one of these beings stood in front of me. He explained to me that they had come to capture women and girls of all ages to take back with them so that they could create a new race. I was terrified.

    I then woke up. I have had many paranormal experiences in my life. I have a practice that I do when I suspect negative energies around. I envision my home encompassed by golden light and I say “In the name of the I am that I am, I now command that this house is filled with the golden light from the city of light where the ascended masters dwell, only that which is divine shall enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so.”

    I wondered for the past few days what this dream was about. Now I think it was probably djinn. I would like some information as to what I can do to protect the energy in my home as well as myself and my family.

    Please advise.

    • admin says:

      I have done a lot of dreamwork, and I suggest that first you consider the dream as symbolic of things going on in your life. Which is not to say that it is not paranormal in nature, but it may be one or the other or even both. From a paranormal perspective, it certainly has elements that are associated with Djinn.

      Unless you are having other kinds of visitations and experiences, however, the dream may be only symbolic. A single dream usually is not sufficient for gauging anything beyond the dream.

      • admin says:

        Reply to Rosemary from J:

        Thank you for responding to my message. Yes, I do understand that dreams are often symbolic and metaphorical. I have been involved in metaphysics for about twenty years and I have had several paranormal experiences. I actually do a lot of work with angels and spirit guides and I find that in terms of clearing the energy of my home and my physical (and energetic) being, that calling in the light and asking the angels and my guides for protection works quite well.

        I thought it was really strange that I had that dream two nights before I heard your interview on Mysterious Universe. When you said that they shape shift into dogs, I thought, Wow, this is very strange. The dream was unique for me in that it was quite frightening and I immediately woke right up when it ended. I’ve done dream analysis on myself for years and can usually figure out meanings, etc, What was really strange about this one was the strange chanting that the creatures were doing. It was in a foreign language that I didn’t understand. Since then, I haven’t had any more issues. But, like I said, I do call in the light and ask for protection.

        I just think that this is really fascinating information that you are putting out there. And, I can understand why the Djinn do not like for this to be known. Knowledge is power, after all.

        So, thank you for doing the work that you do, and good luck to you.

        • rasu says:

          djinn ti herding people toward mountain top bush fire light god acceptance. Other way to put is its causing trouble and mischief until people accept them as God.

    • Tuaim says:

      What a beautiful formulation J. However, I don’t think it would be Djinn, as we do not use spoken language among ourselves. The bottom line is, did it work? Is it ongoing? A one on dream may well be what it is, but usually reflects our momontary fears.
      Dark clouds - Hidden things. Become dogs - guardians. Presumably not amorphic, such as dog-men. Chanting - protections. Scary but not to worry.
      Watch what happens in the few days after to get a better picture.
      We are not here to take anything from humans. I am here because I am emissary. We gave the Earth it’s akashic field for humans to overlay it with human dreams, experiences and memories. I do not appreciate my people being misaligned through fears born of inexperience.
      We, like you, have our good and evil elements. But taking over this plane would not be in our best interests.
      As I see it, your governments are trying to bust our gates. We love you in spite of this.
      Most likely, the dream is a filtering proccess born of your own spirits need or desire to become pure. Or it is demons trying to prevent this process. time will reveal things.

      • Mukthiyar says:

        Dear Tuaim,

        I am curious, are you a Djinn if yes, how are you able to post online? I have heard Djinn hurt people is that true?

        • Korath says:

          I am debating my experiences heavily now. I tapped into knowledge not spoken and became aware and passed through multiple dimensions. I was pushing the limits with the use of me those taming in search of god. What I did in an evening would kill a dozen people. My NDE had no white light and I went into fire then white light and returned to myself. I keep most of my experiences and knowledge to myself because it’s not meant for them, would scare them, or people would lock me up as insane. The original poster is no djinn but possibly had some contact unless he’s a poser just trolling the web.

          • Korath says:

            I am debating my experiences heavily now. I tapped into knowledge not spoken and became aware and passed through multiple dimensions. I was pushing the limits with the use of MXE in search of god. What I did in an evening would kill a dozen people. My NDE had no white light and I went into fire then white light and returned to myself. I keep most of my experiences and knowledge to myself because it’s not meant for them, would scare them, or people would lock me up as insane. The original poster is no djinn but possibly had some contact unless he’s a poser just trolling the web.

  4. George says:

    Have you considered the similarity between the Djinn waiting patiently for their time to return to rule the Earth and that of the ‘fictional’ Ancient Ones who have the very same agenda, who live in a parallel universe which also includes our dreams and who were written about extensively in the stories of the Cthulu Mythos by H.P.Lovecraft?

    • admin says:

      Yes, in fact we have a section in The Vengeful Djinn addressing the comparison of Djinn to the Ancient Ones… we think they are one and the same.

      • Kimbal says:

        It’s understandable you believe the Ancient Ones and the Djinn are one in the same group, but that is not true.
        They are two very separate groups.
        The aggression shown by both groups towards man is because of the law of a very ancient covenant which binds us humans to these groups. We humans are hybrids and carry the essence of the Old Ones ( Ancient Ones ) in our DNA and Blood, whilst at the same time we also carry the essence of the Elder gods who created us - ie Enki/EA and Nanna-sin( Jehovah/ Yahweh ).

        Under covenant law we are meant to be abused and enslaved by spirit deities and treated with disdane. There is a lot more to this old covenant which in itself could form a book in its own right.

        • AngelLove says:

          Well, just think about it. Without darkness, you wouldn’t know what light is. So, both dark and light serve God. This is hard for humans to accept that everything was created to be this way. To learn what the light was, we first had to grope in the dark. So, there you go! Without hate, you wouldn’t learn what love is. So, both serve God.

        • M.M. says:

          I wonder if you or anyone that reads this may be able to advise me in what I should do about my Djinn I purchased about 5 years ago.
          I found it on ebay, a beautiful pendant in the shape of a small Genie bottle, i thought about it for weeks if i should purchase it and about the Djinn and wondering if i were doing the right thing. After some research I bought it.
          When I received it, I felt its energy strong. A couple of days later, before I recited the bonding ritual, my husband came home with a man he met at work, they got drunk together at another mate’s house then came home, both very drunk. This man, besides being very drunk, he was also very negative and thru out the course of the night he became an aggro drunk. My husband sneaked off to bed and this man decided that he would go into the bedroom where my husband was sleeping and jump on his back to wake him so as to continue drinking together. I pulled this man off my husband’s back and pushed him outside, as i closed the door behind me, the man then pushed his way thru the door again and somehow, i tried to stop him from jumping on my husband again, with one hand, (as i wasn’t close enough to him to fully stop him with both hands), just when i done that, the man went flying, off his feet, Flying literally, into the wall behind him, his head banging against the window sill as he landed on his butt on the floor! He suddenly sobered enough to realise he flew! He looked at me questionly and i said without thinking, that was RORY that done that! He then got up, I called him a taxi and while waiting for the taxi he asked where did i get that name from and i said “it’s magic” and then all of a sudden I told him it was his twin brother that passed away ……. .

          He was blown away and so was I, because I definitely did not know anything about this man. At the time, I was wearing this Djinn pendant, the man looked at my pendant, pulled it off my neck and threw it over the back fence! I spun out about his behaviour and pushed him out the gate to wait for the taxi. Maybe the Djinn was already assisting me?? I thanked him anyway, I felt it must’ve been the Djinn.
          I done the bonding ritual that came along with it, a couple of weeks later, had to pass it over a flame and recite a prayer over and over for one hour, it had to be for a full hour and not stop at any time before the hour. While I was reciting this prayer, I noticed in front of me, what seemed liked a smoky figure standing there, I continued the recite to the full hour and then went to bed expecting the Djinn to introduce himself to me in my dream, but he did not.
          Maybe I should’ve stopped the recite and acknowledged the smoky Being???

          I wore the pendant for months trying to bond with it, lit Incense, waited for a sign that he is around me, talked to it and asked for assistance to some things but I have not felt him around me since. I still have the pendant by my bed, I don’t think he’s around me, I don’t feel his presence.
          Maybe he’s left and gone back to his Family??
          Should I try the recite again, problem is I can’t find the recite Prayer and instructions and the seller no longer sells!!

          Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should do. Should I re-recite the prayers or just let the Djinn go home to his Family??

          Also, I believe that Djinns, Angels, are of same energy, and if a person has a negative energy most of the time, then that person will only attract negative Beings. We are all created from love, we should all send that energy into the world and universe.

          Thanx for reading this article. Have a nice day. 🙂 M.M.

          • Yani says:

            HelloI believe I just purchased 2 rings one Djinn of Love and one King Djinn. I would like to know if you have had any experiences? Mines are on there way and I have yet to receive them. A lot of people claim they are evil some that they are good, or neutral like humans….I am trying to get more information or a better understanding on djinn & there history. Thanks, Yani!

      • Lynn says:

        Again, H.P. Lovecraft is *fiction*. The “Old Ones” , the vengeful gods in his tales, Cthulu, etc, are a work of his imagination. Good grief, he’s probably rolling in his grave!

      • Mohamed says:

        I am from Saudi Arabia, I am not entirely sure wether this is a serious website or simply for your amusement. However i will say Djin is a very real thing, they are made of the smokeless fire and are god’s first creation. There are good and bad djin just as there are good and bad humans. Think of them as a different race. They do-not have plans to dominate our world they are simply fascinated with us as we are fascinated with them. But do-not doubt they can be very harmful, the djin is in Islamic folklore, many of the answers you seek may be found with a Muslim priest they are well experienced in handling with djin as possession and paranormal activity are a common thing in the arabian lands. My warning is, do not go after them, do not seek the djin it is best left alone.

        Thank you

        • Daniel says:

          I have three Djinn!s. Never have done me any wrong. Have taken me out of body to a strange plane. Earth in bkackness below and stars above on a ribbon firmiment of glossy black. A feeling of constant motion forward. The Djinn conversed with me till we came to an invisible barrior. They passed through it IN could not without their help. There were two more of these each stronger. They forced me to get though the last on my own. This was the end of my lessons. I was left knowing I would have three great challenges to get through in life. Since I have died a couple times and yet don’t really see either of those as one of the challenges I still am unsure witch thing or thins it could have yet been if any yet. Though I am living each day taking moephime and oxycodone to stay mobile. Presription of course. I am however very conciouseo spirts and other things as are my children. Now I am 60 and a great grandfather with grandchildren in their twenties, children from forty four to sixteen and still living a life where the supernatural is a normal thing. We even have a little elemental here that hangs out in the house a lot. This on is a lot like cousin it, short and completely hairy with long long hair. My youngest has seen him many time but mostly as shadow. When she was being picked on by her older sister he would trip the older one on the stairs. Once the older sister came out of her room to go down stairs in the middle of the night and bumped into what she thought was her sister possibly sleep walking. She put her hands on her shoulders feeling the long hair under her hands. She pushed her into the younger girls bedroom and told ger to go back to bed and closed the door. Then while on the john downstairs realized the younger sister was at a sleep over in town for the girls in her church youth group. The older sister slept on the sofa downstairs the rest of the night. So my piont here along with the other info is that people aware and open the right way need not fear every entity they come across! Also  Djinns in at least this case are benificial and benevolent to some.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Current ongoing Djinn story.
    This is of a friend of mine who asked me to post since I have the computer. When he first told me about what he sees and feels, I just passed it off as crazy, many other people did too,so much that he had to question his own sanity. I am a huge sceptic and had never known anyone with stories like this. He also is very intuitive but does not let on that he is. He is very adamant that he is not crazy but is scared and tired of not sleeping through the night. I have bee trying to understand how to help him control or deal with them. After researching until I was sick of it, I am certain these are Djinn.

    He told me how a few years ago, he started to see what he referred to as Alien/Ghosties, basically aliens you could see through but in varying shapes and sizes.Initially just one that came to him in a stressful time. Over time several have joined and come and gone, all with different shapes and faces. There seems to be one that remains with him while others come and go. He describes them as beings that look like a film negative, having both distinguishable and sometimes distorted faces.

    They seem to interact with him and want to do the things he is doing. The one that stays with him seems to be his friend, will take showers with him and watch tv, rides in the car, sometimes goes to work and I am pretty sure has come to my house once or twice just to check things out since I am a friend.

    When there are multiple djinn around, they seem to fight for his attention, they try to create havoc around him to create stress and scare him so they can feed off of the negative enrgy, most times they are pretty succsessful. They do this in various ways, may stand in front of him and make signs of cutting off his head, they jump on him at night and bounce on the bed to keep him awake, they have weight, have attempted to stab him,he felt it, they float in and out of the room. He has had to sleep with the light on for a couple of years because it deters the new ones that stop by. The old one does not care and seems to protect him from the others, although that may just be for his own purposes. There has been a family and it seemed that the little one was trying to communicate and the larger one shut him up by covering his mouth.

    I tell them to go every time I visit but they don’t listen, they seem to just stay for the energy, either negative or positive. He lives near power lines so I suspect they like the energy that comes from those as well.

    We took pictures of them and although it was difficult for me to see them, he could always show me, most people claimed the pictures were just from a messed up camera (pixels?) but the pictures came out similar on my camera, there were shadows that are not visible to the eye but show on my camera and on his would show more substance. Djinn seem to be able to make themselves appear or show how they want so this is not terribly unusual in my mind. I don’t have my pics, he may still.

    I could see the figures he was refering to on my own in the photos and the same image would be in completely different scenes and in different places on the picture, such as right in front, hovering above, left hand corner, just varies. So when we would speak about it, he could tell me, the triangle head guy or the snake and I would know who he was referring to and could point them out in the pics.

    While at his house one day, he pointed out to me what looked like glitter falling from his ceiling, there was nothing there, no reflections of light coming in the room or anything, this was just in thin air, I saw it very clearly. I have not seen it again.

    He has tried ignoring them and being happy to have them hoping they would go away from boredom. As we have started to look into these beings more, he decided to try to communicate with them,writing on a board things he wants to ask or know. In the last few weeks they have started responding telepathically. He has brought a cross in the room, and they stood before him in the shape of a cross, if they had great knowledge that they were in trouble for sharing, the friendly one shook his head yes, he asked he he could have this knowldege, shook his head no, again a little one tried to start to tell him and the bigger one clamped his mouth.

    Sometimes they give him the ability to move objects, it is at their whim though.

    Would really like to know how to make them leave.

    • We have similar cases with similar manifestations. Sometimes when Djinn — or any entity — select people for attention, they can be very resistant to leaving. We sometimes make referrals for spiritual healing which can be effective. There is no universal remedy, but we recommend experimenting with a variety of remedies to test effectiveness.

    • Lissonak says:

      If your friend has made an alliance with one of them has he ever attempted to ask his friend’s name? If his friend reveals his true name it shows that he wants to be a true friend to your friend. As for the others they feed off human energies and for some reason your friend is in their territory and it’s a free for all. Good luck says my friend…

      • Annerose says:

        I learned to protect your house to burn white Sage passing
        each rome and have the windows open. Also I carry always
        with me the mini blue Zoharbook from Kabbalah, (the Power
        of spiritual protection). Gave it to many friends which had
        also some ghost expericience.
        Try it!!!

    • Aysha says:

      He should try having Surat al Baqarah played in his house, it is said to fend off jinn

  6. Ron says:

    I was in the gulf war. We had numerous strange occurrences. People seeing shadow figures etc. I had taken my ouiga board and contacted something strange. Some of my superiors became interested and of course we had our Christian people who were very against it. I had made friends with the local royalty and they schooled me on what it was. And the cave where they will not go since it haunted. That place has some strange energy about it. I was told by the holy man how to capture and control them. The local families I knew thought I was crazy and started telling the military was trying to capture them. I had some very strange occurrences over the years not sure why but it happens. I did 7 tours over there until I got out of military and still study and learn about the djinn. I have been hypnotized and each time I speak a language no one can interpret. Women that have spent the night with me have heard this and thus the reason I went to get regressed.
    As far back as I can remember I had strange sightings and occurrences. Still happens to this day.

    • Paul says:

      Ron, I’m very interested in your story and I’m also interested in what the holy man told you.

      I also have been told I speak a strange language in my sleep, could be just gibberish, but who knows. I got a song I wrote called “Speaking in tongues” so I got something out of it.

    • Mohamed says:

      Ron, do not say you went into the cave! You are speaking an unknown language, please you must visit a holy man, christian muslim i do-not know if it matters, We call what has happened in your case “libese” in arabic it is when the djin enters the body. It is not always harmful but it is best looked after.

  7. Carolyn says:

    First I want to say, excellent book. I have been studying the Djinn for over 4 years now. I have had a few encounters with Djinn, one being extremley negative which I will talk about here. I think it is imporatnt to enlighten people on just how dangerous these beings are. Over 4 years ago a friend of mine spoke to me about these beings. From what this person was told a djinn grants wishes and were bound by sahir’s in the Middle East to jewlery or lamps. So, being curious I was able to find a conjurer and had one made and bound for me. I was told at the time it was a Marid, and it was bound to a ring which was more or less a portal for this particular djinn. I waited quite awhile for this piece. When it arrived the enrgy off this thing was incredible, you could actually feel it vibrate on your finger and when I placed it down on my counter it slid across it. It didn’t take long before strange things started happening, banging n walls, doorbell ringing when nobody was outside, my pets, speciffically my dog was acting terrified at night shaking and jusmping on my bed not wanting to leave my side. What started happening was my entire demeanor changed towards my husband, and my husband started talking about a shadow figure around him making him feel uneasy. At night I would wake up in a pool of sweat, I would hear talking in the arabic language, I would feel someone embrace me, I can go on and on. It wasn’t until I was leaving for vacation and chose to leave this ring home that all hell broke loose. My keys vanished, my monies I had locked in a safe were taken out and moved to a different part of my house, I started having nightmares, I lost a considerable amount of weight. I realized that this Djinn was trying to destroy my marraige, and developed feelings towards me. I ended up speaking with a conjurer in Nevada who told me how to contain it and said I had to get rid of it pronto. I had a friend who was willing to take this thing off my hands and I went to the post office with it in a ring box covered in specific herbs, then with the box taped in masking tape, and placed in a bag with sea salts. After I did this everything stopped like a light switch. When I brought it to the post office the postal worker placed the enevelope on the scale to weigh and the entire post office lost power, the computers crashed. This entity was not happy. The person who took it started having marital problems, they divorced, it was a mess. What I ended up with was a shaitan, so my advice to people is don’t play around with these things.

    • Vanessa says:

      Pity that you sent it to a friend knowing what it was capable of doing.

      • Ash says:

        I purchased a similar ring with a marid djinn (she said) after I bound to it I started seeing shadows orbs and etc. I had it for a year in my house and last month I decided to return it because I didn’t know if it was good or bad and it was just lying in the other room. The seller said she couln unbind the djinn and banish it back to the realm but the ring got lost in the mail. However the seller said she still managed to remove the djinn. But It has only got worse. I see shadows, nightmares, sweat at night and etc . My husband and I have arguments just as you are describing but he doesnt see anything like your husband. My concern is that its ruining my life even though the ring is gone. Dont know what to do?? Can anybody here help me?

    • cristina ribas says:

      hi how are you.i have been see alot of web sides on the net to see if i can find sameone who can help me with the jinn wich is inside me trying to take my life away. i dont have information about jinns the only thing i know about i look on the net .please can you sent to me same information about ?the one i have is atract poverty to my life and the power of the retangle of bermuda .is so sad .i do think he came out and look for heavy powers to send inside my destroy my orgaes.and my look like is a very danger one.i dont know how he enter me.even metal is atract inside is on my head try to destroy my brain.bring powers to my head like surname power.he just atract a spirit wich eat peaple alife to my just eaten me from inside .please if you know anybody can help me.i live in anola .i am a angolan am 46 years old.thank you god bless cristina ribas

  8. Kimbal says:

    I recall when I was a child of about 7-8yo my mother complaining about various things happening around the house a few years earlier. At the time my parents had become active Jehovah’s Witnesses and it was quite common for newcomers to have psychic attacks when first joining and studying the Bible. The Witnesses immediately said it was Satan and the Demons attacking the person, quoting numerous bible texts to support their claim. It was believed the attacks were because the Witnesses had the truth about the Bible and were God’s true organization. In my mother’s case she use to have a good luck charm bracelet that had been built up since she was about 21yo and still had it when she joined the Witnesses. Since many of the lucky charms were occultic, hence considered demonic, that was the immediate blame for the attacks. One evening she had her watch fly off her wrist and circle around the lounge room in front of her and dad and spoke about this for years after. Another time, latter she use to come home from the J.W. Kingdom Hall ( Church ) and found every element on her electric stove running at full heat, yet no fault was found with the stove. This was on more than one occasion. At night she use to have a large black humanoid entity about 8 feet tall with red eyes stand at the foot of her bed, staring at her in the early hours of the morning. It use to lay on top of her and felt like a large physical weight, inducing such fear she had trouble breathing. Chains use to be heard rattling up and down the passage whilst us kids use to hear a cup and saucer rolling and clanking outside out bedroom window in the same time of the night. They tried to destroy and burn some items, believed to be the cause of the attacks and found to their horror they would not burn. At night noises were heard as if a man was walking around in the kitchen, yet upon investigation no one was there. Dark shadowy forms use to be seen flashing about the house from time to time. Certain parts of the house had a very cold feeling giving one the creeps. Always in the master bedroom where she slept. This led my parents to think the house less than 5 years old may have been built on an Aboriginal burial site or some cursed ground. That led my father to go on a burning spree stripping the house of old artefacts given to them and burning them in the incinerator. In one case Dad with one of the congregation Elders, threw a drinking glass onto the concrete driveway only to have it bounce like a rubber ball and not shatter. Photos doused in petrol still had trouble burning. Items given to us from my Grandmother were the blame for some of the attacks, yet her only crime was she was opposed to the Witnesses banging on her door - yet interpreted by us as demon possessed because she was so out spoken. The reality was she was just a normal non-believer. Prayers to Jehovah God had to be said with the congregation Elders to stop the attacks. In time they did stop and in so doing strengthened the faith of my parents for staying in the Witnesses.
    I can’t say for sure if these were Djinn – as an Occultist, I believe it was Poltergeist activity triggered with four hormonally active boys who were constantly fighting and arguing about everything and a paranoid religious group who attract low level psychic activity to themselves. Fights at home were common place and possibly triggered by such psychic activity.

    • Katy says:

      I was also raised JW. My mother would complain about being held down by these “Demons” in her dreams and that they would tell her to say that she did not love Jehovah god or they were going to hurt her. She said they would choke her and slap her. She said that in one dream they said that if she did not say that she hated Jehovah that they were going to come for me.

      As a child growing up I would have very vivid dreams about snakes and giant fish that seemed very real, dreams that did not feel like dreams. I woke up one night and saw a ton of black snakes all over my legs in my bed. But nothing like she was going through. She also had started throwing things out, and leaving bibles open all over the house. I believe it stopped for her when we moved. I then left the JW’s and started my own spiritual journey. I do not keep in touch with her as I was shunned when I left. But here in the last year I have had several dreams that I believe is the same Djinn that was messing with my mom, i just get that feeling. In the 1st dream, I saw this creature like being hiding behind a bush, very long arms bent over, and bright red eyes. I quickly woke up and felt the being in the room even though I could not see him I could feel him to the left of me where my husband was sleeping. I culd not move I tried to yell out but nothing happened. I could only move my eyes. I then heard this being tell me in a very creature like voice ” I hate you” and then as soon as I heard that, he left and I was able to move again. This dream has happened about 3 times each time this being has shape shifted into another person I know, or a completely different creature, but the eyes are always the same. I was reading your book, and was doing alot of research on the djinn and noticed that my life had gotten a little depressing my husband I were fighting all the time and I was not in a good place. So I decided to stop searching for awhile to see if that would help. And it did help me get back to a positive state of mind. But I had a dream just last night, where this being was back and this time he shifted into a male friend of mine and he was telling my husband who in the dream was laying on the bed with me, to go check on something in the kitchen, but I told my husband no do not leave that is NOT our friend, I had a feeling that this being wanted to have sex with me and was going to attack me if my husband left the room. The being then tried to make me paralyzed again but I broke through and got up off the bed and followed my husband to the kitchen, and that moment I woke up. But as soon as I fell asleep again I was awoken by what felt like finger nails on my shoulders, but of course nobody was behind me…I picked up that it was probably that same being a little mad that I was able to get away in the last dream.

      Not sure what to do about all this. Or why this Djinn is around me and what it really wants to achieve.

      • Sagir says:

        Dear sister Katy,
        It seems very complicated by this time but still we have complete hope in our Creator. If we seek refuge in God, only then we will be safe from this situation which tends to ruin your personal life. I hope you are already sure it is not a matter to be taken lightly. Sister we pray for you so that you ask for help only from The Creator Almighty and be protected.

  9. Paul says:

    I also have an on going Djinn situation. It will be four years in Sept. At first I thought it was typical paranormal activity, with one other element thrown in, sex. I’m not going to go into details about the sex, though that is the strongest element of the whole ordeal. I belong to another website that deals with the sex concept and while some think it maybe Djinn, no one is sure.

    Like I said, this is on going and I’ve done everything in my power to get rid of this entity. Then I just gave up. Nothing has worked, so I just became as comfortable as possible with an interdimensional being getting in my bed every night. I’ve had a hate/like relationship with this entity. I’ve tried to be friends to make it easier on myself, but then it goes and messes that up by messing with me in my lucid dreams. I love, love, love my lucid dreams, so to have them messed with in the way the entity does, gets me upset, in a huge way!!

    I have written you before. I mentioned seeing the shadowman, which I saw years ago and not since. I also saw the weirdest cat strutt right in front of me. It was stripped with multiple colors and a bow on it’s tail. It went down the same dead end hallway as the shadowman, so, there was no where for it to go. So, in both cases there was nothing there when I looked around the corner. This entity touches me every day and night. It does let me sleep, for the most part. Messing with my dreams now and then.

    It was after hearing you on Coast to coast am that I knew for sure it was a djinn. I’m guessing I’m going to have to live with it for the rest of my life. This wouldn’t be bad if it was helping me, even though in a strange way it has. I was not a spiritual person before this and I’ve woken to many things going on in this world. Is this being responsible ? I don’t know, but the timing sure tells me it is likely. So why the non-communication. Why is it so warm and cuddly in bed and nasty in my dreams?

    • Illeana says:

      Are you sure it’s one and the same? It sounds like you have a feeder coming into your dreams. Feeders are very tricky, these misidentifications between feeders and benevolent spirits/entities is pretty common, and has caused a lot of unnecessary rehoming. Ask your benevolent friend 1. If they are a ‘Believer” ( in Allah/God) 2. If you have a feeder or another malevolent entity entering your dreams. If the answer to both is in the affirmative, ask the good Djinn if he or he and other benevolent friends can keep the negative entity out of your dreams.

  10. Bob says:

    I had two experiences that I wonder if they are connected with djinn. I had been in ill health and experiencing great pain that the doctors could not explain. I hardly slept because of this pain. During two of those nights, I woke up feeling like I couldn’t breathe (different than sleep paralysis). I opened my eyes and saw this black cloud or black energy floating there. When I became aware of it, it seemed to leave. Could this be a djinn? Also, several years ago, I woke up to a black clocked entity without a face holding something that caused a clicking sound in my head. It appeared and disappeared twice. When it saw I was looking, it would disappear in what looked like a vapor of smoke, but more of a dematerialization.

    • Scott says:

      I had a short robed figure awaken me from naps a few times with the sensation of a hit on the forehead -like a force of energy. On the last occasion this happened, I saw the figure leaving my room. Dark robes, black and green I believe. I think the item was like a metal rod. An energy rod. This happened when I was 19.

  11. Bobby Hicks says:

    I have had a few experiences with an entity, which I now believe is a djinn. The experiences began when I was entering puberty-I had dreams of a tall blueish man who would chase me through a maze, but he never cornered me in the dream. It was like a game to him. Then there was the incident of the entity who called himself Asfael. I thought he was a demonic trickster, but did have a conversation with him once. He asked me what I would give to disavow holy light. I told him nothing. He asked again-so I said “a man with dark hair and blue eyes.” There were many strange events after that, where I did meet a man with dark hair and blue eyes. Just before this meeting, I began seeing a shadow cat. My family and friends saw it too. Someone named it “shadow” and it was around me constantly.
    After reading your webpage, I am wanting to know more about these entities. I need to know who is this blue man and the shadow cat, and what is their purpose. Also, I have had some experience with fairy lights during the same period. Are these connected to the djinn?

    • admin says:

      There is a connection between djinn and fairies, but that does not mean that fairy lights per se or in any one case are connected to djinn. In The Vengeful Djinn we have an entire chapter on the fairy-djinn connection that gives more details.

  12. Kimbal says:

    It was interesting to note about Bob Hicks experience, as it’s similar to those Men in Black visits so often spoken about in earlier UFO cases of the 1950’s and 60’s period. People see a UFO and soon after get mysterious visit from the MIB, who make threats to the person seeing the UFO not to speak pof it to any one other wise they would be killed or taken in by the Government for questioning. These peopel look like CIA agents or similar Government officials.

    Another similar type of experience is those who meet the Black Eyed Kids or BEK’s. The kids knock on your door, wanting to come into your home claiming they have a serious problem and need help. When they do enter, often they attack or even kill the helper. In all respects they look like normal kids except their eyes are entirely black and they have an evil creepy feel about them.

    I have no reason at this point to think MIB and BEK’s are Djinn, but I wish to make the reader aware there are other forces out there who are tampering with our heads and lives.

    Its not uncommon for nPsychic events to occur when pubity kicks in as this is related to hormonal changes in ones body. teenagers often have Poltegiest activity come on at this satge of life. Horror movies often are aimed at teens who scare easily and the spirits behind the making of the movie can feed of the persons fear. ( in other words horror movies theatres filled with screaming nervous teenagers are nothing more than a psychic smorgasboard for certain unwhole spirits to feed off.)

    From the book of Enoch, this ASFAEL ( ASPHAEL ) might just be a Watcher who was at one time gaurdian head watcher of the summer season. [ Any spirit with EL at the end of its name means “lord of”. Generally angels or watchers as they were originally known have this sylable at the end of the name. ( ie: Michael, Raphael, Jokiel, Asfael; and so forth. )]

    Enoch says >

    82:19 And these are the signs of his days on the earth: growing heat and dryness, and the trees ripen their fruits and produce all their fruits ripe and ready, and the sheep pair up and become pregnant, and all the fruits of the earth, and everything that is in the fields, and the vines are trodded down: these things take place in the days of his dominion.

    82:20 These are the names, and the orders, and the leaders of those heads of thousands: Gidaljal (Gedaeyal), Keel, and Heel, the name of and additional head of a thousand which is added to them, is Asfael (Asphael): and the days of his dominion and influence are at their completion”.

  13. Josie says:

    I have both and Ifrit and Marid djinn in a ring that I purchased maybe a year ago. Inital contact was quite easy as they were very suttle the first few nights. My ring never heat up unless I’m wearing it and cools down quite fast when I take it off. My ifrit give me the most attention as she came in my dreams as an older woman in a cloak of such. It was hard sleep as it wasn’t the dream but the heat and shadows. They where my first and still getting the hang of working with them and studying more about them.

    • Sadiyo says:

      So cool I have a male marid djinn and I’m getting a female ifrit soon 🙂

      • Yani says:

        Hello I just purchased 2 rings one Djinn of Love and one King Djinn. I would like to know if you have had any experiences? Mines are on there way and I have yet to receive them. A lot of people claim they are evil some that they are good, or neutral like humans….I am trying to get more information or a better understanding on djinn & there history. Thanks, Yani!

    • Yani says:

      Hello I just purchsaed two djinn rings and they are on there way can you share your experiences…if any? Yani.

  14. Alana says:

    Hi everyone,

    I had a very curiouse thing happen to me quite some time ago.I was visiting my father, who at the time lived in Bairnsdale Victoria, mystepmother, father and I went to lunch at one of the Hotelsin Bairnsdale (I can’t remember the name of it.
    Once there, we sat down to look at the menu and
    I then decided I needed to use the bathroom. I went up the
    flight of stairs and turned left to enter the ladies room.
    ( I will try not to drag this out, I am hoping someone can give me an idea of what happened to me.)
    I entered a cubicle, and I also heard someone else walk in. Once finalising my business, I walked out of the cubicle and noticed that there was no-one else in the bathroom. All of a sudden I was overcome with a tremendous sensation of heat, I was so hot I literally laid my
    face on the checkered floor tiles to cool down, I felt so weak but knew I had to get up, and this was an incredibly hard thing to try and do. I raised myself up from the floor, feeling like I had to summon my entire strength. Feeling really out of it I went to open a door that was there to let in some cool air.
    I opened the door and infront of me I saw nothing as I was expecting a balcony, if I had walked any further I thought I was going to fall down to the pavement so I closed the door immediately. I was trying to maintain my breathing and kept feeling dragged down. I eventually regained my composure and all I could think about was appearing normal infront of my father, I was waiting for him to notice something, but he didn’t notice a thing when I sat down.
    Can someone here give me an idea of what might have happened? as it was the most frightening experience I have ever had and it has been bothering me for years.
    Thanks for reading.

    • Kimbal says:


      Your story seems very much like a poltergeist ghost visit. These types of ghosts do emit heat which can be picked up on infrared photography. They also can make you feel physically hot when they enter your auric field. The missing balcony would have been an illusion to keep you in the room and not leave. I perceive, you may have been a teenager at the time and such ghosts are attracted to the hormonal changes in a young woman. The same happens to young teenage boys, but more so with girls. The fact it was in the toilets area tells you something about its motives. Incubus and Succubus are two other types of ghosts, which prey on one sexually and drain your physical energy. These are all very different to Djinn.

    • bryan says:

      This happened some time ago,so this may not be of any help. But do you have any history of blood sugar problems? Or of any other physical ailment? This sounds more like some of the experiences I have with medical problems (ie,physical ailments) than a paranormal experience. Have you been tested for diabetes, or hyperthyroid, or anything like that? That’s where I’d start-the easiest answer’s the one you look for first. There could be something going on with your body a doctor could help you with.

  15. mahmoud says:

    I live in a middle eastern country and we have healers who openly use the jinn.They are invisible but you talk with them.You hear multiple disembodied voices speaking right in-front of you and you can ask them questions which they will answer.They don’t like being called djinn but these particular ones liked the name “the ancient ones” in Arabic.They described themselves as “like a wind” and said they could travel anywhere in seconds.

    The djinn the healer had were active you would even see foot prints like invisible people are walking in front of you but you wouldn’t see them.I had a personal problem which they knew instantly and prescribed a herb which i used and lets just say i got what i wanted within days.

    The healer told me that in order for one to have the djinn there is a elaborate ritual that is needed by the sea and the period would take about a 2 months training.You would also have to agree to obey the djinn and do whatever needed to be done.They would then impart the gifts needed and now you would be able to use them and also become a healer working with them.

    He used to give animals to them they enjoyed specifically blood.He would mostly feed them cow blood which they devoured.The buckets of blood would go down like something was eating but you would see nothing.You would even hear the sounds like a human gulping it down.Some of these things you have to see to believe.

    They had the ability to dematerialize objects and bring them to you.They can bring anything from money to herbs, the largest thing i saw them retrieve for a woman who lost her husband in an accident was a human skull which came down from mid air like it materialized out of nothing.

    Their voices were deep for the male djinn but the female had normal hoarse voices.I remember they liked to be identified with human names like fatima.But the male djinns preferred the term “the ancient men” the healer had a total of 6 of them each with different personality ad behavior.

    These things they did in broad day light no hiding or tricks or anything its just you the healer and the djinn.It changed me forever from this time i knew that we are living on this earth with invisible beings and some humans have mad deals with them and are using them either for wealth or for power.

    Now buying a djinn can be up to 1000 dollars but people advice against this if you have not been trained by a healer because the you get the djinn but you wont be able to control it.It will behave for roughly 10 years before it turns on you and your family.A close relative of mine bought and djinn and they were prosperous and rich for sometime but when she disobeyed them they turned on her and her family and killed everyone in a span of 5 months.More than 13 people of the same family died in span of 5 months.

    It wiped out all of them leaving only the boy who is grown now but destitute and suicidal because he has no one left.The Djinn took back everything and destroyed their home everything was ruined and it only has their graves now.

    The djinn are not to be taken lightly and can be very dangerous.

    • Rose says:

      Hello, Mahmoud… I am having some contacts with a jinn and I need to speak with someone.. My jinn has been respectful so far, but in the 3-4 days of his presence, he has shown/taken me to his home, and I just went online starting last night, and today..and guess what!..the place I was with him at, turned out to be real!… OMG-real… I need help because, there is much more I had best not reveal… Please help!!!


  16. Kimbal says:

    Commenting on Mahmoud’s story –

    It’s easy to see why the Ancient Ones and The Djinn are confused.

    They are two very different groups despite what the Djinn tell you. They play on the ignorance of men. I have met others claiming they are in contact with the Ancient Ones, which are in reality Djinn. But there are small details that can tell the two groups apart if you know what they are.

    The real Ancient Ones dwell outside our universe and are the parents of the Gods. The Djinn are a very, very old but “lower” race of beings. The Djinn being a very different group not bound by the covenant as we humans are. ]

    To read more about the real Ancient Ones, I refer you to the book called > Necronomicon < authoured by an anonymous man called - Simon in 1977. It’s a small black and white paperback book published by Avon books in 1977 and later in 1980. Also any of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's novels from the 1920's and 30's, speak of these Ancient Ones in fiction horror form.

    If the Djinn have the power claimed - it could well be the source of some of the magical feats of today’s illusionists such as Chris Angel and David Copperfield, etc. For example - Chris Angel on one TV show was able to extract a playing card out of the top of a man's head of one of his audience. He cut the guys head open with a Stanley knife, with blood pissing everywhere and extracted the missing playing card from the deck under the skin of the top of the man’s head.

    He also on another occasion was able to cut a young woman in half in a city park in front of a live audience, outside in the open, without any tools or hidden apparatus. He simply placed a sheet over her body and pulled her into two totally separate parts, while she was still awake and conscious. Chris then removing the sheet to show there was no trickery.

    The young woman's legs and torso were some 10 feet away from her head and chest, her body separated in two parts as if she was cut in half with a saw. No blood was spilt in this case and she freaked out at her own separation along with the audience.

    Another case was - Chris Angel resurrected a dead fly back to life in a guy’s hand.

    Even Jesus Christ could not do such feats - ( ie raising Lazarus from the dead being the only case ) .

    This is all done by these modern day magicians/ illusionists to entertain and instil fear in an ignorant public. It also makes them a small fortune in doing public shows. Yet when you question these guys , should you get close enough to speak to them, they all deny it with a smirk on their face and say “it’s a trade secret” or devise some logical system of physics for it having a natural process. But common sense tells one a different story.

    • bryan says:

      Chris resurrected the flies by keeping them frozen (or near frozen)and thawing them in his hand. Christ supposedly resurrected a dead human being,which would have been more complicated than raising an insect. I don’t know how he did the girl-cut-in-half trick, but rest assured it was a trick, not real majic. Go to youtube and you can find out how to do all kinds of “impossible” things. Chris Angell would probably laugh out loud if he read this. I can make cards go to the middle of a card deck and suddenly appear at the top of the deck-but it isn’t magic.

  17. mahmoud says:

    I Forgot one last important thing about the experience with this man. Whenever he wanted to summon the djinn he would use some type of metal. He would strike it first and call them forth from a type of jar which he kept.No bigger than a mans fist but housed all six of them.when they would awaken they would groan and growl like some beast.It was very frightening at first.They would then land right infront of you you would see the dust go up and would hear and feel the impact they made when they hit the floor.They sounded very heavy like a huge rock. Amongst them he said each had their specialty some were good with matters pertaining to the heart others were good with the more diabolical things like killing people or making people sick or getting your stolen property retuned. Actually you could do anything you wanted it just depended on the specialty of the djinn he had all for a fee. Distance was no problem all he needed was their picture or a name and the djinn would do the rest. Their power is very potent and within hours you will see results that will astound you and leave you dumbfounded. As for appearance I didn’t see them but I heard them and saw their movement but according the healer he said they looked very frightening to those who are not used to them and that normal people would be terrified and run away if they actually saw them. Their real form is hideous according to him.

    He himself also seemed to communicate with the djinn telepathically without you knowing, it was like their thoughts were connected I think this goes back to the ritual .He knew what you were thinking before you said anything including your name.Yet this is a person who you have never met in your life.The djinn also had this ability when you were conversing with them.The knew who you were everything that ever happened to you in your life including personal things, things which you alone know very detailed descriptions. The ritual he described was very gruesome it involved drinking blood and culminating in djinn possession. He told me that some djinn are bad and will require human blood.

    Some people who bought djinn would eventually have the djinn asking for one of their children as a sacrifice. Animal blood would not be sufficient. If you refuse then they will claim your life because you agreed to obey them. On top of that they usually ask for your favorite child or sibling as a sacrifice to them. So people who end up buying djinn in the end are miserable. You have all the money but the djinn have taken all your loved ones.If you agree then the djinn will take one of your children either by strangulation at night or in a fatal accident.

    I remember when I asked the healer what it entailed to have djinn I he said something that’s tuck with me and put me off immediately. He said that in order to have the djinn you have to even be willing to forsake even your parents and give them as a sacrifice if required by the djinn.This was a reminder to me that these beings are very diabolical.

    He himself lived with another helper he was young but not happy I could see his face he was very distant and would not smile much.The djjinn were a constant presence in his life they become like you God.Evrything you do is for them and for that they will provide.They also liked worship they liked seeing you beg them for assistance.It was like they were doing you a big favour and you were indebted to them.

    Shaking this healer off took quite some time.He would constantly call me saying that the djinn wanted to see me and that I must come.I eventually became suspicious and when I started having a spate of accidents in the span of a week which has never happened before in my life.They were like near misses plus some I was lucky.Its like I was an accident magnet.Then one night when I was asleep I remember this thing began strangling me I couldn’t shout because my passages were blocked.It was so bad I begun convulsing on my bed.My brother heard me and rushed to aid me when this thing left me.I gasped for air and was even afraid of sleeping.Sure enough I heard things walking up my roof.The next day sure enough this healer comes to my house and said “ Ah mahmoud you almost died yesterday but you refused” offcourse pretending that there were demons in my house.. I told him that I no longer needed his help and that my life was well and that I trusted in allah.He was mad and told me “allah! What can allah do for you!”He never spoke to me again but he took his revenge later.

    The back of my head would swell up like someone hit me with a bat and then five minutes later it would disappear. My friends would say “mahmoud what’s wrong with your head and would even grimace at the sight” but I wouldn’t panic because I knew who was doing it.It went on for about 3 months before it subsided.

    Some shop owners here even leave their shops open and confidently say no one will steal I have “people” guarding my shop by people they mean djinn.A friend of mine who lived at a rented house would have the landlord tell people the night before payment to leave their due rent on the table of their living room.In the morning you find the money you put on the table gone yet the door were locked and it’s a private house.He would say I have people who collected it for me.

    So the use of djinn is prevalent but no one will talk about it. Its taboo and also forbidden in Islam and haram but people will not say a word. Everybody will deny and condemn the use of djinn but you could find that they their biggest users. No one will ever admit it even if they don’t have djinn they are going to healers who use the djinn.

    Well I hope I have shed some light in a way I am glad I told my story sometimes keeping these things to yourself wont do anyone good.If you encounter djinn please avoid them they cant be trusted and can do a lot of damage in your life like they have done to so many people I know.Count yourself lucky to have escaped with your life.

    • deanna says:

      I must say that your accounting of the Djinn needing sacrifice from the person who possesses them and sometime wanting human sacrifice definately brings to mind the fact that the illuminati controlled entertainers are also said to have to sacrifice a friend or family member in order to get the glorification they want. I wonder if the illuminati is using the Djinn?

      • Mahmoud says:

        Well according to what I’ve heard to human sacrifice let’s say if your djinn now starts demanding human blood ,you can send it to any relative of for example it would be able to claim your nephews life or just depends on how large your family sure with some djinn you can bargain and it depends on the amount of human lives lost so starting a war would be very profitable if you had a strong djinn or many djinn if you were in a position of authority.if you fail to obey your health would deteriorate within no time you would be dead this is of course after you lose all your materialmpossesions.

        • Jamila says:

          Mahmoud I have heard of people feeding djinns?You seem to have practical knowledge of the subject. What do they eat?
          Have you ever encountered Djinns? If yes how were your encounters?
          Were you afraid?
          How does one know a good djinn from a bad one?

          • Mahmoud says:

            Hi Jamila,
            Yes people do feed djinns on mostly blood.Life must be given up and blood must spill.The Djinn enjoy blood and evil ones like the shaytan will take human.Generally any rebellious djinn can.Some believer djinn take offerings of vegetables and things of that nature.Djinn when in animal form will feed on left over as well that we humans dispose of.

            It’s hard to tell good djinn from bad because the djinn are liars.They can cheat you that they are a believer while in actuality they are not.You only get to know their true nature once being with them for sometime.The demands they make will also be an indicator.

            Generally the djinn are opressive both good and bad.They have a superiority complex and see humans as inferior forms of creation.ive experienced this even with believer djinn.That is why most people advice that they are best left alone.

            • JAMILA says:

              Mahmoud, I am very interested in your incredible experiences. Do you get tempted to do bad when with the djinn.


              • admin says:

                Some of Mahmoud’s experiences are featured in my upcoming book “The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons & Other Entities,” which will be out in March. -REGuiley

    • Malaika says:

      Hey mahmoud….and others that seem to have very much knowledge on the djinn


      is it possible to get a djinn to possess a powerful device like the computer to change some details if commanded to by its owner who has captured it?

      is it possible for djinns to turn matter into energy then back into matter again but in a different form?
      for example:

      if i had something printed on paper via computer….would it be able to lift that ink off the page and alter what is written and return it onto the page with the same font but something else written there?? - as i know a tee but about djinns having the power of materialization (where the make objects appear out of nowhere)


      • Mahmoud says:


        Sorry i just noticed your post,Yes it is very possible for them to do this. They can manipulate matter and actually that would be very easy for them to do.Ive seen them do far more incredible things.That wouldn’t take them much energy or drain them too much to perform

  18. mahmoud says:

    Yes and i forgot to say my account can be posted no problem.The more people that know the better.thank you for giving me the opportunity.

  19. Ross says:

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know about jinn human hybreds.
    one parent is jinn, the other is human. I heard there is such a thing. I just wanted to know if anyone had any additional information about that.

    • mahmoud says:

      Hi Ross,

      I have limited knowledge but i do have some interesting information on it from what i have heard about it from over here.I haven’t seen the human hybreds, but the jinn impregnate women here all the time.The child would have some magical ability but the djinn usually take the child before they mature.The djinn would rarely leave their offspring unless they are within or bound to a family line.

      Some places people fear to go especially women, who are preyed upon by the male djinn.This happens next to large bodies of water like the areas next to the sea.The djinn generally have no respect for women.Some women would be violated by invisible jinn especially at night.They would see them screaming and their clothes being torn off by invisible beings.The husbands would be helpless because you cant touch or fight something invisible.

      About the jinn hybreds this happened in our area to a woman who is still alive to this day.She meet a rich looking arab man off course this would just be an illusion by the djinn.After spending the night together she woke up in a cometary and started screaming, the man suddenly appeared in front of her and told her she was pregnant and to keep the child and that he would provide everything.

      He provided everything money was no object her family were shocked at her sudden wealth.He would not live with her he would only come and occasionally check on whether she had given birth.The djinn would visit her once in while she was very comfortable.

      She eventually gave birth but the childs growth was accelerated.Within a couple of months the male child looked like he was 3 years old she found this very odd.The woman herself knew that the child was that of a djinn but she was more interested in the trappings and good life the djinn provided her with.She kept it as a secret.Then one day the djinn appeared before her in his usual human form asked for the child and vanished before her eyes it was never seen again.

      Some healers who use djinn here have them in their families for thousands of years.They get passed down the line.I am sure the djinn could have mated with one person in the family line.For example my great grandfather had djinn and was a well known djinn healer.Up to this day healers who use djinn go to where he used to perform his operations with the djinn to harvest some residual power.Once he died he passed it on to my grandfather but my grandfather at the time saw that if he died the djinn would move to my father and he wanted my father to study and get and education.This was in the 1940’s They say if djinn are in your family the usually chose a child who will be their caretaker and and inherit the powers.

      You see once you get the djinn you would be driven into the wilderness and almost become insane.At this time the djinn will lead you and you will get familiar with them.They lead you to desolate places.You will be almost like a mad person before you gain your sanity back.I don’t know what happens when your with the djinn but this is what my grandfather told my father.

      My grandfather was very wealthy and even paid for my father to go to Cornell university keep in mind this was a long time ago yet a simple man like my grandfather could afford these things then.

      Back to the story my grandfather bound the djinn and cast them into the sea.He even had their names, which he told my father never to say.If the djinn are bound to your family and choose you as their next care taker and you refuse, then you will be punished by them until you agree to use them.The punishment would usually be in form of severe sickness or if you persist you will be killed by them.I believe a deal could have been made with these bound djinn some generations ago.

      Some manifestations of power are seen like my sister can see djinn or spirits as clear as day.This she has always had from her birth.The true power lies in controlling the djinn which very few have ever achieved.

      • Damselindistress says:

        I read a very early post of yours on how jinn generally don’t respect women because women are always violated by them. I was wondering do female jinn respect female humans? Is there misogyny amongst jinn? Do they treat one gender better or have more respect for one gender.
        When you seen interactions with jinn were they hip to modern lingo and phrases. Was it like talking to a teen that’s abdorbed in the pop culture world of kardashians and Beyoncé or do they seem more out of touch? Thanks kindly

        • Mahmoud says:

          i saw your post late,yes definitely from what i have seen from the interactions is that there is clearly respect for males and they tend to be in control of the interaction.Even then there is a hierarchy ,you tend to speak with at least 3 djinn.Like a general flanked by his lieutenants.Other djinn may speak up but rarely.

          I wouldn’t call it misogyny,more of a patriarchal society.One thing that struck me about djinn is, they are very much aware of our culture but do not seem to want to have anything to do with it.The ones i interacted with, saw themselves coming from a point of superiority.

          The phrases they used were simple, they tend to be direct and not beat around the bush.It can sometimes come off as rude or callous.But that is just how they are, its their nature to be fiery and angry.

          But it varies, initially they may seem nice, but as you interact more with the same pair of djinn over time, it doesn’t take long before their true nature shows.They will use things like deception to draw you in further.

          One example is recently, after speaking with some, the djinn master wanted to clarify something they has said.Problem is that they had already departed.

          So he had to summon them again , and immediately they entered, one said to the djinn master with a raspy impatient voice,

          “What is your problem, is it that you cannot understand simple things!”

          That is vintage djinn behavior .

          • Damselindistress says:

            Thanks for replying!!
            by “culture” do you mean pop western culture or culture in general like for example old Arabic traditions/habits.?
            If they don’t want anything to do with culture…why do you think they interfere with humans when not summoned?
            There is a lot of talk on how the music industry uses a lot of jinn.
            Also how do they speak on “race”. Like for example in the west a black person is considered “black” when he isn’t literally black. But I read how jinn have colors and black being one of them?
            Do they have preference for certain ethnic groups/skin complexions like we humans sometimes have?

            • Mahmoud says:

              They tend to adopt the culture of the place they are in.They will be aware of terms used in slang etc and can use it on you including expletives.They can even mimic voices of loved ones , friends both living and deceased just to mess with you or draw you in.

              If you think a djinn is in close proximity, assume they already know everything about you ,including all your secrets and everything that happened to you since your birth.This they know in an instant.Its an ability they have and can use against you.They also bestow it on their “followers” for a price.

              I think some have various reasons for interfering with humans.Most of the time as long as you have your spiritual guard up, then they cant do much unless you go looking for it.If you go looking for them, you will definitely find them and you may not be able to shut that door.

              For some it could be just because they can , others have more nefarious reasons just as the typical demon.Basically trying to lead you astray spiritually , thus leaving you exposed and vulnerable to attack.

              Now there are special cases where humans pay, djinn healers to cast spells on innocent parties and it actually affects them.This is horrible because it interferes with destiny and alters a persons life be it good or bad.E.g. breaking up marriages or trying to get a partner to fall in love with you by force.The list goes on and on, they can interfere with every facet of human life heath included.

              I can see why the music industry would use djinn, not only that in politics ,real estate basically wherever money,power are present

              .Having used djinn myself in the past before i got spiritual warning,i saw how they worked and i kid you not, these beings can definitely change fortune.I would use them in getting contracts and like clockwork, and i would get contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at the time.

              My fortunes at the time literally changed overnight.
              I was just growing bigger and bigger and my sphere of influence increased as well, thats just an effect of having lots of money.It’s how i got to know some people in government.Whenever i wanted to make money it was like pressing a button.I became very cocky, because i could make money at will and alot of it.The interesting thing is that, the second you turn your back on using djinn,the money slips through your hands like sand.

              So you can be sure its in all spheres of life, i encountered all sorts of people using djinn, from the high of society, to janitors.

              The djinn come in all forms ,but no one truly knows how their true form is.But from sightings and what the djinn healers tell me, they are pretty hideous.

              From my past interactions with them, i would say they tend to give preference to age.The older a djinn is the more respect the tribe will give them.They tend to get stronger with age and their magic more potent or ability to affect our 3 dimensional reality.

              I will never forget my encounter when i was dealing with them, when the oldest djinn beat the younger djinn in arriving after being summoned.

              When the finally came into the room, the acknowledged the old djinns speed and power.The term they used is very deferential, closest thing i would equate it to in English is “Boss”.

              • Rosemary Guiley says:

                To everyone who thinks it is a good idea to appeal to the Djinn for help, pay attention. There are no one-time favors, no one-time-only deals. As Mahmoud said, once you open that door, you can never shut it.

                • G.E. says:

                  Hi there Mahmoud

                  I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind indulging me. You said that if a djinn chooses you as a child to be their caretaker, what would that role be exactly? Let’s say that you agree to be the caretaker, couldn’t you equate that to “signing a deal with the devil”?

                  Another thing you said was that your grandfather told your father to never say their name. Do you know what would happen if you did? What if it claims that you gave them their name as a child, is that just as dangerous?

                  I’m dealing with something that I’ve been trying to explain for a year and a half and the more that I’m researching, especially about these beings, the more I’m convinced I have one (and possibly many) in my life. Any insight you have concerning these questions would really be a blessing.

                  • Mahmoud says:


                    If the djinn chooses a child as their caretaker, they usually start getting distubed in their dreams.They also start seeing visions of events that took place, and hidden inforation about people starts getting revealed to them.

                    The djinn gradually break children in,then once they are of age, meaning teenager, they get either fully possessed or are gradually trained and apprentice under a djinn healer.The first is the worst they are usually driven into wildreness, where they live like an animal until they are taken out of insanity by the djinn.

                    People can vanish for even 10 years and come back looking like wild people and half naked.By that time they are in their right minds, that is when the transition from a normal person to a healer has taken place.They isolate you in order for you know their ways and interact with them , you also gain knowledge in herbs etc in a state of “madness”.

                    If someone encountered you in the forest, they would run for their lives , because you would be possessed and would be like an animal most probably not clothed.

                    This started happening to my mother when she was younger, so my grandfather quickly nipped it in the bud before they fully took over.My great uncle agreed to take them, so they will follow his blood line.But orginally they belong to our family and would have been passed to me.

                    Yes being there caretaker is like a pact and they have rules even real djinn which people buy have rules.They penalties are very clear..Death.I even asked my mother if the djinn somehow got to me and i refused to follow their instructions, she said it very calm..”Then they would kill you”.

                    Djinn deals are near impossible to break out of, because most are sealed with blood and life.The worst are the ones people buy for wealth.They will ask for the highest price and keep demanding, usually loved ones.Inherited djinn are mostly for healing eg breaking curses, spells etc. not wealth.The djinn for wealth are a whole other ball game.

                    If i said their names, that would be like calling them.I would risk possession.There was a time i once fooled around with the idea, it took about a week for me to start getting actual knocks on my door at night and when i would open no one would be there.I havent had a peaceful knights sleep since i made that foolish mistake.

                    Just recently i got woken at night by somethings hands touching my forehead.I physically felt the hands touch my forhead and i even turned around irritated and continued sleeping.It only hit me in the morning, that no one was in my house.

                    If you believe you have a djinn in your life, do everything you can to get rid of it.It can range from simply rebuking it aloud using a higher spiritual authority to exorcism.There are cases where evil people who want to destroy you will cast spells and send djinn against a family/person for a specific purpose.

                    Start from your family line and see if anyone around you or in the past dabbled in magic.Doors could have been opened alternatively you could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time and one attached.

                    Djinn are highly destructive entities, especially the nasty ones, and they can wreak havoc on your life until the day you die.They can manipulate relationships or peoples perspectives towards you, bring about bad fortune,turn your life upside down in all areas indefinitely.Your life can become a living hell for years till you pass away, out of depression ive witnessed this in real life.People give up because everything just goes wrong and its blow after blow in all areas including health.

                    They can and will attack all areas including finances, everything is fair game to them.The ones that interfere and not welcomed guests.Give them a wide berth, because once you let them in, getting them out will be a task.They will wear you down, its gradual like a death of a thousand cuts.

                    They live for thousands you years and we humans only have a couple of decades.You don’t have time on your side and they know it.They savour your deterioration, and they are the one entity i know of that has a record of killing humans beings efficiently.

  20. Kimbal says:

    For what it’s worth - I found a place in Java which sell Djinn in bottles as well as numerous other spells and charms. It even has pictures of Djinn on the website which I have downloaded for my files. They were taken with a mobile phone camera under ritual control. Below is an example of one happy customer and her results. Time will tell if the relationship stays on a positive note. Her experience is as follows >

    The first items I had chosen to do were the jinn packages, which was ______ (deleted by admin), which were the ___________ (deleted by admin). These items came with capsules, which I had to swallow in the ritual, it was very basic and easy. Both the items increased my power level and helped me very much in my training for the Clairvoyant powers that were included in the package. The items helped me remember more of my dreams and increased the pressure on my third eye which gave me an indication that more force have was been put into the third eye to further awaken it. I am pleased to acquire jinn’s as friends as I am not a professional to summon up my own jinn so I was very glad that Dr XXX could get me to use. I am very pleased that the jinns are carrying out my commands to satisfactory results, I have commanded them to help me in empower object to helping me at work so far many of the commands have been done to very good work , I will now command them to more complicated tasks. I can feel the jinns touching me letting me know of there presence which assure me I have my jinns following me protecting me. I am still practicing to become a psychic so I may then have a proper conversation with the jinns. The jinn package is very helpful in my daily practice as the jinns are helping me to acquire many occult powers. I have read many articles about bad negative jinn’s and the situation people have got in with jinn’s but I have found these to be very helpful and kind as no harm has come to me or anyone else trying anything on me I find them to be very protective invisible friends which I am very glad to know that I acquire them under my control.
    So you have it - straight from the “horses” mouth as they say !

    • Lyrics says:

      if you purchase a Djinn that is bound to a jewelry piece do you think its bad? I really want a Djinn, sometimes I feel they are calling me in my dreams. I have had some bad confrontations, but more good than bad. Also if you purchase a jewelry-bound djinn, simply to gain favor by freeing it. For instance, I hear you throw it into the ocean, and it will grant you favor. This particular Djinn cost 1ike, so i was thinking maybe I could buy a ring and throw it into the ocean to free it. I just want a friend, and protection. I feel I am going to be a great person, and I’ll always be alone, i’ve always been alone accept or these faint occurrences with these spirits, and I’d like to have one. What do you think>

  21. Kimbal says:

    And another happy customer from the same Java website testimonials living in the UK says this about her Djinn >

    ___________ (deleted by admin)

    This is a cute little stone, which I have made into a pendant; the amazing thing about this product is that it lets you contact the jinn inside the stone by the means of a pendulum. You can ask the sprit and question and it will answer back in a yes or no format by swinging the pendant. These have been very helpful at the moment as I am still not able to contact spirit by psychic means, so this method of communication becomes very helpful. There are many magick powers included in this pakage, which is another great feature. The stone amazingly makes the water turn to a pinkish colour, which indicates that the power is in the stone. The jinn of the stone can be commanded and have brought around good results not only mundanely but in conducting magick ritual as well. I have found this item to be very energized in power when I try to feel it with my hands. There are many money-magik rituals included which helps to bring about more money (which we all need). So far I have been very pleased that this stone is genuine and really contains a real spirit, which answers any question I have. Those who would like to contact spirits but cannot do so as yet, would enjoy using this product, which helps in contacting spirits much quicker without the need of psychic powers. I wear the stone with me everyday and I have noticed many changes it’s starting to make in my life — people are acting more positively and my career is moving forward; making friends is becoming easer and no one really acts in a violent way towards me so far.

  22. Maria Cruz says:

    One night I was laying in bed and heard my husband next to me struggling in his sleep. He suffers from sleep paralysis so I looked over to him ready to wake him out of it as I usually do. Except when I looked over at him to my horror there was something on top of him.
    It was blacker than black so black that in the dark it stood out. It had a small athletic build with smooth shiny skin. It’s head had what appeared to be long dred-locks and it’s eyes shone bright yellow.
    I froze for a moment in horror and in my minds voice yelled at myself Wake up! Bad dream! But I knew I was awake! The being straddled itself with one hand around my husbands throat and the other by my side holding itself steady on the bed.
    Suddenly I heard a voice in my head tell me: “Grab it and it will disappear!”
    The entity was engrossed with it’s choke hold on my husband and it spoke hateful things and threats. Telling my husband “I will kill your family!”
    The voice yelled at me in my mind grab it! So I did I grabbed the arm of the being the one next to me supporting it’s weight. I felt it’s arm it had substance it was an arm! It instantly recoiled backward toward the dark and disappeared. I got up and switched on the light. I was not asleep. I woke up my husband and he had no recollection of anything.

    • Illeana says:

      He was being ridden by a Boo Hag!

      • Kay says:

        whats a boo hag?

        • Maelyss says:

          I’m summoning a marid djinn tonight and I don’t know if you’ll reply before then but I’m going to summon a female at 2am to be like a friend.

          I’m really nervous after reading some of the stories on here but I believe it’s fate since our neighbour gave us black candles (which are REALLY hard to get without the internet) but I don’t want to force them to be bound if they don’t want to. Also I found a red candle, which are also hard to find out here because I live in the middle of nowhere.

          I am a twenty year old woman that has been bullied by humans since I was little because I was different, I just want a djinn to help me out but I don’t know what they’d like in return because I won’t sacrifice my family. Should I summon a male or female? If I don’t get a reply, I’ll summon a female. 🙂

          If I do the ritual, will it attract a Djinni that wants to be bound or not? The last thing I want is to be disrespectful to my new friend. Wish me luck 🙂

          • admin says:

            This is a foolish thing to do. You don’t need the Djinn in order to take charge of your life. — REGuiley

          • Curious.b says:

            Can we please get a follow up about this story and what has transpired since please?…

          • M.M. says:


            How did you go with the summoning the marid Djinn??
            Please let everyone know what’s happening!!
            I will be checking for your reply.

          • M.M. says:

            Hi Maelyss,

            How did you go with the summoning of the marid djinn??

            Why haven’t you shared your experiences with everyone, i’m very interested on your wellbeing!!

            So hard to keep up with anything in this website, everyone takes months or even weeks to reply, sometimes there’s no reply at all, where do you all go for regular up-to-date conversations????

          • Yani says:

            How did the summoning of djinn go?

  23. Maria Cruz says:

    I do not know if this being was a djinn. I suspect it was my husband has been cursed with sleeping terrors all his life. I have had many experiences with paranormal myself but this particular experience I have felt was not a ghost or demon but a vengeful spirit perhaps a djinn.

  24. Cat says:

    I heard you last night on Ghost Chronicles and I think I may have a djinn or perhaps a family of them in one of the bedrooms of my home.They seem very interested in my 5 year old daughter. The activity in our house is sporadic and doesn’t seem that bad when you look at it as a whole. We started having strange things happen about 3 years ago right after my Grandfather died. I brought his masonic apron home and put it in the spare room closet (at the time it was set up as a play room for my daughter). Shortly after I brought the apron into my house I was putting away laundry one night after my daughter was asleep and needed more hangers - spare hangers were stored in the playroom closet. I didn’t turn the light on as I didn’t want the light to shine in my little girl’s room and wake her up. I opened the closet door and reached to the spot the hangers should have been. I ended up leaning my entire body into the closet before I finally reached the hangers. I knew that was not normal. When I closed the closet door, it also seemed to close further into the wall than it should. I told my husband about it but he said it was probably my imagination. Shortly thereafter, I was walking by the playroom and I noticed out of the corner of my eye a woman crouched in the corner - she was completely shrouded in a navy blue burka (I looked up the type of burka and it was a dark version of the blue burka worn in Afghanistan. It had a mesh covering over the eye area and a band around the forehead. As soon as I saw it I completely forgot about it. It was like I was told to forget - very Jedi mind tricky.

    Everything was quiet for quite some time but my daughter insisted that I “seal her room against monsters and bad things” so I came up with a protection I put up in her room. I put her room in a protective circle of white light, we ring a bell 3 times (mostly to ward off fairies and stuff like that) and then I seal the doorway again. So far it looks like it is working.

    2 1/2 years ago my daughter and I were both very sick and I took the small TV from the playroom into her room so she could watch movies. The first night, she insisted that I turn the TV away from her bed because she could see people walking around inside it. I took it out of the room instead. That was just creepy. After that she became obsessed with sitting in her playroom and watching movies all my herself. She would glaze over whenever she was in there. I kept trying to limit her time alone in there because something just didn’t feel right.

    About 2 weeks later my husband woke me up in a panic at 1:30 am. He said that when he came upstairs he bed, he heard a woman’s voice from outside the playroom calling our daughter’s name. We closed up the room and stopped letting her play in there.

    I did what I could to try and trap whatever the heck it was in the closet and strangely enough my daughter was talking to my in my bedroom and thought she saw something in the hall. She said “I think it was a ghost” I asked her what it looked like. She told me that it was a man covered in a navy blue table cloth. She said it looked like he had been pulled back through the wall on a rope. I asked her if she was sure it was a man and she said she was because his girlfriend was in the closet.

    This gave me chills. Not only did she see the same covering I saw (which I had never told her about) but she told me there were 2. Great!

    I started researching Djinn after that but couldn’t really find any good info and when I mentioned the possibility of Djinn, my husband scoffed and asked why would they be in our house - we are not arabic and we live in Canada. So I gave up.

    We removed all of our little girl’s toys from the spare room and everything was quiet for at least a year. I thought they had left.

    Then about 6 months ago my daughter started hearing a boy’s voice through the wall telling her scary things - he told her that if she lifted the covers, there would be bugs all in her bed. She looked and there was nothing. She saw balls of light floating outside her door. It seemed they couldn’t actually enter the room so they were bothering her as best they could. I was in her room the next night because she was scared and I heard whispering coming from her closet. I told it to be quiet and I saw a grey figure standing in the doorway. Again I told it to get lost.

    Later that same week, my daughter was sleeping in our bed but crowding me so badly I decided to sleep in her room. I woke up to someone saying my name. I again told them to get lost and that they weren’t going to scare me.

    The lights and the voices have gone away again.

    One of the things I find is that I seem to forget about things that would normally get me upset or make me do something about the situation. We have been meaning to smudge our house for over a year but there is always some reason why we don’t do it.

    I feel like my memory and alarm level has been tampered with so I don’t do anything about the problem. The incidents are spread out and very minor but I worry that they will get worse. I’m not sure if this is a Djinn or not but whatever it is needs to go.

    Any advice?

    • admin says:

      What happened to the Masonic apron? I need to know that first.

      Re your husband’s comments about not being Arabic… the Djinn are everywhere, just like “Celtic” fairies and other entities. Their lore has to originate somewhere but that does not limit them geographically, culturally or racially in terms of the humans they interact with.

  25. Purges says:

    Hi there. I have been reading these reports with fascination, and have had goosebumps several times over the last hour or so that I have been reading these reports. Something has struck a chord. I will share two of my most poignant and hopefully relevant interactions with supernatural entities.

    My first experience included sleep paralysis. I was aged maybe 7 years old, and was having a sleep over with a friend who was in a bed a few feet away from mine. It was around 4-5am and I was awoken by something. I remember regaining consciousness but not being able to move, or, most frighteningly, breathe, I have no recollection of what actually woke me up. I could feel a presence in the room, and there was a heavy weight on my chest, physically pinning me down. But there was no one there. I tried to call out, scream for help, but nothing. I was there motionless, terrified, and utterly at the mercy of what I now consider to be some sort of parasitic entity.

    I would occasionally be able to take the occasional gasp of air, but that was it. This happened for maybe 10 minutes - 10 of the longest minutes of my life. Eventually while taking one of my gasps of air I managed to utter:

    “Go… Away!”

    Moments later, the pressure was relieved from my chest and I lay in bed reflecting on what had just happened. I didn’t mention it to ANYONE for years. I didn’t think anyone would believe me or might think I was going a bit mad. I was affected pretty deeply by it, and still have problems sleeping at night, aged 25. I still occasionally wake up in a state of paralysis, but none like this, with such a strong feeling of presence, and parasitic intent. I have learned to ‘ride it out’ and since starting meditational practice, have formulated a mantra along the lines of:

    “All malevolent forces and negative energy must leave this space”

    This can be repeated mentally, whispered, spoken, or shouted as necessary, but a calm attitude is surely the best, and most in keeping with meditation, and the frame of mind I wish to maintain these days.

    The second event was some years later. This was in a different room of the same house - a room my sister had moved out of because she did not feel comfortable there, she has mentioned that she felt some weird vibes up there before (it was an attic room). I lived in that room for several years, and I too had some weird vibes in there - which prompted much sleeplessness, particularly after this next event:

    I woke up in the middle of the night. Some thing / one was watching me from the other side of the room. I believe it was an old woman, but never saw ‘her’ face - she was shrouded head to toe in white robes. I was able to move, breathe, and roll around in bed, and there was no interaction, I didn’t feel like she ‘wanted’ anything as such. I lay there and watched ‘her’, trying to pretend to be asleep, I doubt she was fooled. ‘She’ just sat there on a shelf watching me, and I watched her. I rolled over and put the sheets over my head and tried to pretend I hadn’t seen what I had just quite clearly seen. I lay there for the next few hours trying to get back to sleep and not daring to look back at that spot where I had seen her. Again, I didn’t mention this to anyone for years.

    So there you go. If you have any info for me on what these entities were, or even what they may have wanted, then that would be much appreciated. I find it hard to explain these situations away as my imagination running wild, or some phenomenon brought about by restricted airflow while asleep. I know what I saw, felt, and experienced on those occasions, and others, and was getting some really weird feelings while writing this down, like goosebumps inside my skull. My first attempt at writing this down went wrong, I ‘accidentally’ closed the tab down, and had difficulty navigating back to this site, maybe these beings didn’t want me to share my experience? Knowledge is power, after all.

    Also, what is the likely hood of encountering these types of beings during psychedelic experiences? I feel one could leave themselves vulnerable when embarking on these endeavours, and was wondering what techniques, besides the ones mentioned may be of use? Sage maybe? Understanding these beings, and the realms they inhabit has become of some importance to me, as well as of course a deeper understanding of my physical self and my spiritual being. This is not something I take lightly, but any help in avoiding / dealing with these beings is much appreciated. I frequently encounter beings on my journeys, 50% of which I would consider helpful or benign, the other 50% are either not happy that I am there, try to scare me, or even want to eat me. I feel in many ways that I am learning to conduct myself beyond my physical body.

    Peace and Love,


    p.s. please e-mail me if you respond to thiis, I won’t be checking on here regularly, but will be fascinated in hearing an experienced opinion.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. Entities who watch us at night are commonplace and take many forms. Exactly who they are is much harder to determine; Djinn are only one possibility of many. People who are visited frequently often find their own effective ways of dealing with the entities, or getting them to leave, and what works for one person may not work for another. But it is good to know what works in at least some cases, so others can experiment as well.

      I do not, nor have ever done, psychedelics, but those I know who have and do have had frequent encounters with a wide range of entities of varying dispositions. Various shamanic traditions teach ways of safe navigation. — Rosemary

      • Purges says:

        Thank you for your response, I will be experimenting with sage in
        the future to help ward off any negative encounters. It has been a
        while since the last episode, but feel it is a matter of time
        before another encounter.

        As for psychedelics, in my view some substances really are a bridge
        between realms, and treat them with great caution and respect. I
        feel spiritual practise is deeply entwined with this sort of
        exploration, and helps keep one centred and in control, to a
        degree. Shamanic culture / tradition is something that greatly
        fascinates me, and I hope to work with a Shaman at some point.

        As a result of voluntarily exploring these realms, I feel more in
        touch with my spiritual self, and better prepared to deal with
        those that cross over or are not able to leave this realm for what
        ever reason.

        Peace and Love,

        P x

    • M.M. says:

      Hi Purges, was reading your story from Aug 2011, a while ago now I know, but just came across this site today. The exact thing used to happen to me few years ago, waking but not really awake and feeling something or some-one on top of you, not able to speak or move.

      It does not happen any more because I had done a bit of research and found out that the Entity, Spirit, or whatever you may feel is holding you down is OURSELVES, our Soul. You see, our Soul does not need sleep, so when we are asleep, our Soul stands around outside our bodies, some of us (Souls) go and seek answers to our questions and/or problems we may have had on that day, some Souls just go on adventures thus giving us our sometimes distorted, weird and wonderful dreams, and some of us “Astral Travel”, whether we are aware of it or not.

      So, while we’re sleeping and dreaming, our Soul that’s Astral Travelling to gather our messages(dreams), it tries to come back into the body, usually just before we wake up, that same moment, our conscious brain is about to wake, we’re still in between Alpha and Theta, the Soul tries to return to the body and because we’re waking too fast the Soul finds the resistance, and that’s why we have the feeling that something or someone is holding us down. When we relax and not panic when it happens, it goes into it’s proper place, the body.

      Saying a prayer or Gods’/Allah name, is not so much to scare the Entity you feel, but it is said so your Soul comes back as pure with love.

      Hope that helps, even though it is years later for me to reply my similar/same experience.
      LOL - M.M.

  26. ross says:

    Mahmoud and others,
    I heard that you can have a jinn in your ancestry and that the gene will sometimes only pops up few generations later.
    is this true?

  27. confusedsoul says:

    Sometimes I feel like a jinn is living inside me. I have many strange occurences happen, but don’t want to type them out in the open. Do you have an email address. I want to get one to one feedback if possible?

  28. ross says:

    I had an experience with jinns, that taught me the meaning of the expression ” empty mind, devil’s workshop”.
    Some people have mentioned above about how to protect yourself from the djinn. The best way is to occupy your mind. All of us have a djinn assigned to us. Once the djinn gets the upperhand its game over, i’ll pick the djinn to win nine times out of ten.
    When my mother passed away an expert on djinn and other things came to pay his condolences. He briefly went to our basement. Many years later he told me there are djinns and other things in the basement and to call the adhan before i pray in the basement. He said the angels will then come in and the djinns will leave. I still do not know what he meant by ” other things”. I thought djinn, humans and angels were all there was…
    I started to get electrical shocks everynight when i tried to sleep. This lasted for a year, and i told some close friends about it. Finally, the expert came to visit me and he did a ritual everyday for a week. He told me that no djinn will be able to enter my body. And the shocks went away just as he had said. I do not remember exactly what he had said, but i vaguely recall that he had said the i had annoyed some powerfull djinn.
    I agree with Rosemary that one should not tamper with djinns. Interestingly, Rosemary mentioned electrical shocks as being djinns trying to invade your body, and that is exactly what was happening. The distress of having a djinn invade your body is a form of torture; and i would not wish this on anybody.
    I have more lessons that i learned through my unique experiences with the djinn. Which will be for another day.

  29. mahmoud says:

    Hi ross,

    Sorry for the late reply i haven’t been online for sometime.Well yes this is the case especially with djinn healers in the country i live in.Usually the parent of the child will already be aware of this and will begin to train the child at a young age on how to handle and care for the djinn they wont attend school.Its a way of life for them.There was another djinn healer which i went to told me that he was already preparing his youngest son to inherit the djinn.He got it from his father and his father got it from his father and so on.

    That is why i say it gets passed down the family line.Until maybe one person decides to stop using them. Even though they do there will still be some residual power retained in the family line until it eventually wears off or goes dormant for a couple of years then resurfaces with a future child.

    The shaman develop their own power as well by use of some special herbs which only they know.They are not dependent on the djinn alone otherwise this would be a disaster.The shaman just incorporates them to add to his power plus they can materialize objects or reach the targets faster.They act as a steroid the same way athletes use them to dramatically enhance their performance.Only novices would be heavily dependent on the djinn and the djinn would be aware of this,usually they don’t last too long because the djinn eventually become rebellious and kill them off as they would have no actual power of their own to defend themselves or control the djinn.

    • Jamila says:

      Mahmoud how do i know that my body has been invaded by djinns?
      What signs should I look for?

      .I find your information very helpful in understanding about djinns..

      • Mahmoud says:

        Hi jamila,

        Some signs are obsessions with bad things , loss of time and thought, knowing things about people which they haven’t told you.Violent attacks on people when you are unaware.There are many signs.

        I almost became possessed by a djinn once.But just before it took over i managed to utter a prayer and it left.It felt like i was about to black out or faint.You feel like your personality is being pushed down.The feeling of not being in control of your body like i was an observer.Watching through my eyes.

        The i became aware of a presence above my head.All the while i did not move..I knew it was a weak djinn from how it felt, so that is why i allowed it to reach a certain level then just before i lost consciousness i uttered the prayer A’uzu bil Allah min al shaitan al rajeem.

        I did not plan for this it just happened the djinn wanted to invade my body.My house had been haunted by this djinn.It is still there but not as strong.Minor disturbances.

      • Mohamed says:

        Hello Jamila,

        I know your question was addressed to mahmoud but i would also like to share my knowledge, unless you’re very fortunate, when invaded by a djin you wouldn’t know it yourself because you no longer become yourself if that makes sense, when they take possession of the body they force you into a corner and do what they will, it is extremely rare to find a sane knowing person walking around with a djin inside him. They wear your skin and thus control you. Now if you are looking for signs on the djin in others, anything from extreme self abuse, voice change, foaming mouth, eye roll and supernatural strength are the give aways.

  30. mahmoud says:

    Hi ross,

    To address the question about the ancestry ,yes you can have it.The children will have very potent supernatural abilities.Sometimes its hard to tell but this is the case with djinn healers here some openly claim to have djinn blood.They are masters of the djinn and can summon and bind any number of djinn at will especially the marid.some djinn healers healers are even able to cause lighting to strike particular targets using very powerful old djinn, this i have witnessed.They are very rare to get but when you do get them its is a sight to behold because the things you see are out of this world.

    • Ross says:

      Hi mahmoud and all:
      You mention the marid. Are they the most powerfull djinn?
      In the djinn social hierarchy who is the most powerfull?
      I heard some gossip, i do not know if this is true that the marid police the other djinn? again this is only gossip, not a reliable source.

      • mahmoud says:

        Hi ross,

        Well yes Marid are the strongest but it again depends on the age and knowledge of the djinn.In most cases here people use the bad ones such as shaytan and ifrit.Actually most the djinn are rebellious i wont lie to you.To tell you the truth in all my encounters with the djinn i have not met a friendly one.They are very oppressive and they start of politely then they turn into monsters and start threatening you.From what i have seen if the djinn have a human slave they all demand blood be it human or animal.It starts out with animal before they start demanding human.

        To give an example a close friend of mine went to see a person with djinn and wanted to fix a problem but the second the djinn healer saw that he was was well to do.He literally threatened him and said i want $10,000 or else i will kill you.My friend came to me in a panic and i told him not to worry and that God would protect him.That was 4 years ago.I haven’t heard from him since.It makes me very sad when i think about it.

        The people who are really killed are the christian people who buy them here for business success.A christian person in our area bought the djinn for money.The djinn turned on him i heard that his wife would be the sacrifice for the djinn.Eventually she died.She was always sickly the deal was for the djinn to drain her in exchange for his wealth.So once she died automatically the deal was off and the djinn demanded another sacrifice he couldn’t get another victim for the djinn to drain the djinn were now after him.

        The man i heard went to church and even confessed it publicly about the horrible thing he had done to his wife.He joined a prayer group crying helplessly saying he had made a pact with demons and that they wanted to kill him.People gave him support and felt bad for him and prayed with him.But unfortunately that didn’t protect him 1 month later he died in a grisly accident.

        Let no one ever cheat you and tell you to buy djinn they are just evil and the people who use them are just as diabolical.Those djinn healers are very evil people like the djinn they are ruthless when dealing with you.If you don’t pay them or have their debt they kill you.So their is no good experience i have ever heard from the djinn even in my personal experience.With them everything ends with either murder, or the user going insane and poor.

        • Lissonak says:

          I want to share something here since you said you never met a decent Djinn. A djinn is equal to a human in my mind we both have a will. What happens when a person enslaves another, the enslaved will find any way to defy, attack and humiliate remember this is a someone not a something and how greedy are people to demand. I feel sympathy for the djinn it is bound to vessels and families. It’s not the djinn that eats the person, it is the person’s greed which eats the person. You are right the djinn makes a pact with the person but only when the djinn is sure both parties understand then the djinn allows greed to take over and it becomes a race to see who is the greediest. In all your accounts it has been the person who brought himself down. BTW this is for Mahmoud.

          • Mahmoud says:

            Hi lisonak,

            Greed has a big part to play and djinn are aware of this.Both parties are guilty because , after killing the owner it goes on to exterminate the whole family, pets included.It wipes everyone out children ,men women innocent or not.

            That is why these beings are best left alone, it is a well known fact, when the djinn turn on humans and the human asks why they usually say , ” you came to us, we did not seek you”.

            With the exception of the shaytan,they are diabolical and just evil.They enjoy being evil and killing human beings.

            The penalties for disobeying the djinn are very high that is a fact.You don’t talk back with them or argue or have’s not a democracy you simply obey.I was told by the Sahir even if they require the life of your parents , you must give the nod.

            There is no love loss between human and the djinn, if you by it has reached such level of mistrust and hatred that the djinn will look for the smallest infract

          • Mahmoud says:

            sorry i didn’t finish before i posted , i meant to say for the slightest infraction.

            It’s sad that they are bought and sold against their will.I guess the way the djinn gets its revenge, is by waiting for the human to make the first mistake and 99.9% of the time they do.After that all hell breaks loose and anything goes.

            I did feel sad when i heard the believer djinn dragging chains behind them.Chains which you cannot see but hear.

            • Lissonak says:

              I actually have one of these rings which I wasn’t searching for and before I ever believed in djinn, you can say it found me. The dream I had when it came was my fair warning, don’t ask for or demand that what is not yours (this is how I know they warn those who cross their path). I took that warning and we have a fair understanding. He saved me from getting run over by a car since he has been with me. He rambles in Arabic but we trade thoughts he is also free to come and go as he chooses, but if I need his company burning incense seems to bring him close. I can hear him but I also think he respects the fact that I would be terrified to actually see him. Never for a moment do I regret meeting him

              • Mahmoud says:

                Not all are bad but unfortunately the people who bind jinn get the bad ones, and people can unknowingly buy them.They will even assure you and tell you they are good but only once you have bought them and stayed with them for about 10 years onwards will you truly know their nature.

                Some behave for a short time,carrying out the owners requests before eventually turning on them especially if the growing demands are not met.I have countless tales of this.One was my aunt who bought a djinn.It ended up killing everyone apart from her youngest son and on her death bed , she said that she had been lied to.So i am very cautious about just buying a djinn.

                When you buy djinn here and in Saudi Arabia they come in invisible form.I know a friend of mine a lady who worked in saudi arabia for a very rich couple.

                The husband had bought a djinn, and one of my friends duties was to bring food daily to the djinn.The djinn was kept in a lavish room.She would put the food in the center of the room and shut the door.The next morning the plate is empty.Or sometimes when she enters into the room she would see a massive snake just lying there.She would bring in raw meat on a dish with some blood.

                She would claim hearing disembodied voices speaking with man in the room yet he was sure no one lived in that room.She eventually quite because the job of feeding the djinn daily was too frightening for her.She ran away and returned to morocco.

      • mahmoud says:

        Hi ross,

        I forgot to answer the question on hierarchy,yes absolutely just as the author says.Practically speaking my first and most dramatic djinn experience revealed a lot to me.I was with them face to face although they were invisible they were present.The healer had a family of them.Usually amongst them the oldest will be the head of the family.It is him you address and who address you the rest respect him highly.The rest occasionally speak but when the elder jinn talk the rest go quite.He was very respectful.In my case the elder jinn tended to be more understanding and congenial while the younger ones were more fiery even in tone.The elder jinn had a very calm voice and you would even think he was not the most powerful amongst them almost docile in nature.

        His authority clearly showed once we agreed with him what the djinn healer would do for me and what he would give me.He even asked the djinn healer in my presence to make sure he gives me a certain herb and prepared it well.Like a little boy the djinn healer responded to his demand and assured me he would do it.You would think your talking to your grandfather very warm.The atmosphere had a very sinister feel to it.

        But make no mistake when they got mad which they did in my presence with another person who refused to do what they wanted they turned like a pack of hungry wolves and began banging the walls and windows and the floor simultaneously while bellowing at shouting at him.Needless to say the man was terrified and so was i even though i was some distance away.That was the last time i went there.

        Another thing that struck me was they are very war like in nature and even would address themselves in military like titles such as “commander” or titles similar to that.There was definitely rank.But as a collective they addressed themselves as the “ancient ones in arabic”.

        Well the marid are the strongest no doubt just to give you a real life example of how feared they are a couple of years back i went on a boat trip to an island.The person ferrying us on this small boat before arriving on the island spontaneously he got up with arms outstretched and begun thanking the djinn he spoke in arabic but it was lie this ” oh thank you great and mighty jinn for allowing us to arrive safely on this island , thank you and he went on and on for until we arrived on the island”.This he did when were leaving as well.

        Apparently there was one powerful marid residing in that area and would cause of all sorts of storms and wreak havoc in the form of water sprouts on small boats.It would also attack people on the boats as well.Usually one marid will protect a certain area and is usually a no go zone for human beings and other jinn tribes.They are extremely territorial and they rule over large areas.

        Marid are extremely powerful but are just as volatile and are legendary over here.They are the ones which can pull people out of cars and toss them in the sea or transport people over great distances just for laughs.The same ones who also violate women and in some cases men.They are very arrogant and proud and its almost impossible to control them but their power is the most potent no doubt feared amongst men and djinn.

        • shena says:

          is marid blueskinned djinn?

          • mahmoud says:

            Yes people say they have blue skin,whether this is true i don’t know, most of the time the djinn are invisible when you interact with them.Marid can appear as humans with ease, because they have very strong magic.The only way you can tell is by what region they are from and also if they tell you.Marid you get the highest concentration in coastal areas and islands and far out at sea.That is where the magic is strongest, you can also get powerful shaytan in coastal areas.

            • shena says:

              thank can you know when they are in human form?you have said people say they have blue skin that means they appear in their original form in front of humans?what can one do to keep them away from us?not to come again?

              • Mahmoud says:

                I personally have never seen them in human form , but from what people who have encountered them said, they appear as perfectly normal humans. If they appear as women, they are extremely beautiful and magnetic and if they appear as male, they are very handsome, only in some cases do they disfigure themselves to frighten. I hear that they take this form during the day, when they want to interact with unsuspecting humans including shaytan

                Usually once they reveal themselves as djinn, they will disappear or they will change into a more monstrous form, and that is when I think people say they have blue skin.It could also be some form of energetic glow that surrounds them ,so they may appear as blue but are not that’s just a theory. By the time they reveal a more hideous form, most people run for their lives and don’t look back.Marid are notorious for human interactions, they are the ones that can even transport you great distances just for fun or inconvenience you.

                • shena says:

                  i have seen in the day it appeared in human form fit n handsome body with blue skin and long black hair hid its face from caressed my face i was frightened and i hold its hands as i thought it would harm me and then it disappeared just like that.after that i have started reciting ayat ul kursi and do my salah .i can feel something watching me at night but after i pray it goes away

                  • Mahmoud says:

                    It must be attracted to you, but you did the best thing, you don’t want to encourage a djinn that is attracted to you, they can mess your human relationships up and make sure you are single for the rest of your life.Especially if this one is marid, keep it far away.Whenever you meet someone new, they make sure you fight and split up.

  31. Jay Everson says:

    I had an experience in 1995 with an interdimensionnal entity of sorts and while I can’t say for sure if it was a Djinn or not, I find there are a handful of elements that have a Djinn correlation. I’ll asterisk those that I think are pertinent. While I’ve never hallucinated, I would consider this if it wern’t for the fact my girlfriend at the time saw all of this too’ with no coaching from me. I havn’t tried to do this again as I think I lucked out in the sense as the entity was ambivilent as oppossed to mavolent, and now the whole thing seems potentially very dangerous.
    Me and my ex had the weekend off and I was in the living room watching TV and she was outside in the jacuzzi. For some reason I had the notion of putting a plastic cup of water on top of a globe plasma lamp ,that sat on a 3 foot high speaker, while it was turned on. These glass plasma ‘lightning’ lamps are common and you can buy them in the mall. The exterior glass ball part is about 9 inches in diameter and if you touch the glass ‘ lightning’ will flow to your fingers. I did this and after a few minutes drank the water and noticed a very distinct electrical charge in the water. I actually could kind of feel my whole energetical level kind of ramp up after this , so I did it a few more times, each time feeling more and more energized. After this for some reason I decided to place my hands on the glass ball and try some breathing excercizes to see what would happen. Ill cut out the extemperaneous parts of the story for times sake and just relate the interesting parts. Anyways I could feel the electricity flowing into my body from the lamps to my fingertips to where it felt like I was Superman or something. It really felt incredible. So after doing this for a whil I noticed with certain breathing patterns the random ‘lightning would coalesce into more ordered patterns and started spinning clockwise. With more and more breathing I could now feel a huge amount of energy at the base of my spine and if I concentrated it began rising up my spine as I breathed. At the same time as the kundalini rose, the energy in the lamp as it was spinning faster and faster began spinning so fast it was like a bicycle wheel. The Electrical ‘spokes’ per se began making mandala patterns that looked just like the old spirograph toy patterns. First say 12 spokes like a flower , then 16, then 24, 36 and so on as the energy rose up my spine higher.Then the real weirdness started as Im looking at the mandala patterns spinning around when a little man about a half inch tall begins running around the interior cathodes surface. The cathode/anode? is the smaller ball inside the glass globe that the ‘lightning discharge emanates from. This little man was a phosphorescant monochrome bluish gray light and was comprised of pixels like an old 8 bit videogame character. It looked like a stick figure basically, and its just running around the circumference of the 2 inch round interior cathode on its surface, like the cathode was a round tv screen and this videogame character was running around the screen. I was shocked but I called to Janice outside and asked her to come inside, without saying anything about the lamp. I ask her if she sees anything odd about the lamp and her eyes got huge. ” So I guess you see the little guy too huh”? I asked and she affirmed. Janice was pretty disturbed by this and sat down on the couch while I experimented with the lamp and my breathing. The man disappeared and in his place were archetypical images. I don’t remember the order but there was a stylized lions head, a torus which is a symbol for life I think, a skull which is obviouselly a symbol for death, and a cluster of embryonic egg cells in a cluster dividing as in mitosis.
    I’be curious what people think these symbols might signify .I dont know if this was some kind of communication or what. I’ve thought that by raising my energetic level and being linked to lamp by my hands maybe the images somehow correlated to specific energy states. I do remember when I changed the hand positions I got the skull and when my hands changed back I got the Torus which the native Americans used as a symbol of life. Obviousely Hitler reversed the torus symbolizing death (swastika) .You’ll have to bear with me as there’s a lot of elements to this story. So I’m doing this for a while now in the afternoon, my girlfriends bugging out on the couch begging me to pull the plug on the lamp - no way I told her. Meanwhile my energy state was getting higher and higher the whole time Im doing this to point my voice was getting higher in pitch and it felt like my body was getting lighter. I jumped up about 9 feet to see if this was the case and touched the cweiling with no effort. Also as Janice passed me once I stuck my hand out and ‘zapped’ her with electrical discharge. She was not amused. Also I noticed an ethereal smoke coming out of my shirt sleeves. It felt like the electrical energy was burning away all the impurities in my body and the ‘smoke’ was a result. So I’ doing this stuff when I notice the room starting to get darker and lose its color gradually. As the living room is getting darker and grayer I could see in the very same spot another reality coming into view proportionate with the living room fading away. I could see a forest of sorts but it was stylized like a cartoon and a seriously ‘evil’ looking gnome woman thing was really perturbed I was there - or starting to be there looking at her. I got scared athis point and before the forest scene fully materialized I slowwed the breathing down and the living room came back into view. Days later when I was talking Janice about this she told me I looked like I was melting and she was afraid I was going to disappear. She also mentioned disturbingly that a black clawed hand was reaching up towards me from the floor. I think its interesting that from her perspective it looked like I was melting. I believe I had shifted my energetic pattern and was literally de-phasing out of this plane and into the next one of a higher energy frequency. Ok so I go back to experimenting with the globe. I didnt notice it at the time until we were talking about it days later but we’d both slowly moved into a hypnogogic state to where time had pretty much seemed to slow down and the ridiculous really wasn’t a big deal. So I’m doing the globe thing, it’s nightime now - hours had passed- and a woman, completely tangible, comes walking around the corner from the kitchen right up to me as Im standing there in front of the speaker with the lamp on it, and starts having a conversation with me about the lamp. Granted being in the hyponogogic state a lot of strangeness can happen without you questioning it but I remember thinking it was Janices friend. I also remember think’How strange that she knows whats going on here’. There was nothing weird about the womans appearance. She had Long Brown hair and a green flowing dress on. She wasn’t diaphanous or ghost like or anything.Completely tangible to the point it never occured to me it wasn’t human. So the woman start giving me instruction on hand placement in order to maximize the output of the lamp etc… . Honestly I really don’t remember most of the conversation. I wish I would have had Janice take notes while I dictated what it was telling me. I didnt mention Janice just assumed the woman was my friend. I do remember asking her name and I thing she said ‘Ariel’ and that I remember her telling me she was an oracle of sorts and that people had used her in the past.I got a vision when she said this of some Aztec/Druid types using a crystal skull in the same way I had been using my lamp. I really do believe thats what the crystal skull were used for. Raising energy and ‘summoning’ these beings for whatever . Actually I don’t think I summoned it insomuch as it was drawn to me like a moth to flame in a dark room from me raising my energy. So the woman proceeds to move behind me and whisper in my ear instructions. Janice said it looked like it was on my back and she got the distinct impression it was ‘making love to me’. I also remeber a distinct impression that this being would give me knowledge in return for feeding off my energy. Very vampiric if you ask me - the whole permission thing. It seems obvious to me that by raising my energy to the point I did I attracted the attention of some kind of astral?/dimensionnal entity and that it approached me with the intent of giving me instructions to maximize the globe output as to feed off me - kind of like fattening up the cow I guess. Although the fact the odd thought process that began all of this seems almost like the creature instigated the whole thing by having me put a glass on the lamp etc.. . So I’m doing this all night - Janice was exhausted after this so she went to bed. I had begun to feel like my insides were hot and I wasnt feeling well. If I could imagine what it felt like I swear it felt like I was being irradiated. I excused myself and went into the bathroom. As Im looking into the mirror it was just like going out all night and thinking about the crazy evening before hand and how unreal it seemed. It was telling myself it had to be a dream or something but as I went out into the living room - its morning now and sunny- there it is, the woman, beckonging me to continue. I didnt feel good at all so I said ‘no thanks’ and she just walked back around the corner towards the kitchen and I lost sight of it. I had a feeling I just couldn’t unplug the light and go to sleep so I tried my best to ‘reverse ‘ the process and drain the energy out of myself but it really did’nt work that well. I woke up later in the afternoon and my stomach was glowing green . I woke Janice up and I jumped into the shower. I had her massage my back and the green light moved up from my stomach and I threw up . Felt much better after that.
    Well just like a dream we both completely forgot about the whole thing until til 3 days later I remembered the woman - not the details- and asked Janice who her friend was. She said I thought that was your friend and we slowly began remembering the whole thing. Aslo I might add for the next couple days around the lamp when it was on the shelf in a dark space while watching TV I a distortion around the lamp and I swear I saw a few little impish creatures loitering around it looking at me etc.. .

    OK - thats it. I have a couple points of contention why this might be a DJINN encounter.
    1.) The lamp is a plasma filled globe. I believe the DJINN are comprised of plasma.
    2.)The ‘Faery’ elements. DJINN are reputed to possibly be behind faery phenomena . The other plane I saw and the being there looking very ‘ faeryish’ and the little imps or whatever lurking around the lamp later.
    3.) I’ve heard DJINN subsist on energy for sustinance.
    This thing was definately feeding off me.
    Of note: It needed permission from me to do so and it bartered knowledge for energy.
    4.) It conspicuosly wore a green dress. I know the green DJINN are the ones that come into contact with people the most.

    Also if anyone has anyfeedback on the imagery - Lions head etc thatd be great.
    I’ve postulated this thing was everything from an arch angel’Ariel'( which in Enochian magic has been described as a dark haired woman in a green dress that imparts wisdom), to some kind of opportunistic astral vampire. I find the DJINN elements interesting but at the same time it dousnt completely follow the pattern either . Let me know your thoughts about this. Thanks , Jay Everson.

    *Admin feel free to correct my grammar and punctuation. Contact me at [email protected] if you like. Thanks.*

  32. Jay Everson says:

    One more thing I previously forgot to mention about ‘phasing’ into the other plane. I remember as a kid reading one of Carlos Casteneda’s books and Don Juan warned of Allies tricking people into their dimension and keeping them there. Before I full materialized there I had that thought. Since the lamp wasnt going to be there how would I get back? Maybe as my energy settled back down maybe Id form back here/maybe not. This was a real concern - enough to decide not to continue. Was that the intention of the DJINN/entity?

  33. Jay Everson says:

    Hey Admin. Not that it matters but I wrote abot the encounter years ago on a now defunct website called ‘Totse’ .If you query on Yahoo or any search engine ‘Jinn/Angel’ Whatever Encounter’ by Jay my story will pop up.ive been looking for answers about this for quite a while.I had never had any kind of experience even remotely like that before or after. I can put you in touch with my ex on FB if you want to verify this stuff.She’s Christian so the whole thing was pretty unsettling.I realize the whole thing is pretty over the top but its pretty much what happenned.I even left a few things out. I read your book the Vengeful Djinn and it was outstanding.Too bad about Phil..oh well. If I was goofing I’d make up a more believable story.I’d like to think I’m pretty pragmatic about stuff and no I don’t believe inIndigo children or any of the latest and greatest bull****.Granted that sounds insane coming from someone who says they were phasing into another plane and communing with an interdimensionnal hottie, but it is what it is.I’ looking foward to your feedback. Jay

  34. Layla says:

    There are quran surahs that are very effective against the entities that want to attack you. The good ones, know the rules. The ones that try and influence or seduce humans are in league with their master Shaitan (Saytan).

    He wants to take as many people to hell with him as possible and he sends them out every night in search of souls. One entity even told me that he wanted to take me to hell with him! The creep!

    Thankfully, I have been able to protect myself with the Quran : Surah Al Falaq, Al Iqlas, Al Nas, Al Fatiha, Al Kursi and the call to prayer (Adhan)

    If you have it playing all day and night, they weaken and leave. Allah puts a barrier between us and them and Angels come to protect us (Inshallah).

    There is only one God! All power and means of protection is with Allah alone.

    • ross says:

      hi Layla,
      i can tell you know what you are talking about. You are right
      you have to recite over and over again. In my case i got an expert to do it,
      he was able to do it after doing a ritual every day for a week. The electric zaps stopped. I have some experiences that i would like to talk to you in private.
      do you have an email with which we can correspond privately.

      • Layla says:

        I know very little about Jinn- saw one twice but I try not to give them any thought and so don’t wish to get into all of this – it is like attracting a moth to a flame, this is exactly what they want. We should be aware of their existence but not be afraid -(The catchphrase of this book is unfortunate: “ if we need to fear anything in life then fear the jin”) – No -They have no power over us; only fear the displeasure of Allah and the removal of his mercy. The Jinn are more afraid of the faithful; if you fear them they feed of this and possess you. I believe that there are more and more websites about paranormal on the internet and forums allowing people to contact each other. And that some manipulative jinn use the internet to communicate with people by masquerading as a person. They try and guide you to do more wrong.. They are made from energy and plasma and so is your computer! Be careful; spend your time remembering Allah, then your spirit is pure and you resonate away from the dimension they occupy. The Quran tells us not to delve into this out of curiosity in case it entices us. People weak in faith have no chance against the evil Jin; they can destroy your life, family, career and health and make everyone turn against you. May Allah forgive us for our ignorance.

        • ross says:

          Hi Layla,
          Again, some very wise words; just proves my point that you have some knowledge. I think that i was lucky because when the djinn was tring to possess me, an individual with rare knowledge was ablt to stop the zaps and the feeling of something bouncing into me. I had limited success with the verses you just mentioned. It was not until he got involved that the i was able to sleep at night without the electical shocks. A lot of young people who get involved in cults tamper with the djinn thinking they can control the djinn only to find it the other way around. The djinn gets the upperhand and turns their lives upside down. Not talking about Jinn, as you mentioned,is what I mentioned in earlier posts; that it is taboo in muslim communities.
          When you say you think djinn go online to communicate, i’m interested to know if you think the djinn take on human identities in a more permanent way, rather than than a temporary fleeting way as most people think? For example is it hypothetically posssible for a neighbour, coworker, classmate etc to hypothetically be a djinn who lives amongst us in a permanent way by taking human form ie… that they live amongst us…

          • Layla says:

            Yes I think so, but some humans are just as evil as the jin (if not worse) .. you may find that some jin are very humble and kind. I believe that there is really only one point that is of any importance to us(and that is whether we or they belong to the faithful or of the shaytan). This preoccupation with identifying whether it is jin or human is unimportant for muslims. We should worry about keeping away from the shaytan.

            • Layla says:

              be it human or jin. So the more we delve into it the more we invite them. If you say something that may offend one of them, they can hold a grudge. Be humble in your words and it is best to say Allah knows best. Salaam.

          • Layla says:

            Allah knows best. I believe both humans and jin can be shaytans, they are of the same essence so their realms are one. Who possesses who? As some humans are as bad as the evil of the jin and need no tempting.

            • admin says:

              Hi Folks, Rosemary here. Just wanted to chime in on the interesting discussions. I am having the webmaster look at setting up a chat forum to make threads and dialogue easier to post and read. Many thanks for all the submissions.

        • mahmoud says:

          Hi layla,

          I agree that Allah is the ultimate power,but it is good that people know what they are dealing with.That is why Allah gave me the opportunity to see them with my own eyes and know they are real and to warn people.Ignoring them will not make them go away that is exactly what they want.They rely on your ignorance of them and their invisibility.They are a very worthy adversary once you understand them, you will know that you must take your faith very seriously and pray very hard.Some of our own Muslims don’t even believe in them yet there is a chapter dedicated to them Surat Al-Jinn.

          So i agree with you but here we have a case of human beings using them against each other which they are not supposed to do but its happening, you cant ignore it.The best we can do as the author says is to inform people and let them know otherwise we would just be as guilty.The more people that are aware of the djinn and its capability the better they will be able to handle them and not be afraid.You only fear what you do not understand so knowledge is power.

        • Veronica says:

          I have been cyber psychically attacked by a malevolent spirit more than once. I was shown in vision before it happened, then when it did, I knew the source.


        • Veronica says:

          I have been cyber psychically attacked by a malevolent spirit more than once. I was shown in vision before it happened, then when it did, I knew the source.


  35. mahmoud says:

    One last word because I wont be online for some time. One must be very careful generally , the other day an incident occurred in my country that I couldn’t believe. Some 4 evangelical were preaching in a hall and a well known djinn healer openly confronted them and asked them why they are lying to people and presented them with a 3 bottle like objects. Immediately they took to their heels leaving their congregation behind. It was funny seeing men in suits running like that.He shouted at them saying “come take your djinn here they are”. Needless to say the congregations were shocked and some even begun to cry.

    The point being that anyone can be using djinn especially so called “faith healers”. Especially when it comes to things like psychic surgery.Ive seen a well known international healer who removes and materializes objects from peoples bodies saying he is using divine power as people stand in awe.

    Dont be fooled dematerialization and materialization of objects is the most basic thing even a weak djinn can do.Ive seen this countless times the latest being a Christian evangelical bishop who actually uses djinn he can he can materialize objects in his hands in front of your eyes claiming to be removing demonic curses and black magic spells. He also has the ability of looking at you and telling you everything that has happened to you and what is bothering you think of it as a psychic on steroids. Claiming it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. If you go to where he prays he has pictures of Jesus and a huge cross but what got me very suspicious was the materialization of objects plus the instant knowing of your life up to specific details. In his house where he prays there is a room where no one is allowed to enter only him and his wife. Unfortunately for him most Muslim people here are aware of djinn and its use and people have seen it all but he does get many Christian followers because they are not aware of such things and get impressed. Most of the time they now if they perform these incredible acts you will give them more money. They must have very weak djinn because they would need to resort to that if they had strong djinn.I thin its main purpose is to fool people into believing they are from God and so people will automatically give money to their “church”.

    But I must say I was very disgusted with the use of Gods name to fool people while in actuality they are using djinn.The names of Jesus didn’t seem to affect the djinn including the bible.This guy would even pray holding the bible and cross and calling on Jesus to remove the demons. Even while materializing things making the sign of the cross what’s more he thanks Jesus Christ for “performing such powerful miracles”.I now he will be answerable before Allah one day.

    There is no knowing the actual scale of djinn use worldwide. All I know is one must be very careful especially with the very famous faith healers or anyone with impressive supernatural abilities. From my experience 95% of the time a djinn is behind it.

    Well I’m glad I could contribute thank you for the opportunity again.

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  37. mahmud says:

    Well i wont be here from some time so let me give you one last example of how you never know when you will encounter jinn.My cousin is a taxi driver here one night he picked up a lady who was a client.After sometime he said he looked behind and he noticed her face begun changing b and when he looked at her legs they were hooves.He screamed and she just vanished before his eyes.His car ended up in the ditch luckily he was not injured.After this he went to an Imam who prayed for him so that the jinn who was most probably an ifrit would not follow him.

    jinn can take any form over here they especially take the form they want either to scare you or trick you.With the djinn healer i saw the jinn even mimicked my friends voice.So you must be careful of any spirits you see even of deceased relatives.It could just be jinn trying to deceive you.
    Recite the verses of the Koran or read your bible ,ask Allah or God for protection and inshallah that will keep them away.That’s the best advice i can give.

    Good bye.

    • Hamza says:

      Hi Mahmud, the Djinn are very powerful mystics. Yet we experience them we have had even audio evidence of them replying to us…, yet no video evidence, this is because our universe or existence is apart from theirs. We can feel their presence around us, Only very spiritual people can see them. There have been records of some people that have captured the Djinns and used them to do good or evil. Muslims may be able to find the “GAP” between such kinds. But, unfortuneately we are forbidden to call upon them or else…, an eternity in hell.


    Dear Ms Rosemary Ellen Guiley,
    I am Major Kalam Pie RMAF, a Muslim from Malaysia. I didnt read your book yet but I will read it if I found it here in my country. I just would like to make sure that all the facts that you presented are correct and not misguide people towards believing djin has powers etc. Thank you.

  39. Ross says:

    Hi there,
    I was watching a show on plasma, what djinns are suspected to be made of. It really fit the theory well.
    There is a band that plays the electric guitar and it makes the plasma dance between two nodes. I know that sharp sounds can stir djinn in a frenzy. that is why sufi cults do chants to attract the jinn. When done on a consistent basis these chants attract djinn. In a more north american context outdoor concerts proboly attract djinn too…

  40. Diana says:

    A few years back, I started to notice something…off. It was like there was something with me. I couldn’t see it at all, but when I was in my room and focusing, it’s like I could converse with it. However, it’s never been evil or demonic.
    As a child, we had paranormal activity in my home, until it was blessed. We stopped having problems with that.
    This creature, which I wasn’t sure about, didn’t seem to be angry or hurtful at all. Instead, it seemed happy to simply be with me and to converse. I never saw it, but I could feel something was there, and after some time a name came into my head, which I assume is what it goes by.
    I was curious about genies, and so I started researching up on the topic, which led me to Djinn. This started making me wonder. One day while chatting with someone on AOL, we got into the topic of Djinn. They told me their experiences, about how their grandfather was into the whole thing, had books on doing it, and had taught him how to summon them and talk to them. I gave this person the entitie’s name, and asked him if he could try to figure this out for me. Two days went by, and the person came on again. When I asked about it, he told me he’d had a bad experience. The Djinn was in fact, fairly strong, and had been very upset with him for making him leave me. Also, he described to me a scene of a room he’d been shown by the entity, and he described my bed - perfectly - and especially about a red article of clothing. I’d had a red silk button-up shirt I’d bought at a discount store, and when I came to realize it, I’d never noticed this entity until shortly after I’d come across that particular shirt.
    After that, I the person that had contacted the Djinn for me stopped coming online. I’ve worried that something may have happened, because of my curiosity.
    Because of my fondness for this entity, I’ve kept the shirt, even though it’s too small on me now. It’s still there, but I do not believe it is a dark/evil Djinn in any way…at least towards me.

  41. Ross says:

    i read somewhere that djinns are similar in appearence to angels but different in origin and fabric.
    Any thoughts on that?

  42. Maria says:

    Is there any research on the Hebrew god who requires blood sacrifice and the requiring that Jesus Christ die fr the sins of people, a human sacrifice? What is the connection between Jesus and the Jinn? He had power over demons, which I now believe might be jinns.

    • Ross says:

      Hi Maria,
      thats a good question; the connection between Jesus and the djinn. I agree with you that djinns and demons overlap. As I understand it, the original djinn- the tribe of iblis were what we know as Demons. That is, the original djinns in heaven, that were there for the fall of Iblis, when he/ and them were kicked out of heaven, are the demons.
      Demons could be other types of djinn as well. As i mentioned above, there is a reference that Iblis looked like and angel in appearence, but not in origin or nature. By nature, i think what is meant is that he had free will as well as the ability to eat food or have sex. Angels according to Islamic lore do not eat food or have sex. Iblis eats with his left hand, and has fathered kids. I believe one of them about four jinn generations down converted.
      I have read that even the orginal Djinn/ the demons can convert and no longer be demons, but i am not sure. i think this would be a fruiful line of research to the sequel to ” the vengeful djinn”.

  43. Ross says:

    Hello everyone,
    I got the reference for what iblis looked like in heaven. Ibn taimya said ” Verily Satan was from the angels with respect to his appearence, but not with respect to his origin and not with respect to him being of the same nature as them”. As pointed out by the admin the origin of angels is light and the djinn is smokeless fire; different origin.
    which begs the question what do angels look like? If my memory serves me correctly and the scripture is translated correctly, which is doubtfull. Angels in their natural state look like white light in a lantern. Again,
    there is some doubt as to whether the scripture is decoded correctly.
    I will try and find a reference, as well i am going to get a copy of a book on demons by the Rosemary, i see overlap between djinn and demons, so the book on demons will be a great companion to the one on djinn.
    thats all for today,

  44. mahmoud says:

    I just remembered one last encounter with this lady my sister told me about.I even met her her name was Aisha.She was extremely beautiful sometimes i wonder whether she was jinn.Her eyes were almost bluish violet.It sounds impossible but trust me sh had the strangest eyes i had ever seen in my life.

    Well my sister had a b/f at the time who used to treat her very badly.Well once she met Aisha she decided to test something and scare him.So Aisha offered told her she could frighten him.My sister was skeptical but told her to go ahead believing nothing would happen.

    Well 2 days later Her /f at the time told her himself terrified that at night in his words he woke up at night and saw 4 men standing around his bed looking down at him they were very tall and were like shadows he could make out their features bu they had glowing yellow eyes.My sister was more shocked but kept quiet and swore never to try that again.

  45. ross says:

    Hey Mahamood,
    Interesting you talking about a lady Djinn.
    There is a person i know who related a story that he got entangled with a marid djinn princess. Bear in mind that this is most like a story that he contrived: He said they are made of flurescent blue neon (plasma) like material and that they hover in the sky at night. The marid princess’s father was a pope like figure for the marid djinn nation. He said the Marid djinn police the other djinn, like the
    volturie in the twillight saga. They are made of water,and
    if the djinn break the their laws they cath or kill them. Any ways wondering what you have to say about this?

    • mahmoud says:

      Hi Ross,

      yes i have heard of those types of encounters with djinn. About men dating beautiful women only to find out at the end that they are djinn and taken into the djinn world.Actually the story you describe is the same story i have also heard in our parts.They describe it as plasma like and under water.As you say the father of the djinn princess Was the king of that particular region.But its very much the same as you described.Men who meet women and after having a good time suddenly wake up only to find themselves in bed and the woman being part animal especially the lower torso usually goat like.Suddenly she vanishes into thin air.

      I don’t hear the stories this much these days.Over here there are stretches of road which suddenly become accident prone so people offer sacrifices to the djinn and sure enough the accidents stop.Its an uneasy alliance.When i say accident prone i mean its ridiculous accidents come out of nowhere vehicles lose control people are hit cars and many people tend to die in a short span of time at a particular stretch.When the ambulances come you can find 15 people dead and not a single drop of blood yet the car is mangled.So that’s when people know that it is the djinn.

      The djinn during the offerings usually possess somebody but they seem to prefer children.Especially young girls and begin to speak through them boasting and saying that they are the cause of it and that the reason the accidents occur is because the men have forgotten them and don’t offer them sacrifices by this they usually mean an animal must be slaughtered so that the blood can spill.Its quite starting a girl 5 years old suddenly speaks with a booming deep guttural male voice.At this time her eyes are white and her face looks male.It can be very frightening if your not familiar with djinn.

  46. Jade says:

    I asked a question regarding 2 Djinn & I was just wondering where our questions have some answers. I know mine was rather long but I had to give the History of my experiences 1st. For you to understand better. But it was basically they are seemingly good, have been a part of my life for a long time, was given their names, seen one’s face twice very clearly, have been talked to by them, mainly one, the one who sent he was sent to watch me, that he fell for me breaking rules & that he’d been suppose to take me to his world a long time ago. The Islamic Shaman that says the male attached himself to me & that I need an exorcism, as well as he was puzzled as Djinn do not usually, um, talk to their victims which makes him think something unique is going on but when he called me I could hardly understand him. & do I have to have a Website to get an answer? I am new to all this, the questions, having a website which I’m not sure is exactly what you mean by website. Some answers please. It would be much appreciated. Thank you. Jade ( Starry )

  47. Gabriel says:

    I think i’ve been having Djinn contacts over the years good&bad.

    First encounter was in the loft/attic in my friends house. We were watching TV and I felt goosebumps and a strange presence and I looked into the direction that I felt it coming from and I saw a human form in gray smoke. Weird thing is I saw only grey smoke like figure butr I could tell how he looked in its human way(I thought he was a ghost for years). He wore an old grey cloak, had a long beard(longer then bin laden) was bold with hair on the side of its head.

    Once I spoke with the younger brother of my friend and he said he saw something ghostlike too in his house. when I asked him how it looked like he described an old man with a long beard in a grey cloak. I felt goosebumps when he told me that. Funny thing about this djinn is lots of things happened in the attic. a fire when we were young..& other things I really dont want to talk about.

    these things happened around 1999-2004/5. I felt like the djinn followed me on occassions.
    When i walked up the stairs something pulls my leg making me prone to falling.. happened a lot to me and I think it always happened at the same stairs. we live in a terraced house so I noticed that it happens always one of the last stairs. If I cursed id hit my toes or bump my head..really weird.. weirdes feeling I got was being touched.

    I’m a muslim and just like any religions muslims have sort of special like days where you go to a masjid/mosque/jami(church for christians,synagoge for jews) to prey. I don’t strictly follow the rules or lifestyle of islam and I dont know the dates of these events. I dreamt that I saw a beautiful town of black marmer with angel like statues and a mosque and then I woke up with a very good feeling. I told my mom about the dream and she said today is the day of …..(something) and the dream tells you to go to the mosque. I didn’t go but I had a great the opposite of a nightmare. And now I read about djinns reading the Quran it could have been a muslim djinn or some of the sort.

    I have many nightmares(realistic) where huge snakes bite me. haven’t seen dogs but it could be my subconscious since I’m afraid of snakes but I never think about them..ever which is weird.

    When we were young we had to go to the mosques to read the quran in the weekend. The imam/hodja(priest) taught us that nightmares are created by evil djinns and that they come when ur not in a pure state.
    this may sound funny but after I had sex with someone or myself and fell asleep I have occasional nightmares. maybe my subconscious or maybe its the green djinn following me I dont know.. I’m thinking about summoning djinns.. but I dont understand their powers, any more explanation on this subject?

    • Hi says:

      You should read more about how to bound djinn and control them.they say that bounding djinn is very hard and should leave it too experts but like I do u should ignore that stuff

  48. mahmoud says:

    Hi Ross,

    About the djinn policing other djinns, i think this may be the case with some djinn.But generally the djinn seem to live in relative harmony with each other apart from a few which have been bound by men.

    By bound i mean literally, when i went to see the men who had djinn, i would hear the disembodied voices of the djinn and also hear large chains dragging on the floor which off course i could not see. At the i was wondering why they had been chained only a few years later did i understand that those were bound djinn possibly against their will. I think they put their differences aside because they have a common foe…us.

    The powerful djinn cannot be bound and in such circumstances you would be bound to them.You would be their glorified human slave. In exchange you would get their services.

    Usually the djinn will fight each other only when commanded by a human being.Once you destroy or capture the other person’s djinn he is open to attack and has no other defense against your djinn.So you can go for the kill literally.

    Fights between humans using djinn end fatally for both the humans and djinn but most of the time it’s the humans.The victor will be decided on who has the strongest djinn , the age of the djinn (the older they get the stronger and more experienced) and numbers of djinn.Ive seen djinn healers who keep close to 10 djinn specifically for protection against other djinn.

    I guess it all depends on the individual djinn, just like there are humans who want to keep order in society so are there djinn I’m sure who want to maintain their laws and remain hidden to the world. But I think its Allah or his Angels who restrain the djinn there must be a higher power that prevents them from “going wild” although on occasion they have done so. Most djinn have a certain disdain for human beings even the ones I have encountered .They look down on us and view us as inferior. That is why they wont hesitate to kill or harm us given the chance and will use the smallest excuse to inflict harm.

    Most of the shocking supernatural things done by the djinn against humans have been perpetrated by the Marid. They are notorious for being ruthless towards human beings along with the shaytan.They usually harm human beings whether your innocent or not,if you stray into their territory or they feel disrespected by you.

    Here they are known as the Djinn who live in the ocean or coastal areas.The strongest of them all.The Marid are very arrogant djinn , have big egos and like most djinn are volatile. But as a candidate to keep order i would definitely rank them at the top.

    • Ross says:

      Hi Mahmoud:
      Thanks for the reply! You are a great source of information, you have a lot of valuable first hand experience with djinn.
      What do you know about djinn entering and leaving the body of humans. I had an experience where
      a djinn kept entering my body, it was like they were bouncing into me and i would get shocks each time they entered. An expert on the djinn came to visit me he told me he would do something to me so no djinn would be able to enter me. He did a ritual everyday for about a week. He placed his hand on my heart and said a few words. After the week was over, i never experienced a djinn entering
      me. Whereas before the ritual it was everynight for over a year. I used to fear going to sleep at night! A christian sect called jehovah’s witnesses call it demon attacks and they have witten a lot about it.
      Thanks again Mahmoud !

  49. Hi says:

    I have reasearched and admired djinn but now Im having a strange feeling that they are with me all the time. I do not know how to bound them or anything and I can’t even communicate with them

    Any help??

    • Lissonak says:

      No, do not even think about binding them it’s not a battle you’ll win. If any want to talk to you after a few tries they will figure out how. As a pleasant offering try burning incense and address them letting them know it’s a present for them. Anything you choose to do from there is on your head.

  50. Hi says:

    Ok so earlier I was talking about how a djinn was following me around well now I walk in my living room and my DVR is going on close on close


  51. Mahmoud says:

    Hi ross,

    Well about the djinn entering bodies this I have witnessed on some occasions. The perfect example would be the one where the lady I met earlier, aisha who had “powers” tried to exorcise a spirit from another lady being tormented by spirits..

    Little did aisha know that the spirit she was trying to exorcise was a very powerful djinn.So the second aisha begun the ritual the lady fell to her knees and begun grunting and snorting like a pig. All of a sudden aisha begun screaming and crying looking in horror at an unseen entity. She had to stop the ritual and call for other people to pray just so to send the entity back into the lady’s body to the dismay of her relatives. She had bitten more than she could chew.

    Later I asked her what had happened and she told me that when she begun praying for this lady ,right at the moment when she was thrown to the floor and started grunting and snorting like a pig she saw a huge muscular shadow like figure filling half the room standing behind the snorting lady and she felt threatened by it as it begun approaching her. Amazing thing is when the ritual was stopped the lady came to her senses and couldn’t remember what had just transpired.

    So you see some prayers actually affect the djinn I heard this one day from a holy man that the prayers actually burn the djinn and causes them great discomfort the evil ones that is. He told me they must be said by a very pious person because if just anyone tries it and their faith is not strong, the djinn will immediately detect it and seek revenge.

    It’s a very dangerous affair when dealing with djinn possession. In some instances the healer will usually have djinn of their own, and if they see that their djinn are strong enough to get rid of the invading djinn then they will do so with good results. Don’t get me wrong there are some people who can use good djinn to do help others but it’s very rare this is becaue many have bound evil djinn e.g ifrit and shaytan.

    Most will get rid of the djinn only to return it a few months later so that you can call them to help you again. The only thing getting lighter will be your wallet. That is why I don’t trust those healers at all. Some will deliberately hide the fact that they are using djinn, because they are aware that people will be hesitant to use their services.

    You were lucky that you found someone who was honest with you and could help resolve your problem. The djinn are usually very stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Christians would consider them demons, in reality the bad djinn are no different from the demons the Christians describe, they are absolutely diabolical in every sense of the word. They are capable of inflicting great emotional and physical harm to the unsuspecting person they encounter for years.

    • ross says:

      Hi Mahmoud,
      Sounds like you know what you are talking about.
      Jinn experiences must have benn a big part of your life for
      a really long time. I’m new to it.
      I am very lucky the djinn healer was able to keep the djinn from entering my body. I could not do it on my own. I read the 4 suras and blew on my body, nasr, falak… to no avail. night time was when i would get tormented by them as soon as i would try and sleep.
      The djinn healer was actually someone who was not taught
      religious sciptures like the quran he just knew it. The
      knowledge was put it in his brain. By age 8 he knew all
      the sharia… You right , though, when he recited the verses
      they came with more force, then when i did.


      • mahmoud says:

        Hi ross,

        Well they just happened to be part of my life since i was a boy,i remember when i was 4 years old, a djinn healer pulled something out of my body using djinn ,i remember it still had blood on it,i felt as though something was taken out of my body without cutting me or making any incisions.As soon as he did that my stomach pains which had been tormenting me for years stopped,he was a very old man. He saved my life otherwise i would have died, my mother is the one who took me to him ,She had ran out of options.The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong yet my health was deteriorating.

        Its not all gloom and doom with them , you can do some good but avoiding them is all the better.Knowing their nature takes time and can be dangerous.Unless your under the strict guidance by a experienced master of the djinn.The djinn are like a weapon any mistake can be fatal, its no joke and a way of life.

        They have been on both sides of my family for hundreds of years, but have been bound and i don’t plan on using them any time soon because they take over your life.They become like your children.The last person who had them was my grandmother who died when i was young and even said taking care of the djinn is impossible in this modern age.The demands are far too great and its not an easy thing.

        Well I will definitely write to you when i have free time although i am no authority bu it will be nice to exchange ideas.

  52. Seth says:

    Well this is a Jinn encounter of a security guard who was a retired Army man (this occurred in the year 2005), he was guarding a street in one of the posh localities of Karachi ironically the street number was 13, however such an event was also narrated by a PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) driver who picks up flight staff from the same area as well, however his encounter was off the main road running across the same street.I will narrate that incident later as well.

    The Guard was hired by us (5 house holds) living in the area at that time, at around some time past midnight he was sitting in his chair when we were woken up by his screaming as he jumped over the gates of one house and entered in shock, mind you that this was a man armed with a repeater (weapon with 12 rounds, automatic pumping action something similar to Arnolds weapon in T2 while riding his bike). Upon inquiring he kept on repeating the same story for one hour. He said that in an empty area between two houses he first saw a Rabbit hopping right opposite to where he was seated, In an instant the rabbit sort of transformed into a cat whilst moving towards him as this was happening he tried to dispel this event as an illusion however he was soon terribly shaken as the cat had now started taking the shape of a woman, he clearly described the transformation and at the point where he saw the half woman entity he got so scared that he started screaming and his legs which were jammed were able to find the strength to jump into action over the 6 foot gate into our neighbors house. As far as I remember he left his gun outside and we had to gather it later.

    Our neighborhood remained in a state of shock and fear for quite some time after this event, the guard had been with us for nearly a year and after this he was never the same guy again, soon after he swapped his duty roster with another guard.

    Prior to this a Pilot friend of mine had already told me that on the main road off this 13th street one night a driver of PIA had come to pick up flight staff from a house situated on the road, he had been doing this for a long time, as he had parked the pick up van outside he observed in the rear view mirror a woman approaching, he got so frightened after looking at what was approaching that he drove all the way back to the airport to bring some one to accompany him (the round trip is about 40 Km). All that I remember about his narration is that he said that the thing approaching although seemed like a woman at first but was not human at all.

    Me and my nephew had an encounter which was quite strange somewhere around mid 2006 same street same area, but it was not of the kind as described above, although once again our neighborhood including our home stopped going outside after sun down for quite some time, however I used to consistently return from work near or about 10:00 PM and I never witnessed any thing out of the ordinary.

    Today the area has developed quite rapidly there are more houses, the commercial area on the main road is bustling till late night and there have been no stories or no such events reported any more. But that vacant area is still there, still unpopulated, and in the mean time I have lived and worked in England as well, since I’ve been back everything about the city has changed except for the barren piece of land between those two houses where the guard got the fright of his life.

    • mahmoud says:

      hi seth,

      Interesting you would mention the cats,over here when you buy djinn in the markets they come in 3 forms either cats ,snakes or in bottles of water.They just take that form so that it is easy for you to interact with them for those who are a bit brave then you would pick their original form which is invisible.

      People here don’t dare hit cats because it is one of the forms that the djinn take over here.Its impossible to distinguish a real cat from a djinn its better to be safe than sorry.I have heard countless stories of people kicking cats only to be terrorized at night by the jinn and asking why you had kicked it.So its very interesting that you mentioned cats.

      • ross says:

        Hi mahmoud,
        What do you suggest one do if they
        Want to get into djinn science. How can we find
        Authentic master teachers?

        • Mahmoud says:

          Hi Ross,

          That was my search 7 years ago and I found a few who were willing to train me.I thought it was simple but it was not.Last minute i couldn’t make it something came up and I thank Allah that he stopped me. I was ignorant of what the whole process was.That is until years later when I became interested again and I went to a well known Sahir who had Close to 10 djinn and would use them for healing people.

          First he told me I had to be mature and then continued to giving me gruesome details of the ritual ending in djinn possession.That is when they bestow the psychic gifts and power to you.To cap it all of he told me that before you take the djinn you must take an oath to obey them and give them whatever they ask Including Your own Parents if need be.You live to serve them.It is not an equal agreement.Sometimes they may not require a life but if they do you must obey without question.

          That is when I walked out.He spoke directly to the djinn as I was asking him the questions.Some Sahir speak to the djinn then to you others just let the djinn talk with you directly nomintermediary.

      • simon says:

        Hey mahmoud!
        Its been 4 years since you posted this but if by any chance youre reading this i culd use some help
        The last reffer you did on cats really had me thinking…
        One of our family friends (not knowing about jinns neither my family nor the friends) gave us a female black and white kitty that was 1 month old by that time i was too 1 month old and it is possible that me and the cat borned the same day…now 18 years later (1 of april) my cat died (from the death i was most afraid she’ll pass away) and by that time i dnt feel like i lost a cat…not because all the bonding but it was smthng that made me feel energized when i was around her.
        I’ve had a lot paranormal visits especially in my dreams…every single one of can i know if my cat was a jinn??
        When my sister was 10 (11years ago) she saw one strange shadow standing between the opening of the door lookin me n my mother sleeping right nexr to her bed.
        When she closed her eyes out of fear n shock she heard the door open and then my cat entered the room jumped on the bed and sitted on me…(maybe protecting?)(My sister is allergic to cats but whn she was around ours she was sneezing like never befpre)by the way we are a orthodox family and no one knows about jinns but im the only one open to new things and question things around so you might help me out

        • Mahmoud says:

          Hi simon,

          It sounds to me like your cat could sense whatever presence there was and i think it was trying to act like a barrier ,between your sister and the entity.

          It happens to me many times , and animals can definitely sense when there is a negative/good presence around.

          The other explanation is what you have mentioned,that the cat could have a djinn in it. They are a favorite mode of transport for djinn and they love taking the form of cats.

          I once witnessed how bad the fear of cats was with a stranger who was walking on the outside of my house.

          My cat was on the window staring out, and she is not shy at all and would stare at you in the eyes for long periods of time.So this passerby actually stopped and started conversing with my cat.

          She started uttering prayers and rebuking the “jinn”, I was in the room and i couldn’t believe what i was seeing and hearing.I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry 😀 .I think my cat was more bemused than i was.

          The interesting this is that you will never really know. Ive witnessed snakes appear under spells into a tangible form and then disappear with my own eyes in broad daylight.So i am without a doubt convinced that djinn can take any form and you will not be able to tell the difference between them and a regular natural animal /reptile.

          • Kate says:

            Sorry for bothering you with my silly questions, but I want to know something. It is not like I would ask jinns for help, but you said that they can do a lot of thing, even pool something from the body.
            There is a thing… I got a tattoo. Long time ago, and I was not happy that I did this. But I lived with it. Till I decided to cover it with another one. It was an obsessional idea, really. Right after I did it I regret it deeply. It was like I wake up and realized what I did. The tattoo I have now is strange and I do not think why I did all this to myself.
            Tattoos is a sin and it effects me horribly. Like I lost part of myself.
            I want to ask, can jinn remove the ink from someone skin?

            • mahmoud says:

              Hi kate not at all all questions are welcome.usually that sort of thing i doubt they would be able to do.Their area of expertise is spiritual or dealing in the spiritual realm.Lets say as an example, if you suddenly got branded by a spiritual being, and the marks would not go, then that is when your marks would be fair game, because it’s cause would be spiritual in nature.

  53. ross says:

    I am interested in knowing what type of a djinn
    Iblis was ie. Marid or ifrit as well as who were the
    Original djinn?

    • mahmoud says:

      Hi Ross,

      It remains a point of contention, some say Iblis was an angel others say he is a djinn but I think the author Rosemary has addressed this more extensively. I have limited knowledge all I can speak about what I have seen and witnessed. What I can attest to is that they are made of fire. This was the one time I was actually afraid for my life.

      It happened some years back when I had become familiar with this djinn healer or Sahir. He told me that the had just captured a djinn , and I could see he was visibly excited. I remember it was midday.

      As is customary with all real djinn healers you sit on the ground and remove your shoes at the door when in the presence of djinn.The reason being if you stand or wear shoes it is a sign of disrespect of the djinn . You must remember your dealing with a being that could be thousands of year’s old, just common courtesy besides you wouldn’t want to risk angering the djinn when you’re in their territory.

      Once we sat on the floor he proceeded to call forth his djinn and as usual they responded. You hear disembodied voices in the air above your head or moving around you yet you see nothing. He then asked me whether I had wanted to see the enemy djinn he had just captured. My curiosity got the better of me and I hesitantly agreed.

      .Well what followed shocked me beyond belief and had me scampering out of the room we were in. He called on his djinn to bring forth the captured djinn. Before my eyes an explosive huge pulsating flame appeared and the room shook slightly. I jumped back for the door I just remember seeing this fiery being I could not make out its features but I saw what almost looked like a head.The fire gave of no smoke and it reached all the way to the ceiling. Heat emanated from the centre where it was. And in a flash it was gone and before us in the middle of the room was a snake which had not been there before.

      It looked stunned and was large.All the while the djinn healer didn’t move, all he did was turn his head to the side because of the heat and the fire. The room was well lit and I was keeping my eye on him the whole time. It was not at night but midday the sun was out and no one else was in the empty room.

      He then proceeded to prod the snakes head and it moved in an agitated but sluggish manner. He laughed and told me to prod it as well which I did nervously. He assured me that it wouldn’t attack and that his djinn had removed its power.

      After I looked at it and studied it for about 5 minutes he called on his djinn again to take it away. Before my eyes the djinn in the center of the room vanished like nothing was ever there.

      Some of these things as I say and continuously say you must see to believe. When you’re dealing with real djinn the laws of psychics go outside the window. Everything which you thought impossible in this world is made possible. They have the ability to manipulate matter at will which baffles me to this day. There is no knowing the actual limit to what the djinn can do.

      That was the one time I ever saw a djinn in its true form. I can with no doubt in my mind say that the djinn are made of fire.

      • mahmoud says:

        I just want to clarify that i saw a flash of fire then in a second their was a snake in the middle of the room.I wouldn’t make out the actual form of this djinn all i saw was the flash and heat and in the center was a snake.

    • Lissonak says:

      Isn’t Iblis the one who openly defied God? This in no way means he is the Original djinn.

  54. Sadiyo says:

    I’ve had alot of experiences with them to I’ve been having nightmares of them coming to me it seems so realistic like a woman in a white cloth with long hair. Are Jan. Dijinn dangerous? I do not know why but I’m curious about buying this Islamic Jann djinn ring? What are the dangers?

    • mahmoud says:

      Hi Sadiyo,

      I do nto advice on buying djinn you must understand that the djinn are merciless they wont care whether your a man , woman or child.Dealing with them is only done by people who have been trained on how to use them.

      Many people have died and lives ruined by such purchases.They are real beings and it is impossible for you to know the nature of the djinn your dealing with.Whether it is a believer or not.Chances are it is not most have not made the choice and are like rabid dogs.Please reconsider and steer clear way from the the bad they have done out ways the good trust me.Stay away from them.Don’t trust the person who is selling you the djinn most of time they just want to make money and when they are done selling you the djinn they wont help you when its starts going wild on you your family and anything living in the vicinity of your home.Remember your dealing with a being that can kill.Just keep that in mind.

      • Sadiyo says:

        I found this 60 dollar marid djinn necklace the lady told me should help me control it. She said it has 3 grown children and he’s very nice and kind. I was skeptical but I’m very drawn to the necklace I daydream about it all day every day. I got very happy when incould buy it this Saturday. There’s people who have marid rings they say they’re nice and they’ll protect you. I can’t stop myself from buying the necklace I woke up 3am wanting to buy him

        • Sadiyo says:

          The lady gave me her email and I know what her number is she won’t leave me she’ll continue to help and train me

      • Lissonak says:

        Sorry, I am unable to find your post about your sister’s friend’s strange eye color. Does eye color mean that much? My eyes are a gold and my sister was born with violet eyes….?

        • Mahmoud says:


          It can butit is not so reliable.The reason i said she was strange was because of all her abilities.She also had some jinn she used to use.Not strong ones but they would do small tasks for her.

  55. Michele says:

    I have to say that I had three experiences, interestingly enough after reading Rosemary’s book, that I believe may have been Djinn encounters. When I started reading the book I started talking about it with everybody who seemed interested. And looking back at the book I remember reading that when you talk about the Djinn or study or show interest in them that it could draw the to you. Is this the case? I don’t now for sure, but here are my three experiences. Maybe those who have had experiences can let me know what you think.

    The first experience was over at Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia. I would take my dog up there often during the summer for walks. It’s a pretty steep mountain with rough terrain. It was in the latter part of the evening and we were on our way down the mountain, but it didn’t get dark until after 8pm. Now before this happened I for some reason kept sensing we were not alone, not just that day, but on other days when we were walking up and down the mountain. Now I am sensitive or a psychic, and I kept sensing some huge, I mean as high as the trees! But of course I couldn’t see anything and it was only a feeling. But back to the day when I had my 1st experience. As I said, we were coming down the mountain and no one else was around at that moment. All of a sudden on the opposite side of the road from where we were walking I some something, though invisable, land on one of the large trees limbs! I mean this limb was big, not a branch, but probably 24 or more inches in diameter, though I’m guessing, it was large and sturdy. And though what I saw was invisable, it was undeniable. I saw the branch bow down with its weight and the leaves being moved. And I’m not kidding when I said that limb bowed with the weight of what landed on it. Both me and my dog stopped in our tracks and just looked over there. I didn’t know what to do, so I slowly kept walking past it and looking at the limb. My dog also kept looking over there. Nothing happened other than that, though I felt as If I was being watched or observed.

    Experience two was odd in that it affected my dog. Me, my son and my dog were getting food at a fast food restaurant, I know that probably sounds crazy, but we had been asked to pull up and wait for our order, which I did and my dog jumped in my lap like he always does. It was only a moment later he saw something and started growling at it, so I looked and didn’t see anything, so I just watched him, because I could tell he clearly saw something that me and my son coudln’t. He then began to tremble and kept looking out of my window at something next to the car. He was so scared that the hair on his back side from head to tail was standing up and the trembling became so strong, I had never seen an animal tremble like that before. Both me and my son were trying to make since of it, though it started to come into my mind that it could be one of the hidden ones. He was so scared and continued to tremble, the hair standing straight up. At one point he was staring so hard at the unseen one, that his eyes buldged out of his sockets showing the whites in a way I never saw an animal do. He had pure terror on his face. Not long after this then the person brought out our food and Papi jumped onto my sons lap and we left. Again, was this a Djinn? I don’t know. But my instincts, which I trust, said it was.

    Experience three happened while my son and I were driving down the street, and there was other cars at the time. It was a sunny, cloudless day and we were going 45-50 miles per hour when all of a sudden a shadow, and I can only explain it’s size by comparing it to the Hindenburg, it was massive, quickly flew over us and shaded our car. It was moving extremely fast. Both my son and I said what was that? I told him look out the window, to see if it had been a low flying plane, yet there was no noise whatsoever. He stuck his head out the window in was looking in all directions and there was nothing! Not near or far. I’m not kidding when I say it’s size was massive, like a multi story building flying horizontally over us and casting a shadow. And again, there was absolutly no noise to suggest a low flying plane. Not to mention, again, how quickly it was moving. We could come up with no explanation for what we had experienced. And no other cars slowed down or seemed to notice this. I can in no way explain this, but remembered that some Djinn had been associated with UFO cases.

    So those were my experiences, all had witnesses other than myself, though twice it was my dog. Has anyone experienced or heard of anything similar to this? Thank you.

    • MrCarlos says:

      I had a very similar experience at Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil, in july/2012. I related my story more above. It occured at night, but not very late.
      For me it was being a good experience. Now I think djinns may have some relation to UFO cases, but I really don´t know how.
      She tells me every time that she comes from Lyra (?!) but she lives now in Earth in a place that we humans cannot easily reach (?!), that they observe us all the time and they live in peace there.
      It really don´t know if are there mallevolent djinns. I think if they have freewill like us, this is perfectly plausible.

  56. Sadiyo says:

    I have seen a little boy all black with black eyes leaning over my brothers rooms watching them it talks to my brother he can hear it clearly and feel when it’s around he has seen a woman in all silver clothes next to my mothers bed he yelled for her to wake up when he did that the woman crawled off the bed onto the floor I’ve been having nightmares about them I had this realistic dream that someone punched me hard in the Mach twice and kicked me I closed my eyes woke up and it was 304am in the morning I sleep now in the same room ad my brother to protect him but I cant it talked to him once and said it was good why do you beean to usbi want meat give me meat I’ll harm your family I’ll kill them my brother told me this 1200 in the morning whatever it whispered to my brother he told me idk what we can do we play Quran all night and day long but still in the mornings or when I sleep my body convulses and it comes grabs my head and read something to menin a different language latin I’m not sure

  57. Sadiyo says:

    I get paralyzed while I’m asleep I tried to wake up my eyes were closed but I could see. Everything around me happening like my mom walking inside the house because she was getting the mop from our balcony i saw a tall man all black walk past her everytime my mom looked at me my convulsions would stop intill she turned around and went to cook food in the kitchen

  58. Ella says:

    My story is very long, but I was targeted by a magician. They are all over the Internet. They are “Legion”. Yeah.

  59. Halima says:

    Hello Mahmoud,

    I know some peaople who are disturbed by a very bad strong djinn. Do you know a very pious man who can help them?
    The situation is becoming very dangerous.

    Thanks for your help

  60. hi,
    my name is rich. and i’m a student of shamanism. and have been in a relationship with what some call a succubus for many years now.
    but that is another story. i wish to give account concerning some haunted items that have djinn attached to them. back in june 10th of 2010 i brought a amulet for $20. and learned there was a marid djinneyeh a female attached to it. during the night i spent some time with it in meditation and learned the entity was thousands of years old. and was orignally from north africa and was own by a berber cheiftan.
    after the meditation. i went to bed. and had a dream. and i saw a tall stately dark skin woman dressed in robes. she told me she was the djinn of the amulet. and she was happy to be my companion. but her clan wanted to see me.
    around 4am i woke up with a sart. and looked up tp to ceiling of my bedroom. and saw an apparition of a man wearing clothing of the middle east. but his face was destorted. and frightful. however i sense no malice from him. and he looked at me with concern and vanished.
    after this i felt a warm connection to the amulet. and sense a warm feeling from other spirits that are attached to me as guides as well as lovers. as if i passed a test of sorts.
    although my encounter with the djinn was peaceful. and with loving affection. my advice to anybody is please if you are thinking to summon the djinn. do some extensive research on the subject. any djinn that might come might be a shaytan. might enslave you.
    if you are thinking of getting an item that is haunted by a djinn. take the time to do that research.
    although a haunted item that has a djinn attached to it is very unlikely to be a shaytan. and is good.
    it is wise to do research. and think it over. if you really want this. if you still do. then when you receive the haunted item of a djinn. treat the entity with upmost respect. and don’t expect to grant your wishes the way you want them. they know more than you do. treat them as a friend and teacher. and accept whatever help they give you. the djinneyeh and her sisters that i have obtain have become my friends and advisors. love is the key.

    • Sadiyo says:

      I’m buying a marid djinn amulet. Once while I was looking months ago I saw a shaytaan ring. I got tired and went to sleep I dreamed the ring was near my bed I picked it up and put it on. Immediately red smoke came from it something was coming out of it I was so frightened I woke up : (

      • hi sadiyo, sorry for the real late reply.
        sorry for your bad experience. i have had my own. but i don’t hold the djinn or the fae that are with me reponsible
        for some of their bad relations expessing their negative views in my relationship with those in my keeping.
        like us humans there are good and bad djinn and fae.iefs.
        the bad seem to fear the holy names of the Divine.
        the good it doesn’t bother them.
        however like us each has their own beliefs. so i hope you use the prayers of your beliefs against them.
        peace be with you.

  61. mahmoud says:

    Hi halima,

    i had one 2 years back but he left 2 years back.He was very good in dealing with these types of matters.He showed me that the evil djinn can be defeated by prayers.

    My advice is go and see an Imam and tell them everything , the longer you wait the worse it will become.The djinn will already know your trying to get rid of it and that’s why it will try and escalate things so seek an imam who is willing to help and he will know what to do.There are some certain prayers which if said by them will destroy the power of the evil djinn.

    Don’t ignore it or give up because the result will be devastating.I suffered for many years under a spell from a djinn until it eventually almost killed me.I wasn’t even aware that it had been done by a relative.It is what opened my eyes.

  62. Halima says:

    Thanks for your response Mahmoud

  63. Sadiyo says:

    Dear Muhammad your story’s are so interesting. I kinda want to see an exceraism I kinda want to find a great Islamic sheik who let me be his student and help people who are possessed by evil djinn. And also for free. Because not everyone would be able to afford it.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi sadiyo,

      Yes they are there its just a matter of finding one who is willing to let you be his student.Remember to deal with the djinn you must be very very brave.Even if you are afraid you must not show it to the djinn otherwise they will terrorize you.usually they will know if you are afraid of them.So you must have strong faith.

      Exorcisms can be extreme so you must be ready for anything.The djinn can do all sorts of things to the body of the person who is possessed by them.Some things are very scary they make the person like an animal or to resemble them.So the human possessed will usually be on all fours and their hands will be bent in the shape of claws or some ive seen crawling on the floor like a snake in human waste, their eyes white eating the waste.The voice will be the voice or voices of djinn.So it is unnaturally deep It can very unsettling.But with time you will get used to it.

      It is a calling so if you feel called to it by all means pursue it.

  64. Mahomoud says:

    Hi Ross,

    The Qur’an says Iblis is a Jinn.It is usually point of contention.I have limited knowledge all I can speak about what I have seen and witnessed. What I can attest to is that they are made of fire. This was the one time I was actually afraid.

    It happened some years back when I had become familiar with this Sahir. He told me that the had just captured a djinn , and I could see he was visibly excited. I remember it was midday.

    As is customary with all real djinn healers you sit on the ground and remove your shoes at the door when in the presence of djinn.The reason being if you stand or wear shoes it is a sign of disrespect to the djinn .

    Once we sat on the floor he proceeded to call forth his djinn and as usual they responded. The disembodied voices groans and growls around you followed by a huge thud and the hearing of movement yet you see nothing.

    Sometimes at the healer’s request, the jinn will be able to move objects, for example you will see things move across the floor with nothing touching them. This could be plates or things that the sahir requires or the jinn bring before you.

    He then asked me whether I had wanted to see the jinn he had captured. According to him this jinn had been pestering a certain lady and so he was brought in to get rid of it which he did.

    My curiosity got the better of me and I hesitantly agreed. He called on his djinn to bring forth the captured jinn. Before my eyes an explosive huge pulsating flame appeared, and I jumped back all I just remember seeing this fiery being I could not make out its features but I saw what almost looked like a head.The fire gave of no smoke and it reached all the way to the ceiling. And in a flash it was gone and before us in the middle of the room was a snake which had not been there before.

    It looked stunned and sluggish he then proceeded to prod the snakes head and it moved in an agitated but sluggish manner. He told me to prod it as well as evidence that was I was seeing was real which I did nervously. He assured me that it wouldn’t attack and that his jinn had removed its power. When I say stick this stick was about 2 inches longs and the snake was a viper of some sort It was definitely poisonous.

    After I had studied it for about 5 minutes he called on his djinn again to take it away. Before my eyes the “snake” in the center of the room vanished like nothing was ever there.

  65. Raph says:

    Well i am goin to tell you about something that happened to me back in 98. i was dating at the time ( married and with a kid now ) and on one halloween, my ex and i had whipped out the Quiji board for some scary fun. of course now i wish i hadnt even bought the blasted thing. but anyways. we had taken it out. and my best friend and his girl were there that night and witnessed the event. for we had made contact with a person long dead or something names Edward.
    Edward was polite, and even friendly. telling us how he died. back in the 1800s.
    Now my buddy and his girl were laughing , saying that we were moving the marker. but we werent. the language being used wasnt stuff that we go on about now. its the way Edward spoke, that chilled us. and by the end, my friends were convinced. and Edward politely excused himself, and even warned against further use of the damn board.
    You would thing i would have listened then…dafuq?
    After a session of loving, we decided to see what we could conjure up. so we fired it up.
    And it worked all too well. all too quickly. it was at first , for the spirit contacted was supposedly female, and amorous.but she quickly became scared of something only she could see. and begged for us to rid ourselves of the board at once. to close it for good. well we were scared. and the female spirit made her hastey exit.
    i meant to rid myself of the board. but there it sat in my closet.
    A week later something happened to me that would always haunt me.
    i had turned in for the night, and i turned out the light, and began to fidget with the alarm clock, gettin it ready for the following morning. I had gone to bed late that night. it was around midnite, and the street light outside gently shined through my bedroom window. giving me enough night light as to not go blind having to strain my eyes to see in total darkness.
    i set the clock, and turned onto my stomach, to drift off to sleep. and thats when i felt the foot steps on the bed, creeping up towards me. now i have felt them before. but not as heavy as these. the bed creaked.
    In my head i was thinkin we were being robbed. how the hell did this fool get into my room ? i locked the door.
    and then it was on me. IT pushed my face into the pillow, and pinned my right arm down against the bed. and i could feel its hot breath on the back of my neck. if it had bad breath i dont remember. all i was thinkin was i had to turn over and face my attacker. then it spoke to me.
    By this time i was puzzled. why would a B.E. be lookin to make me an offer ? i told him or it ”NO”. and i heard it sigh with derision. and that when i took my chance to force my left arm free and push up over my shoulder, right into the face of my enemy.
    It wore all black, and was wearing a black Goucho hat. its hair hung loosely about its face. all straggly and oily. and its face was titanium white. like the moon. and its eyes were like that of a shark. all black..sunken into its sockets. gaunt faced with a hook nose, thin cracked lips. and a goatee. and it smirked. and i filled with terror. i screamed ”NO !!!”. AND I JUMPED FROM THE LAYIN ON MY BED ON MY STOMACH POSITION 4ft AWAY, TO MY FEET , and i flicked on the lights. it was gone. but the atmosphere in that room was wrong . stagnant. even if i opened a window. it just didnt go away. and for 6 weeks , i slept in the living room.
    Fed up , i went into MY room. and declared my anger and disgust. and told whatever was there, that i wasnt afraid, nor would i give into it. I WAS ANGRY AND TIRED OF BEING AFRAID. and wasnt goin to take it anymore. and at that,the air seemed to clear. and i never had a visit from the BLACK HAT MAN as he is know. i was surprised to find out , that others have had this same sort of visitation. just recently learned that my mother-in-law had such an experience when she was younger. and that was face to face. in the daylight.
    The footsteps on the bed still happen, and i catch glimpses of things in the corner of my eyes. and my wife had never had the footsteps thing happen to her. till i moved in. then it began for her. she was surprised at my ease with this. and i told her that those are the footsteps of tinier beings. and they are more afraid of us then we of them. i do remember grabbing a couple and being bitten by one on one occasion. so they tend to give me a wide birth. they seem to have a great interest in my wife. and though she has seen her share of things in the past, its these events that are very unnerving to her. since then she has calmed down. and at times they surprise us. but its all seemingly benign. nothing like being man-handled by a nearly 6ft 9inch being with a dead eye stare in the middle of the night or day..
    i have learned to tell when things would happen. and my wife knows when things are goin to get weird. cos of the buzzing she hears. she hears , i feel. and the little steps of wee people dont bother us anymore. but they seem to have an interest in our baby daughter. our daughter, that spits, growls, and speaks gibberish to thin air. and gives us a smile . we know theres something else goin on in the world around us. we are waiting for it to make its national debut. or finally come forward to us. my family have lived with this kind of stuff all our lives. with no ill after effects. to my wife and eye, its all just as natural as night and day.
    Maybe someday they will come forward. and we can work in peace to a better future. but there seems to be a group that wants to keep humans in the dark. and afraid. using our fears against us. creating fears in the young. so they have this fear of THEM all their days. i am no longer afraid. why should i be ? and no one else should be.

  66. mahmoud says:


    Another important general note is , the djinn cannot predict the future this Ive tested with them.They have no clue whatsoever their guess is as good as yours.They can see everything past but cannot predict your future in any way or form.If anyone tells they can see the future using djinn they are misleading you.

  67. Mohamed says:

    whoever is possessed or fed up with strangers visiting him, I can help you guys, I am not a spiritual healer but still can help. Give me a shout.

  68. Braden says:

    Hi,I would really like to know some djinn bindings and also how to detect them.Any help?

  69. Braden says:

    Could one of yhall tell me how to detect djinn……I just need to make sure but yes I really would like to know how and also some djinn bindings. Really could use the help Thnx

  70. Halima says:


    Maybe you can help me, how do i contact you?

  71. ross says:

    Hi mahmoud and all,
    how long can a jinn stay in human form, and how difficult is it for them?
    Do jinn have religious institutions?

    • mahmoud says:

      Hi ross,

      Its not difficult for them at all , it depends on the strength of the djinn.Although most djinn can appear in any form, from birds to even inanimate objects in your room.They can take any form of matter they wish to suite their purposes at that particular time but for a limited period.

      From my experiences with them it takes a huge amount of energy to materialize or teleport large objects from parts of the world.But they travel at tremendous speed.From the middle east to America can take them less than 10 minutes.They did this when i was with the sahir or djinn healer.They materialized an object from my friends house and brought it all the way back to the middle east to where we were in mere minutes.I then checked with my friend and he reported to me that this particular object was missing.

      All the djinn did was ask for the location and name of the intended target.And then you hear them leaving.The voices just disappear it sounds like they are floating up.They are very noisy when moving about they sound very heavy And have metal things or bangles round their legs.At this time they address you directly You are no longer talking with the sahir he is just there to make an introduction.

      I’m not sure about religious institutions but i have encountered religious djinn , usually the sahir will be very religious as well.You can also tell by what they tell you to do like not to consume alcohol.The djinn will also follow Islam to the letter.

      Likewise if you get a sahir who drinks, womanizes like the one i met , chances are he has bound shaytan.He even told me this and didn’t hide it from me.He told me that the djinn he had were shaytan.He used to drink all the time and was hardly ever sober or was in the company of prostitutes.He openly told me that the djinn are grotesque because he could see them as you see normal people.

      I have even heard of christian djinn , but i have never encountered them.I guess you can find djinn of any faith because they have free will like we human beings.But their world remains hidden from us and most are very secretive.

      • mahmoud says:

        In forgot to mention one more thing usually the shaytan or any djinn especially not religious require blood sacrifice after they perform a certain act for you.The quantity will depend on the number of djinn you have.The shaytan are blood thirsty a lot of blood will be spilt.If the sahir has 3 djinn they may require a whole cow every time they do something.So it is an expensive affair.Over here cows can be close to $200 The money given by you to the sahir is split between him and the djinn.All the djinn wants is the blood the rest the sahir keeps and uses for his own personal needs.

        Usually there reaches a point especially when keeping shaytan or non religious rogue djinn that they will require human blood.That is why this particular sahir almost killed me.There is no friendship no matter how kind you are to them.

  72. Braden says:


    that’s exactly what I mean

  73. ross says:

    Hi mahmoud,
    I have an interesting hadith for you. I goes something
    Like ” verily there are some amongst you that are
    Mugharriboun, when asked what moughariboun means
    He said thoses who are crossed with djjinn” i think it is referring
    To djinn hybreds.i can give you the exact hadeeth number if you
    Want. What does it mean, what do you know

  74. ross says:

    Hi mahmoud,
    The actual hadeeth is sunan abu dawud
    Book 41, number 5088
    Narrated aisha, ummul mu’minin
    The apostle of Allah said to me: have
    The mugharrribun been seen among you?
    I asked : what do mugharribun mean?
    He replied those in whom is a strain of
    The jinn.
    What do youu know about this??

    • mahmoud says:

      Hi ross,,

      They are children with djinn blood.I know for a fact that many sahir claim to have djinn blood in them.Especially the masters in conjuring and controlling djinn.They are very rare to get.Usually you have one in a whole region and everyone who wants to buy djinn will go to them even sahir which are not that powerful source their djinn from these conjurers.Then come sell them at exaggerated prices.They can bind all sorts of djinn in physical and non physical form(invisible) to vessels.

      They can bind the very notorious and powerful Marid.The weak djinn healers bing shaytan because they are the easiest to bind and are found in mainly dry areas they are common.

  75. mahmoud says:

    Shaytan are the ones which they sell to people and the same djinn who can easily kill you and your family.They are hard to control and are rebellious.

    Ive seen some people claiming on the internet that they sell marid for cheap prices.Most of those just put weak lower level djinn to vessels and then say they are marid.Its just a way of deceiving people and making money.Weak djinn are almost useless there’s nothing much they can do.

    Some may just put spells and claim that their is a djinn in an object most of the time the results that you see are just the effects of the spell but no real jinn is inside.So you must be careful its very difficult to get authentic djinn.

    • Sadiyo says:

      The shaytaan rings always call to me and give me dreams to buy them. But I refuse because the shaytaan are trouble . I buying a female ifrit that’s Muslim idk they just call to me. I know
      It’s trouble to buy djinn.

      • Sadiyo says:

        My marid has a wife and three grown children and he’s super nice I haunt been able to talk to hiim yet I’m really busy with high school

  76. mahmoud says:

    Hi ross,

    I believe they are children who have djinn blood in some cases they are aware and others they are not.Most sahir claim to have djinn blood in their origins.

  77. Ross says:

    Hi Mahmoud,
    At what age and how do the children realize they have djinn blood in them? What are the signs or symptoms?
    How do they access these djinn abilities?

  78. mahmoud says:

    Hi ross,

    I’m not sure about the age but i think its present with the child from their birth.Some abilities lay dormant until the child takes some action that awakens it.Otherwise it would be dormant all your life.In some case the child is born with the full abilities and they don’t need to be awoken.

    A sahir once told me that because of my past like my grandfathers owning djinn and being healers ,astral projection will be very easy because the ability is dormant in my blood.He even offered to open it for me but i declined.The thing is he told me there are two powers to be able to deal with djinn.

    Seeing into the other dimension is the first power he wanted to give me.After that he would release the djinn that were bound to my family line.That way dealing with them would be easy ,reason being i would be able to see them.You cant deal with something you can’t see this would be a disaster.

    He told me how the ability to see would be so potent that if someone walked into your room with a concealed weapon you would see it.

    This i did not tell him, he just looked at me and saw how my grandfather would call on his djinn and how he would heal people, mind you my great great grandfather was alive in the 1800’s.Anything that has occurred in the past,present but not future they will see with deadly accuracy.He then challenged me and told me that i should continue the work of my great great grandfather and that he could release the djinn that were bound.But i declined , because it would be like opening pandoras box my life would change drastically.

    From what i heard from first lady i spoke about Aisha ,she says she got her powers when she almost died.She was prayed over and after she recovered she developed full psychic abilities.This happened when she was child.

    She told me it was very frightening at first because its like opening another sight.She said she could see auras of people in various colours.

    An example being people who would be praying a lot would have an almost violet aura.She could also see all sorts of spiritual entities,from human accident victims who had died to djinn.Living people who were depressed she would say would have chains dragging behind them.This disturbed her greatly at first but she got used to it.

    To end this i will give you an example of their astral projection.I once knew a sahir not this one but another one, after knowing him for sometime i started thinking that he was not being honest about his services and over charging.

    So in my house i shared my thoughts with my sister about him being greedy and infective.Well to my shock the next day, the sahir who didn’t even understand English, called me and told me everything that i said word for word.You can imagine my shock and embarrassment.

    He was nowhere in the vicinity at the time he lived 2 km from my house but he knew everything that i had said about him.

  79. Ross says:

    Hi Mahmoud,
    What do you mean by awaken djinn abilities
    that are dormant. How would this happen? What kinds of

  80. Rosemary says:

    I have issues with djinn and et they live together and i traveled out of my body in spirit and seen them .they like like lions that walk like man .they wanted me to stay with them them and go by my self to a place they called heaven but i know i wasnt in heaven .and they t=let me go back to my body but i not to go to church or read a bible .they told me that i am to let everything i have go and they where coming for me .so far on sent a tornadeo after me .and they come in different forms trying to take me out of my body .they freak me out and i with i never had the experience .when i was with them they where cliaming to be christ .and they told mew i lost my soul to them .id like my soul back and i do want to go back there agian .they try to go into my dreams and they do other stuff to me its been three yrs and i been struggling

  81. Mahmoud says:

    Hi ross,

    You see the power runs in the family line and blood until it is awakened by a sahir or by the djinn themselves. That is why I also mentioned apprenticeship under a sahir.The reason why it is dormant could be for a number of reasons .The djinn also select the next child whom they choose as their new master and care taker. If you have had a history then you would end up being a be a natural at it.

    As was in my case the first time I encountered them I wasn’t afraid. This feeling I could not explain. The first djinn I encountered were the shaytan , these prefer total darkness. I remember being in darkness when conversing with them. They come very close to your face you can hear them and their movement. Even though they sounded like monsters I still did not fear them. Although the feeling I got after leaving them was the feeling of filth. I remember feeling an anger that wouldn’t leave and I even had to take a shower. They are very dark and leave you feeling dirty, spiritually dirty. I never again wanted to encounter them.But there is a strange familiarity maybe not with shaytan but with the djinn in general.

    The child would usually know from a very young age or in some cases, if the father died abruptly and failed to inform the child that he was next in line, the djinn would pester the child and lead him into isolation where they would reveal themselves to him. When they usually emerge they are fully aware of their abilities and can use the djinn like masters. You either sink or swim.If the djinn choose the child and the child refuses they can be killed by them.

    In this period the person becomes almost insane sometimes they get driven into the wilderness. You would see them hanging around in graveyards at night conversing with unseen forces. They are not aware of the our physical reality because the lines have now been blurred and meshed into one.

    The above approach would be traumatizing because you would see the grotesque djinn before you without notice, sometimes they even make physical contact, so apprenticeship would be much easier and they would break you in gradually. Some people literally ran mad and there is no coming back they just go absolutely crazy for the rest of their lives wondering the streets and walking aimlessly for miles.

    I had once asked a djinn healer about apprenticeship, and he told me that as was in his case, the djinn which he inherited from his father once he died, taught him everything on certain herbs used for treatment of illnesses and spell casting. He had a younger son whom I met, and he told me his son was next.

    You don’t really have a choice. That is the reason many sahir who don’t want the djinn to move to their children once they die, bind them when they are alive. You see if the child is going to school and the djinn choose the child they will not be able to study. They will look on the blackboard and everything will be blurred but when they leave the school their vision will return. Sometimes they will get severe sickness which doctors cannot diagnose. This is just a small example of how the djinn can force a child out of school.

    These are very mild examples some are far worse and extreme, from blows to people being by scratched, thrown or bitten by unseen forces.

    Having abilities or psychic powers or history is not really a must with djinn.As long as you get a sahir who is willing to teach you and teach you well..This would be the apprenticeship period it can take up to a year living eating and working with the sahir under the instruction of his djinn.

    The spells cast by some of these sahir are unbelievable I have seen thieves return property ranging from cars to furniture in terror to the owner or to the police claiming to to be beaten up by invisible forces or sometimes in a daze vomiting uncontrollably.

    In no way am I supporting the use of jinn all I am doing is laying the facts, it is up to the individual to choose. Keeping in mind that the djinn are treacherous and have been known to turn on their owners, healer or not.

  82. AA.L says:

    These entities/ hybrids exist all around us. It is even mentioned in the Quran. I conversation mentioned of Iblis(Satan, when he was caste out of heaven.

    ” If Thou wilt but respite me to the Day of Judgement, I will surely bring his descendants under my sway – All but a few!” (God) said: “Go thy way; if any of them follow thee, verily Hell will be the recompense of you (all) – an ample recompense. And arouse those whom thou canst among them, with thy (seductive) voice; make assaults on them with thy cavalry and thy infantry; mutually share with them wealth and children; and make promises to them. But Satan promises them nothing but deceit. As for My servants, no authority shalt thou have over them: Enough is thy Lord for a Disposer of affairs.” (17: 62–65)

  83. AA.L says:

    They are in every level of society, organisation, group. They watch and they mislead, they are like soldiers. If you want to identify them: you can very easily, if you work in an office you will find that they often in every meeting but are not really a part of the meeting, they only interupt when they need to so they can mislead the group back to their goal)/ their office is almost empty, clean table, no clutter, maybe one computer and no pictures of family. IF a company is being bought out, private equity firms will send their soldiers in. They will be established in every level of the organisation and it is stripped and realigned with their goals. They make the organisational decisions and are very self assured humans( hydrids)- you can tell because they see through you like they know something you don’t, they have a different aura about them and you can see the affect that aura has when they walk into a room. Nothing rattles them, except religion and people that are less systematic (they are the first to be disposed of). If they hire you, they know everything about you. They are able to shapeshift. (i’ve seen one executive do this, you can see it if you are not at the group energy frequency i.e you dont buy into their materialistic ego driven world.) They come and visit you at night, question you, want to know your thoughts. You get promoted based on how materialistic , ego driven and blind you are. Sometimes you will get the impression that you have spent your entire night speaking to someone,i.e being cross examined. They stand over your bed, touch your temple area and bring you in and out of a trance and hold whole conversations with you, and sometimes, you’ll awake from a sleep laughing (not knowing why)> these are the funny ones. Sometimes as you are drifting in and out of sleep, you will see them, standing over you or sitting next to your bed (shadow entities). They may even drop hints at work about some secret you told them the night before, they use this to make you feel paranoid to humiliate you if you are not towing the line. They can be very nasty- and they dont relent, only prayer can save you, it is the only way they cant get to you - they will drive you mad otherwise.

  84. Sadiyo says:

    Dear Mohamed, my brother can hear djinn talking to him . It follows him to school and everywhere. Whenever I’m not home nothing happens to him but when I come home from my aunts house the djinn immediately talks to him all night. He can sense them and sometimes see them. He once saw black grotesque figures jumping bulding to building around our apartment. And Ive had slep paralysis someone kick me hard in the stomach bite me touch my face with their cold hands. my mom has seen a black crow around our house. My dad wants to get rid of what’s doing this in our house I had a dream that a demonic like monster with a pentagram on it’s shoulder tell me it’s going to kick my dads ass. My dad was sleeping in the old room where it dwells my dad ran downstairs saying there’s an earthquake. He was shaking. I told my neighbor about it when we went to it’s room it was sittig on the bed my neighbor was about to scream it disappeared like black shadow running quicker than my eye could catch. When we first moved in I feel extremlt I’ll I would sleep all day barely eat and when I tried to go downstairs someone would be pulling me back upstairs I would have to fight with all my might to get downstairs. I would vomit and let always in a drowsy sick feeling. Someone would stand behind me a man when I slept talking in a deep voice all night I would twitch uncontrollably and my eyes would almost roll back in my head. My mom has had Quran set on her and my younger brother. Except me and my older brother. Once I found a footprint I took a picture and showed my mom and dad the light on my bed exploded I barely ever use it it was new. Do you think this djinn has chosen my brother? Why?

  85. Rosana says:

    FIrst of all it was really curious and not easy just to read the articles/ stories. Seven years ago i went for vacation with my sister to iran. There i met my aunt and she took us to her good friend. This woman saw me and said that i have “clean bones”. It was funny to me, because i grew up in the EU and had never ever heard somethign like this or believed in magic stuff. After she told me this my aunt left the room for making tee. The woman wanted me to put my hand on her stomach and close my eyes to tell her what i see. I wondered but unfortunately i did so. I saw crazy things in radiograph style. I saw everything from an aircraft perspective. i saw the ground and all the mountains from above. Then i saw her pregnant and the baby wanted to come out but all the little entities around her formed a circle. A few of them stood in front of her and pushed the baby back in her body. The guys were armed with a spear type. Suddenly she asked me if she will be ever free. I just said yes without knowing it.
    I was a young girl and wanted to marry a man but my dad did not allowed it. So my aunt told me to tell this matter to her and she will fix it. She took a lot of money and my nightmares begun. i lost weight, could not sleep… once i had a holy quran in my hand while i was trying to sleep and nevertheless an entitiy came up to me and told me that he will never leave me. It was such a hard time. My mom called her and told her she should take all her bad things away and she just wanted again money. my nerves were on end, I thought I would be crazily.I wanted to give up. But in one night i just sat on my bed. I said that i am the creation of allah, he created the world, the sky, the ground and everything between it. He is the almighty. My awe belongs to him alone. This “al-haschr” is for allah not for his creation based in fire. I dont give a damn on it. So i told “them” to come and fight with me, not just making me crazy in my dreams. And that i am not afraid any more. I will inshallah never be. Go alone to hell, i have allah alhamdullilah.
    Hope u loose your bad feelins to.

  86. Rosana says:

    oh: we divorced after 6 month…i realized that i can not be married with him because our relationship was based on all this bad magical stuff. whatever: it did not end good.

  87. Mahmoud says:

    Hello sadiyo,

    Sometimes when houses or buildings have been abandoned for a number of years the djinn become active. Sometimes it does not have to take long it can even bee a number of months.It is always advisable to have prayers said in your house before you move in or even if you have been away from a house for sometime.Shaytan are everywhere there is no getting away from them,all you can do is seek refuge in Allah.

    Any djinn that is non religious is wild and hostile and will gladly harm human beings. They are by default evil and there is no difference between them and a shaytan .If possible try and get prayers said in your house. Inshallah make them leave.

    By them picking on your brother they know it will cause your family stress and soon your parents will start fighting. Evil djinn like to break up union between man and woman and cause discord that is one of their major goals.That is one symptom of their presence.

    Over here after holidays at schools the djinn can move in and start causing chaos once school has reopened. In the middle of lessons they possess children who spontaneously start screaming and writhing in pain to mysterious black cats in the class rooms which vanish, to strange human like beings. It happens all the time.

    Parents are called and prayers are held by an Imam the djinn are chased out. It can take up to 2 days of prayers before the djinn leave. You hear disembodied voices aggressively screaming, growling and wailing as they leave. Any abandoned place can be occupied by djinn even if it’s for a short period of time Or they can also be invited in inadvertently by practicing witchcraft.

    This is a problem which I am facing. You see the attic of my house is big and no one lives there it is just an empty very dark space. Well recently by this I mean a year ago a djinn moved in.

    It scares my visitors away and it makes itself known to any visitor or even when I am in the house. It becomes especially active at dusk. But even during the day. If you’re a visitor it can sometimes knock above your head on the ceiling. It knocks 3 times or even 6 times successively. It sounds like someone who has long finger nails. Sometimes you literally hear someone walking above you like a human. A more recent one is you hear dragging like half a torso pulling themselves almost slithering like a large snake.They try to scare you but just pray and seek refuge in Allah and in time they will leave.

    At certain times like 10 at night it comes down now below into the house. If you are watching television, its climbs on top of the tables and you hear something walking on the tables yet you see nothing. If your try to ignore it , it starts knocking the chairs and the sound gets louder and louder. Just as early as yesterday when I begun praying in my room, it got up walked to the other side of my house away from the area I was saying prayers or it bangs the roof above me in anger. My roof has dents especially where it walks or knocks.

    One experience was when my sister came to sleep over at night ,she awoke to see this goblin like creature hopping into the room immediately she screamed and said loudly “There its is” it immediately panicked and hopped out the room pulling the door behind it. She described it as being short with pointy ears, bald and hunched over.

    I pray every night this weakens the evil djinn or at least the activity will reduce to a some what manageable degree. Once you pray before you sleep, seeking refuge in Allah, and have confidence and faith, you will sleep well.

    The Noble Qur’an – An-Nahl 16.99-100: Verily! He has no power over those who believe and put their trust only in their Lord (Allâh).

    • Sadiyo says:

      It drove my brother almost to the point of insanity it said I will take your legs eyes head and alot of vile despicable things he said it was a woman’s voice and also he hears a mans voice i yelled at him because he broke my makeup when he got fustrated that his video game wasnt working he went beserk my brother broke all his games and tore his ps2 apart he couldn’t even talk he went upstairs and sat in his bed staring at nothing. When my mom called her friends they talked about reading him Quran he passed out. He’s asleep on the couch. I became so frustrated that I challenged it to come after me not him I antagonized it to fight me to hit me with it’s best shot. I need to keep it away from him even if it means that I’m putting myself in harms way

  88. Hi, I loved reading almost a quarter of all your stories. I have mostly good relationships with my ghosts, poltergeists and DJinn, the only problem I had was with the Devil and Jehovah’s witness’s, bad things happened. You see I’m a psychic and after I moved my relationships with the spirits got better again but for the most part, My Jehovah witness friend really pissed them off, trying to make them go away, you see any spirit no matter good or evil will get angry when you try to make them leave specially because they were in love with me. Though the Jehova’s Witness is no longer my friend and the spirits are happy. I worship God, Jesus and give honor to the dead, spirits and Djinn, Ghosts that co-exist with me I even did the co-existence ritual with sandalwood. You must make peace with the spirits, do not anger them are they will fight. Mostly they are good but vengeful, some are sensitive and lovey dovey and want a human to serve not us serve them. I love Mr. Ghosty and he loves me. We cuddle every day in bed totally in love but since I’m 24 and this happened when I was 16 or 15 in a half. I’m still immature at times and they pick on me and will punish me like an Angel. One is more protective though. One is a sin eater and punishes me by clutching my waist, jolting me and poking and or biting, chocking, and the other Angel like being I call upon kicks he’s booty away. This rarly happens any more. Yes the White sin demon ghost stay away from they are punishers or sinful naughty girls like me. Though God has saved me many times. I mostly live in peace with them. I even have dreams of God and the Devil and their love for me. i feel quit loved on both sides. I believe int he balance of Good and evil because unbalanced you can be attacked by holy or unholy beings or picked on, neutrals are barley picked on and more loved and protected. God is a rainbow of all good and evil he is both, that’s why we are to, enough of this holy BS. LIve and party and have fun before you die, the more pleasure you are before you die you will go to heaven if you are hatefull, negative, angery, sad your emotions will curse you into hell for not being more loving and pleasurable okay. Understand? Also i conjured all Djinn are Marid, Guhl, Ifrit, and the weakest Sila and sell them on listing called spell to summon Djinn by a powerful dead Gypsy. I also have a web-site of my occult songs

    Good luck and peace out! I give psychic readings to but I’m going on vacation so wait until next month in April to look for my listing on thanks! My user name is, AstarElisaGhostSeller. Blessed be!

    PS. I’ve had good and bad experiences with Devil spirits but that’s another story and when I use to live in CA.

  89. jimmy says:

    hi mahmoud.
    very intresting knowledge and experience you ahve about the djinn.i am a 21 yr old young man from africa!..
    i was originally born in a coastal city,i was born pre-mature!…and relativley sickly the doctors adviced my mother to leave me and give up on me beacause i had no chance of survival…..anyhu i made well..a relativley miraculous survival…

    so years passed and i grew!…ive always seen or heard wierd voices(non human)!….one instance i was walking in the garden at night i saw this entity with bright red grabbed me….i screamed..but funny thing is i woke up in my bed…dont know how i got there!!

    so i grew i could see faces on walls especially when i would go to the toilet…i would see the face of a lady wit one eye!..we would converse!..and also on the top of the ceiling i would see a man with horns..

    well i told it to my mother but she really didnt believe me much!…so i told the maid….and she prayed for me!…well i stopped seeing them for a while..

    so i was naturally a very spiritual child and would go on fasts abruptly for no reason i just felt inspired to do what or who i dont know…

    in school if u did me wrong something wrong was definatley going to happen to you…no!…i didnt do anything…all i had to do was get angry!…once this kid got attacked by killer safari ants just after making fun of me…also this teacher who didnt like me and would punish me alot i jokingly wished her sick..and for the whole year she was ill and could not teach she only resumed work after i was done and with her class and graduated to the next..

    i have always been intrested in the spiritual world and drawn to it….i hav this tendency of knowing peoples names and character and intentions upon meeting them without them saying a thing..i would have given an elaborate example but it is a rather private thing i wish not to share here!..

    i started teaching myself about magick and casting spells waay back in 2006 through the internet!…i tried it once as a joke and it manifested never stopped since…i am drawn to graveyard sights i dont know why really but i like the feelling and energy around those places…
    i think i hav had experiences with spirits…some i hav attempted to summon and other in dreams!

    but lately as i grow these strange abilities and contacts seem to be fading away.. the spirit world seems to be well ..cant even explain it..
    lately i hav been attracted too the djinn t
    never had an experience with djinn(im not sure might hav but not known it was a djinn).

    my mother is also relativley clarvoyant and sees spirits sometimes..she once dreamt she was fighting with this entity(she woke up with a black eye)…however she does not practice magick or anything and is a strict christian.

    i hav no relative history of healers or witchcraft or djinn in my family line…they were all religious and church elders and clergy.

    anyway mahmoud….do u think i could be a hybrid?… and if i was one wouldnt i have been able to know by now?..i mean whats with the strange abilities?..

  90. Mahmoud says:

    Hi jimmy,

    Sorry for the late reply we currently having blackouts , that is very interesting about everything you have described, especially about the entity with red eyes and the one eyed lady. The fact that prayer affected them was a way to let you now that they did not mean well.

    Well from the little I know, the gift of clairvoyance is in your family line. As you mentioned that your mother has some psychic abilities. I wouldn’t be surprised if your grandmother also had the same abilities and so on. Sometimes it might skip generations and manifest in later one.

    Some people are naturally clairvoyant and not necessarily from the djinn, or in some cases are dormant until triggered by a traumatic event usually at the brink of death or in a time of great distress. The djinn were attracted to you, when you were small because they could sense that you could see them. I was disturbed for a considerable amount of time by my great-great grandfather who was a sahir or his djinn appearing as him and when I was about 7 years old. I kept seeing him, in detail the only thing that was different were his eyes which were white. Prayer seemed to drive him away. Only now when I look back do I realize that it was his way of trying to make me become sahir, but all it did was terrify me.

    My sister had a djinn materialize in the middle of the night when she was young. She described it as being massive larger than a man, hunched over with glowing red eyes. It looked at her with curiosity tilting its head to the side and gently touching her face before turning around and vanishing. She said it had been searching for something in the room, before it noticed she was awake and staring at it.

    She was in my mother’s arms and she told everyone the next morning that this huge creature with red eyes in the middle of the night, touched her face gently before vanishing. She was 5 at the time at still remembers that incident into adult hood and swears that it happened. Of course everyone laughed it off and didn’t believe her. I think this is also a reason why these spirits manifest to children, who will believe them? And children being curious are less likely to be afraid unless the being blatantly hurts them in some way.I think my sister was lucky in this case that it was just a curious djinn and not a Shaytan.

    The power definitely fades with time as you concentrate on other things e.g. work, family and so on. This especially happens if you’re not in an environment that can stimulate the growth of your gifts or have someone to guide you. But there is a very high likelihood, that someone in your past must have had the gift of clairvoyance. Being hybrid would also again would be difficult to tell at this point. Interaction with djinn in your past would have definitely increased the likelihood but I still wouldn’t rule it out.

  91. Sadiyo says:

    Dear Mohamed, it’s gotten much worse my brother went mad just because his game wasn’t working and he threw my makeup so I yelled at him. When I came back my brother was in a trance like state he was destroying everything he broke his ps2 and all his games. His talking was slurred he walked upstairs sat in his bed and stared off into space. When my mom friends came they told my mom she should call an Imani my brother fell asleep. When he woke up 3am he said what happened? He said all he remembers was seeing a black like man in my mothers room. I tried putting salt around his bed for protection and reading him Quran . He said someone used the chair to stay above the salt and was touching his feet. While I was asleep (I sleep near my brother that’s how bad it has gotten ) he saw an invisible man barely seeable with salt all over his body I asked him what’s wrong he said nothing I could sense he was lying to me so I challeneged it to come after me to hit me with it’s best shot but it couldn’t get near me my marid djinn would not let it near me. Idk can another djinn over power this one? My brother even had someone tell him ima take your hands legs arms head!

  92. Mahmoud says:

    Hi jimmy,

    I forgot to answer your other question about you wishing things upon people and it happens that’s also very interesting Aisha the lady whom I met who had a near death experience and developed abilities spoke of people who have that ability. She called it the black tongue and likened it to the evil eye but more complex.

    She said if these individuals say something or wish bad against another person especially saying the words out loud it would manifest sometimes with disastrous consequences. You have to be careful if you have that because if you wish evil upon somebody high chances are something will happen to that person. She spoke of a spirit being attached to it and not necessarily good. These phenomena don’t happen by chance .There is a high chance that you could have had someone in your history linked to these things being from a coastal city and all. So if you can manifest things with your words manifest good because ultimately we are accountable for what we do here on earth djinn and human alike.

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you for your response mahmoud!..

      ive been to a sahir..he wasnt religious!…i was actually just taking a friend..and well its true they sacrificed a chicken and all!..and he got all he wanted..djinn powers are very potent!

      the thing here is….he mentioned that he had dreamt about my coming there…his djinn didnt seem to like me.. i could tell…i was given a stool to sit outside his house after a while…he didnt want me in there anymore..dont know why

      im puzzeld at why he seemed to fear me and his entities dislike me

      so i went to a different sahir …he was religious a muslim!..he was great though his djinn were not active and never moved objects or did anything abnormal like the other sahir i could feel their presence in a subtle way ..

      he seemed kind knew my name beforehand …and all my secrets….he never mentioned anything about my clarvoyancy and wierd abilities… owh wait he did say that i hav an evil spirit in me … i havnt seen him since..
      i am fascinated by the djinn and intend to bind one myself…

  93. Mahmoud says:

    Hi Sadiyo,

    Well you have my deepest sympathy about what your experiencing it cannot be easy. You ask about another djinn overpowering this one well, using a djinn to remove a Shaytan is very risky because you don’t know the power of the enemy djinn your facing..

    Using djinn to chase another djinn is not very advisable, it can work but it offers a temporary solution. It might go for sometime but after a few months or days, it will be back it full force this time with reinforcements. Usually these are lower level shaytan but once they have been defeated, they will go and bring back a superior or devil king to to attack you. In this case the will over power the djinn that you have and then you are open to attack. The djinn rarely operate alone. You will find groups of two three or even more than that.

    I admire your courage in challenging that djinn for your brothers sake , but you should never challenge a shaytan on your own authority or even on the authority of the djinn that you have. They can easily direct the attacks at you. Those are one of the risks of buying djinn. There is absolutely no way of you telling that the djinn you have is stronger than the invading one. You end up risking your life based on what the seller told you and assured you. You won’t even really know the type of djinn you’re dealing with and the sellers are aware of it, they know there is no way of you checking. Only at the very end do you realize that it was a shaytan by then the seller cannot be reached or all of a sudden become hostile towards you and says that you knew what you were getting into.

    Most of these sellers invoke jann and then say it is Marid, sometimes they don’t even bind any spirit to the object instead they put a spell that cause lucid dreams or worse they bind a shaytan to the object and offer its new owner as a gift to the demon. Usually the object is the tracker to the devil. Never say the incantations which they give you to say ,they will have you offering yourself to the demon in exchange for its services.

    Binding a djinn is not easy and is a life threatening process let no one cheat you.If you happen to fail at any point the djinn would kill you. That is why most sellers of djinn opt to make a pact with the devils in exchange for them attaching themselves to objects.

    My advice is seek refuge in Allah from this shaytan, your mother’s friends were right get an Imam for your brother if this persists. Prayer is what will defeat this shaytan not the djinn.It is just too risky to play with your brothers sanity/life.

    • Sadiyo says:

      We currently got an Iman they blessed my brother and my family it seems that nothing has happened to him for days his anger went down he’s behaving normal. 🙂

  94. MIM says:

    There was an afghan tribal leader who felt shame he could not live up to the role of his sires - for he was living as a pauper in an occupied land. One day he begged a tribal Seer to conjure whatever magic was needed to bring him the wealth and respect he desired. The Seer warned him the price would be great and would require his blood. When the seer awoke the Jinn, it searched out a physical body to enter our level of reality. It found an American soldier plagued by a head injury and night terrors imprinted in his mind by the horrors of war. When the Jinn was finished the tribal leader received 50,000 American dollars for each of his family members killed by by the possessed Soldier.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Very true especially the djinn that give wealth require human blood or animal if you are going through a sahir.

      Here we have dollar millionaires, who have bought djinn and have offered one of their children as a sacrifice. These djinn are different than the regular djinn and specialize in bringing wealth by using natural laws e.g. if you open a small business you will have outrageous profits in a matter of days.

      You will be asked to agree to whatever they demand. Once you agree then basically anything they ask for you must give them or they take including your own family members/children. How do I know this, because when I wanted to buy djinn some years back I spoke to the sahir myself with his djinn.

      The other type is when it is done by a sahir. In this instance all you will do is pay money and the sahir will send his jinn to accompany you for a period and open business opportunities .Ive seen this with my own eyes, it happened to a friend of mine. Literally in a matter of hours the jinn took effect. Usually a small sacrifice like a chicken or something of that nature is killed as a sacrifice to the djinn. Again blood whenever you dealing with djinn blood must be spilt.

      He was made an offer by a wealthy industrialist and he made some money but after sometime the spell wore off and the window was shut again. The offer the industrialist made him was almost too much for him to handle at the time. His business was still starting out and was not yet at the level required by the wealthy business man who all of a sudden took a liking to him and wanted to take my friend under his wing for no apparent reason. My friend literally walked in to the mans business, never knowing him before in his life and the man looked at him and said ”I want to make to you wealthy and see you rise”.

      Virtually out of nothing he started getting offers all in the same day, it baffles him up to now. To make matters worse he didn’t even believe in the jinn or these sorts of things and was doing it just to experiment. All the sahir asked him was what he wanted. He didn’t even have to drink a liquid or anything.

      So the djinn can bring wealth no doubt but there is always a price to pay and sometimes it can be very high.

  95. Sadiyo says:

    It’s back my brother still gets breathed onregain out I heard that of astral travel where your soul leaves your body and you can see entity’s I want to do that and kick whatever it is away from him I tried leaving my soul floated above my body I was awake but my soul got pulled back in .

    • Sadiyo says:

      Also you were right there’s actually three one large one a medium one and a small one and also a woman my brother and me have seen them around

  96. Mahmoud says:

    Hi Sadiyo,

    The djinn are notoriously stubborn to get rid of but it is not impossible call the Imam again.It is an ongoing process.They will try to tire you out and make it seem as if your prayers are useless but trust me they are not.That is just one of their tricks remember they are liars and treacherous by nature.

    So call the Imam again and get ready to do so until they leave, which they will eventually do if you persevere.

  97. Mahmoud says:

    I remember an incident where i witnessed what they the djinn draining life force out of a creature.This happened with the sahir who had bound shaytan and had come to my house for a certain task.

    The sahir asked me for a chicken because “the old men”(the djinn )wanted one before a certain task was done. This was no problem for me because i rear chickens so i picked a healthy one and brought it to him.

    Once i walked into the room where he was the healthy full grown chicken which was absolutely fine,died instantaneously in my hands.I couldn’t believe it.Its head just fell as if something just drained the life out of it in seconds.

    This wasn’t the last of my woes, once i was done with this sahir and told him i no longer wanted his services making him very mad.

    I have a room where i keep my chickens and even lock door before retiring to bed.Well what happened next was like a scene from a horror story.

    I had 5 chickens full grown and healthy,in morning i would wake up and go to the door to open for the chickens only to find one chicken dead on the outside with the door still locked.When i checked the bodies there were no signs of injury or bites or anything.This happened to all the five chickens.I would wake up and find them outside the door dead with it still locked.

    I couldn’t explain how they went through the door yet i had securely locked them just the evening before.After all five chickens died i got a new brood .I remember it left me disturbed.

  98. Sadiyo says:

    Also what’s with the breathing? I don’t know why it breathes on him O.O

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi Sadiyo,

      Its just to make him uncomfortable or to scare him that’s all.Djinn are very capable beings and can do just about anything a human can do and more.

  99. Sadiyo says:

    Something wired happened. My brothers math teacher is horrible so I asked my Marid djinn if maybe the teacher could be fired but get a better job I told my brother he’s getting fired and getting a better job two weeks later he got fired but he got a better job and gets pid more money. And I also asked for money and my dad has gotten more money on tax time he gave my mom 1000 he never does that and whenever I’m sad he cheers me up and stew chugs my love my love for god 🙂 I broke his vessel and The lady transmuted him into a ring I saw a shadow and now whenever I wear the ring it heats up and when I born lavender I feel a presence I even had someone talk to me and say a had high pride 🙂

  100. Sadiyo says:

    Something amazing and interesting happened . I asked my marid djinn to fire this teacher but give them a better job that’s horrible and mean and unhelpful and guess what happened! He was fired but he got a better job. And e gets paid more. And also I wished for money and my dad gave my mom 1000 for tax time he never does that and when the necklace my marid had got alittle broken the women transmuted him into another vessel a ruby ring I wear on my finger I saw a shadow and now whenever I wear the ring it heats up like fire. Then cools down . I heard a deep man voice in my head say I have high pride 🙂 and when I wasn’t paying attention in science class my leg heated up like someone’s hand was on it and I felt a precense behind me so I payed attention and the heat went away my grades also have never been this high I went from a 2.54 to 3.58 in only a few days. And whenever I feel sad I see visions that make me happy and I feel reassured

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi sadiyo,

      Well your lucky to have gotten a good djinn not all of them are evil but very few are good.The bad ones outnumber the good ones that is why you hear bad stories about them.Good ones are rare personally i have never encountered a good one.

      I guess this is because sahir prefer the evil ones,they don’t have a conscious or feel remorse thus making them more versatile for the sahirs clients.Which translates into more money.

      • Sadiyo says:

        I’m also getting a Muslim female ifrit. 🙂

        • Amirah says:

          subhan allah! “oh yes im getting a marid ring and an female ifrit….I will keep them as pets and feed them occasionaly, just like those cute adorable wee tamagotchi toys” yes i exagerate, but this is how you all sound. They are not pets or toys, they are individuals with free will, minds of their own and the ability to cause real harm, as has been stated. from what i know they are stronger and more intelligent than us, live longer and are masters of human psychology, having lived so long and studied us, therefore highly manipulative. only Allah can control his creatures and they only fear the truly pios individual with real knowledge, rare in this day and age. may Allah guide you and protect you from your own foolishness, thats all I can say. you all dont know what you are playing with. la hawla wa la quwata illa billah.You would not invite a wolf into your house to play with your family and children just because you are really fascinated by dogs, would you? well i would rather deal with the wolf, personally than play about with magic.

          • Salud says:

            I am inexperienced as far as dealing With the djinn, but I don’t think they are smarter than us. Might b stronger yea, but def’ not smarter. Remember Sulaiman peace b on to him, had djinn working for him, and they kept on working for him even while he was dead… And didn’t even know it. Don’t u ever underestimate ur self. I forgot the number of years it was, but a human would’ve figured it out he died from day one.
            Salamu Alaikum.

  101. Mahmoud says:

    I remember something interesting that the sahir would do when he wanted to look into my past.For example this sahir would bur incense first and would sit cross legged on the floor then he had a small normal mirror which he would look into from that he would begin telling me everything that had ever happened to me in detail.He described it as being like a screen for him , the djinn would display what had happened to me for him to see the same way how we look at television.

    Only he could see it if a normal person tried to look at it all you would see would be a normal mirror.I actually tried and i saw nothing.His third sight was opened all the time.

    The reason for burning the incense he said was to clear the room of any other spirits which would interfere with his sight.

    He said his djinn accompanied him everywhere and would walk with him though invisible.He would leave my house late at night following dangerous routes and roads yet he was never harmed once.I asked him why and he said “the old men guard him” and that thieves or anyone wishing to harm him would not see him.I asked him where they were ,he pointed behind me, off course i could see nothing.

    There was once an old legendary sahir who had mastered the djinn who was arrested for public disturbance for displaying his power to the public,the police put him in cell,when they came to check on him after 15 minutes he was not there with the cell doors still locked.This caused quite a stir and even baffled the police.

    • Sadiyo says:

      That’s so amazing. Im actually buying another djinn she’s a female ifrit she’s a Muslim. Just like me. My dad was not feeling well I asked my marid if he could make my dad feel better in only a few days my dad got better and he sounds better too. He even went back to work. He seems happier and gets more tips. He’s a taxi driver. I was waiting for the seller to show me the pics of the pendent she is bound to. When the email came I was asleep I had a vision that the email came I got ip and the email came the sane time. I feel a presence when I’m praying salat and I heard a female voice say “hello ” me after morning prayer I started asking a hundred questions to her and I heard “umm” I had to slow down. 🙂 she’s only 80 dollars I payed 40 only have 40 to go but she’s already here with me.

      • Martha says:

        I have been reading the stories on the Djinn and they are fascinating and frightening at the same time.The reason I am writing is that I have purchased A female Sila Djinn 9,000 and something years old from a witch with a coven in California on a Website called Etsy.I didn’t know anything about the Djinn till I came across this web page.The Djinn was posted to me yesterday and I live in the Uk so it will take about a week to arrive.I am not so sure I want to get involved now after reading all these stories.Since you have purchased Djinns yourself bound to jewellery ,mine is bound to a pendant,how are things going for you now?I noticed this was written in 2012.Please let me know.

  102. Mike Lanni says:

    I was 10 years old, i felt as though living at home was hell so i packed a suitcase and started walking up the street near my house. as i contemplated walking furthur away for a split second my vision changed.

    everything i saw looked as though it was surrounded in heat, something similar to the fake puddles(Mirage) that appears on the street.

    I noticed something in the are flying verry slow, but moving in a way that dosent pertain to out laws of physics so it was almost floating in the air.

    i automatically felt its presence to be extremly angry, and so i felt as if i was staring into what the world of hell might be like.

    i ran home as fast as i could, home felt like heaven for a day.

    i swear if i ever get a tattoo itle be about this.

    this djinn must have had a serious problem to be so dence and have such a low frequency that it fell into our human range.

    im gratefull that in my life i had the chance to see this, im not sure what this means about me though….

    please answer back if you can help me out.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi mike,
      Well from the little encounters I’ve had with the djinn I can tell you for certain that they can alter matter and reality.They are masters of illusion.I can’t say why you experienced seeing that djinn or why it made itself known to you but I can tell you that seldom to they do something without a reason be it good or bad.

      It happens here where a man can be chatting with a beautiful girl and they even spend the night together only to wake up in the morning with a goat or a domestic animal.usually people will find them ,to the djinn this is very amusing.They can’t resist punishing or terrifying human beings.

  103. Mahmoud says:

    Allow me to give an example of the real danger that the djinn pose in the hands of evil people. This happened to a close family friend they live not far from where we stay. They are a middle class family and didn’t even believe in these types of things and this proved to be their undoing. I will write two stories one happened sometime back and the other happened in late 2011 both are close family friends.

    Now the first incident happened in 2008 and the families are still recovering from what happened to them it left them traumatized.

    They have a daughter and son all who were working , well educated abroad and were doing well for themselves .Well one day the older daughter who was perfectly fine suddenly after work suddenly started seeing this “being” Who the family members could not see. She would chase him away and complain to her family members that this man was just watching her. She soon became withdrawn.

    This happened for about a month before things escalated. One day when she came back home and was in the shower her family members heard her arguing and shouting at someone. They all rushed in and found her fighting an invisible being and saying “YOUR NOT GOING TO KILL ME”. When they came in it stopped and they were all very distressed.

    Now 2 days later she came back home form work as usual, this time in front of the family she started fighting with this being again in their living room. Suddenly she started choking like something was strangling her. Her family rushed to her side trying to see what was choking her and tried everything. Unfortunately she passed away like that. She was strangled to death. More interesting is when they took her body for a post mortem the results showed that the cause of death was strangulation. And the marks were present around her throat. Shortly after the brother who was protective over her went insane and hasn’t recovered since.

    To make matters worse a jealous relative some months later was heard bragging and laughing saying that they killed her and that now the family was ruined. This was done just to punish the parents and to bring the family down. In the end the parents believe that their daughter was killed by a shaytan and witnessed their daughter death with their own eyes.

    In the hands of evil people or on their own the djinn are a very real danger and can cause a lot of harm. They can pose a real danger to those ignorant of their presence in this world.

  104. Mahmoud says:

    The other case happened just in 2011, this happened to a lady who is a family friend that studied, has a PhD and worked in neurological surgery in the United States.
    Her life was perfect just until recently, she had a husband who she had been married to for 4 years. Suddenly in the span of a month, her husband left her for no apparent reason, she lost her job. For her that was the final blow; she had had enough and had now made up her mind to end her life.
    One night she bought a bottle of some pills which she knew would be deadly if taken in a certain amount. She put the pills in her hands and was getting herself ready to take them when she heard behind her in her words a deep, guttural, beastly disembodied voice “TAKE THEM ALL.” She said she threw the bottle and run to her room screaming switching on all her lights and just sat on her bed terrified. She says she stayed awake the whole night shaking in fear of that “thing” she had just heard.
    A few days later she booked a flight straight home to be with her family. She has literally left her career and these days say that she has learned to enjoy even the simple things like the flowers and the wind. Her whole outlook on life has changed especially spiritually.
    Apparently her husband’s family didn’t want her being with him and had wanted to “get rid of her”. They live over here and are more traditional but their son still resides in the USA and has married another woman
    Djinn use is hidden and you won’t find it openly. Even the sahir won’t openly show you they have djinn because they know people would be terrified. The people who use djinn in this world want it to remain secret, because that is how they exert their power on those unaware of their existence. That is how they maintain their dominance in this world. You think its because they are a master business man or have the Midas touch but in reality it is much darker.
    I have even seen politicians with body guards, people with helicopters, major business people, industry shakers who use djinn or go to sahir .From company executives to the very high in society. But to the public they pretend and in fact would be the first to laugh at you saying that such things do not exist and are backward or medieval.
    Usually that is why when djinn kill or influence something, rarely will they expose themselves in the open like in the above cases; they will make it look “natural”, to the best of their ability they work more behind the scenes.

  105. Sadiyo says:

    What about people who have djinn that use them for good? Im getting a female ifrit she’s Muslim and bound to a carnelian pendent. Isn’t there anyone that uses djinn for good? I ask my djinn only to heal my family and protect them from harm but never to hurt anyone because that’s wrong. I only have believers. And in Africa is there alot of sahitrs I’m visiting this summer and I’m alittle worried that I’ll bump into one or cone face to one.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi sadiyo,

      Yes any place really on earth can have djinn.But Sahir you will definitely find in Africa but the danger is that they will know your a visitor and there is a high chance you will be conned even if they are genuine or they will over price a simple task like carrying out a check. You will find them in remote areas very rarely will you find them in the cities.The highest concentration of the djinn will be along any coast.That is where you will encounter them.Even if you ask the locals they will tell you or your travel guide.

      Getting believer djinn is fine they are the safest to have,I know many religious people here who keep djinn to protect their families and businesses.The danger only comes when you get shaytan or a djinn that is a non believer.the believer djinn will do less dramatic things but they will serve their purpose.they take offerings of thing like rice andvvarious vegetables not blood and flesh like non believer or shaytan.

      • mahmoud says:

        Generally when dealing with djinn just be cautious.Ive seen them go from friendly to psychotic in matter of minutes.As the author says they cannot be equated to guardian angels or spiritual guide.Ive witnessed this and when the djinn become angry they are like wild animals.Had the sahir not chained them at the time when they got mad i think they would have hurt or even killed someone.

  106. Sadiyo says:

    That is so cruel. I only have my djinn as a companion he only heals my family when their sick and helps my dad get more money. I was wondering are there sahirs in nairobi Kenya I’m visiting this summer and I don’t wanna bump into one.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi sadiyo,

      The thing about Samir is you can never tell.The Samir who I went to see would wear a full would think he is a business man if you saw him walking on the road you would not know that the bag he would be carrying would have a small container with close to 6 shaytan in it.

    • jimmy says:

      Nairobi kenya?..thats where i come from!!…DJINN exist everywhere…Though they are more (active) at the kenyan coast..where i was born!!!…

      • jimmy says:

        owh and yes there are sahirs….ive been to one!….

        he was very religious and informative…

        and kind too!..

    • Lissonak says:

      You say companion but you demand healing and money for your family… How is this companionship? I wouldn’t want to be your friend if this is your definition of companionship….btw what do you give in return…..friend?

  107. Mahmoud says:

    I meant to say Sahir not Samir.

  108. Mahmoud says:

    I’ve experienced both in Africa they have both Sahir and witch doctors.Now the main difference is that the witch doctors use the spirits of the dead or ancestors to make potions and rerieve information using symbolic things like bones and there is heavy use of herbs and nature.They are similar to in djinn in that they also require blood sacrifice.usually the witch doctor will channel a spirit or spirits and that is how the spirits will consume the offering like alchohol or drink the blood you have given them.They are fully possessed by the ancestral spirit.

    When retrieving information they converse with the dead but you can’t hear it as you would the djinn.Some wear masks or paint their faces white so as to look like the dead and to make them feel comfortable.Their power is potent but the spells tend to back fire after a period or lose power fast.

    Interesting thing is that they are also aware of the djinn but call them by different names.they describe them as elf like with huge bat wings to being goblin like and very hairy some big or small but they see them as diabolical, evil and not a welcomed guest.They use the ancestral spirits
    to combat the djinn.They are associated with draining the life force out of people and a host of other things and are seen as evil spirits or demons.

    • lala says:

      since you know so much maybe you can help me. I have a friend who sees them and its recent, She sees them in her dreams well more like nightmares. she had a dream within a dream, and another one where she was awake and her eyes were closed and her husband was awake right next to her, it was walking twords her and she was frozen couldnt move or speak or breath she was trying to get her husbands attention and couldnt and he didnt see anything, their baby who sleeps in the same room in her crib right by them woke up crying and her breathing pattern was off too. I think the reason this is happening to her, because she had ripped up a quaran it was a english translation but it seems as thou these encounters happened after she did that. can you help me or explain to me whats going on…???

  109. lala says:

    I have a friend who sees them and its recent, She sees them in her dreams. she had a dream within a dream and another one where she was awake and her eyes were closed and her husband was awake right right next to her, it was walking twords her and she was frozen couldnt move or speak or breath she was trying to get her husbands attention and couldnt and he didnt see anything, their baby who sleeps in the same room in her crib right by them woke up crying and her breathing pattern was off too. I think the reason this is happening to her, because she had ripped up a quaran it was a english translation but it seems as thou these encounters happened after she did that. If anyone can explain to me about this subject please let me know????

    • mahmoud says:

      Hello lala,

      My knowledge is limited ,it depends on whether your friend ripped up the the Koran intentionally or unintentionally.If intentionally in a fit of rage then your friend must have invited a shaytan without even knowing it.Your observation was absolutely right and i will tell you why.

      You see usually when some inexperienced sahir or people who don’t know what they are doing want to summon djinn, they do some primitive rituals.Usually it will involve swearing allegiance to Iblis , or just to that particular djinn they want to summon.

      The rituals usually involve defiling the holy book,If you have to defile a holy book to begin with , the djinn your summoning is obviously a shaytan.So whether your friend meant to or not she must have invited a shaytan into her house or life.If a shaytan was in the vicinity and was just dormant this type of action would have definitely got its attention.They are everywhere just because you cant see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

      My advice is if your friend is religious, to ask Allah or God if she is christian for forgiveness for doing such an act and to seek refuge in Allah.Insha’Allah this will close the door to the Devil that is bothering her.

  110. Mahmoud says:

    I remember when i first encountered the djinn face to face although i could not see them they were just a few inches away from me courtesy of the sahir. They said the existed in this world a long time ago and had returned to help mankind.

    They contradicted themselves because a few minutes after that is when they went berserk, and wanted to tear this lady apart who had come to get assistance from them and had not done what they had wanted.

    You can easily be fooled that you are talking to a human spirit with a very deep voice until you hear an occasional grunt or growl from them.

    A sahir i know even has a face book page the only peculiar thing you notice in his description is that the says he likes solving all human problems.Its very subtle.

    • Sadiyo says:

      I had to dreams a few nights ago. I was having a nightmare that a djinn was coming after me and I was seeing shadows. I was on my bed and I couldn’t move knew it was a dream because
      My djinns vessel snapped in half. It made out of metal so it couldn’t have. I began to have a dream within the dream I saw bright colors and places/ things and shapes I never seen before it was like I was moving through them quickly. I’ve been trying to open my 3rd eye. But then the djinn that was chasing me snapped me back into this dream it tries to rape me but I forced myself to wake up, this dream I could not forget if I tried.

      • Mahmoud says:

        Hi sadiyo,

        The thing about djinn bound to vessels like rings is that they are limited in power and activity but they enhance the power of the object,it’s much safer than the free djinn which Sahir use here.But everything has its pros and cons.

        The danger only comes in , if the vessel breaks or is broken.Now the jinn is free and if it was bound against its will,which is the case 99% of the time it will take revenge on the current owner.

        • Sadiyo says:

          The vessel broke in my dream. It not broken. It’s still on my finger. He’s not bound by force. 🙂

          • Sadiyo says:

            He’s really kind and helpful. Every Friday at 12:00 am or 2:00 am I walk out the house to deliver my father pirate because he comes from work at 5:30 am and I don’t want the pirate to get spioled. My dad lives in the Sam apartment but behind ours. Because he and our mom are getting a divorce anyway I ask ” wanna escort me” or even if I don’t ask My back gets warm, I feel a powerful energy, the ring sometimes heats up and I feel like someone is behind me. So when I’m walking to my fathers house I’m relaxed and not scared. And I feel protected. I even put sweets on the table after a few minutes the sweets like chocolate, cake look bland and taste bland like they’ve been absorbed of energy and flavor. And when I’m in class and I’m not paying attention. I feel this really warm on my leg like someone’s hands there. When I start to pay attention it fades. Also when I can’t find the vessel a thought pops into my head on where it could be. And the thoughts help me find it. And my dad was sick so I asked my djinn to heal him and transfer my extra energy to my dad. My dad in two weeks was better he was happy and kinda hyper ( I’m always hyper ) he had my energy. And Sometimes I hear in my head an occasional “hello” and I start to smile.

            • Mahmoud says:

              In that case sadiyo your very lucky to have a djinn willing to help usually here we give them time they behave for sometime before they change so time will just cautious over djinn because of the terrible things they have done to unsuspecting people.

    • Mahmoud says:

      The most disturbing thing is those volatile djinn were believers.It was the first time i ever heard a female djinn her name was fatima.They would introduce themselves before speaking.I can only imagine how dangerous it would be if one were to get non believer djinn that would be a death sentence.

    • Sadiyo says:

      Is my 3rd eye opening? I’ve been seeing shapes with different colors when I close my eyes. When I was dreaming that nightmare my body couldn’t move but like a car I was moving through these shapes and places with a bunch of colors and shapes I’ve never seen before. What’s the bad sign of opening my 3rd eye?

      • Mahmoud says:

        Hi sadiyo,

        Be careful about opening your third eye by force because your opening yourself up to the djinn and whatever other entity is in the vacinity in the astral realm good or bad without any protection.Most of the time it will be the bad because they are the easiest to make contact with and are eager to enter this world and cause chaos to the unsuspecting. That’s why most of the time it’s usually done under apprenticeship.So an experienced person is there to guide you.

        If your vessel broke then the djinn that you bought is most likely responsible.Especially if it wasn’t bound well, and it’s strong it can free just be careful if things get bad remember to call the Imam don’t try take this on your own.

    • Amirah says:

      How would you know if someone had put magic on you or whether someone was into all that? and if there is such a thing as jinn hybrid type people, how would one recognise them?

      • Mahmoud says:

        Hi Amirah,

        Magic is hard to tell if you cannot recognize it.I myself have been a victim of this.Usually an obvious sign is when you try something no matter how hard you cannot attain a certain thing.

        When i talk about trying i mean years.Another way to recognize it is there will always be a pattern.Like when you try enter a relationship for women or some men with somebody it will always break up after a certain amount of time almost on schedule no matter what you do.You could be totally innocent yet sure enough after a certain amount of time elapses you break up.

        Some people even do magick so you lose your job or you never get employed again,never marry, make people hate you.There are countless possibilities what evil people can do.Magic by djinn is very potent and it can really destroy your life if you cannot recognize it.

        I sought the services of holy men to deal with it.Stick close to Allah and seek refuge in him.If you go to the sahir they will tell you what has been done for sure and promise to heal you , but will only end up taking your money for nothing.

        It is not in their interest to help you.As i have said before after experiencing many of these men they are heartless.

        My warning is never give your photos, articles of clothing or any personal effect to people who you do not know or if you are unsure of how it will be used.

        I have experienced djinn magick and let me tell you it exists and can have devastating effects.

        • Mahmoud says:

          HI Amirah,

          About recognizing the sahir, and these hybrid.It is impossible to tell.Usually if djinn take human form as is the case many people can recognize them from having goat legs.But they rarely appear this usually occurs when you are alone and you meet a stranger at night.I have heard countless tales of that.

          The djinn hybrids who are some sahir are absolutely normal you cannot tell anything.The only thing that gives them away are their abilities and they tend to threaten people a lot if you do something bad to them or disrespect them.You could be on the bus or in the road.

          They will tell you things like “You will see what will happen”. They give a hint like this is not the last you will see of them.

          Usually after this they will go home to their djinn and the djinn will track you down and i don’t know how they do it but they will make your week a living hell.You are lucky if it will just be a week.Sahir here kill people who have their debts using djinn.

        • Mahmoud says:

          Another method the sahir will use is they will heal you and you will see remarkable change, but only for a short period.they want you to keep coming back sometimes they can even add more problems so that you come back to them.Once they have earned your trust.That is how they operate.Very rarely will one help you.

  111. jordan says:

    if she ripped up the quran she is screwed …….why did she do that……maybe its a good djinn …that got mad beacuse she ripped the holy quran she better repent

  112. Mahmoud says:

    I remember when I sat down with the Sahir and I asked him whether he ever got afraid and he told me after a while he got used to it.He told me the djinn or shaytan can take very frightening forms in the astral realm.He mentioned things like multiple limbs on torsos and old human heads with animal bodies.Initially he said it was frightening but he got used to it.just be prepared for anything.

  113. Mahmoud says:

    The latest example what the djinn can do is what happened to my friend.He had been living with his female friend for sometime and was planning to marry her.This was until a year ago.

    This female friend of his started misbehaving.she was giving him hell,she was terrorizing him breaking his television and just giving him a hard time.she was arrogant because she was seeing a Sahir and thought that my friend was powerless against her.he gave her an option to leave but she refused and would still terrorize him destroying his property.

    Well my friend lost his patience and went to a Sahir with Madrid djinn.this guy is reputable.well my friend was in the sahirs prescience when he spoke to the djinn and the Sahir gave him something to spill in his house and gave him assurance that within a week this lady would be gone.
    He did what the Sahir said on a Monday and sure enough on Friday the lady packed Hera bags without saying a word and left and hasn’t returned since.

    Now my friend said that he is living in peace his only regret was that he hadn’t done it sooner.

  114. jordan says:

    ayo mahmoud how can i get in contact with you bro…i neeed to speak to you

  115. lala says:

    she is a christian. She ripped it up because she was mad at her husband, but when she leaves the tv on it doesnt bother her. Im just worried for her baby because her baby gets bothered too, but only when she is seeing it or dreaming it. She didnt know what she was getting herself into. so onother question-Since she ripped up the translated quaran what does she do with it since its ripped and still in the house?????????????

    • Mahmoud says:

      My advvice is all your friend can do is ask God for forgiveness and to mean it for doing such a thing.To seek refuge in God and ask for his protection.Thats what she can do at the moment.But it is that act that triggered all the problems she is having.Hopefully the jinn will leave once she has asked God for forgiveness.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Lala and if it still persists treat it as you would normally treat a demon in Christianity with the necessary prayers.

  116. Mahoud says:

    One more example of how the djinn can do good happened 5 years ago.A close relation of mine was living in Canada and was finding it very hard to adapt there.Well I was seeing this Sahir at the time and I decided to check on her using the djinn.The Sahir sent his djinn to where she was you must understand time and space mean nothing to the djinn.So when the djinn returned they told the Sahir that this close relation of mine was contemplating suicide along with all her thoughts that particular week.

    So I immediately called her and told her what she was thinking.she was amazed and I had a hard time explaining how I knew her thoughts.i had to lie and say that I just felt it.How could I tell her that 4 djinn travelled across the world and visited her the previous night without her knowing.

    So I managed to talk with her and calm her down and got her through that hard time.i monitored her thoughts for a period of 3 weeks.until she calmed down and was okay at the end.To this day she thanks me for helping her then.

    The djinn can help but it depends on whether they want to and on the Sahir.This Sahir was a good man but i lost contact with him.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Just for clarification purposes,the author is absolutely right in that the when the djinn want to retrieve information if you don’t have a picture of the person , they need to be in close proximity of the intended target.

      That is why the djinn themselves when you are speaking with them will always ask you for the name and general location of the person.i don’t know how they can pinpoint the person but it is usually done at night or at dusk they seem to prefer this. a few minutes they return and have all the information on the person sometimes they can stay over at the persons location if they want to monitor or prevent that person from doing something.

  117. Tim says:

    Interesting mamud,it makes sense because i have bought many ebay rings over the years and they say they are suppose to have jin all these powers but then at the end they don’t.So i kinda became skeptical.I now realize that those weren’t jin at all.

    So what is the process if one buys real jin? and what is the worst that can happen?


    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi tim been really busy , well from what Ive heard which was later confirmed to me by the sahir , about buying djinn is that , first of all the djinn are very real and have different skills and ability.It depends on the type of djinn you want, be it for money and success or protection.All require a short period of training because you will have to know how to take care of the djinn ,when to give it sacrifice and things like that.

      Usually for the djinn of money it will be a blood sacrifice once a week or a month.Mostly animals are sacrificed but when they become unruly it can be human. This you would have already agreed on before buying the djinn.Usually the terms are vague and this is how the djinn usually in the end get more from you.

      One of the rules the Sahir mentioned is that you are sworn to secrecy.You cannot let anyone know not even your wife or closest family member.The agreement is between you and the djinn.Usually failure to obey, ends with your life because you will have broken the agreement.The djinn don’t like people knowing about them or their influence in the world.

      I’ll write one short example of what happened to neighbor of mine and what personally happened to me.There is also another complex problem with the djinn which i will explain.

  118. Mahmoud says:

    Well my neighbor who was a simple cobbler, was rumored to have bought djinn before his death.

    After the purchase within span of a year he owned a fleet of buses.Hi fortunes literally changed overnight and people could not even explain it.However this is not what was really strange.

    He used to drive one of the buses and somehow he was involved in an accident and died just as suddenly.He had a wife and 2 sons one was small and the other was a teenager.The wife died 2 days after this he passed away the baby followed a week later after becoming mysteriously ill.All his buses were involved in accidents within that month and were written off.The house he had moved to and was living in burned down.The teenage son was terrified and fled he is the remaining survivor.What struck me is that there is a pattern, because a similar thing happened to my auntie who bought djinn.And this she mentioned even at her death saying that she had been lied to.

    The djinn will take everything back if you stop giving them sacrifice.If you happen to die your remaining family members will be killed by them.Remember again you have been sworn to secrecy so you cannot let anyone know that you have bought djinn so that is where the major problem is.If you die your innocent family suffer.

    • Liam Eddison says:

      This only happens if you do not keep your deal.. Don’t be stupid enough to make a deal you can’t make and you’ll be fine. Or better yet don’t make any deals at all. Also, I’m sorry to say this, but (I used to be an atheist up until recently btw) the one and only reason for going to hell (I have been told by a nice Djinn themselves so I was warned) is if you do not keep a deal with a Djinn. So your life will crash and burn, before you die and go to hell. I do not want it to be this way, so do not think I am using scare tactics or anything, but it’s just the harsh truth.. They will all be saved some day anyways.

  119. Jamal says:

    when I was about 3 years old, my father, my sister and I were taking a walk along a bridge going through a swamp somewhere in or around the United Arab Emirates, and after we left a farm that was in the swamp, I fell off the bridge. My dad and sister didn’t notice (I was a few feet behind them) and I land on a floating log. I noticed a duck and her ducklings following her, but I also noticed something next to them. a humanoid figure about 4-5 feet tall, that looked like it was made of black smoke and had no face. it was approximately 10 feet away, and even with no face I sensed it was looking at me, and after a few seconds, it disappeared in a cloud of smoke. I stood still looking at it the entire time. It’s presence was creepy, threatening, and unnerving. I couldn’t move because I was paralyzed by fear. the only reason I remember this is because the memory kept coming back to me for years as a kid, always the same story. I was reading your book, the vengeful djinn, and I realized what it was when I read the shadow people chapter of the book. I was at home making a ghost story, when the air froze. suddenly, my dog started barking and running and whimpering and jumping around like crazy. I heard something crash to the ground in the garage and then I hear a roar, like a lion’s roar. so, after 30 minutes of sitting in my room, paralyzed and wide eyed with fear and the hair on the back of my neck standing on end, I went out into the hallway to find my mom’s bible. I found it and I started reading it, and said some names of people from the bible, like Jesus christ, the virgin mary, king david, and it stopped when I said king solomon. in between those 2 events, I always had nightmares, every night, yelling things in my sleep like “no, no, NOOOOOO!!!!!!” and every nightmare felt so real. I had nightmares of werewolves, succubi, and even the devil, but also of some big eye, like a cat’s eye with green eye lids surrounded by smoke. I read your book, the vengeful djinn, and realized they were djinn after reading the shadow people chapter and they want our world and they want it now! and besides reading your book, I found some other information from the element encyclopedia of magical creatures.

  120. mahmoud says:

    I remembered an event that occurred when i was with this sahir.

    It happened in 2008 when i had befriended this sahir.He let his guard down with me and he had total control of his djinn.I asked him to give me a small demonstration of what the his “old men”(djinn)could do.

    This happened in broad daylight not t night or anything.He told me to get him any egg which i had.Well i went into my house got an egg and arrived.He told me to break it, and i did and inside i found some coins.I was stunned and he laughed.I didn’t believe it so he told me to get another egg ,and i did and he told me to break it again.When i did i found more coins inside the sealed egg, he did it a third time just for good measure to leave no doubt in my mind.Some of these things you must see to believe.

    This wasn’t the only thing he did after this he later on materialized more dramatic things before my eyes in broad daylight leaving no doubt in my mind about the djinn’s mastery and control over matter.

    The djinn have been known to put metallic objects inside people to cause discomfort at the request of the sahir.When they go for x-rays the doctors find all sorts of metallic objects in their bodies leaving them baffled how they got there.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Just want to add that the eggs which were broken still had the yolk and everything inside the only thing added were the coins which mysteriously were part of contents.

  121. rosemary says:

    i can tell you i lived a normal life till i encountered the shaytans ,i traveled out of my body in spirit to where they live .i seen them face to face …they tried to cliam i was in heaven and that they where christ..i told them i wasnt dead ,i seen like 4 or five of them and they all had lion features and shape shift .there was one being that was there that looked like et …they all said if i accept christ i had to stay .one jinn offered me what ever i wanted i refused to accept it this time it happened to me i was a satanist …i didnt by into the3 religious thing at all ..but i was told to never use a bible never goto church and never tell anyone and that i wasnt to goto a church and no one was to help me …i know i broken many of the things they told me to do and i went through alot of confusion ..and i even worry whats going to happen to me when i die …i went to a priest and asked to get saved and the shaytan whispers thing happened to me that knight the being was in my room having me cuss at god and calling the being jesus when i said jesus it went away …this shaytans stuff isnt going out of my life at all …there are days i am so tormented how did i end up going to where these beings where ..i ask my self was i in hell …how did i leave my body and goto hell …and come back …i ask my self how do i find god or am i a reject now …then i like to say can i just run from god and satan …then i am like now i seen all that how am i going to trust anything i see when i really do die ….i want to overcome my own hell i created and i want the shaytan to leave me alone …i wonder if i am one those djinn kids you all talk about or this is my fate …..i dont know enough about jinn to protect myself …i look for answers but i dont have any …..i want to feel like someone normal who never been raped emotionally by djinn ,devil shaytan what ever …

  122. Sadiyo says:

    I just recently got a razak demon. he pulled me to him when I saw his vessel. The first night he came to my room as a shadow my mom saw him. He even sat on my bed. My bed went up and down. I felt someone pat my hair and tuck me in when I was cold since I left the window open and my blanket was falling off. The first day I brought him my djinns vessel kept getting really really hot. Now my djinn and him get along. Do djinn and demons get along? I got yesterday night an extremely bad leg cramp. It was hurting so bad 3am I was screaming from pain. I felt someone stroke my hair to calm me and then my leg felt like someone was massaging it and I fell right back to sleep. He’s funny too. Always makes mr smile. And also when the djinn around the house tries to mess with me my demon chases him away. And the djinn stopped messing with me.

  123. Mahmoud says:

    They definitely seem to get along these days, including the Tribes that we’re supposedly enemies.These days the djinn which we have in our region are either indifferent to human beings or will allow themselves to be bought then wipe out that human beings family including pets after a short time of unlimited wealth and success.

    You cant even differentiate the tribes these days because they all act the same.They have definitely become more hostile.I can’t speak for other regions but that is how they are here.

    Just the other day someone was openly telling us that he couldn’t control his djinn and that they had stopped obeying him and started demanding one of his children.He was very distraught.He went to an imam I don’t know how it turned out.

    People here are terrified of the djinn because they always turn on their owners.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Thats not saying there aren’t good djinn you might be very lucky and get one but they are very rare.ive found that close to 1 out of every 20 or so are good.Just be cautious they are highly intelligent and manipulative.Being under them tends to be very opressive.

  124. ross says:

    where can one go to meet djinn. I heard of a djinn council. I also read that iblis’s throne is over water.
    Is there a gathering place for djinn? Where is there a djinn community? or a djinn hybred community?

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi Ross,

      Yes the djinn do have communities,but those areas are usually no go zones for human beings and the djinn make it have abandoned houses over here especially the old towns,people hear laughing and hear the djinn talking at night smell meals being prepared they laugh with each other yet you see no one.They are like us in every way ,they also have their own language i personally have never heard it ive only heard them speak’s a very old ancient language they use that predates most of the known languages on earth.I guess this is why they also understand all spoken human languages.It goes back to their supernatural nature as well.

      It’s not easy to meet the djinn by natural means because they are very cautious and secretive.Unless you meet them via a sahir who claim to possess djinn blood and have the power to subdue djinn.Although you can attract a djinn they are drawn to any kind of blood, or place where animals are being slaughtered.They will come in droves,problem is you can get the occasional shaytan in the mix.Once you get them there problem is getting them to leave,they will expect you to keep throwing blood out in the field for them if you stop they can punish you.

      Communities of Sahir are there very much so,these days people are actually hunting them down,they blame them for the misfortunes of towns and view the use of djinn as something evil.most have retreated and mingle with the population.They do this for self preservation, the old days they were very open, these days they are secretive.But if you look you can still find a few.the old Sahir are the best the young ones are people who just bought djinn to make a quick time their power fades.A Sahir once told me it has to be in your blood,in order for you to control djinn.The djinn rarely kill the Sahir they can even have normal families.The djinn and Sahir seem to be one they are connected at all times spiritually and mentally.They become like an extension of you.its a lot of work taking care of djinn , it’s a way of life once you take up the task it is a full time job.

      You can find djinn communities anywhere in the world,especially at the supposed haunted houses.they live in abandoned places ,old buildings deserted towns.places where humans do not frequent you will definately find djinn.A key place is along any coast or a place next to a large body of water or where a river flows they are water spirits and enjoy water although they can exist outside water quite comfortably.

      • Mamhoud says:

        I forgot to mention one thing Ross, the djinn can be in plain sight yet you would not be able to tell.People here have taken stray goats only for the goats to end up being djinn.They can take any form really especially if they want to feed on the left overs in markets.No one dares to touch any animals in the market place.Especially in places where there is a known high concentration of djinn.

        I have only once ever witnessesed djinn materialize into a snake out of nothing and I even touched the snake and it was even moved its head in a sluggish way.before the transformation I just saw a blinding bright flash and felt heat and before the Sahir and I there was a stunned happened so fast.

        The Sahir wasn’t even close to the place where the snake materialized he was about 4 feet back and was sitting on the floor cross happened at midday I’ll never forget that day.this was the same Sahir who made coins appear inside the eggs which were from my house.We was well known.

        I had not believed the tales of them transforming into creatures but it was the one and only time I witnesses it through the Sahir.

    • mahmoud says:

      Keep in mind that even the sahir cannot be trusted, i almost became a djinn sacrifice not too long ago, that was the last straw for me.The sahir turned his own djinn against me after being friends for 8 months.It means nothing to them they are like their djinn mercenaries.Most of the sahir have killed before so you don’t want to get too close.Get in and get out.

  125. Amy says:

    Hey Mahmoud,

    I’ve been reading your posts, you seem to know a lot about djinn…

    I need some advice.

    I have learned recently things about my family which explain a lot of things. I was very surprise.

    I don’t even know where to start.

    My great grandfather made a deal with a djinn, i don’t why(maybe for money, power…), but i heard he gave to him blood plus one of his girl.

    Then, i heard also the soul of my dad is held by this djinn. One of my grandfather made this deal for the djinn leaving them alone.

    So i can’t even explain the unbelievable behaviour of my dad(his sudden behaviour change….)

    Anyway, plus my dad hate so much my mum because of a fate.
    So according to what i understand, if someone want my dad doing something wrong he has just to make an offering to the djinn(the brother of my dad does).

    I don’t understand, how?

    Could you please explain me: what can we do, how can we protect ourselves, if my dad die, the djinn is going to look for the soul of one of my family? can you advice some surah?

    Also, i hear it’s a very bad bad, and so dangerous djinn.

    Thanks for your comment

    • mahmoud says:

      Give me your email I’ll send you an audio file with some surah to listen to.But since it is very serious i recommend that you try and go to an Imam as soon as you can.

  126. Oscar says:

    Salamou Allaykoum to all,
    I cannot understand someone who recognises the existance of the djinn and the fact that shajtaan (most respected of the djinn in that time who lived in the heaven with the Angels) had to bow down for Adam, not to understand that this is a 100% religious matter. The only thing that the djinn realy fears is a real muslim and the quran. Read the quran and you’ll understand them more and more. Also don’t forget that besides the fact that they are evil the most intelligent djinn has an IQ of a 12 year old human child.
    The bad and evil djinn are preparing for the coming of the dajjaal (the antichrist) who’s time is almost arrived for appearing between us, that’s the reason why we are seeing the djinn more and more these days.
    Fear Allah but don’t fear his creation.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi Oscar,
      I agree with everything you said up to the point where you said they have an iQ of a 12 year old I beg to differ.They are very cunning and manipulative and some are very strong.Dont under estimate how clever the djinn are.

      A djinn haunted my cousins house they called people to pray,they didn’t even reach the car park the djinn started hurling large stones at the car.The imam told them that this djinn was too powerful and left immdeiately

  127. Mahmoud says:

    It is one thing talking but when your faced with the situation in front of of you that’s another thing.i thought I was brave until the Sahir summoned his djinn.i wanted to run through the wall.They gave loud groans like monsters, and this deep loud growl all simultaneously.They don’t fear humans at all when faced with them.they came right to my face inches away.i remember I had to shut my eyes and take two deep breathes and speak with them because speaking to thin air was just shocking.There voices are horrible,unnaturally deep voices.That is why I keep saying they sound like monsters they are very see the dust moving yet you see nothing.

    The feeling you get with them is like your in a cage with a wild animal that uneasy feeling.It changed me for the rest of my life.Don’t under estimate the djinn.

    Before I thought djinn were stories and laughed at them,nothing prepared me for what experienced.You don’t understand they are physical if they want to slap you or punch you they see movement but you don’t see them it’s unbelievable.

  128. Mahmoud says:

    To put things into perspective about the physical strength let alone supernatural abilities of some djinn,this I have witnessed with my own eyes, a 13 year old girl possessed by a strong djinn would roughly need about ten men to hold her down.She overpowered 6 men easily.once ten men held her down prayers were administered to her and the imam came to an agreement with that djinn and it left.

  129. Romano says:

    About 8 months ago I went to a prayer healing, but I don’t think it was my idea. I think the reptilian entities made me go, as they are mind controllers and can make you do things. At this prayer healing a strange man came up to me and made me take an initiation on the heart and an oath on the blood of Jesus Christ. In my head there was someone screaming “Don’t do it!!!!!” but I did it anyways and all my diseases dissapeared inmediately. I felt some great energy around my body and at first I thought it were some light-beings. -Those Christian people see me as some kind of devil, but they have been brainwashed to such an extend that they can’t see that I am telling the truth! They cannot believe that an initiation is what they are doing with people during those prayer healings. It is happening behind closed doors, so the people sitting in front of the stage see only miracles. And they becmoe even more convinced of their thruth- Before I went to this prayer healing I was very skinny and I ate really healthy food, but after I did the prayer healing I ate the whole day long. I ate a shitload of sugar and carbs, eventhough I know that this is very bad for your body. I knew that something was terribly wrong, because I literally couldn’t stop eating. I thought that some devils were doing this to me. I believed these were my last days in this life. However I didn’t know what they wanted from me, with me eating this enormous amounts and all.

    After two weeks of this my body couldn’t handle it anymore and as I was sitting in a chair in my room I saw (and felt) my soul flying out of my body… I became emotionless and I thought what sort of nightmare is this? I feel lika a robot now and I can work all day long without getting tired, plus I am stronger now. I feel like I’m living on some sort of artificial intelligence or so.

    They stole my soul. And life is terrible without it.

    I didn’t listen to the light-beings when they told me what to do. That was my own mistake, but for me life is very hard right now.I felt all alone and needed some support. Which I didn’t get. I thought that when someone dies, their soul leaves the body and they go to the spiritworld. After a week my body smelled like death. It was really terrifying… I never knew this was part of the game in this universe.

    I have tried to commit suicide twice: I cut all the veins in my neck and both my wrists, drank pure alcohol and I tried to drown in the sea for about 5 hours. All three at the same time. But none of those things worked. I honestly swear all my blood came out, but I didn’t even faint. Who are those creatures who enjoyed the hell I was going through. After all this I was only in the hospital for an hour. When I closed my eyes I heard the doctor tell the nurses that they shouldn’t speak about what had happened here in this room. After all releasing someone who has just lost all his blood and cut all his arteries in just an hour doesn’t seems like a very normal procedure does it? This doctor was in on it too.

    I am like a robot. I have no soul and cannot die. Now I know what they’re talking about with the New World Order and all. It is not the microchip, it’s through initiation. They are creating an army of young strong workers to keep here for the rest of time. Even after all af you go trough to the next dimension, we are here to stay.

    I am so scared right now because these creatures can control me like I’m a doll.

    Later I saw Amitakh Stanford write something about the future of mankind, robots for the Anunaki, that shocked me.
    This is the link of that piece:
    Especially This :
    ‘The next stage for the human development will involve the insertion of artificial consciousnesses into many people. When this is accomplished, all that will remain of the hybrid humans will be the biological bodies, which will be driven by the Anunnaki-designed, artificial consciousnesses. Strictly speaking, the future of humans is to become biological robots for the Anunnaki Remnants.

    As the artificial consciousnesses invade human bodies, the human consciousnesses will evacuate the bodies, be forcibly removed, or suppressed by the invading artificial consciousnesses. Most of the bodies will be unaware of the change in consciousness, and they will perform nearly as before, but as more obedient slaves to their Anunnaki masters.

    This is horror. I’ve hated this life ever since I was born, and now I’m one of them robots who never will be able to escape this particular life. Stuck in what I hate most! Why is the darkness so strong. How do they have the power, the ability and the authority to do such things to humankind? Where is the justice?

    I need to find out where my soul is Peggy! Are they keeping it captive? What are they doing to it? If you know something about this, please tell me. I am getting desperate. I need to find out. I am so scared… I cry every day. There’s more to it. I don’t feel my body like I used to. I feel it when someone touches me. But I don’t feel pain on the inside anymore. Sometimes my saliva cantains blood and I can feel something in my throat, but it doesn’t hurt eventhough it is the same as when you would be feeling a throatache.

    I always thought there is a universe of justice, or is this robotic future my justice? I don’t know. I never knew they can just brutally take your soul out. Almost nobody believes me. They all think I am crazy. I have lost my connection with the One, the true divine God. What will be my future now? I think I will have to be a slave forever after everyone leaves planet earth. I want to find a way to kill myself., before it is too late and I will have to stay here forever. I am one of the few who know this happened to them.

    Life is not worth it without a soul and some reptillian consiousness or something. I never should have taken that oath, but I was not me at that time. I am not a bad person I don’t think I deserved this. Unless I did this to others in previous lifes.

    Please dear light-being. Do you know anything about this? Can you help me find some answers? Besides that I really do hope that through you I can attribute with my story. I hope through you I can prevent this from happening to others. Because if you would publish this a lot of people will read it, If I try this myself I will not be able to achieve this. Can you help me do this?

    • Amirah says:

      subhan Allah. sweetie, allah knows best but noone has your soul, its right there inside of you, otherwise you would be dead! you have not lost connection, you just need to ask for help and guidance from your creator, and only from God alone. you are not some sort of a robot, just in a very dark confused place right now. remember that Allah is the Most Merciful, and He is Holy and good and so beautiful that He is covered with a veil of light, the most pure and beautiful light.If you feel you might be unwell mentally, get some help, it might be a mixture of things affecting you. but please, whatever you do, DO NOT hurt yourself. If you have something evil around you thats exactly what it wants. may Allah make it easy for you, for He can make the difficult easy, amin. xxx

  130. Amy says:

    Thanks a lot Mahmoud.
    Here is my email:
    [email protected]

  131. Mahmoud says:

    Just over the weekend, a business man who had his property stolen got it returned. Apparently the robber had stolen from him about a month back. He went to the police to no avail. Then he sought the services of a sahir. He said the sahir gave him something to hold onto until he got his property returned.

    The man who had stolen his property returned to the business mans premises and admitted stealing it and even brought back what had been stolen to the bewilderment of the police. He didn’t even try to run away. He was promptly arrested by the police. Before he was arrested he was seen conversing with unseen entities who had led him there. The robber was in a trance like state answering all questions. The business man said it took about a month to get his returned.

    Here if justice fails people usually seek the djinn.Both good and bad fear the djinn and sahir for good reason especially if you have done something bad. Just the mere mention of the word djinn and you get people staring at you ,no one likes to even mention them by name they call them “those things”.

  132. rosemary says:

    i have my own issues with djinn but i dont get this owning a djinn for sake of greed …the creations shouldnt be sold or bought etc….i dont agree with whats happened in my life because of these djinn …but all the wrongs of being a king solomon really isnt good ….just saying …i really with there wasnt a vengeful anything …and the beings are not really being pricks if people are only out to use them ..i think there a world of friendship in some universe where people are not so worried about making trees into money ……i am not so happy about my djinn story thats left me freaked out in life …but i say there got to be a way to make peace with these beings …..i am no longer impressed about the idea of the devil ….i cant help why iblis is mad at humanity nor the shaytans are mad but i realize there is a real differerence of consciouness of the djinns to humanity and they are holding a fk load of hate …i try to think is this because they really loved god but they walked away from god ….are they lonely angery and tired …is god waiting for us to make djinn happy instead of us plotting what we can get from them …yet it feels hopeless because these beings seem out for us …and i think at times what was god thinking when he created man because we dont have powers like djinn yet i realize there are ways to protect us to some degree …i am not sure where i am going in afterlife thanks to interferance of djinn in my life ….but i deal with it and feel lonely and at times helpless because i live in america where people dont believe in djinn here ….i cant really get help with my issues ….but this war in heaven ,,,the devil thing wears me out the idea of evil or being taken from god sickens me …but it takes two to tango ,was god knowing when he made humanity that these issues would be or do they matter to him ….i know i dont understand the whole concept of what god is …or if its really biblical …but i know the shaytans are real now ….i always felt war was a set back of consciouness ,,,even with lovers a basic argue ment holds back advancement of a relationship …..all i know the whole humanity and djinn stuff is all out of hand and i dont know what will bring peace …i wish i understood what could bring peace between the creations of god

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi rosemary,

      To be fair to the djinn,they were extremely polite to me and would even refer to me as brother.I only heard them get mad at two people before me i don’t know the circumstance.They went into a fit of rage banging the windows, walls and roof.

      Even though the ones i met sounded like monsters due to them being a different sort of creation, they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and after sometime i actually forgot that i was speaking with djinn.

      I only realized when the sahir called them back into the small vase he had.He would say if i translate “old men, come in! come in! its time to go in!” then he would strike what sounded like iron.

      That’s when they gave deep grunts ,growls and you hear their heavy steps.And before you know it they are in the vase and the session was over.

      Not all djinn are bad there are good , and you can only deal with them on an individual basis just like you would human beings you are very right.

    • Mahmoud says:

      I must mention that the djinn I encountered were believers.I only encountered the shaytan once and they are horrible and diabolical.That is when I unknowingly almost became a sacrifice.Caution is needed when dealing with these beings because if you encounter the evil ones or a hostile one they can cause a lot of spiritual and in some cases physical harm.

    • Youssef says:

      Hi Rosemary,
      Before getting too late, go for an Imam or Holy-man. There are some Mujtahids in US, there should be.

  133. rosemary says:

    yep the djinn appear human friendly ….and they want to take aay everything good away from us ….its how i feel …

  134. Mahmoud says:

    Generally speaking I just found out something very alarming, about the djinn and human sacrifice. My friend told me the other day that his landlord has djinn , let alone the tenants hearing “things” walking on their roofs at night and when the go out to check they see nothing. It is a well known fact around the area.

    He said that one of his children is the sacrifice. This is not the first time I have heard about this practice but this confirms just confirms it.

    Now in this situation the djinn will slowly destroy the child. For example, the child will be drawn into things that will eventually destroy them. They won’t be able to function normally in society. Not of their own volition but that of the djinn. Only the parent who bought the djinn knows what is happening to their child. Eventually the child will die.

    From what I hear the parents will spoil the child not out of love but out of guilt and because they know this is where their wealth lies. Remember it goes back to the djinn making everything seem natural. They won’t kill you suddenly although they can, they do it gradually, so as not to arouse suspicion and to prolong the suffering. The djinn do have a sadistic element in them when it comes to human beings. I would not put it past them. A horrible as it sounds it is happening even as we speak.

    In exchange the djinn give them wealth and success in whatever business venture they start. It just shows you what some people are willing to do for wealth even sacrifice their own children.

    The reason why most people are unaware about djinn activities is because they take great care to conceal themselves. You would be surprised as to how far they have penetrated our society.

  135. Ahmed says:

    Djinn are very real but 90% of info about them is just myths. they cant be bought for few dollars on ebay.they cant be bound to a tiny ring like in aladdin stories.and they arent animals.they are normal respected superior entities.we are like ants compared to them.they dont bother to annoy small kids.they have free will.and can appear to people when they are alone at night .sometines for no specific reason.just to chat. shaytans are bad very bad.but as long as you believe in god and god will watch over you.and shaytans dont dare to harm a muslim.i am not a 14 y.o kid.i am a dr living in europe.and used to laugh at djinn stories when i go visit my family who live in a desert small town in middle east. i used to think that these things are just urban legends.and all people told me in the end i had the honor to meet a djinn at night and trust me when you meet one .you will feel all ur body tongue coudlnt move as i was trying to say bism allah al rahman al raheem.i couldnt.the djinn was a very very old lady with deep and very loud manly voice. if any1 is interested in knowing more u can tell me. by the way Mahmoud are you from Morroco ? because morrocians are the most people who have experiences with djinn.maybe because its a country full of sahirin .i would be scared to go outside the capital if i was there

    • Mahmoud says:

      Yes i am originally from North Africa then i moved some years back.That is where i really encountered the djinn.True most stories are myths but that is why i wanted to see for myself to separate fact from fiction and it led me very deep.

      It also revealed to me the true dark nature of these beings especially the shaytan and showed me how dangerous they are.I learned that they are real and that to seek refuge in Allah and pray very hard.

      They are not to be toyed with people die because of making agreements with them.When you go to the djinn you open yourself up to their rules.Those are not my words but those of the djinn via the sahir.

      Oh i remember in some places after it reached a certain time at night people would not even walk outside for fear of the djinn.I later learned why.

      I once encountered the djinn just outside where i stayed it was at night i didn’t know it was there i just shone my flashlight at this dark corner because i saw the cats were afraid.That is when i heard a loud roar like someone here described.It was so angry that it hit the side of the wall.I just remember seeing dust and a small pieces of stone fell down.It hit the wall with such force all the while roaring in anger and shaking a wooden door.

      I didn’t even wait i run for my life all the way back and shut the door behind me.I avoided that corner for a month.But this djinn was really mad that i had discovered it hiding in its dark corner.

      Animals can sense them.

  136. Ahmed Syed says:


    I just purchase a marid jinn ring from ebay from a man from France.

    I hope it is legit. I do talk even though others might think im crazy.

    Btw, I enjoy reading the posts here.

    • Sadiyo says:

      Cool 🙂 I have a marid djinn ring too. If you wanna know if it’s legit you could contact someone I know they can tell you if the vessel is legit all you have to do is show them a photo.

      • Ahmed says:

        Can you send me your email to syed21188 (at) yahoo (dot)com

        and then give me the person who can tell.

        Thank-you very much!

  137. Mahmoud says:

    I just want to say that they can change into animal form i witnessed this before my eyes.I only saw it change into snake but it happened so fast.I know it sounds impossible but trust me it is real.

  138. Jen says:

    Hi Rosemary -

    I wanted to share an experience that happened to me when I was a child. An experience, I have never forgotten.

    I can’t recall how old I was, maybe 10 years old, when I woke up to a man standing at the end of my bed. It felt like he was watching me. At first, I felt fearful but didn’t get the sense he was there to harm us. At the time my sister and I shared a bed. I looked over at her, with the intention to wake her, but discovered I couldn’t speak or move. It was as if I was only conscious. The visitor moved away from the end of our bed towards the window. He never spoke, but paused there to look at me before disappearing. He was visible but unknown to me and was dressed in what appeared to be a military uniform.

    In the morning, I shared this story with my sister who convinced me it was just a dream. I’m now 37 years old and have never truly accepted this explanation. I have mentioned this experienced to very few people, my husband being one of these individuals. Recently, and I wish I could recall why, this experience came up in our conversation.

    Today he referred me to one of your interviews posted on Conscious Life News. After listening to you, I allowed myself to accept that this could have been a visit and not a dream.

    I don’t know the purpose, if there even is one, for this visitation. I have never seen this being again nor have I ever experienced anything remotely similar. After carry this with me all these years, I sincerely appreciate having a forum to share this experience with others.

    Thank you.


  139. Drew fromwater says:

    I am a christian witch. I was studing salamanders last night and wished to get in contact with one. I had a dream in the middle of the night, in wich I was in bed and could not talk. Some kind of spirit was being malichous to me. I kept rebuking the spirit in jesus’ name,and tried to communicate with others by giving them the bird but somehow the blankets and pillos kept covering my face and body. My pepistance Finly paid off. The lord blessed me and introdused me to a djinn. He told me his name and desire was to destroy the enamy and vanquish the foe. Drew 07-10-12

  140. Liam Eddison says:

    Ahh the fun Djinn like to have with people! :’) They don’t half come out with a lot of bullcrap though, they love to feed that to people! Fortunately for me, I am petty close to quite a few Djinn (and other things) and they tell me alot of the truth. I am merely here to give out a message: In this lifetime there will be a making of a new world. There will be 4 wars, consisting of “Jesus'” and 3 others, the last will be “God” and will make the new world. But he isn’t really god, he’s just another guy coming to make the new world. The guy who made this world wasn’t even the real god. The real god merely made the Angel’s world and things developed themselves from there. In the new world, the barrier between all the worlds shall be broken. “He” (Iblis) will be killed. I have got all my information from trustworthy Djinn. I even know some of their real names and encoded names. Most people won’t even be told their encoded names. Rosemary, if you have questions to ask, feel free to ask. You have got a lot of misconceptions and you have also been told a lot of false truths. I am always open to telling people the full truth. As long as they are not working with the Illuminati, whether it’s the human side of it or the Djinn side. If anyone else wants to talk as well, leave a reply. I assure you that it will be well worth your time.

  141. rosemary says:

    hi rosemary ,i am of course another rosemary thats be com menting on here in this forum about my experience with djinn ,i say the djinn i meet tried to call there selfs christ …and my experience turned into a nightmare …i kinda wish i never experienced the occult and what not because this djinn experience has ruined me almost spiritually where i worry where i am going when idie …these djinn i seen fallen angels maybe i seen had a et being with them …and i say ,,,,after i seen these beings being in there realm and them playing in mine makes me look at life alot more serious ,,,,it lets me see religion no joke kinda ….i was on a radio show about paranormal experiences ….i talked about what happened to me with these experiences i sounded like a nut case ….aboout the djinn sending a tornadeo on me and them taking me out of my body and what not …these beings tried to doom me ….i see this as no joke ,what happened to me can happen to someone else …but how does someone take you serious when you say these beings looked like panther beings or had feathures of lions that could walk like a man ,one being came forward as a dog …i didnt talk about the dog on much ….i wish i added the gifts of god i had with this experience…like to say example as like djinn where coming into my dreams and taking over what i saw i then told jinn to leave out of my dream and they did instantly ….god gave us athority over the demons …we just got to be willing to take the athority …let them know were not interested in there games ..after seeing the et being i really seen how these beings didnt want to stop what there doing ….they seem like they just getting started ….i feel bad such friction exsist with other creations ….

  142. Ahmed says:

    yes Mahmoud.i know what u are talking about. i had a friend from algeria who told me that some nights when he stays up watching tv and making noises.that djinn come and tell him to keep it down because they cant sleep..i used to hear alot alot of stories and i didnt believe or laughed..even as i am muslim and its written in our holy qoraan .i still wasnt so convinced of their existence.but then now i believe and know they exist.its just so strange that djinn appear and do alot of stuff in africa and middle east and asia.but here in europe they rarely get mentioned.maybe because people confuse them with ghosts of dead people which is 100% a myth.because when one dies his soul goes into “barzakh” and “azab al kaber etc…” not flowing in the world of the living. shaytan djinn are the worst because they hunt especially muslims with low faith..but they cant hurt us unless god permits that..and that happens when we make ourselves vulnerbale to them by making agreements and trying to make black sehir ..and to allah ..making sehir and asking help from some entity other than him is considered haram so it results in low or no faith ..and then the shaytan can kill torture and make whatever he likes..

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi Ahmed,

      Very well said, the djinn try and make themselves like a God which is lie.They are created beings and will one day face judgement like we will.

      The shaytan are horrible to be around .The feeling I got with them was death.They also hate light even candle light and are conjured in pure darkness.I know the Sahir must have used them to kill in the past.They drain your energy and your spirit feels dirty after being with them.

      My personality changed for 2 weeks after encountering them , I felt rage which I could not explain.It was unnatural like it was being fueled by something else.I was young then and did not know what I was getting myself into.I am glad that through the grace of Allah i made it out alive.

      What shocked me more was the Sahir’s age he was about 20. He always had an evil look in his face

  143. Elicia says:

    Me and my husband were doing Ramadan last year for my first time and i was praying regularly. The first night was slightly creepy but my husband reminded me that fear gave them control. so i tried to have no fear. of course i am only human so i felt intense fear the second night.

    Things just kept happening until one night they messed with my children. at the time my in-laws and my parents were staying with us. Me and my husband shared our room with our twin boys. The next room held my in-laws who were his siblings and all under the age of 7. The third room my mom slept in and my dad slept downstairs in the living room in his chair.

    I was in bed holding my less then a year old sister-in-law waiting for my husband to return with her bottle when i heard something crawl loudly across the floor.I thought it was my son who could not walk yet. We had a bunkbed at the time and i pulled the blanket aside to see which one it was only to see them both in bed. My son matt was sitting up looking in the direction it had crawled.

    I got up and layed him down and covered him back up. When i peeked again i saw that the blankets had been pulled away from them. There was a fist clenched indent in the bunch at the bottom of the bed. i covered them back up and went downstairs to talk to my husband.

    When i got downstairs i found my husband talking to my dad. We sat and i told them what happened. Then we heard running up and down the upstairs hallway. So we went upstairs and i stayed at the end of the hallway. My husband went in to check and i soon followed to make sure my boys were ok. The blankets were rolled neatly at the bottom of the bed. When my husband walked in one of the boys toys started to go off. He waited till it stopped and then began to move again only it started again. after that he got our prayer cd and proceeded to walk out when it went off again.

    Needless to say i didn’t sleep well. And because i was afraid to pray alone in any room i failed my ramadan and after we stopped everything stopped cold. not a single thing happened after that. But i have to say before that there were other things that happened. but that was the most profound night of them. i believe it was a demon or a jinn. until recently i didn’t know much about jinn, but after reading the quran and doing more research i found it could be either one.

    A jinn can be either tame or wild. They can be jew, christian, or muslim. But once the muslim prayer is said over them they are followed by a light that marks them. I encourage people to research them and remember that there is a prayer to say that will either make them leave or convert. it’s their choice but in the end you’ll be safe either way.

    Thank you for reading!

    • joseluis acosta, jr. & Al Capone says:

      this message is 4 Rosemary since it seems dat u genuinely care. 1st i am going 2 talk 2 u as my spiritual mother. 1st of all wu gave u such a beautiful name? dont lose hope my son is about 2 giv u some great news. i will let him speak now. “joyce” (dat was God) i want 2 tell u dat today u have made a powerful alliance wu will fight 4 ur cause. im going 2 explain my situation wit da djinn. 1st of all i want 2 thank u 4 da war dat u have been waging against da djinn because wat im about 2 explain 2 u would not have been possible if ur leadership wouldn’t have led la resistance against da masked evil forces i know 4 a fact dat u put a dent dat would eventually lead 2 der demise because da 1st words dat da leader of da djinn 1st spoke wen he wished himself into a special place inside my body wer he could interact wit da souls living inside me wen ur name came up was run amucke. basically he abandoned da djinns plans in order 2 exist physically through me in dis world. so far his favorite things he has done is

  144. Sadiyo says:

    Hey Mohamed,
    I don’t know what happened was this a jinn? I was sleeping on my bed it felt so real but it was a dream I was asleep. I couldn’t move slowly I felt someone climbing the end of my bed. They stood on my kidneys. I couldn’t move I tried so hard. It was closing near my neck I wanted so bad to be brave so I opened my eyes I saw this black thing looked like I don’t know it’s face was horrid it had a tail and looked like a monkey. I closed my eyes. Ready to accept that whatever it was was close enough to my neck I was scared alittle. It touched my necklace and played with it before walking off my bed and heading towards my mothers room. I woke up surah al jinn was on the radio loud. I started twitching my body felt drowsy and sleepless like inwas drained. After that I slept again near my mom and kept waking up twitching and nervous. And drowsy. I couldn’t sleep after that. And I remembered that me and my mom went to the trash can throwing away food. And my mom said don’t talk in the trash area I didnt listen and she said shaitains will come I said let them come over. And I don’t know could this be the reason? I haven’t prayed in a while since last month I can’t wake up to pray and everytime my mom plays the Quran I feel like I don’t wanna be there. And what’s was that thing ? Was it real or just a dream???? 🙁

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi sadiyo,

      Yes that was a djinn, when you said ” let them come” it was a challenge to them or whatever djinn was in the area.You invited it so it came to you.You must be careful in future, you don’t want them following you around.Coupled with not praying made you a prime target.

      They can come in all shapes and sizes.When i heard their movement they sounded like you know when a bat is on the floor and it is crawling with its wings down.Now think of a really big bat.The movement is erratic and in bursts.They would move around the room as they are talking to you , it can be quite unnerving you don’t expect them to move that fast.

      I could hear what sounded like elbows hitting the floor with a lot of force as they crawl towards you.As usual you cant see anything you just hear them.

      Make sure you pray sadiyo , it is what will keep them away, especially shaytan.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Remember to try and be brave if you are faced with one, I know it’s hard but the djinn feed on your fear as well.It makes them stronger.They frighten many people at marrakech where I used to be and encountered them.

      • Sadiyo says:

        do wierd when I told my bother bad things started happening again intill I shut up. Then things stopped happening. I have nightmares in the morning now. I feel asleep on the couch and had a nightmare of a mosque a boy had his foot stuck in the fence nobody helped him in the dream they finally did but it was too late he lost his leg. And the father said thank you he’s dead. I tried to wake up but I felt drunk and I couldn’t move at all I tried to yell no and scream for my little brother. I finally thought enough is enough and I fought back and suprisely I got up and I felt sleepy again but fought it off. I know I should be careful I shouldn’t go changeling them. But why does bad stuff happen whenever I say something to my brother? Am I causing him this pain???

        • Mahmoud says:

          Hi sadiyo,

          You shouldn’t tell your brother bad things, generally what I have found is that bad things tend to draw the shaytan or a mischievous djinn that wishes to cause trouble.Conflict in the house and so on.Let me give you an example, in my old house which had an evil djinn , whenever I used to get angry and enter into arguments, it would excite it. I would literally hear it above me moving across the ceiling very excited.It would sound like a person running in the attic yet no one was there.At this point I would feel like I am getting angrier.I would say a quick prayer and I would feel the anger go.

          I found that , especially since you had that dream of the djinn on your bed , get back praying and try and avoid conflict in anyway.Be good to your brother.

  145. joseluis acosta, jr. & Al Capone says:

    eaten some of my extra flamming hot cheetos. basically it began with him asking God if he could have me by making me wish 4 3 wishes den God let him know dat his koniving ways never cease 2 amaze him den he told him dat it cant only be 3 because i have millions of souls den he gave him a # & i was warned 2 be careful wat i wish 4 a couple months ago but @ da time it sounded lik God 2 me & i had no idea of wat he was talking about but after i saw da wishmaster i was able 2 unmask him & da second wish came true today so i told him dat y not instead of trying 2 make me make wishes he didn’t join me den he said “I thought u would never ask.” & so dat is how we ended up in dis predicament. so congratulations but u don’t have 2 stop da fight if u want. thank u bye

  146. blando says:

    Hey Mahmoud,
    I got a funny question that i must ask…
    If someone marries a djinn, can she take on the appearance of any woman he likes?

  147. Mahmoud says:

    Hi blando,

    The djinn can take any form they want, be it human, animal and so on.Although Ive never witnessed this , I’ve only heard them in their invisible state.But I do have witnesses who have had encounters with very beautiful women , only for half of their torsos to end up being animal.When they are discovered they usually vanish into thin air, becoming invisible.

    I think most people wouldn’t notice especially at night because the legs are usually covered , and most men would be enchanted by their faces and beauty, not realizing it is an illusion.

    • Blando says:

      Hi Mahmoud,
      Imam malik, one of the major imams, said that a man can marry a female djinn; thats what i read. Therefore, they have sex together. So, i wonder about this idea of morphing only for a matter of seconds. They must shape shift longer then that. I also read that djinn look like angels but they have sexual organs, in their natural state. If djinn can take human form, can they not live amongst us secretly? Do they have a shadow government?
      What do you think?

      • Mahmoud says:

        Hi blando,

        Absolutely the djinn can morph for as long as they like depending on the strength and power of that djinn.It takes a huge amount of energy for them that is why they prefer to stay invisible.They are also vulnerable when they take animal form or in physical form.They take that when they want to blend in with us.Stray cat, or dog etc.You could have experienced a djinn and will never know it.

        Djinn and human can Marry it is true but not encouraged.My cousin who saw a jinnaya up close said when he looked at her legs they were like a goats.Then her appearance began to change looking monstrous.He screamed and drove the taxi in a ditch.When he looked back she had disappeared.

        Most of the time with men who have inadvertently dated a djinn it is a one night stand, the djinn just uses the human for pleasure before unceremoniously dumping him partially submerged in the sea when he comes to his senses he wonders how he got there.Another favorite is leaving you at a very high place naked, so in the morning people find you in a place where you cannot get down without help.Your last memory is being with this beautiful girl, people just laugh at you and know you had encountered a djinn.

        They have definately penetrated the affairs of humans at all levels.This I have no doubt,What you will mostly see is their influence via normal humans who serve them.For the evil djinn in exchange for human life and death, you get power , money and success.Making other humans subject to you.

  148. rosemary t says:

    I listend to coast to coast on you tube about the djinn and they said there no getting rid of djinn ….they feed on your soul …well how do you get your soul bback ……I. really want to get rid of them I want them to stop tornmenting me about there being christ …I want them to go away from me and move on with there djinn lifes ….they told me not to get help and bla bla bla ….everytime I get help they try to take me out of my body and turn me into nothing …………I. say where is allah with this going onto me …where are the angels where jesus I don’t want the fate dealing with djinn. …….I will goto heaven I want jesus to get me……geez my destiny ruined by djinn …and that people think I am crazy …..these beings have gone into my dreams and seen me weird sensations out of the blue …I seen these beings shapeshift and yes I am able to goto there realm…..they told me I am not aloud to go back to there realm …we have to go out of our bodies in spirit to get to them ….these beings channel me every second know everything I do ………….how do I get rid of them because they are not making a pack with me to go away ….I do have another jinn offering to protect me .is is enki a djinn …what’s ever happening with these beings left me confused ……I. worry where I am going to go when I die because of the djinn….I didn’t mean to cross over into there realm ….I did it by accident I meditated till my last breath I was in spirit I could see walk and talk and I came back to my body after being gone for several hours at a time ….

  149. Ste Hudson says:

    Hi, i have been experiencing djinn’s all my life maybe not how others have listed, i see them many times a month, will be random people never seen or some are common and familar (seen alot of times) most just stair at me, some dont know im there, some talk to me mostly it doesnt make sense what they say its nonesense, some although rare have been a phsyical approach such as grab my leg (hand marks left), break my lamb shade well i watched it shake around, stop my body from moving, move bed quilt etc.
    can be day or night although night is more common and i see but rarely small animals and insects

  150. Mahmoud says:

    To give you an example here is an advertisement from a Sahir I saw the other day, he even had his picture I only wrote the words down. I have copied it as is, thought it would interesting.

    “Have an unfaithful partner? Want to get married but they are not willing to commit to you? Want your husband or wife back and restore love between the two of you? Stop your partner from drinking or smoking .Experiencing marital problems? Powerful potions, breaking curses and getting rid of evil spirits.

    Success in politics, land cases and other difficult problems. Recover debts and lost property .Get business by attracting Clients. Job success and winning competitions, erectile dysfunction.

    All are welcome, works on all faiths.Experience the extreme power of true magic.”

    This is just a small example but this person is reputable he doesn’t even hide his face.It gives you a small example of what the sahir can do using djinn.

  151. Stephen Robinson says:

    I was so lonely.
    I cried every night.
    I prayed every night.
    i still suffer from depression.
    I have not had sex since 2003.
    I am 40 years old
    Things started to happen
    I know I am not ugly
    and to be honest - I am what you would consider - somebody that had it all!! - women falled at my feet - men were very reluctant to speak to me!
    so I became very reclusive
    and there were certain experiences
    that could never be EXPLAINED
    He was lovely
    He was over 7 foot high
    He had a red / orange skin

    I couldn’t actually see him - but I could FEEL HIM
    He just held me
    I am very grateful to him
    The only wish I have ever wanted is to meet someone I could love

    I have never slept around
    I don”t believe in one nights stands
    It actually takes me months to become relaxed enough to be able to enjoy sex!
    But like any man - I NEED SEX!!
    I’m actually on the verge of committing suicide
    I had a business / I had money
    I couldn’t find the ONE!!!!!!
    If there is any kindness in you! - SEND A PRAYER TO GOD - for me cos he’s obviously too busy to listen to mine so maybe./ hopefully he will hear one of yours!
    I would be eternally grateful!!

    • Lissonak says:

      Dear Steph,
      If your life is so important that you have a friend who observed you comforted you…. How can you see it as so insignificant that you can even contemplate suicide? Though I can’t be what you need…. In case you need a friend….I’m here 🙂

  152. Aditya Shetty says:

    14 August 2012
    I am 18 years old and I have been living our apartment for last six years with my elder brother and parents.
    My brother and I used share room but then he moved out of city for work.
    The building I live in was said to be haunted and everyone have felt some paranormal force.
    My brother told me that he saw different men watching him sleep when he got up in the middle of the night and then disappeared. It happened from time to time. We suspected that it was a D’Jinn as they are believed to shift their appearence. It never harmed anyone but whenever any of our relative visited, they told us that they felt someone watching them. My aunt saw a guy standing near her during about midnight but disappeared after some time.
    Now that my brother has moved out, I have our room all to myself.
    I sleep on the side where my brother used to sleep and since then I have been having nightmares. Once I was in a forest and an owl attacked me. Then in another dream, lots of cockroaches surrounded(i am afraid of bugs). It happened for some time but last night I had a different dream.
    This time in my dream I was in my own room and I was clicking some photographs. The door to backyard was open. When I clicked a picture of my backyard I saw a man looking at me. It appeared only in camera. When I removed the camera, there was no one there. When I looked through the camera again, I saw the same man running towards me and he looked like he was a angry at me. I could feel his hatred and disapproval. I don’t know what it wanted but when I woke up, I saw a shadow figure near the door looking at me but it disappeared after a second.
    It never haunted anyone before but suddenly I feel like it’s targeting me.
    I don’t know if it means harm or it’s messing with me, but I am scared and I don’t know what to do. My family thinks I should pray before going to bed. We can’t move out of our apartment because of the economy.
    Please tell me what I should do.

  153. rosemary t says:

    I really got alife timewhere djinn can come any time and take me out of my body ……I worry for my family ….these djinn I have no help ….I don’t know a muslim who can help me I. Don’t have a imam to get…people don’t believe me….I think its nuts my self ……..I didn’t have to be muslim to find these djinn…….how do I get ride of them………..I want my soul back and I wnt to goto heaven when I die….but these beings been trying to zap me out of my body before I die …..and turn me into. Nothing ……they the djinn call there self christt I refused them all I got like almost 7 to 8 djinn messing with me ….I. really think this is a mess and I shut up talking about the djinn to therpist because they think I am crazy ….I don’t want this fate …..I got my family to care for …….I want help is all I wwant but I can’t tell you whendjinn are coming its useally now when I do something christian. To bring my self closer to god …like when I went to. Get saved the djinn tried to take me but couldn’t ……I think jesus could played apart but before I went to bed I asked enki to protect me…… anyway I managed to stay alive since 2009 when this started ……I feel tired of fear ………

    • Mahmoud says:


      I can send you some prayers to listen to and see if they help.Don’t believe the lies of those shaytan, seek refuge in God and he will protect you.The reason why they are trying to discourage you from praying to God is because they know if you do they will leave.They try and draw you away so that you are vulnerable.Do you have an email address that i can send them to?

  154. Adrian says:

    First, I would like to say that I appreciate the hard work which has gone into the The Vengeful Djinn. I was originally captivated by the subject when the authors Rosemary and Phil were guests on Coast to Coast with George Noory. I purchased the Vengeful Djinn almost immediately including Robert Lebling’s Legends of the Fire Spirits which I think would supplement the subject nicely.

    I personally experienced a particular phenomenon of high strangeness that has apparently spanned the breadth of my whole life but most significantly from 1991 to 1992 which I now feel may be a part of this very issue. It started one January night of 1991 out in Robert’s Creek, British Columbia, when my father and I followed two little beings down a road to the beach where they disappeared in a flash of light. For the following three months I was aware that I was being observed by one of these individuals wherever I went. The area was heavily forested and the humanoid seemed to linger in the tree cover. Then it began to appear in my room at night. Three months later I would make the connection between this creature and the alien entities popularly known as the greys. It was at that time that the observations turned to actual assaults in the middle of the night. The attacks were paralyzing and electrical in nature. Now leading up to this my parents and I were involved in a spiritual warfare deliverance ministry which involved laying on of hands and driving out unclean entities that were oppressing people in a very negative way. So I reacted on what I knew from the ministry. The mind and body will always react according to how it has been trained.

    My spiritual warfare instincts took over. I stopped resisting the paralysis for a moment allowing myself to free fall into a pit of raw fury somewhere deep inside. This being wanted me to surrender. Images poured into my mind that are distracting but I know these were not my thoughts. I pushed past the illusions and there was an explosion of sound which reminded me of shattering glass. I remember feeling the rage mounting. There was a sound roaring in my ears. I directed all of this energy outward toward my attacker and suddenly the hands lift off of me. For some reason it felt like the fingers and palms were electrically suctioned onto my skin. The entity pulled back. I realized that I could speak before I could move… but it was enough. The syllables erupt from my throat with authority and power that caused him to stumble backward. In my mind I pictured an explosion of white fire erupting from every pore in my body. Literally a bomb of pure burning radiance bursting outward from me into its face. The effect in my minds eye was not unlike a phosphorus grenade. I will never forget how it shrieked in an anguish that was not audible. Its mouth opened but the noise of its pain was within my mind. I could hear it squeal in protests that were echoed within my head. No sound actually came from its mouth. Argent flame licked across part of its left shoulder and down its arm. Both of its hands appeared to blacken. Then it hurried across the bedroom scrambling through the outside wall.

    It actually went through the wall and was gone.

    I was not afraid. There was no fear. There is only the awareness of honed instincts that have had a solid year of training to combat with unseen negative forces.

    I would experience 157 assaults of this nature from the spring of 1991 until August of 1992. Each of them identical to what I described above. After the first couple of times there was more of them but the results were the same.

    Now I have to question whether they were carbon based aliens or djinn! They were absorbing my energy but they could not seem to absorb my anger directed at them without consequences. If they were trying to absorb fear what they got was violent resistance.

    I will say this. I always knew which one of them had been there the previous encounters because they still bore the burn marks. I could identify them from their scars. But they were as persistent as I was stubborn because they kept coming back for more. This was a war. I was holding the line.

    My entire story is in full detail on my blog site at archived under the month of May 2012 material if anyone is interested.

    I certainly would appreciate some solid feed back on this issue. I strongly suspect these were djinn posing as greys but for what end purpose is anybody’s guess.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

  155. Doc Medina says:

    Im not the type of person to admit somethimg like this publicly; and I dont have anything to gain from posting this account. Just felt compelled to share.
    Iraq, Oct. 2004. My unit arrived at a small airstrip near the Babylon ruins. It was a remote staging area with desert all around. A couple days after arriving- My friend Jin Kong and I were walking, across a sandy area, to our hmmv. I picked up a strange rock from the sand. The rock was shaped like a rod, about five inches long and an inch in diameter. It was heavy like metal, white like ivory, but it was definitely rock. We had been joking about finding a magic lamp to wish us out of Iraq; So when I picked up the rock I said to my friend “Maybe there is a genie in this rock!” We both laughed. Moments later a huge sand storm was upon us. My friend said maybe there was a genie in the rock. We did not laugh as before. From that day we called it The Genie Rock. I kept it in my locker for the remainder of the deployment. I intended to bring it home and have it polished, but, I forgot it in my locker the day we left.
    In 2007 I went to a Santeria shop in Arizona. The owner was a santeria preist who claimed to see spirit guides. Without me asking he mentioned that I had one of the most interesting spirit guides. I asked why and he described what he saw. He basically described a very large muscular black djinn. He told me i had been bad before, but, curiously his only intent now was to help me.

  156. M.D. Rice says:

    I feel compelled to say something here. Not all jinn experiences are bad ones. Evil is not something one can put into a box or a bottle, it is not an objective item-it is very interpretive and subjective. It is difficult, as well, for human beings to grasp the concept that we are not the epitome of entities. As a matter of fact, folks, we rank pretty low on the chain-about like ants in the earth animal kaleidescope. And, amongst non-human spiritual entities, morality is a misnomer. These beings are not immoral or amoral, morals just do not apply. I have had many spiritual experiences, and I can say quite honestly, the only true evil I have encountered was at the hands of men. Humans will project fears and personal defects upon whatever icon their spiritual and mental evolution will provide. For some it is demons, for some it is aliens, for some it is mental disorders, for some…it is jinn. Jinn cannot and will not harm any one, but twisted fears and ugliness disguised as religious fervor can harm many.

  157. Mahmoud says:

    I remember something funny which the djinn once did.I remember it came at such an awkward time that it had me laughing for days.

    Okay well i was with the sahir, he would usually have you site round him if there were more than 2 people coming to see him.

    So i entered in the room, and he was sitting on the ground in front of me, just then another lady who i did not know had come to see him , also sat beside me.

    Now , the sahir summoned the djinn, the groan and grunting along with a heavy crash one they are on the ground.

    Now it was pretty tense because i could sense that the lady next to me was terrified,i think she was not used to them.Now for some reason the djinn could sense this, and as is customary the introduce themselves to you and greet you in a mocking way.

    Now for some reason this djinn, singled this lady out ,and it immediately said if i translate from Arabic ” Let me come over and shake your hand”, and it moved towards her.To understand this you have to have heard how djinn walk , they walk very awkwardly it sounds like one leg is shorter than the other and very heavy.

    I think this lady practically jumped on top of my head and she screamed, the djinn just moved back and continued the conversation as if nothing had happened.I noticed the sahir had a slight smile on his face and told the lady “don’t worry, the old ones are just playing with you, they can’t shake your hand”

    I remember it was one of those moments, i will never forget.I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the session.

  158. A Djinn Speaks says:

    Strange things have been happening all my life. I always wondered “why?” until just a few years ago.
    My parents died, I spent much of my young life as a foster child, I grew up with no advice, found out I had a long lost sister, had jobs that should have been forever evaporate.
    All this and much more can be traced back to wishes I or other people had made.
    One good example is when one of my children made a wish. My seven year old daughter made a wish that Daddy had a job like Fred Flintstone.
    I lost my job as a draftsman (my primary profession) and wound up moving rocks in a factory that made stone panels. (With a “slave driver boss no less!)
    Then I realized that my job bore a frightening similarity to the work of a pre-historic cartoon character.
    I thought that she had the talent of “wishcraft” and begged her to wish for Daddy to have a good drafting job again. Within a week of that I found a new drafting job and got our life back on track. Needless to say I became very careful of the “W” word around her.
    But it really wasn’t her I was to find out later. It was me.
    There are Djinn who are spirits and interdimentional, this is very true. I have run across several and know a couple of them quite well.
    There are also those who are trapped in corporeal form. Like me.
    I always wondered why my life was so strange and why the US government had a thick file on me. It was because they knew something I didn’t.
    My third marriage ended in divorce and I married my forth wife. Not necessarily in that order, but that I will explain later.
    My present wife is an international theologist and she was the one who manged to notice my true nature.
    We had met in a mosque after 9-11, which is a significant date for me personally as well as the USA.
    We lived in Baton Rouge during and after Hurricane Katrina. We were not doing as well as we should have been because we didn’t have a car. So one day she said “I wish someone would give us a car!”
    Two days later, a man from the nearby mosque did exactly that. After that she started a series of tests.
    She wished in my presence for a good working bread machine, and while stuck in a traffic jam, there a good working bread machine sat, right next to our car. Everything was there, it was in perfect condition and even had the instructions with it.
    The next test was wishing for a larger bread machine. One in perfect condidtion was found right out side our apartment door. We found out that wishes have to be specific for technology when she wished for two large flat-screen TV’s. I found them right across the street from us.
    Both were broken, but otherwise exactly as she wished. But that was far from the limitations of making wishes near me.
    A while later, a friend of mine was cheated by a mecahnic. he said he wished the guy would die for cheating him.
    Three weeks later, the police broke into his apartment to find the offending mechanic dead.
    I and she have both observed that wishes made on me that are within the realm of possibility are a 100-0 rate of coming true.
    There are certain condidtions to wishes, unlike and yet like as explained in shows like “I Dream of Jeannie”
    No djinn can create things out of thin air and there may be consequenses to them. “You an wish to stop a war, but to do that you might start ten others. If you wish to irrigate the Saharah, you could drain an ocean to do it.”
    That is not fiction. Everything has to come from somewhere.
    If the author would like to know more, send me an email. I don’t personally have an “agenda” although I will protect me and mine with deadly magical force and have done so. The book is good but from my point of view, it misses a few things, especially concerning the corporeal type. I might even have a few things to learn about using my power and controlling it. It’s not nearly as simple as people seem to think. One thing I have learned is that “Be careful what you wish for” is a rule humans had best be careful of.

    • M.M. says:

      Hi Djinn Speaks,
      I have important news for you. Leave me a reply when you get this message. It’s very important.

      Thanx. :))


    • M.M. says:

      Djinn Speaks,

      What a load of CRAP!! Are you not human!!
      I’ve been wishing for a lucky win of $3000,000,000. and haven’t received it yet!!!
      Also, how can we send you an email when there’s no address to email to, how can anyone converse with you when, clearly, you don’t read this site very often at all. !!!

      • M.M. says:

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is so i can find my message and mabey a reply from somebody, anybody!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • admin says:

        Email addresses are not published on this site as a precaution against people peddling Djinn wares which may be of dubious merit. Some people drop in on this site once or twice to make their points, some are periodic or regular contributors. There are a wide variety of viewpoints, as anyone can see from the posts. I avoid overbearing religious diabtribes from any faith (many religion-based comments are acceptable), attempts to sell services or merchandise, explicit conjuring rituals, and inflammatory remarks aimed at religions, cultures, races and countries. At some point I hope to revamp the structure of this site to make postings and threads easier to follow.

        Thank you all for your contributions, which have made this site a valuable resource for many people around the world. -REGuiley

  159. Sadiyo says:

    I’ve been having nightmares every night or morning. It’s always a dream where I can’t move and an invisible or black shadow man is near me. He wants me to give up I don’t know what. In my dream it was so real I could see my brother sleeping in his bed I couldn’t move then the djinn/ black shadow man wraps my face with the blanket so my brother can’t see me then he stands near me menacing but then I mange to move my head towards my window and say gods there for me I won’t give up but then the being disappeared and left. But every night i sleep in that room I have these dreams. Where an invisble being steps on my ribs I can’t move or they harass me in some way. And in the dreams it’s feels so real as if I’m awake. I haven’t told anyone about my dreams except my mom and her friend. The room just creeps me out. I had a nightmare in that room an I ran to my moms room I was so tired I couldn’t sleep but instantly my body wouldn’t move and I was forced to stare into the room I couldn’t move. But my mother came and I snapped out of it I then tried sleeping on the couch but felt nervous and twitchy. So I don’t sleep for 23 hours then finally fell asleep on the couch. The couch is the only place I’m safe. What should I do? Wht does it want me to give up? Why?

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi sadiyo,

      The shaitan wanted to terrify you , and make you lose faith and hope but your excellent response chased it away.
      Try reciting these as well.

      Surah al-Baqara: 102
      Surah al-A’raaf: 117 – 122
      Surah Yoonus: 81 – 82
      Surah Taa-haa: 69

  160. Nick says:

    Would there be any consequences, which might occur simply by buying a djinn pendant/necklace/ect on Ebay (for example), NOT GOING THROUGH WITH THE SPIRIT BINDING PROCESS, but to just hold onto an item with Djinn inhabited?? Seems that buying Djinn online is quite popular, regardless if it’s unlikely to actually obtain Djinn through the alledged vessels. My best guess is Djinn wouldnt approve of this and would let it be known.

    I have in fact, purchased a female ifrit, bound to a pendant vessel. Without having prier knowledge of spirit keeping, this offer looked quite enticing. I’m extremely thankful for finding this website while my Ebay purchase was in the mail. Honestly, the odds of me finding this website are staggering, given the timeframe and all. After reading the vast majority of this website, I’m thankful for the warning, I had no idea….

    My experience with metaphysics, spirit keeping, wicca, magick, is zero. Like I said the Ebay ad just seemed so intriguing. Just goes to show any average John Doe could stumble upon this innocent idea, followed by their life in ruins.

    Would appreciate an expert opinion.



    • Sadiyo says:

      I’m a spirit keeper 🙂 I have a marid djinn I’m getting a ifrit soon though. Be wary of eBay though a lot of fakes. But I can tell you that spirt keeping is alittle hard but if you need help leave me your email ill help you:)

      • dominic says:

        Greetings I want to know more about keeping a djinn I found someone who sells djinn bottles I want to know if he is real or not or do you know where I can buy from

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi Nick,

      Okay about rings holding djinn i haven’t encountered that much coming from north Africa but i am aware of the sahir selling rings empowered by djinn.They may not contain the entity but are just simply empowered.It could be empowered for success and to bring good fortune and so on.But from my past experience , they are not very effective but you may experience change in the particular area in your life which was suppose to be affected

      Most of these “conjurers” take advantage of people.They may empower the object and when you take it you do see change but in reality it contains no spirit at all.Some may bind a spirit but most of the time, it may just be a very weak djinn or worse a shaitan.They make sure they advertise it as being marid or ifrit so as to fool people and make them think they are getting a very powerful djinn.Don’t get me wrong even sahir here sell rings but these are just empowered and contain no djinn.The djinn are sold in bid vessels where they are summoned about the size of a mans fist with a hollow bottom.

      You see the djinn usually operate in groups of 3 or more rarely do they operate alone.They complement each other and each with their own specialty.So if you see a ring saying that it can do everything and has a single djinn being sold for $40 or even $100 chances are it is false.Here in north Africa people literally sell their land in order to buy djinn, it can range from $1500 to $2000 to buy a djinn.Not only this before you buy the djinn , you must negotiate the terms as to what you will be giving it in exchange for whatever it is you want.It can take from 3 months to 2 years.They can be very demanding these djinn speak with audible disembodied voices you negotiate with the entity itself.In case anything goes wrong in future you are on your own that is how they have killed many people here.

      The problem with buying from these sellers is that , you are trusting this person who you cannot see with everything and are letting an entity which you do no know to honest into your home.It would be no different than opening for a complete stranger and allowing them access into your home.

      The seller as usual will always give you all assurances but once you have parted with your money,and you start developing problems they either go silent, turn hostile or are just as confused. Usually they will try and peddle another product of theirs to you.They will rarely accept the objects back because even they themselves know that it was not bound well.

      So before you buy a djinn you must factor in false advertising ,the probability that you may invite a devil into your home or the fact that it may have no entity at all and just be empowered by an entity or if your lucky it could actually contain a weak djinn.Because binding a djinn is no easy task and even here in north africa you have specific people who have been binding djinn for close to and is actually life threatening i doubt someone would go through all that and sell it for $40 or $100 after risking their life.

      I hope this helped shed some light.

      • Mahmoud says:

        Sorry i posted by mistake before completing what i meant to say. There are Specific people who have been binding djinn for centuries, it runs in their family.Binding djinn is life threatening and selling it for $40 or $100 after risking your life does not make sense.

  161. Lissonak says:

    I have to agree with you that for $40-100 dollars you get nothing but a cheap ring. I disagree with you that the vessel need be a bottle without a bottom or a djinn needs to come in groups. Solomon had a djinn ring, from what I remember. Also, this whole thing about binding new rings….what happens to the old ones? Especially in your stories, where every keeper and family member dies….the way you tell it we should be flooded with haunted jewelry and bottles.

  162. Mahmoud says:


    I think you misunderstood me, I said that in North Africa and all through my encounters with the sahirin , I haven’t encountered rings that contain djinn at all. They only sell rings empowered by djinn, that doesn’t mean that in the past or in other parts the djinn have not been bound to rings. But from what I have seen with the sahirin, they don’t keep them in rings at all. It is more complex than just rubbing a lamp and the djinn pops out. There is a process to it.

    I myself assumed all sorts of things about the djinn until I dealt with them face to face. I only speak from what I have experienced with real djinn, and real sahirin. As for when the owner dies in North Africa as well as other parts of Africa which I have travelled to, it is a known fact that the djinn will wipe out entire families when the deal or pact is broken. This is not a one off occurrence but a trend with them you hear the same thing everywhere you go to in various parts of Africa. I was even warned by a sahir himself some years back, when I wanted to buy djinn. You obey them and if you fail to carry out your duty even for one day they can claim the life of anyone in your family they choose or punish you severely.

    Usually the evil jinn or rebellious will kill everything in the vicinity of where they are kept .In some cases you could travel to another continent and the djinn would still follow you there and continue terrorizing you and your family I have met people who this happened to. The reason for is, you made a pact or deal and did not fulfill your terms. You are bound to the djinn and it now can do whatever it wants with you. No amount of pleading will get you out.

    When I speak of buying them in groups, I found this out from the sahirin and the numerous times I have encountered djinn. Each has their ability the same way every human has talents. One could be good with influencing people, another could be good with wealth, another could be good with protection against other djinn and curses another could be good with hurting or killing people and so on. That is why there are djinn you buy for wealth and there are djinn you buy for protection.

    Very rarely will you get an all powerful djinn chances are even if you did it would never allow itself to be bound. The sahirin use ancient djinn, that have been alive for more than a 500 years and they can even give you a history as to how the djinn were passed down the family line.

    Ask yourself why actual masters of djinn keep close to even 10 djinn. Wouldn’t they just have one? And these people know where to get them from. Djinn also feed on blood so having many would defeat the purpose and is costly. This is because each has their specialty. Solomon’s ring put djinn under his command a multitude of djinn not just one. I don’t see too many Solomon’s walking around that was a one time act and it had a specific purpose. The ring itself was forged in heaven and not by human hands. That should tell you that it was no ordinary ring .It was given to him by angels.

    If so many authentic djinn rings were around, then we would be like Solomon. Everything has fakes and the authentic. A true binder of djinn can place them anywhere the reason why they don’t place them in lavish diamond encrusted rings is because of practicality. A person who binds djinn should be able to bind them in a tin box if need be. After all you are not interested in the ring itself but the entity that resides in it.

    I just see expensive gold rings as a way to make money of people so as to justify the price. If you are going to pay $1000 or more you better have an entity that talks to you audibly. I see all sorts of ridiculous things like charging boxes and so one being sold separately. That is not necessary at all with real djinn all they care about is their blood sacrifice. But everyone can make their choice; if you have money to blow go ahead.

    If you ask anyone let alone in North Africa, generally in Africa where they are aware of the djinn, including small Christian communities and you just mention the word “Djinn”, they will tell you it is synonymous with death and to keep away. People I have met who are poor and struggling would even say that they would rather die poor than buy a Djinn.Even they are aware of the poison chalice that an evil or rebellious djinn hands you.

  163. Lissonak says:

    I have nothing to prove to you and this argument of who knows what is silly. The djinn do not live in bottles or stay in jewelry but are attached to them, they can be attached to anything. You go back and forth, instead of rings we should be flooded with bottles what’s the difference? Idiots would just buy bottles non-stop instead of the fake rings, either way chances are you’ll still be no Solomon. I can’t say my ring is pretty and covered in diamonds but I also didn’t buy it from eBay expecting a miracle…. I just found a very old ring in Israel, while camping in the desert at a Bedwin (I hope I said that right) camp.

    • Mahmoud says:

      I can only talk about what i have experienced, and i respect what you have encountered, i believe we can all learn something new, but If there is anything close to a “Solomon” it is the sahirin.The keepers of djinn and have absolute control over them, not only one but several.The only people who suffer are the lay people, who buy djinn and think they can control them.I can only speak of djinn which have been bound and are under the control of a human being.These are confined to small spaces or objects when they are wanted they are summoned.I have heard of djinn living in abandoned houses, old abandoned towns , basically desolate spacious places but they are free, but i am just saying as far as my experiences go i personally have never encountered a ring or small object haunted by a djinn without it being bound in it.

    • Mahmoud says:

      I want to also mention something that might be causing confusion.Once the djinn kills it’s master it is free.But in order to do this the master has to make the first mistake or error or break the terms which were agreed upon.After this the djinn can do as it pleases.Usually they were already bound in the first place against their will, so once the get free, or the object that contains them gets destroyed, they will exact their revenge against the current master and every living thing in the vicinity.It depends on how enraged the djinn is.After that it is free to wander or go back to the sea or return to it’s brethren.

      In some case if you can trace the person who bound the djinn(usually the sahirin) they can remove it before it does damage off course for a fee usually the same amount you bought it for.The sahirin themselves have full psychic gifts as well as their own power to control djinn “it flows in their blood”as i was once told by one of them.

      Righteous or pious djinn already know that contact with humans is forbidden, so that is why most of the time the djinn people get are either shatytan or unbelieving djinn.

  164. Rahbinah says:

    I’ve been having a great time reading these stories and learning about djinn. I have a djinn story that is unfolding as I type. It does not have to do with me personally. It deals with a love interest of mine. I am a spiritual advisor and I do readings for others as well as for myself. This love interest was/is a client of mine. To make the long story short, he approached me wanting to pursue a romance with me. At that point I was feeling a very strong attraction to him. He would get readings from me mostly regarding whether haunted items being sold were legit or fake. I have successfully guided him in the purchasing of some of these products, most if not all of which have djinns attached to them. The readings I did about him are all telling me that I need to be receptive to his advances and welcome in this new relationship. He is trying to give me the world. He is very loving and romantic and when I put our astrological charts together (I am an astrologer) I see a very distinct karmic connection. So the issue is he is in touch with several djinn due to the jewelry he has purchased. His main djinn, a female told him that I was his wife in many past lifetimes and that everything we reunite in a new life our lives improve significantly. She told him to keep me close. He also told me about these other djinn that are constantly with him. He said that they are Marid and there are 4 of them. He calls them the 4 horsemen. He says that he can actually see them, that they are small, but very powerful looking. He even said that they will be in his cup when he is drinking a beverage. Just yesterday he tells me that he now knows that these djinn are riding seahorses! I know Marid djinn like the sea so to me this makes sense. We have yet to meet in person as our relationship has existed entirely online up to this point. I will be meeting him in person for the first time this Tuesday. I really like him, but I am a little concerned about his involvement with djinn. I told him that I hope I can see or meet some of them. He told me that the djinn he has in this certain ring is not shy at all and he will probably make himself known to me very easily. My question is, can I be adversely affected by these djinn just by becoming this man’s woman? I feel this tremendous force pulling me toward him and I find it hard to resist. Plus, my spirit guides told me that this relationship is necessary in order for me to accomplish this very big goal I have. I told him to be careful and treat them with respect which he claims he does. But he does create some concern in me when he says that he is master over them. After reading a lot of the information on this site, I realize now that you cannot be master over them as they have free will. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Namaste.

    • M.D. Rice says:

      Sometimes when we want something so badly, we will practically give a list to anyone who is observant enough to listen of how to attract us. I cannot say for sure because I do not personally know this man to whom you are referring, but I would, nonetheless, advise you to tread carefully. Anyone who calls themselves a Master to any person or entity is not someone you probably need to be associating with, much less developing a romantic relationship with. And I seriously doubt that he even has a concept of what the djinn really are, much less having an ongoing relationship with them. The tremendous force that you feel pulling you to him is probably no more than the pseudo-mystic cloud that he has so fraudulently surrounded himself with just for that very purpose. I ask you only to consider this one question, If you remove his supposed contact with the djinn completely from the equation would you still feel the attraction? I seriously doubt it. Additionally, you cannot truly know how you will react to this man judging by a solely online relationship. Online relationships are inherently romanticized and people can cover much through personas that are created in type. You must also consider that what your spirit guides are trying to tell you is that you will learn from this experience with this man, as in what you have already learned and will know when you can look objectively. The type of person you are describing can be very manipulative and very dangerous. Reevaluate what you know about him and be very, very careful.

  165. Mahmoud says:

    I will be traveling and won’t be on for a while, I decided to go and see a sahir just today and it was pretty amazing.

    Now here is what happened, I first called him this morning and i used the opportunity to do a check on the person who was sick. I gave the sahir their name and he told me to call back after ten minutes.He told me he had psychic gifts and could see.

    After ten minutes I called him and he told me everything about this sick person and he suggested that i come see him for further discussion but on my way that i buy 16 white candles.

    So I went and bought the 16 white candles and went to see him. After that i entered his house. He had the recitation the Koran playing on a small system. He himself was middle aged and short. He was wearing all white. Now i shook his hand and we got on to business , I could help but notice that he had posters with Islamic verses on his wall. He was also very well versed in the Koran.

    Now he invited me into the room which we would discuss what needed to be done. As soon as I entered I saw on his table all sorts of potions and things. I sat down and the room was well lit, he took my candles,set them on the ground and lit all 16 of them. There was a mirror which he told me to look at. He said he would see everything using his own power. So I thought to myself oh well at least I’ll be talking with him.

    He sat on the stool shut the lights and left all candles burning, the room was small so i could see him still very clearly.

    He didn’t waste anytime he shook this thing that sounded like rattles and above my head on the ceiling I heard a huge thing running and rushing towards his direction, he then said in a loud voice “slowly ,slowly don’t rush”. I almost though for a second that ceiling would give way.

    Before you know it the noise stopped and I heard a disembodied voice speaking beside the sahir, I looked at him and I could see everything there was nothing just the sahir and this disembodied voice. The sahir asked me whether I was comfortable with Arabic and that I could speak any language and the djinn would understand it. The reason being I am North African so he could tell. He then asked me to speak another language I spoke Arabic and the sahir refused he said”No speak any other language you know and see for yourself.” So I spoke some French and the djinn were translating what I was saying in French to Arabic in real time. This blew me away because I have only heard that they were able to do this but this had just confirmed it without a shadow of a doubt.

    So the djinn continued and greeted the sahir happily , and asked him how he was doing, the djinn began also addressing me , he was male and seemed very old but, noted that I was young, we went on discussing about the person who was sick and the djinn told me all about the situation it knew everything. While we were still chatting with this elder djinn , I heard a loud sound above me again , and running on the ceiling , it sounded like a human on all fours but moving at tremendous speed.

    I then heard another disembodied voice, this time it sounded young and raspy, but still male and it greeted the elder djinn with great respect, and chatted with him like the sahir and I weren’t there. I remember it asked the elder djinn”Ahh you are already here and have already come before me”.

    What struck me the most was the amount of respect the young djinn showed the elder. It was funny because when I would be speaking to the sahir, I heard this elder djinn give a loud moan like he was stretching. All the while you see nothing and the room is well lit.

    We spoke and it asked me some questions and I answered them back. Whenever I forgot to answer a certain question they reminded me and seemed impatient. Having dealt with djinn I know they have a short fuse.

    When the time came for departing, the djinn asked the sahir permission to leave. Once he granted them permission, they wished us all a good day and they left with the loud movement above the ceiling above me, now in the opposite direction. All the while the sahir was shaking this rattle as I exited the room. I waited for him outside greeted him and left.

    It is pretty amazing every time you encounter the djinn and engage them, it’s surreal, and always a new experience. I have never had them come from above before. It always amuses me because science looks for life out there in space, while we have other beings living right here on earth with us.

  166. Real Deal says:

    Hello, I know somebody who is married with a djinn. This djinn looks like a human with small wings and has very long wavy reddish black hair and pointy facial features.She wass married with him when she was nineteen. The djinn asked her to marry in an dream and gave her a beautifull green stone in the dream.She als had to sign a contract in the dream. He protects her against lower dimensional beings in the astral.This being can also shapeshift in a merman type of being with a long snake tail.I believe that these beings can shapeshift, but they also contain some type of bird dragon snake dna. This being is very protective and had promised that he would come for her in the future as her real husband.This djinn lives in some kind of large white castels with glass, in his home world.He can also heal disseases and love animals.They also fly in our skies, but invisible.

  167. Nick says:

    Just want to give an update to everything I’ve learned in the recent days. I think there is a little confusion going around in regards to the actual “dangers” of owning djinn jewelry.

    I’ll start off by saying something that many individuals might not understand. A djinn spirit, is a spirit of a DEAD djinn. A djinn entity, is a living “djinn” being. There’s a huge difference in the two, especially when we speak of “dangerous encounters” so to speak.

    Here’s the magic: If a practitioner wishes to conjure a spirit (djinn if he/she wishes) into a vessel (jewelry ect.), the spirit may do so WILLINGLY. It’s a mutual benefit for the djinn (as they get to enjoy our realm, and have a home), and owner (as they get to share company with a djinn). It’s as simple as that. From there the vessel gets sold off into the world we live in, often times brightening the lives of the new owner.

    Now, if a person intended to purchase jewelry with a djinn attatched, MOST LIKELY, there’s only a spirit attatched…. Which is why it’s imperative for the buyer, to be certain he/she is dealing with a legitamite seller before hand. So, don’t confuse this with “anybody that wishes to own djinn, don’t need any knowledge about owning spirits”. Because any honest practitioner, will tell you to do your homework, before venturing out, and sharing their home with spirits.

    Which leads directly to the point, of rarely hearing instances, of individuals that buy djinn spirits online, resulting in THEIR lives being “torn apart because of the djinn experience”. Anyone wish to doubt my claims? Please share….:)

    Thank you Mohamad, for taking the time to share youe expertise with others.

  168. Sadiyo says:

    It turns out that the djinn in my house our 4 ghouls that are bound and they have been sent by someone that hates my family. Someone did this to me I want to know how to track down this person. Becuse I want to grab this person and hurt them and cause the pain they have caused to my my family for years. How can I track the person behind these bound djinn? How can I track their spirit keeper?

  169. Nick says:


    Well if your claim is accurate, there are MANY options for you…. If you have an understanding of spirits, you can start by doing a variety of cleansing/banishing rituals. There are “curse removers” you can purchase through “accredited” metaphysical shops. Are you, by chance a spirit keeper Sadiyo? If so you could always fight fire with fire:) I’ve herd of people replaying muslim protection prayer songs (you tube has several), really loud and all day long, to rid them of negative spirits. If you are a christian or muslim, there are SEVERAL prayers for protection that can be used. Praying to your god is usually the first step you should take, and pray often. Are the spirits bothering you night AND DAY? Or usually just a certain time period. Are the spirits bothering your kids or family?

    • Sadiyo says:

      They bother everyone except my mom. They mostly during the night breath cause nightmares and make appearances. Once during the day laying on my mothers bed or my old bed relaxing. They run from the Quran but they are able to go around it.

  170. Mahmoud says:

    Hi sadiyo,

    I am very sorry that happened, you want to know how to track the conjurer,if that is the case, yes I do know something about that. Interesting you asked that question because the answer had been given to me by the elder djinn 2 days ago when I spoke with him. I had someone who had a similar problem and that is why I went to see this sahir on his behalf.

    The elder djinn spoke and told me that they could get rid of it, but it was slightly complicated. He told me that it would require 4 types of incense that would expel this particular djinn from the house. After which the elder djinn mentioned, that they would go and capture it and bring it back to where the sahir and I were. Once it has been brought back, I would be able to address this djinn and get specifics from it, like who sent it and so on under the watchful eye of the sahir , the elder djinn and his servants .He didn’t mention what he would do with it, most probably bind it.

    Now here is the complicated part, the elder djinn specifically had a problem with my age. He said I was too young and that this djinn once captured would not speak to me solely on the basis of my age. Remember young is relative to a djinn you could be 30 and it would consider you juvenile. The elder djinn said that it would show utter contempt and would refuse to address me.This was the main stumbling block, he then asked if the sick person could come and see them, I told him it was not possible.

    If I decided to go through with it interesting thing is, the sahir would get his share for the work to be done, and the djinn themselves also asked what I would give them in return. They mentioned that a portion of the money would go towards the poor. They told me that I would buy food and give it to the poor. I have never heard that from that any djinn I have encountered so that was new.

    The money was not divided equally, the sahir was clearly getting a larger share, compared with to his djinn. Ironically these djinn were more concerned for the poor children than the sahir. They would give about 20% of their share to the poor children through me.

    So sadiyo I hope this helped, I wish I could have done more maybe insha’Allah when I return, since I am leaving this evening. In the meantime try and get someone who can do something about it.

  171. Sadiyo says:

    I have someone to help me but these ghouls are so sneaky and tricky they were supposed to be banished but they came back especially the one that’s very very attached to my brother. It talks to him all the time and follows him。 but also breaths on him. I’ve seen what they Truly look like ugly and cat like monsters that are black I cringe when I think about it. But how smart are ghouls? What are there abilities? Are they able to drain energy? Can you tell me more about ghouls Mohamed? Thank you

    • mahmoud says:

      Hi sadiyo,

      Sorry was away for sometime but i am here for about a month before i leave for a longer period.

      All djinn can drain energy, i witnessed this first hand when they drained the life of a healthy full grown chicken i had brought to the sahir in a matter of seconds they killed it.It just slumped it’s head over and was dead in my hands.He did not even touch it.It was what they had requested before carrying out a task.

      The ghouls would be the ones around dead bodies like in cemeteries.They are not very smart and are more primitive.There are some djinn that definitely more primitive than others.

      Over here people classify them in terms of the areas they reside like the ones that are from the sea are the most powerful which are obviously marid.It is also where they can appear as people and interact with humans.They tend also to be slightly friendlier than the others.

      But cemeteries you get the primitive ones the bad ones.Usually they request human life.All djinn are capable but some are more capable than others.It just depends on the potency of their spells.

      Ghoul are not really known for powerful spells but they can pester people.The ones people tend to use are mostly shaytan here are marid and ifrit.But especially the shaytan.People like using the evil ones because they can do anything and don’t fear repercussions.

      A good djinn will refuse to harm a human or do bad things, but incredibly i have heard cases of unbelieving djinn turning on people who wanted them to kill or hurt somebody else without a reason.Only a shaytan will oblige and not hesitate.

  172. Summer says:

    Ah, I don’t know how to even say everything. It’s just so odd! If anyone here has any thoughts on what I’m about to post, I’ll be really happy. Well, I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

    Well, I’m 18 years old and my family are Christians. I always believed in the possibility of spirits and other beings, but I deemed myself Agnostic for awhile. Well, around nine months ago, a friend of mine told me that I had to start reading creepypastas, so I said, “Alright, I’ll check some out.” After one story, I had to keep reading. Then, I got to one about nightmares, accompanied by a video of a man having a disturbed sleep and a hand coming at him, claiming that when one has nightmares, they are real. Stuff like that. I quickly shut the computer off then. I was fine until I was alone in my room that night. I felt intense fear and couldn’t sleep. I was scared the creature called The Rake would pop up in my room and attack me. Needless to say, it wasn’t the Rake that showed up. Nope.

    I was laying down on my side, unable to sleep, so I rolled over onto my back, and what I saw frightened my so bad that I sat up with a start, but it was still there. It was a tall man of fire standing at the end of my bed, staring at me with smoldering yellow eyes. My eyes were glued to those eyes, so I only vaguely took in everything else. He had small, dark orange flames covering his body, he was tall and looked muscular, no hair, and he had some sort of gold jewelry or adornments on. I let out a gasp, apparently so loud that my mother could hear it from the other room, because I heard her shouting behind me, “Summer! What is it? Summer! What’s wrong?” But I couldn’t reply.

    Finally, my brother ran into my room asking me what was wrong, and my eyes were still glued to what I saw. Shortly after my brother showed up, the fiery man started fading from the bottom up like smoke, but no smoke was present; the bust was left, then the head, then the eyes faded last. When I finally turned to my brother, I said mechanically, “I thought it was mom.” Even though I thought no such thing! My brother left without ever seeing him.

    For the next 8 months, I started seeing things at night regularly. Most of it was just odd, and hard to place a name with. Some of the things I saw were: shimmering mist, odd shapes, orbs, a snake-like cord winding around my room, a person in my doorway, a voice that I couldn’t understand speaking to me in my sleep and when I turned, a male figure in white light was sitting at the edge of my bed, a tall, shadowy figure with multiple appendages starting to appear above me (but I jumped out of my bed and ran away in fright), and then I started seeing things in my room that I had in the past but were long gone. I saw a jacket covered in hearts that I used to have years ago, hovering in the air, then I saw a stuffed animal holder I had when I was young, hanging on the vent where it used to be. This really confused me, because I knew I had gotten rid of it long before. I even checked my closet the next morning to see if it was stowed away all that time, and it was not. One night my room looked like it was spinning and it had a strange purplish light about it.

    I brought this up to my dad finally, because I knew he would listen, and he said he actually had similar things happen to him. Except for him, he always saw the same thing every time, an old witch. He said at night she’ll sometimes be walking around his room, sit on his bed, sit on his chest and he can’t move, and sit on his chairs. This had been happening to him for years in all different locations. I found this very interesting!

    Another interesting thing is, I confided in a good friend of mine what I was going through because I was frightened. He always listened to me and calmed me down and made me think rationally again. However, he addressed me in a disturbed manner one day. I asked him if something happened, and he said he didn’t want to tell me because he didn’t want to frighten me. But I kept pressing me, and he finally told me that while he was walking down his hallway one night, he saw a dark beast with read eyes staring at him at the end of the hall, and that it vanished in a matter of seconds. He kept assuring me that he was okay and had it under control. This rather worried me though, because I was scared that I was putting my friend in danger!

    During the last few times it happened, I began to address it to see what was going on, or if I had medical issues or was going crazy or something. I talked about lots of things, from philosophies to trivial things that happened in the past, such as my sister being a relentless tickler when I was younger. I had laid down, still talking, when I suddenly felt something like fingers digging into my sides, tickling me! I froze for a moment, then freaked out and ran out of the room.

    Another time, I mentioned that if it was refraining from materializing because I would be scared, then not to worry about it. Then I went over a list of things that wouldn’t scare me if I saw it in my room at night, and I settled for a butterfly. A little later that night, I saw a massive winged creature with antennas shaped like lightbulbs flying through my room and out my door, with a trail of sparkles behind it! Then, for some reason, the scent of bacon filled my room. I moved around to see if the scent was in my imagination, but it didn’t go away.

    I looked down on the floor and saw my cat looking anxious,and immediately my cat purred and turned around to jump on my bed. My mind immediately translated his purr as, “Oh, you’re awake!” For some reason. I even smelled his fur to see if that was where the bacon scent came from, but he smelled like a normal fluffy cat. The bacon smell didn’t go away until I laid down, and I immediately sat back up when I noticed it was gone, but it didn’t come back.

    That same night, I tried to go back to sleep, when I was suddenly awakened by something pushing me at my left side. I looked over at my left, but nothing was there. It kept pushing me and pushing me, until finally I fell off the edge of my bed, but I stopped midfall before I could hit the ground, and then I floated back to my bed, where the pushing continued. I fell off and floated back on about two more times before I finally said, “C’mon, really? I’m trying to sleep.” And it stopped. I sat up and felt around the left side of my bed, but found nothing. Not even my cat.

    One day my mom and brother forced me to sit down and talk about my sleeping troubles, and they were in shock over what I told them. My mom thought it had to do with something I brought into my room, but I was very doubtful. However, I obeyed her and gathered up all the items I received 9 months ago and stacked them up to be thrown out. I slept on the couch that night. The next night, I returned to my room, and that night, I dreamed of a black dragon trying to approach me in my sleep, but me and my family cut it to pieces with swords. I somehow knew that the visitations would stop after that, and I haven’t had anything strange happen at night since then.

    Needless to say, I certainly accept the existence of spirits and other beings, and I don’t have any ill feelings towards them at all. I even cried about putting a stop to the visitations in my room, because I viewed it as a friend of sorts then. But I didn’t know whether it meant harm, so it was better safe than sorry. Of course, it still may be there, I just can’t see it. I have a fondness for these beings now.

    • Kay says:

      well Summers there’s actually a prayer that can get rid of those things because some are actually harmful.. (talking from ALOT of experience)..

      • Summer says:

        Hey Kay, thanks for responding.

        This is exactly what I was wondering! I have a feeling it was harmful…That was a pretty rough period in my life then as well, for multiple reasons. My psyche went downhill too, almost as if I was deranged. It was like that off and on throughout recent years. I’ve been better now though, and haven’t been seeing anything. I’m quite worried about lasting effects, however. I haven’t noticed anything though. I do pray, but I do not know of the formal prayers for cleansing.

        The thing is, whether I can see them or not they’ll probably still be there. And I believe that bad spirits, djinn or otherwise, are pretty active as it is, in lots of people’s lives. Even if that particular one left me alone finally. Almost everyone I know and meet are going through tough times. I just don’t know enough to be sure whether such formal steps are necessary. Do you have any advice?

  173. Lip says:


    Why mostof the people had a bad experience with Djinn? I heard that there are bad and good Djinn, but Why are talking about the bad one Only? I thought that there are a lot of good Djinn, like the Marid Djinn that are Friendly, I have a question because I’ve seen that there are a lot of people with expericence here, What is the real power of a Djinn what a Djinn can do for his/her master? Can he do everything?

    • Summer says:

      Hey Lip!

      I can’t say I know much about Djinn, although I’m pretty sure that Djinn are the beings that approached me, my father, and my friend. I’m not sure how many Djinn visited me, or if they/he was the same that visits my father and my friend. I think that the one that visits my father is different.

      Anyhow, from what I’ve learned, I kind of guessed that Djinn are kept in order by the higher spirits. Since there is a hierarchy and all. I don’t believe they’re really supposed to interfere with humans, so it tends to be the bad ones people have dealings with. I certainly believe there are good ones out there! I think it just takes more effort to find them. Perhaps building up your spirituality and perceptive skills? That takes a lot of time and effort though, I try to do it myself haha.

      From what I’ve learned, I don’t believe a Djinn can do EVERYthing. I think they’re forbidden to do some things. Of course, if they’re bad, I don’t think they’d have qualms about doing it if they can. I heard that they can be as strong as angels though. But I think they’re quite different altogether from angels. Angels are happy and upbuilding, and do not disobey God. Djinn, on the other hand, have free will like humans from what I’ve seen. In my opinion, the angels are most likely more powerful in that respect.

      I sometimes have trouble trying to get a handle on the difference between bad Djinn and demons. Some bad Djinn are considered demonic, after all. I suppose it’s because they’re allied with the demons. There are humans like that too, though.

      I don’t know if I would ever purchase a bound Djinn. For one, what Mahmoud said is right, we can’t trust the sellers. Also, Djinn work in black magic, even if they are believers. I think that it’s best to leave them alone to be honest, because we’re living life in this world and bad things will happen anyway. What people get from Djinn is usually greedy it seems. I don’t think that stuff is what we’re supposed to get from life. And binding a Djinn seems cruel to me.

      Now, if the Djinn visits a human, that’s different. I had no way of knowing whether the one that visited me was good or bad, so I didn’t judge him as either. I’m just not knowledgeable enough. I don’t believe I was harmed in any way either. I think he was attracted to the intense fear I felt that night, which happened to be fear of the paranormal. I shouldn’t be afraid of that though, I know. I’m not even afraid to die, after all.

      Ultimately, I would not get a bound Djinn personally. It’s not in my personality to control things or people…and I hear Djinn can be really tricky to deal with. I’m too sensitive and not demanding enough I think. I just like talking and making friends is all lol. I would talk a spirit’s ear off…And I have…So a Djinn would just walk all over me, just like a kid with a lenient parent.

      So if it’s not in your personality either, I wouldn’t recommend it…Of course, there are people here way more knowledgeable than me, and I may not be fully right! This is just what I’ve gotten out of my experiences and the information so far.

      • Lip says:

        Thank you for your answer Summer, a think Djinn can help a lot human in this world, of course the are bad and good like the human.

  174. Sara says:

    I’m not sure if I’ve had a djinn experience, but it was definitely paranormal. Last night I awoke at 4 am to an odd feeling. My room felt unsettling as if there was some evil presence in there. I tried to tel myself it was nothing. I heard it walking in my room & felt it breathe on me until it took form. It was a shadowy figure in the shape of a young boy. I got quite scared and started to say a prayer to keep it away from me. Halfway through my prayer I stumbled over a word & the djinn took the chance to harm me. It blew out my hearing by filling my ears with a ringing sound, & made me vision go black. Along with this came the shaking of my body & it lifted me up off my bed. This attack went on for about two minutes. Once done the djinn disappeared. Since I am only 13 I freaked out & ran to my moms room. It appeared again at the door of my moms room. It took the form of a boy again & I believed it to be my little brother. I approached it saying ‘what are you doing up?’ & tried to hold its hand. Immediately another attack was set upon me. I ran into my mothers room reciting a prayer. It appeared again at the edge of her bed. My two cats in the room at the time looked straight at it & freaked out. They started growling & making other noises. Both sat at my feet as if they were guarding me. I awoke my mother at my point & pointed at the djinn. She couldn’t see it & thought I was hallucinating. It had made itself invisible to everyone but me. I did not sleep until about sunrise when it finally completely disappeared. I spent te rest of the night saying prayers keeping it from harming me. I’m afraid it will come back again tonight & conflict pain upon me. What have I done to bring it upon me & how do I get rid of it?

  175. irfan says:

    Very interesting experiences of so many people. I want to know if djinn is real. where I can buy them. only real jinn not fake. I been scam 3 times. I paid about $ 350.oo for ring . they told me its real but it was fake. Than other ring was 300.00 also. Can anyone tell me where i can buy real jinn. thanks

  176. King says:

    I have a Jaan and she is amazing and powerful.She really likes fragrances.

  177. M.D. Rice says:

    I will repeat what I said once in this thread already, not all djinn experiences are negative. Djinn are very wise and intelligent, powerful, emotional, gifted, artistic beings. Please, if you have only had one experience or only know of djinn through what you have read in books, do not be so quick to condemn them. They don’t deserve that. It is the equivalent of supernatural racism. There are those who have wonderful djinn experiences, there are those who are protected by djinn as many are guardians to unknowing humans, and it is more likely that sometime in your life a djinn has saved your life instead of causing you difficulties. There are many types of spiritual entities and ultraterrestrials, the djinn are only one set. It is very unfair to pin every negative action on them. They aren’t perfect, of course, but then who here is? To say they are intrinsically evil or malignant, however, is utterly and completely false.

  178. Mahmoud says:

    Hi ,

    I’m back temporarily for about a month before leaving for a longer period. I just wanted to add that the djinn the sahir had were believers. I knew this because he had the holy Koran playing in the room that was next to them in English. I remember it struck me as odd initially because no one was in that room, until I later realized that the djinn were residing in the next room above.This is where the sahir showed me a book that he had, it was a very old book he called it the book of the Shekh.

    One thing about this shair is that he had this piercing look like he was staring through you.

    I witnessed him convert a djinn before I saw him. This unbelieving djinn had possessed this lady and her husband had brought her because she would go into trances and start doing strange things in her house, wailing like an animal and some other things. I arrived when She was speaking with a deep rough male voice.The sahir had this incense burning which seemed to really affect this unbelieving djinn.It also seemed extremely weakened. The sahir made the djinn convert and after which it left the lady and she was normal.

    Before that she was spitting and vomiting all over the floor continuously and was making this growling sound with her throat. She had this wild look like an animal. The djinn was hesitant to leave after he converted it and he told it in Arabic” You are now a muslim and what you did to this lady was bad, you must now stop doing these bad things ,Leave immediately”. It agreed but did not leave, then he shouted “Leave in peace!” Then it agreed and left.

    Dealing with djinn can be tricky believer or not, because even the believer djinn were trying to make me commit, when I didn’t want to. All did was keep quite and that seemed to make them angry before they eventually gave up trying.

    The secret with djinn is, never commit to anything you cannot fulfill or are unsure of because you’re bound by your words .They will try and test you by bullying you but whatever you do never commit to something you know you cannot fulfill. Djinn deal with promises not like we humans, you must honor your promise or else they will punish you severely.

    • mahmoud says:

      The Sahir made the djinn repeat the words “Ash-hado anna laa ilaaha illalaah, wa ash-hado anna Mohamed ar-Rasool Allah.”

      By the time the djinn had sad this it had been weakened I had only caught the end.I noticed the lady’s eyes were half open and her eyes were white and she was glaring at the the sahir like she had wanted to tear him to pieces.It was like her pupils were rolled back permanently. Her husband was also praying but was behind the sahir. I noticed he was quite afraid, I don’t blame him, because the person speaking at the time was not his wife.

      Her posture had changed as she was struggling with the words from the Koran, repeating after the sahir, sometimes she would stop and moan and then start vomiting. She was hunched over and was sitting like a man but her facial expression was like that of a wild animal I will never forget it.

      After the process she changed, I could not believe it was the same lady, she was gentle and it was like awaking from a bad dream she didn’t even know where she was. But she was very tired.

  179. rosemary says:

    Jesus protected me from djinn !!! i went and gotten saved by a christian and became born agian !!!!! and aftwards djinn came to take me and i was full of the Holy Spirit and the djinn was unable to take me ..he mind controled me to curse God and Jesus wouldnt leave me he stayed with me !!! everyone who has issues with djinn and their et companions go to Jesus he will protect you ! i didnt see it at first ! but now i believe …i really believe !!! i gotten born agian !!Jesus is answer !!!GO GET BORN AGAIN !!!! and Believe Believe with all your heart ! and dont full with this stuff ever agian ! all this stuff is bad news djinn are demons !!! they turned there back to God !KEEP IT SIMPLE THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD !!! Jesus the Holy Spirit and God are all real !! Heaven is Real !!!please beef it up !!!I COME BECAUSE DJINN ARE IN SPIRIT WORLD AND DISTORY ALL THE UNBELIEVERS OF JESUS !!!AND WILL DOOM YOU !!! UNBELIEVERS IN JESUS WILL BE GIVEN A SECOND DEATH BY THE DJINN AND COHORTS !!! JESUS saved me from the doom they tried to give me !!!! and JESUS IS REAL HE HEARS EVERY PRAYER WE SAY >>>> I must say pray to Jesus admitt your a sinner and that you want Jesus to be your savior and be free from fate of djinn !!!!! PRAY !! JESUS RECUE me from djinn !i am not lying I thank Jesus thier was no resource to go to But Jesus ! and Jesus saved me from the doom ! i am so thankfull i am me now and that all who turn your back from God give him a chance ,give Jesus a chance !may you please here me Jesus can save you ..GO GET BORN AGIAN !!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Note: This post about born-again is from another Rosemary, not the site administrator or author. From my own experience, I have seen many remedies applied against the Djinn. None of them seem to work 100% of the time in 100% of cases. What works in one case does not in another. — RE Guiley

  180. rosemary says:

    well i am rosemary t. and yes jesus protected me !i am saved !Jesus is the savior ! and that i am thankful ! i will state Jesus protected me from djinn and et cohorts who where trying to take me out of my body and turn me into nothing ! the djinn had no power over Jesus ,GOD,and the Holy Spirit !i gotten saved and the djinn had no power over Jesus christ .i am thankful because i am a american i had no one to help me .but i was in a chapel sevice and a pator said go become born agian and nothing will be able to nab you in death .you will be untouchable and i stood up and prayed the prayer .that i was a sinner and that they went over the second death with me and asked me to believe jesus died and rose agian !and ask that JESUS BE MY LORD AND SAVIOR !! This was 100% the solution that i needed in my life !after i gotten saved i prayed to jesus ..i told him i needed protection because i knew djinn where coming for me .and i didnt know the answer .i stated if i die i want to be a believer in him and try to do it right .please understand i lost faith for 7 yrs before i did this ,i was a satanist and that getting saved was what i decided to do and try ,all i wanted was effort to be who i was before ever being a satanist .and that Jesus heard my prayeer !!! he knew i wouldnt understand every thing !! but when i went to sleep that night a djinn came and called his self christ and told me to curse god in my sleep .it hand its hands in me trying to take my spirit and i was untouchable !I was a unworthy person ,and i went to JESUS and he protected me !he protected me after all i did to put down heaven in 7 yrs of my life ! he came and saved me !and this was 100%percent effective was the answer and solution ! JESUS SAVED ME !I WAS A FIFTHY RAG AND JESUS SAVED ME FROM DJINN,THAT IS LOVE !I WANT TO BE RIGHT WITH JESUS ! I NEVER GOING TO TURN MY BACK AGIAN ! I SWEAR I AM BEING HONEST AND TRUE ! JESUS SAVED ME FROM DJINN ! I AM SO TELLING THE TRUTH ! HOW ALL THIS STARTED ON ME WAS IN 2009 I DIED AND SEEN THESE DJINN WITH ET COHORTS ,THEY TOLD ME NO BIBLE NO CHURCH NO HELP DONT TELL NO ONE THEY SAID SINCE I DIDNT ACCEPT THEM AS CHRIST THEY WHERE GOING TO TURN ME INTO NOTHING !AND WHEN I GOT BACK TO MY BODY THEY SENT A TORNADEO AT ME FOR PICKING UP A BIBLE AND TOOK ME OUT OF MY BODY TO TURN ME INTO NOTHING !I WAS HEAD DEEP IN MY SIN ! AND THAT 2012 I GOTTEN SAVED AND JESUS SAVED ME FROM THESE BEINGS I AM SO THANKFUL!!!!JESUS IS THE ANSWER !JESUS WILL STEP IN JESUS IS REAL SO IS HEAVEN GOD IS REAL THE HOLY SPIRIT IS REAL ! ITS ALL REAL JESUS IS SAVIOR ! I AM THANKFUL ! IF DJINN GOTTEN ME I WOULD OF BEEN DOOMED ! JESUS IS REAL HE SAVED ME !!!! HE SAVED ME…HE SAVED ME DJINN HAVE NO POWER OVER JESUS !JESUS IS LORD ! I AM SO THANKFUL .I PRAY NOW I READ MY BIBLE ! I GOT TO CHRUCH ! I TELL YOU I GO TO CHURCH AND MY THROAT IS SOAR FROM THE SPIRITUAL PAIN I FEEL ,I WAS SAVED !I AM BORN AGIAN! I AM EXCITED TO TELL YOU ALL JESUS IS THE WAY ,,THE LIGHT AND THE TRUTH ! JESUS FORGAVE ME ALL I DID !jESUS IS REAL !JESUS IS REAL JESUS IS REAL ! JESUS IS TRUE AND HE NEVER WILL TURN A SINGLE PERSON AWAY WHO GOES TO HIM NO MATTER WHAT YOU DID ! GO TO JESUS AND BE FORGIVEN ..AND PEOPLE STOP BELIEVING WE WHERE CREATED BY ALIENS ! THATS WHAT TV AND INTERNET PROMOTE .ITS NOT TRUE ,GOD IS REAL …THANK YOU GOD ..THANK YOU FOR JESUS ..YIPPEE I AM FREE ..JESUS IS REAL EVERYONE DONT MESS WITH THIS STUFF !!!LEAVE THE OCCULT ALONE IF YOU ENVOLVED WITH IT ,,LET IT GO IF IT ISNT OF GOD ! LET IT GO ,,GO TO JESUS AND GET BORN AGIAN ! PLEASE ACCEPT GODS SON JESUS ! PLEASE FIND HE IS THE ANSWER ! I AM THANKFULL

  181. Michele says:

    On judgment day, even demons will raise their hands to the Creator of all to be saved. Who among us is to say that HE will not save them?

  182. Lol says:

    Hello Mahmoud ,

    I have been reading all the message on your website and i wanna tell you my story. First sorry for my English .Well since little I have been in contact which what I suppose “Djinns or entities ” So at the age of five years old a man was always coming next to my bed ( I didn’t see him I felt him, his energy ) so he was putting his face in front of mine and staring at me sometimes when I have had the courage to do it I was turning my face in front of the wall making him believe that I was sleeping and he was returning me with a such strength I couldn’t do nothing I was paralyzed. when he was there I was experienced something very weird and scary, my body or my soul was going on the air like I was flying until the ceiling, I was forcing myself to not crossed it and then I was landing in my bed very violently. it’s like he wanted to scares me for fun .Then during years I’ve suffered of a lot sleep paralysis I hearted voices with unknown language they were strangling, hitting in my stomach I felt very oppressed. Every night was the same horror I finally told to my parents that told me that it was my imagination they didn’t believe me.
    Then at the age of 15 years old i hearted in my right ear a woman who was screaming to someone she was in distress , then I hearted in my ear some women speaking to each other’s they were in distress then i hearted a man opening a door he tortured them. I remember their screaming it’s was horrible. I was like a spectator that was listening a scene from TV without watching the image. I hearted a little girl singing in my head , also another man but in my ear I could felt he was directly speaking to me and I remember his pervert voice I was always telling them to let me alone . At the age of 16 years old it stopped. I was still experienced a lot of paralysis sleeping but less than before then it stooped too. One day at the age of 24 years old I’ve been in my friend house I saw en object moving three time from left to the right like someone was moving it then this force hit the object in front of me I took it and replace it in its place its occurred the same 2 times after . So at the age of 26 I moved in my new housing and I experienced again sleep paralysis and my body was flying again, the man who used to boring me came back speaking to me in my ear I didn’t understand nothing as usual. I hearted again the women’s voices who have been tortured and noise of tanks also the same man who was torturing them he didn’t not speak the same language as the women . So for the other pervert man this time I felt him lied down in my mattress it took me a lot of courage to turn myself and to tell him to leave me after that he never came back. Then I hearted in my ears again others women’s voices it was angels voices speaking to each other and again one of this angel voice was speaking to me it was so beautiful to hear. Some of them were also whispering me things that I didn’t understand .Also I’ve seen some green light around my hands it was so bizarre and once a I have been insulted by another man . One day at the age of 30 years old I consulted a medium cause all that’s happened to me was not normal she told me that the voice I have hearted were womens who have been killed and tortured during the Algeria war they were member of the resistance. It’s bizarre cause I told nothing to the medium she already knew what I hearded and no ones in my family have been killed during Algeria the women didn’t belong to my family. For the others voice it was apparently some “guide” and the medium told me I was not spellbound or bewitched . In the beginning of this year I asked to all the presence that i have been in contact with me to show themself without scaring me. Two weeks later I was with my mother speaking about what the medium told me she never believed me. So When we left the car (It was in the morning) a grey and black shadow cames from my left then stood in front of me at one meter and stares at me then disappears in a sudden . My mother was shocked she still shocked at this day its was the first time I’ve seen a “ djinn or an entity” for real. since this day I have my mother that trusted me . It’s like he have hearted my request and cames only to show to my mother that what I was telling was true. So Mahmoud it could be djinns? Iam in danger? I have a gift? Why they don’t contact me for years and then comeback for disappears for years and then come back again etc etc… And about others entities who are not djinns who are they? I know that no one of my parents and sisters have experienced that iam the only one. I just knew from the medium that I have some clairvoyant ancestors from my mother’s family side, they didn’t know about that . Sorry for the novel.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi Lol,

      Sorry was away from sometime I travel back and forth , it’s not my site I am just a contributor, what you are describing is exactly what some sahirin have mentioned. You definitely have a natural gift and it seems very strong. It will come and go like that for sometime until it stabilizes .

      What I belive is give it time and see what happens, it will open itself up naturally. If you are making requests and are already seeing visual appearances then I believe it will open up in time. It also depends on whether you will be receptive when it does. What you saw was definitely a djinn, there could be a possibility that it could be djinn that your ancestor used or it could be djinn attracted to the fact that you have psychic abilities. I use the word “have” because it has been with you since you were a child and just dormant and so occasionally it manifests then disappears. That is very normal with people with that gift.

      Remember the first the sahir told me in plain English on the phone was “I am psychic” it was the only thing in English that he said. All sahirin are psychic it starts from there. The djinn are just beings that they add, and controlling them is a separate power unto itself. Now how accurate and you will become will depend on how much you practice your skills and perfect them.

      Even the psychic I had earlier spoken about Aisha, said the first thing she started seeing were peoples auras, people who would be praying a lot would have purple auras , people who were sad and depressed would have dull auras like grey. She received her gift after a near death experience when she was young. After some time she became so accurate that she could tell you the colour of the shirt you were wearing underneath your clothing just for fun.

      Being afraid is part of the process , there was another sahirin I spoke to who said the first time the second sight was opened someone had to stay with him in his house 24 hours watching him. Because he wanted to run outside from the things he was seeing. So just remember to be calm and try and control your fear. Fear has a way of growing if you let it, so give it time and see how it will develop, if you could get guidance from someone who is already psychic that would be good helping developing your gift.I cannot claim to know everything, but I have dealt with these people alot in the past and have picked up a number of things from them.

      • Lol says:

        Hello Mahmoud,

        Thank you very much for your answers the medium told me the same apparently iam a spirit wich was something very weird to me but since your explanation i believe that iam.I don’t wanna bother you but i have others question if you could respond to me it would be very nice from you. So for what i understood is that there is a difference between psychic abilities wich is a natural gift that is not related to djinns no djinns involved in it, and in the other side there is pyschic abilities given by djinns involded in a family line in the blood right? Is just that i wanted to know if a natural gift wihout djinns involved in it could really exist, as for the energetician or clairvoyant and medium could it be a natural gift also ? Iam a practising Muslim since my young age if i have a natural gift do you think its making shirk on opening the door to djinns? I mean speaking to djinns only? I can see auras two layers of it but everybody can see auras at least, the first layer or two, those who are psychic i guess with stronger abilities can see auras at least a largest perimeter wich is the big difference. I don’t know wich request i have to do because since i knew that on calling them i can attracted the bad ones iam a little bit afraid of it, i just wanna speak with djinns wihout exposing myself to all the dangers that could occured to me.Also you said on one of your message that Djinns couldn’t tell the futur but really i have friends who have seen some clairoyant people and everything happens even five or ten years later it happens. Mahmoud if you could help do you know some request and pratices i have to do for openning more my abilities? Because i have no one that could help me thank you.

        • Mahmoud says:

          Hi Lol,

          No problem I don’t mind answering your questions at all.About the psychic gifts, there are usually three categories, the natural psychic gift and the psychic gift given by djinn. Usually the power given by djinn fades with time and that is when the djinn usually make a greater demand or else you lose all your power. This gift is usually bought.

          Then there is the natural gift which stays with you till you die, the gift you were born with like yours.

          Let me give you an example you see the lady Aisha was a natural psychic but her psychic power was medium but not strong. So wanted more power and started practicing shirk and got a djinn. She became extremely powerful and at one time she even had politician’s wives coming to her.

          I don’t know what happened but she realized the power she was using was wrong and became a strict practicing Muslim. And you know what, when she changed her ways, her strong powers left her along with her clients. Although she is still psychic, she is not as strong as she used to be. She is just now an ordinary psychic not extraordinary. There is always a price with djinn, the day you call the deal of they take back everything and you’re left with what you started with if you’re lucky.

          The third category are people whose ancestors made pacts and deals with djinn for power and psychic gifts. Just because the person who made the deal is long dead, doesn’t make the agreement void.

          The last thing ,I will be absolutely honest with you, I am yet to find an honest sahirin. Some may seem pious on the outside like the last one I was sent to , but then you see an element of dishonesty with them. That is why if you are a practicing Muslim, my best advice is to stay away from the djinn.I barely escaped with my life a few times and usually people tell me that I am lucky to be alive. Usually once sahirin reveal their secrets to you about djinn and you leave them, they kill you.

          The last sahirin I met did not mentioning anything about having djinn, so when I went to see him he was first speaking to me about the Holy Koran and he was well versed in it. On the outside you could think you are speaking to a very religious man. But then after about 5 minutes he stared at me for sometime in silence, then said “Enter into my room”. That is where he summoned the djinn.

          I was actually quite relieved initially, when I thought he did not have djinn.But when I heard him summoning them my heart sunk.

          Before I couldn’t understand why we were advised to stay away from djinn ,but now I do. They are a different form of creation. Everything about them is different from their rules to mannerisms. Like the last djinn I encountered after speaking would suddenly make what sounded like a loud groan with a monstrous voice what sounded like “AH AH AHHHHHHHHH”.Like it was bearing its teeth , It made me uneasy, I thought it wanted to pounce on me.

          So Lol let your gift open up by itself, unfortunately I don’t know any techniques of opening up psychic gifts ,but I am sure you will be able to find some if you look, all the best.

          • Lol says:

            Hello Mahmoud,

            Thank you for your explanation now i understand very well but i wanna know another things.So about The third category of people with gift given from their ancestors who made pacts and deals with djinn for power .So for thoses ones, is the djinn give them a residual gift wihout asking for anything? Or they still asking on sacrifice or something in return? I mean its like the ones who bought the djinns?

            So sadly every sahirin you melt where not honest they played with people and fire, but could people with a natural gift could have a strong power as for the sahirin using djinns ?

            Thank you for your advice and your warning i will definitly stay away from djinns but is a natural gift can be used wihout being haram? As Aisha who might be still practicing after loosing her strong power …

            Mahmoud I wanna know if dead that haunted places really exist? Because i don’t believe in it i read a hadith about dead that could listen the people in their grave only. Also could djinns can see the futur cause really some of my friends told me that everything the clairvoyant has said happenned in the futur. So from what i understand they are a different form of creation of Djinns.

            Thank you again i will definitly let my gift open up by itself with god with god willing.

            • Lol says:


              I have a message from december 4 on awaiting moderation,if it appears don’t take it into consideration.

            • Lol says:


              I have a comment from december 14 on awaiting moderation, if it appears dont take it into consideration

            • Ahmad says:

              I purchased a a traditional javanese sword from indonesia called “Keris” it was actually hanging on the wall of the islamic school when i took a fancy to it i was asked to make charity to the islamic school in Garuth Indonesia,i was told this keris has a khadam they are higher entities born from zikir a class of their own between angels and djinns they are not djinns and they are not angels,i was asked to always shower the keris every thursday with three limes and to anoint it with a keris katsturi oil which came with it and his name, i took the keris back to me my house the next day i was very sick i was coughing out blood. the truth is that this keris has a djinn bound to it and not a khadam,the djinn was angry i took him awy from his wife and family and that i was too young to handle him because am just a new convert to islam,three days after i took the keris to malaysia from indonesia,the islamic teacher who gave it to me was praying and he had a cry and out of thin air another sword shaped like a sickle surfaced from the hidden,the teacher called me immedietely and asked me to come and take the second keris because they are couples,,the rules is that one stays hidden and one reveals if it wants,i was sick for the first two weeks because the KIA of the islamic school always zikir the keris is used to al koran recitation because its an islamic school it listens to it from dawn to dusk now its with me i dont pray so much except my 5 obligatory prayers, when ever i perform my salaat and i read the 4khul and Ayat kursi the sword quivers in its scabbard to maintain this sword and to keep it from hurting me i have to pray my five obligatory prayers and i have to play the whole al koran on my laptop from dusk to dawn,i also bought a stone called the 7putri which means 7princess it is set on a silver ring i have to anoint it every friday after friday prayer at the masjid,i need advice from you folks with lots of experience,the girls in my ring likes to play with electricity but they are nice,because there home in indonesia countryside dont have that so there curiousity pushes them to meddle with electric,also i get angry often and on like am turned on like a switch i was told by a muslim brother with experience that must of the islamic stuffs i have withe the sword of seyydina ali drawn on it are for war so i have to pray a lot to keep my temperament in check,my advice as a small boy of 25years old talking from experience is if you know you are not prayerful do not mess with the “Hidden” Allah” had a reason for seperating our dimensions the best djinn in their community can only be compared to the worst human being on earth,they are agitated,easily irritated,fast smokeless fire….if you are islam go for islamic stuffs if you are a freak,if you are christian go for christian stuffs because they bow only to their lores the fundamental of their belief

  183. Samuel says:

    Hi there guys, Im from Brazil, Ive had at least 5 experiences on astral realm with the Djinns, some unfrogatable another passed by…one of the most closest contact Ive been was talking to the Djinns face to face, I started reflecting thoughts of doubt about 2012, ascension etc…and the only answer I´ve got from the Djinn was “relax”, i also had participated in some kind of ritual down the woods below my parent´s farm with them, there lots of them and it seemd there was a elderly ones, also I contributes with money to some Three wisdown men traditional beilefe here, they go to houses of who believe and ask for money, food etc. I contributed because my family is tied with this illusion, so next night I received a visit of a Djiin who sat with me and in the similar shape of my fahter´s father started telling about history of aliens on the planet, I got consciouss again, there was a snake coming in scence in a lake close to the image, I followed the snake, the Djinnsaid sth about do not fear her…and that was one of my last contacts with them, hey are around most of nights though…the demon riders, the shadow riders, vulgo os Djinns

  184. Sadiyo says:

    Hey Mohammed
    No matter how many times I have someone banish djinns from my house more come in! I’ve already have 6 banished and now there’s another one. And it won’t leave me alone. It’s in my room in the corner. I’ve seen it during sleep. When I sleep my heart will beat out of control I can hear it even if I plug up my ears. And the dreams of someone putting force on me or it standing in front of me. They won’t tell the person that banishes them anything. How can I get it to tell me why it’s there? It seems to follow me. When Im cleaning or even out of the home. I’ve been kinda working on my 3rd eye it’s almost open. And i can almost astral travell. I think it wants me to astral travel should i do it? What should I do or how can I communicate to him?

    • cello says:

      The djinns dont enter house were quran is recited. Recite ayat al kursi and surah falaq, nas, fatiha, qul allahu ahad.. Play surah al baqarah in house. My self im intrested in comming contact with muslims djinns but it seems not possible without attracting the evil ones.

      • Ahmad says:

        Islam Djinns are very religious you must know the quoran,you must perform your five obligatory prayers,you must zikir constantly,then they will be fine with you and protect you from evil while Allah takes care of you,if you want islamic Djinns you will find them in the countryside of indonesian in pesenthrenes (islamic schools in villages) you go to indonesia and your perception of forces,Djinns will change,i watched my skin crawl out of me when i saw things the power of the qoran,nature and the “Hidden”

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi sadiyo,

      Cello made a really good suggestion frequent recitation will definitely drive it out since the banishing hasn’t gotten rid of them.

      I terms of the this djinn,it seems hostile from its actions, so just be cautious with it.The djinn have no problem communicating when they want, so by this djinn keeping quiet like this it means that it could have an agenda.Don’t open yourself up to it, it could be trying to draw you out.

      It’s impossible to know what its agenda is but just be cautious.You don’t know whether it could be s shaytan or an unbelieving djinn.A good djinn would never do that to you, so it just leaves those two categories with this particular djinn.

  185. Lol says:

    Hello Mahmoud,

    I juste wanna know that if energetician have made a pact with djinns? I knew two energetician that told me that they perform any prayer, called any djinns or spirit they just fell warm and cold on body people and only on apposing their hands they cure and have an effect on pain relief.

  186. cello says:

    I forgot to add. its crucial that those who says these verses anderstands the meaning of it and that you sincerely believe in God almighty.My cousin were subject to physical attack by a djinn. He just said ” in the name of Allah” bismillah, it vanished no matter how strong it was. Fear only god, cause djinns are terrified of Allah swt.

    After reading brother Mahmouds posts, agree with you. I dont want to step my foot in something which I would regret.
    i recommend video by abu muhammad on youtube. its very informative lecture about djinns.

  187. john says:

    can somebody help me? ok so i purchased a dijin it was bonded to an old arabic coin. i done the invoctation spell.and said the words i was told to say. with insence and candle. after this the coin went missing!!!!! i have tried the last 3 days to find it. im concerned that the dijin has taken the coin, i think he is trying to test me in some way. what should i do? and how do i communicate with him to give back the coin. advice any one.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi john,

      Since you have already done the invocation, and it has taken the coin here are a few tips from what i have learned with encounters from them.First you are very right it is testing you and trying to bully you and does not respect you but that is easy to remedy.If you ask for the coin ak firmly but politely for the djinn to return it.

      There are many times the keepers of djinn i encountered would shout at the djinn.He constantly had to reinforce his authority with them.He wouldn’t even let them get away with anything.When dealing with them , you must be tough ,if you are too polite then they will walk all over you and you will soon become your master, or worse.But at the same time you cannot be rude to them because they despise this and are quick tempered.

      Allow me to give an example , in all my encounters with the djinn ,when you first speak with them, they always ask you your name and where you are from.They want to know your full names and the actual home your parents are from.There is no use lying to them because they can check in a matter of seconds of you are telling the truth.

      To them it is part of their culture, not to do this would get them very angry especially the old ones.So just ask for it back firmly and politely.If the spell did not include introducing yourself i encourage you to do it.I wouldn’t be surprised if your coin magically appears on your bed or you find it a few days later.Hopefully you got a good djinn and not a bad one.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Hi John,

      I forgot one more thing, to show you the extent to which they go as far as introductions are concerned, after seeing this keeper of djinn when i returned home, i was lighting a small lamp, and then i saw someone swiftly pass behind me in all black a solid black form and very tall about 6 feet.It glided behind me while staring down at me really fast because i was crouching.

      I turned around and thought i had a visitor at my home and followed where i thought this “person” went.To my surprise i was alone in my house there was nobody that “person” had disappeared.

      I wasn’t at all shocked because a friend of mine told me earlier that they usually go and confirm everything which you had told them including where you live.So it basically followed me home.

      • john says:

        ok thanks for the information Mahmoud. this is my first experience with a dijin. im 30 years old by the way. is the relationship with me and the dijin now mutual friends, or am i his master?

        • admin says:

          I don’t think one ever masters the Djinn. But they’ll let you think so if it’s to their advantage. — RE Guiley

        • Mahmoud says:

          Hi John,

          Neither, with the djinn you are neither friend or foe.The best thing when dealing with them is remain distant and neutral.This way you won’t be disappointed.Never rely on them for spiritual counsel.They are just in it for what it’s worth and what they can gain.This is the case especially when under humans buy them

          Most people think it’s one sided but it is not.Trust me when i say the djinn are gaining in some way whether you are aware of it or not.It can be from draining your energy or your pets occasionally to other things.But nothing is ever free with them always remember that.

          As Rosemary put it no one can ever really be a master of djinn , it’s more of mutual benefit.It provides you with material pleasures or what you ask and in return you give it something or it takes what it deems fit by force when the time comes.

  188. Mahmoud says:

    Here is the latest example of a christian who recently bought a djinn without knowing the rules.

    I was told this first hand by a Christian friend of mine called Fred, who is an electrician.Now his younger brother wasn’t working for sometime,but wanted wealth.

    So he bought a djinn .Fred was telling me that , he started asking himself where his younger brother was getting all the money to buy these things from.His fortunes literally changed overnight.So one day he became suspicious and asked around and it turns out that his brother had bought a djinn.On finding this out Fred was distraught because he knew what was coming next.

    Now it reached a point where Fred’s wife fell sick, he took her to hospital and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.So Fred being a firm christian , went for prayers on behalf of his wife.His wife eventually recovered.

    Now here is where it gets interesting after Fred’s wife recovered , two weeks later, his younger brothers wife fell sick and died on the very same hospital bed where his wife had previously been earlier.His younger brother became enraged and now started accusing Fred of killing his wife.

    Once fred heard this he continued going for prayer,and tried to reason with his brother but he couldn’t get through.Eventually his brother died and he buried him on October 25th after a short illness.In a span of a month that family has been wiped out.

    Fred found out after a certain period the djinn now required human life , in exchange for everything it had given his brother.So Fred’s brother offered up his sisters in law as a sacrifice.But luckily you see, Fred countered it and went for prayers when he sensed something was wrong.And it was now reversed and unfortunately ended with brothers life.

    • admin says:

      Many people do not realize the price of making deals with Djinn. You won’t outsmart them. They can wait a very long time to collect, but they will collect. — REGuiley

  189. john says:

    well like angels there is good and bad ones as for dijin i guess the same may apply. the good dijin would not take human life. some i guess would want to help people with out harming them or their family members.

  190. john says:

    look at the bad things humun beings do to one another!!!!! this is why i turned to the dijin i have more faith in these dijin spirits than than humans. i told the dijin this. How could a human walk in to a school and shoot dead his fellow humans who are so much younger than him??? see

    • admin says:

      Good luck! __REGuiley

    • Mahmoud says:

      The thing about the djinn is that they make it very clear at the beginning,I myself wanted to buy djinn and become a sahirin in 2007.So i went to this very experienced sahir who was well known in the area.He had close to 10 djinn.

      First thing he asked is “young man are you married”. I said no , and he told me that only someone with a stable mind and family can handle the djinn.He said a young person cannot handle “the old men”. But i pressed him and he agreed.Now he begun telling me the requirements i didn’t even let him finish before i walked out.

      After explaining the ritual to me which included djinn possession, as a way for them to pass their power ,he made it very clear, that i had to obey everything they commanded.If they ever needed anything ,i would give it to them including my own parents!

      When i heard that i got up and he protested asking me where i was going. I told him i would come back and i didn’t return.

      In the djinn world the older the djinn becomes, the higher it’s rank.Unlike humans who get weaker with age the djinn get stronger.The older djinn usually have a set number of younger djinn under their command.

      At the end it all depends on the type of djinn you get,and the agreement which was made by the summoner. Just like humans you can get good ,evil or indifferent, but sellers prefer the bad, they are easier to get.They just want to make the sale.

      Keep your intentions pure and hopefully you should be alright.

      • admin says:

        Thank you Mahmoud, your personal experience speaks volumes. The message is clear: play with fire — even smokeless fire — and you will get burned, probably when you least expect it. — REGuiley

  191. M.D. Rice says:

    I just have to say this, because I really find the demonization of the djinn to be kind of funny. All the arguments are coming from the view that the djinn have some nefarious goal in mind and from the viewpoint that we have something that they want. Ask yourself, what do we have that these powerful entities need or want that they cannot get somewhere else?
    That’s right. Absolutely nothing.

    • admin says:

      They are not all negative, anymore than all humans are all good or all bad. I recommend that you read The Vengeful Djinn. -REGuiley

      • M.D. Rice says:

        I respect your knowledge and wisdom, Rosemary, in this as in all things, but it is just very dangerous for so many people on this site to allot every evil thing to a djinn. I have had interactions with these entities for many years and it pains me to see them so misaligned. Any entity can tell you that they are a djinn, that does not mean they are one. In fact, I would bet good money that you, yourself, have had many positive interactions with djinn. Most prolific authors do. Where do you think all that information comes from? Artistic muse = djinn.

        To see truth, one needs to look farther than the surface of the mirror.

        • admin says:

          For those of you who are actually familiar with my work, let me please remind you that I have stated the following many times, in print, in media interviews, and on the net: The Djinn are like us, good, bad, ugly. They come in all moral stripes and persuasions, just like people. The hostile encounters people have are a part of the spectrum, and they need to be discussed. Talking about the negative side of things does not mean that everything is negative. I do believe that in terms of our negative experiences, we are dealing with a faction of Djinn. I do not recommend summoning the Djinn or attempting to deal with them because situations can easily go out of control. We are nowhere close to knowing the full picture of what goes on between humans and otherworldly beings. -REGuiley

          • M.D. Rice says:

            Thank you, Rosemary. It means a lot that you have stated this. I am looking forward to your new book! Are you going to have ebook version available?

            • admin says:

              Yes, The Djinn Connection will be an e-book. Hard print will come first. I’ll have an announcement in my March newsletter when it’s available in the shop.

  192. Mahmoud says:

    Let me give an example how the djinn carry out wishes, or requests. This happened to me personally, it was one of the first times I ever experienced djinn.

    I met this sahirin called Saidi , he would openly display the power of his djinn, I got a glimpse of how they carry out requests.

    I had been working for 6 months before I met Saidi. I was still working on attachment and had not been fully employed. My boss at work hated me for no reason, and so did my workmates.

    Now the when I met Saidi, he did a check on me while looking into his mirror, with incense burning, he told me about my problems at work without me telling him and asked me whether I wanted them resolved and I agreed. Here he used his own power and not that of the djinn to check.But in resolving the problem he would use the djinn.

    The next week on Wednesday I got fully employed, my boss became so nice to me that I felt strange. Even my workmates were affected everyone was being so nice to me yet I was the same person. After 6 months of hell I was suddenly their best friend. What was funny was that I wasn’t even as qualified at the time as other people, yet I got employed ahead of them and even they couldn’t figure it out.

    But there is a catch, after I got employed, Saidi would come over to my house like clock work whenever I received my salary. By the time he was done I would hardly have anything for my own use.He would claim up to 70% because he made sure I was always in debt to him.

    So one day I got frustrated when he came over, my friend at the time was in my house, so I told him to tell him I wasn’t in. So Saidi walked into the compound where my house was and asked my friend where I was. My friend told him that I wasn’t in.

    He agreed and was about to leave when he looked to the side as if someone was speaking to him. And turned angrily to my friend an asked, “Are you telling me Mahmud is not in!” he asked this four times. My friend kept telling him I wasn’t in. Saidi just said “fine”.

    Well to make a long story short, I lost my job within a month. Before this happened, my boss started hating me again and so did my workmates with even more intensity .It became so bad I had to resign.

    There was something Saidi once did when I was travelling by road, It shows you the influence djinn can have over human beings. I would always get stopped by policemen and usually, would have to part with a bribe.

    So before travelling, I met him and we were talking generally and I mentioned how bad the road was with constant harassment from policemen. He said “ No problem I will send the old men with you”. He asked what day I was travelling and said they would travel with me all the way beside my car.

    Well I brushed it off but , the day when I traveled and was on the road, I was stopped 8 times by policemen and to my shock and amazement, each time they would stop me, when I would roll the window down , they would give a big smile and say “We just wanted to wish you a safe trip and greet you”. This happened to me when i was also returning.

    So I met Saidi and told him and he laughed saying “Yes I know, the old men were traveling with you and I saw how you were traveling from where I was.”

    • Mahmoud says:

      Just want to add that some djinn have very normal human voices and if you heard them you would think there is another human speaking , the only thing that gives them away are their intermittent groans or growls.

      When the sahir summoned the djinn the last time, the whole ceiling was literally vibrating before they arrived from wherever it is they were.It vibrated for a good 20 seconds , i actually thought it would collapse.They definitely came through something, which produced a lot of energy.I don’t know what it was they came through.

      The way the djinn were speaking was as if they were not here on this earth or they came from another place because when i had finished speaking with them , they said “let us to return”.

  193. beth says:

    i was once attacked by a djinn. it was last year. i was going into an abondoned building to look around and out of no where came the djinn. he was covered in tattoos from head to toe. i tried to run but he grabbed my arm. i tried to fight back but before i could he touched my face. as he touched my face he said “sleep my child.” and his eyes glowed blue. i fell asleep. when i woke up i thought the djinn was only a dream. i looked around and everything was the same. there was only one thing that was different there was someone in my bed with me. i looked at him for a minute it was the person i have always wanted to be with! i walked out into my kitchen and still everything was the same till he came out of the bedroom i didnt hear him come out. he stood behind me i turned around and he kissed me. i was so confused because in real life he hated everything about me. i smiled and tried to act like i knew what was going on. he said he had to get ready for work. “ok” i replied. i was tring to process what was hapening. i walked down the hallway but out of the corner of my eye i saw somthing better yet someone. t turned to look at them. they looked fimiller i began to walk twards them then two kids ran past and she was gone. i looked at the kids they were both boys they looked like my crush i thought they coulnt possibly be his could they. then it hit me i remembered that girl i had stoped her from killing her self after i asked my crush out and he rejected me. i had told her that i felt her pain. i tried to forget about it. i got dressed and left. i went to the old abandon building i had once been to the one i remember the djinn from i walked in. everything was the same. i looked around and there was the djinn i hid. whe he walked out of the room i ran for the door. i got out. but there was that girl again i saw her in a window on the third floor of that abandon building i knew i had to find her i rand back into the building.i found the stairs. as i walked up every step heard a creak. finally i had reached the third floor. i walked down a long hall way i looked into the room i saw her in. she was standing in the window. she opened the window and stood on the ledge i rad to the window and tried to grab her but my hang went through her and she was cold. she jumped and as she hit the ground she vanished. i thought and all of a sudden everything came togather! if the djinn was real then this is a dream which explains my crush. and the girl vanished and around her was a cold spot so i know shes a ghost. and if im with my crush that means he never rejected me witch means i never stoped that girl from killing her self. so then i knew i was draming and i knew how to wake my self up and it doesnt include pinching my self. i needed lambs blood and a silver knife. i went to a farm and i found the sheep pen i didnt feel bad killing the sheep because i knew it was a dream. t went back to my house and found a silver knife. but i woke up my crush he begged me not to do it. he said “give me the knife please.” “ok. right after this!” i plunged the knife into my stomach. everything was dark. i saw light as i slowly awoke. i became fully awake. i looked around i was back. i tried to get up out of the chair i was siting in but my hands were bound to the chair. i finally wiggled my hands free i ran for the door. i knew how to kill the djinn. i got the blood and the silver knife. when i went back to the building. i walked into the building.i heard a noise from a room. as i opened the door i chill ran down my spine. he was looking at a victim i ran up behind him and rammed the knife into his back. he was dead i freed his other victims.

  194. cello says:

    are these magicians wealthy in general? how can they interfere with the destiny of a person? isnt that against al qadr?

    • Mhamoud says:

      These sahirin are cursed , they cannot have money of their own , everything they have is split with the djinn.The djinn have no use for human money but the magicians use the money, to buy them blood sacrifice.The problem is the that they use shaytan and evil djinn.

      I have even met their families, you find that most of their children are all ruined.So there is a price for these people.

      They are not as wealthy as you think but they are relatively comfortable because of the amount of people that go them.Including politicians, the sahirin even had a lady from the USA who came all the way to see him he showed me where she had written a note of thank you for him.

      About interfering with destiny i also was shocked by this but , i think it depends on the person who the magic is used against if they are prayerful and are not given to doing wrong, then i believe the effect of these things are minimized but for example if it is an atheist , there are easy targets.

      • Sadiq says:

        Mahmoud you seem to know quite alot about the Djinn through past experiences. Tell me what your view and opinion is on a human man marrying a female Djinn. I understand that they are good bad and indifferent. But I have heard a few stories in relation to human Djinn marrage. What do you think.

        • Mahmoud says:

          Sadiq, a human can marry a djinn but it is forbidden, it is not right.It goes on even today , but in secret.Dealing with any djinn is not easy, even female.They also tend to be very authoritative, And as i heard from some people, who have these relations, she can be in human form and you can be with her then in the middle of the night you wake up and she is gone.

          She can even disappear for days or weeks but don’t think she is far away ,if you play around she will know and appear.They can appear in such a way where only you can see them while everyone around can’t.That is when the torment will begin.

          I heard story of a man who picked up a lady at night, she asked for a place to stay, when she got to his home,he begun having impure thoughts of this innocent woman.

          All the while the man did not know, that this female djinn was very much aware and wanted to teach him a lesson.

          So as she was sleeping at night he tried to make an advance on her, to his horror the woman’s eyes began to glow.The man screamed, and the djinn demanded that he take her back to where he found her.All the while she was insulting him calling him disgusting and filthy and so forth.He was just terrified as she was shouting, he described her features as becoming like a monsters and deformed.He said her nails were long like birds.

          I hear that he was just in a panic, and couldn’t even put his shoes on and process what was happening.He escorted her back shaking before, she vanished before his eyes.He said she had a hijab and extremely beautiful when he met her.By the time she was leaving, she was something else.He learned his lesson.

          So they are around and their is a certain part f this country where men d not dare even greet women at night.After certain hours everyone is aware the djinn roam freely in human form.Their two favorite forms, cats , and humans.

          I met a female djinn once, she was one of the first djinn i encountered, her name was Fatima.She was very polite and her voice was hoarse.She was invisible but you could hear her along with the male djinn around her.

          They are very protective of each other , even if a human had relations with a djinn and let’s say the man ended up being unfaithful to the female djinn, the result would be disastrous.Her family would come after you almost immediately let alone the female djinn.I don’t even want to imagine what would happen , I doubt you would be sane or even alive after that.

  195. Ahmad says:

    Assalamualeikum My Islamic Brothers and sisters,do not go Djinn hunting it is dangerous be it islamic or non islamic we do not co-exist because Allah caused it to be so,especially if you are young,i have so many things happening to me because of my curiosity even though mine is Islamic” Allah created man and the djinns only to worship him he placed in different dimensions so that the djinns would not cause bloodshed in the world,before man Djiins lived on earth, they were warring against each other,shedding blood,iblis was a Djinn and he pleased Allah,he was given ther authority to cleanse the land and he killed off almost allth djinns that did not worshipp allah,thus there population decreased and the ones left fled their homes went into the sea turned into stones,pearls,became guardians of precious metals,IBLIS disobeyed Allah and swore to leasd man astray as many as possible.
    My islamic Djinn is about 500years old he likes zikir,he likes when you perform salaat,but that does not make him loving,if you want to keep entities keep khodams and khadams they are born from constant zikir and prayers and always manifests in flowing robes,they are not angels they are higher than djinns they do not give money or make you rich,they do only what pleases Allah and saves you when you are in danger,you do not command them,they help you even when you dont know.A khadam taught me that in “ALFATIHAH” In the 3rd 4th 5th verse is extreme powers not even known to some muslims,this is what we need against principalities and powers,djinns have a protruding head backward and scary,khadams/khodams wear flowig robes with a peaceful presence and essence

  196. cello says:

    Do djinns have one general apperance? can you tell us how your djinn looks like? Could you also share your experience with them? thanks.

    • Mahmoud says:

      In terms of appearance, I have heard from people who they appear to or scare that they can take the form of small goblin like creature with a bald head and long ears. As for their eyes some can have red glowing eyes , others have seen them like for example marid with snake like eyes. Their form can vary but generally they describe them this way.

      Some have been known to have horns. The sahir who has dealt a lot with djinn told me, that some even have multiple limbs on their bodies. That is when I asked whether he ever got afraid of them, he told me that you get used to it. Another young sahir told me if I translate, “if you ever saw them the way I see them, you would be so terrified you wouldn’t even want to be close to them.”

      I myself have never seen the djinn in that form, I have only seen them in shadow, snake and invisible form. Mercifully so , because some of their voices sound so horrible and evil that I could only imagine how it looked like.

      There was once when the sahir captured a djinn that I saw a flash and heat was produced for a brief moment and before me was a snake that was stunned. After poking it and showing it to me, it disappeared before my eyes.

      When I have spoken to them , some sound small like dwarves but they are very dense and heavy. Keep in mind they are like a wind, so they can take any form they wish.

      People who have driven on some stretches of road, have even been chased down by djinn. They say they go at maximum speed yet the djinn move along side the car and even overtake the car and then come back before disappearing. They say the faces are extremely hideous in that form.

      • cello says:

        thanks for the explanation. One of the reasons im wondering is due to God created human from clay and djinns from smokeless fire. Humans have one general apperance but what i can see so far the djinns seems to differ in terms of forms and appearance. Perhaps they dont or are prohibited to show their true nature to humans.

  197. john says:

    i asked my dijin by his name to show him self, that very night i had dream/vision of him. his face was like clay that been in weather for 100s of years. body was huge and wider than human. bottom was smoke, no legs. if u talk mean/nasty to them……they not like it……i done this…………. i was locked out of my house!!!!!!! lucky my brother was home to let me in. i ask him if he lock door he said no!

  198. Mahmoud says:

    Just want to confirm some information I got from a friend of mine, whose uncle is a practicing sahir and keeps djinn. When it comes to summoning djinn , they come all the way from the sea to where they are needed .He told me this is the case with sahirin,

    It makes sense because, some djinn would say “let us return”, or would greet the sahir like they were far away and had just arrived. The small hollowed out vessels that the sahirin use to summon djinn, act more as a gateway for them to come through from the sea to speak with you.

    This is impressive because from we were, the sea is about 330 miles away, and they cover this distance with ease in a matter of 20 seconds. Others have done it in a shorter time about 5 seconds. The sahirin seem to make a pact with a certain djinn clan or family so they get unlimited access and assistance from that particular family or clan.

    From past experiences I have even heard the djinn refer to each other with military titles.So it could be a whole spectrum of djinn you are dealing with including djinn warriors or soldiers.

    The first sahirin I spoke to when I asked him whether they were present in the room told me, he would call them and they would come whenever he needed them. It was a subtle hint, he had this bemused look on his face, when I asked if they were present at that particular location.

    • Sadiq says:

      About marrying Djinn a female ! So couldn’t she love a man as a human woman would ? What is it about their sexual energy with humans ? Is it an exchange of enegy from the human to the Djinn female. I have heard that when a Djinn loves a human that the love is pure. She would do anything for him within agreement ! What is there world like ? The ancient civilization of Atlantis is also underwater and it was told that the most high distroyed that land because the inhabitants almost distroyed the earth by a war they had. What is it about the sea and the Djinn ? I thought they exsisted on the star system Sirius. Many ancient relics across the globe have gient statues. I wonder what it is about the sea. I know it’s alot to ask but out of curiousity. Thank you Mahmoud. Salaam !

  199. Mahmoud says:

    Hi sadiq,

    I will try answer to the best of my knowledge ,I believe yes she could love a man as a human female would up to a certain extent, but it would very strange and uncomfortable because the djinn are another from of creation altogether.

    I was once seduced by female djinn, she had the face of a female friend of mine, but the encounter was in a dream state and so real. Her face changed to scaly hideous creature with a tail in the middle of our “encounter”. By the time I realized what had happened ,it was too late. Physical signs of her presence were on my bed let alone the fact that in my attic I heard her movement. She would visit me occasionally at night, while I was fast asleep. I would wake up to something invisible standing on my bed. I could feel the pressure on my mattress as it sank down with her approaching. I would say a quick prayer and notice that whenever I did she would leave.

    The problem when djinn are attracted to human beings is that they will destroy all your human relationships, because you are now their property. They can drive you insane literally if you develop cold feet, after committing.

    Their mannerisms, voices and so on are just so different from us. Things humans would consider monstrous are normal to them. Can you imagine your female wife grunting, growling and they tend to be impatient. Actually that is a trait I have seen with most djinn big egos and impatient .You see in no time at all, I believe it would be a problem for the human. But unfortunately it is not the type of relationship you can walk out of, these are life time agreements. You know the consequences of breaking agreements with the djinn.

    Yes she would do anything for the human, but the relationship is clearly not an even one. All they will want is for you to obey when they command something. The advantage is that those men who are in such relationships, usually have very successful businesses. In return you are her lifetime property and partner and she has access to you whenever she wishes in any form she pleases. That still does not make you immune to being drained occasionally by her, after all they tend to view us as inferior to them.

    I am not sure about the sea and the djinn, although I know they can reside anywhere but they seem to prefer the sea. They have their own communities and structure like we humans do. It’s very secret and I think they like to keep it that way for a reason. Unfortunately the ones which interact the most with humans, have ill intentions hence the bad experiences. About the star system Sirius, I can’t speak on that, but who knows, little is known about their world and they like to keep it that way.

    Like for example when the djinn wanted to” return” to where they were, they seemed like they were busy, it is like a small part of the day for them. They didn’t want to be kept unnecessarily, so that is why when we reached a stale mate and I didn’t want to commit to what they wanted, they told the sahir “Instead of us wasting time here, let us return. Come back and let us know when you have made your decision”.They then levitated and left.

    They also seem to be able to pass through physical objects. After wishing us a good day, next thing I heard was them on the other side of the ceiling, leaving at tremendous speed in the opposite direction.They past through the ceiling with ease.

    • Sadiq says:

      So in essance are you saying that there can be no co-operative relationships between humans and Djinn. I mean as in positive relations ? Plus what would be the result of children born from such partnerships. Would they be a direct mixture of both or one ?

      • Mahmoud says:

        Yes that is exactly what i am saying, it could be attempted but, it would be very difficult to maintain in the long term.It could work for a few years but eventually the human would tire, i have no doubt about that.We are used to things we can see and touch, but here is a situation where one partner would be like the air and invisible.That is why such unions are forbidden, it is not practical and many levels.

        One thing i found about djinn is, they also tend not to be very emotionally mature.They tend to be almost childish in that particular area.They are quick to anger and would lash out first.Here i am not talking about their intelligence but just their national maturity.The reason for this i do not know, i don’t know whether they act like this only for humans, but so far every time i have seen this.There is always this impatience they have with humans, almost as if waiting for you to make the first mistake so as to justify punishing you.

        As for their offspring, i personally have never encountered them , although some of these sahirin or Islamic shaman claim to have djinn blood in them.They say their children have supernatural power and abilities.They tend to be diabolical ,that is what i hear but again this is all , speculation. There is no way of knowing whether they truly possess djinn blood or they are just saying it to make themselves seem more powerful than they really are.

        When dealing with these men you realize 80% of the work is done by the djinn, take the djinn away from these people and they are powerless.The djinn becomes the point of their whole existence.It is actually a few steps short of worshiping them as crazy as that sounds.

        They put the djinn ahead of even their own families, i even had gone to a sahirin’s house and witnessed him threatening his family saying he could order the djinn to attack them all.So you see it takes over your life and the power gets into their heads.

        • Sadiq says:

          Thank you Mahmoud. So I guess that with the talents that Allah has bistowed upon them comes pride and power. I understand that our tempraments are different due to the fire element. Opposites don’t attract ? Do most celebrity personalities posses Djinn companions ? You also said before in one of your previous comments that over time their appearance may change. How accurate is that. Is it due to a change of mood as well as feelings. I’m sure some may be emotionally detached, would human pain and suffering be entertaining to some. How could ancient beings such as Djinn be childish ?

          • Mahmoud says:

            No problem Sadiiq , opposites do attract I guess because there exists that human curiosity with the unknown.The problem with djinn is that they clearly have the advantage when dealing with humans.Their supernatural abilities and invisibility always gives them the upper hand and they know it.

            Yes they seem emotionally immature, that is why I was saying , I don’t know whether they only act like this when dealing with humans alone or generally.The have a low tolerance , for example I heard believer djinn go wild because a lady did not do what they had commanded.they banged the windows,ceiling and walls violently ,like they wanted to tear her apart.It was very frightening witnessing.Yet these were believer djinn ,imagine if they were unbelievers or shaytan.

            No celebrities don’t have djinn only the elite.celecrities would most probably go to the shaman.People can make deals on your behalf , with you not necessarily owning djinn.As long as you state what the human sacrice will be.

            The djinn are not cheap , and like my friends uncle who is a Sahir and openly says he keeps shaytan, says there are sub categories of shaytan and they have names.These djinn have specific power, and
            abilities. I will write on it later but that is a summary.Some require human sacrifice on accident “black spots”.

            Politicians use the ones for power, to control masses of people,So when people see you they become drawn and to you and live on your every word.Certain gestures are necessary to put them under your control.So this is an example of what my friends uncle who sells shaytan to people says.You get people from all levels of society mostly
            big businessmen who own supermarket chains and politicians all levels.

            Absolutely , there are djinn who not only want humans to suffer but to ultimately wipe them out the shaytan are notorious for wiping you and your extended family out.

            • Sadiq says:

              Wipe us out to reclaim the Earth. Then this would explain the wars that go on and the death needid as blood sacrifice. The constant suffering of man that I guess they could end. You say believer Djinn had anger like that. Why ? Even when having belief in Allah swt anger is still displayed like that. Makes me sad to heir so. Cos I truely believe there are a handful that are pious.Kanye west’s car accident and then him becoming famous, like many other celebrities out here in the west who have lost friends or family and then have fame. It’s sickening. Allah knows best. But even after we inherit death do the Djinn believe the earth will end as Allah has willed in time ?

              • Mahmoud says:

                Yes the believer djinn had that type of anger , but you must remember that the lady did not do, what they had ordered her to do on a previous visit.With djinn it’s very simple keep your word.If you say you will do something, do it.

                But as for me they were very friendly and would constantly say “Brother ask what it is you want to know”.”Ask away brother, ask away!”.The one speaking was a very old , you would think you are speaking to your grand father.

                They helped me because at that time, i took advantage and asked whether a certain person, which i had employed was stealing for me.They told me he was and even told me when he would steal.So using their information i prevented this from ever happening again.I caught the person red handed and he was shocked how i knew.All they did was ask me from his name.In a matter of milliseconds they knew the answer.

                About death , even the djinn will die, they do die and can even be killed when in physical form.They too will be judged and some have chosen like humans, to do wrong while some have chosen to do good.They live ,they die there are good and bad.

                The Shayteen are the ones who just want to harm humans in every way possible including killing them, when they are given the opportunity by other humans.

                The believer djinn mind their own business and the few i have met, are generally very friendly.They usually introduce themselves with their names , but you can always tell shayteen, they bark orders at you.

                My friend was telling me yesterday when he went to see this sahir, the man was in total darkness, he said he could hardly even see his face.Definitely interacting with djinn on a daily basis, changes you.Relating to humans can be very difficult after sometime.

        • Sadiq says:

          I do know that all Djinns are not bad though my brother ! Just as in all things Allah has created there is good and bad !

          • Mahmoud says:

            No not all djinn are bad but people tend to use the bad ones.Because of their versatility , they will do anything , it just depends on the sacrifice you are willing to give.A believer djinn will have its limits there are some requests which are off limit.

            Those believer djinn who wanted to tear that lady apart,would refer to me as brother and were extremely friendly to me .So I have seen some compassion with only believer djinn, the rest like the shaytan and unbelievers will harm you most certainly.They will not hide their irritation and willingness to harm you.

    • cello says:

      Found this hadith on the web.

      “Iblis (Satan) places his throne upon water, then sends his groups. The closest to him are those who (tempt people to) commit the most grievous of sins (fitnah). One of them would approach him and say: I did such-and-such. Iblis would reply: You have done nothing. Another would approach and say: I did not leave him (a man) until I caused him to leave his wife and for them to be separated. Iblis would bring him close to his throne and would say: How good you are!”

      [Sahih Muslim: Book 039

  200. Mahmoud says:

    Basically what my friend told me, was the sub categories of shaytan are used in various ways.The most expensive being the one of power which certain politicians use, for this one he mentioned that there is human sacrifice involved at least one life to seal the agreement.

    The second one he mentioned is where you have an intimidating presence, people don’t know why they are afraid of you, but you walk with this presence around you. You can fill a whole room and exude power. He mentioned this does not require human sacrifice.

    The third would be for business or financial gain, again this requires human sacrifice. It usually has to be within your family direct blood relation sister, brother, father or mother. This is where he laughed and said do you people even know why, when you walk past certain businesses you are drawn to it and you must buy something. Later you can’t even explain why you bought it. He also mentioned that the djinn will keep the workers under your command, so that even if you are paying them peanuts and treating them badly, they won’t be able to leave. They will also not understand why they won’t want to leave.

    Your prices don’t even have to be lower, your shop will always be full of people while other shops around selling the exact same things will be empty. Whatever business venture you start or do will be successful. The money I speak of that these people make that the djinn can bring is no joke, they make the equivalent of millions of dollars within very short periods of time. Some even own properties in places like Miami, so that should show you the level that you are dealing with.

    Now for causing harm he mentioned that there is a certain type of female djinn , that they use for breaking up marriages, it is specifically used to destroy men’s relationships with their wives.In this category you also have one which destroys the financial situations in houses, and causes constant quarreling in the house of the target. So anything the person tries will fail.

    To those who use the djinn , they know themselves and I am sure they will not be happy with me writing these things. It gives you an idea of how some evil people operate.

    The shaytan take advantage when it comes to financial gain and ask for the highest price, a human life, because they know the human is desperate when it comes to this. For other trivial things like , lets say making somebody you like obsessed with you or job promotion that just requires animal sacrifice.

    The djinn also have extensive knowledge in herbs , shaytan included various combinations of herbs have certain magical properties.

  201. john says:

    lateley i have been experiencing some dijin possesion, ok so im an ameture bodybuilder. i go to gym 5 times per week. i noticed increased strength and rage at the gym. i have not been taking any different supplements since i purchased my dijin. i have guhl, marid, ifrit and jann. its positive yes indeed. i like the extra strength and being able to lift heavier. yes i take my rings with me to the gym. but i leave them in my gym bag.

  202. Ahmad says:

    can someone please help
    I was watching aljazeera and i felt sleepy i switched off the television,5seconds after that i was about going into a state of sleep,but i was not actually asleep,when i felt a shock like current passing all over my head and down to my hands, i heard scratches on the wall above me like when sharp knives are scratched on the wall,also i heard gibberish mutterings very hoarse but i know it belongs to a woman because the hoarseness is not so deep to be a man,please what is this …………..i tried to say bismilah…..i could not when i stubbled to stand up i saw nothing but the sound is driving me crazy

    • Michele says:

      Say out loud to the soul after you have
      accepted this as a personal truth -
      it’s easy when you say it out loud in practice
      and feel the words coming out of every pour of
      your body with God filling you and the realization that
      this is all God’s creation…say;

      There is nothing you can do to change me,
      there is nothing you can do to frighten me,
      I am a source of light and love and you are also
      a source of light and love.

      In sincerity - it works.

      Blessings and peace to you.

    • Michele says:

      If you introduce darkness to light - it does not become dark.

      If you introduce light to darkness - it becomes light.

      • Michele says:


        Of course I hope you know I am honoring your own powerful belief system and your words for the same creator of all that I reference from my belief system - because we are all from the source - the creator.

        I have great compassion for your issue and wish you to be troubled no longer. The post stood out to me.

        There, I think that is all -


  203. Mahmoud says:

    My mother just last week told me about an old man who was a sahirin saved my life using djinn when i was 3 years old.I had constipation and had not gone to the bathroom for almost 3 weeks.My skin had become pale yellow and i was not eating.

    My mother took me to the doctors and all the doctor tried medication and said that he did not know.So as that time an old lady who used to be around that area saw me and my mother holding me.Well she asked my mother what was wrong and my mother explained the situation.

    She said she knew an old man and would go and find out what was wrong.My mother gave her something small to take to that sahir.When she came back the next day she said he gave her some herbs to rub on my stomach.

    Well before that my mother didn’t believe in the djinn and their herbs, but that day she did.She believed only in western medicine and thought it was backward.At this point she could try anything because as she could see i was dying.

    She said she took the medicine that the sahir had given her and begun rubbing my stomach with it, lo and behold, sand started materializing in her hands and spilling on the floor.The more she rubbed the more sand that fell to the ground.A few minutes later i went to the bathroom for the first time in almost a month.My father did not know about the incident because he was away at the time.

    My mother was an absolute skeptic and she always says to this day that “you are the reason i believe in these things before that my eyes were closed”. She said “I saw wonders before my eyes”.

    The good djinn usually tell the sahirin what herbs to mix, the sharin take specific plants, dry them , then crush them and make them into powders.The authentic sahrin who use good djinn have helped people in the past.Unfortunately these days people use shaytan.

    • Michele says:

      I am glad you are alive.

      You had me remembering a distant childhood memory here.

      I had a severe condition as a child and should have died if going by the mind set of conventional thinking.

      My mother, she had mentioned some thing of a djinn healing. I always knew that my healing was via djinn and aboriginal medicines. No one talked of it much but my mother stated the same as your mother “that I made her believe in the things she never believed in before.”

      Not long after that when I was fully recovered, I remember going with my father to a book sale in a very sulphur like smelling bookstore basement. It was a crumbled looking basement and I picked up a small square yet very thick book with a strange drawing on the book, it was a color that is called seafoam green. A color popular in the 50s from what I know of antiques - but the book was far, far older than that. I handed the book to my father. The book salesman looked at it very oddly and shrugged his shoulders and charged only small change for the antique book. It was a collection of stories of the djinn. I read it all the way through and put it on my book case only to have it disappear from the shelf.
      No one ever took my things and my parents were not opposed to me having it of course. I’ll never forget that experience or the way that crumbled stone masonry basement smelled. I remember being enchanted by that book. It kept me reading and quiet while I had it.

    • Sadiq says:

      I’m glad you mentioned this brother because it demonstraights that not all Djinn are bad. By showing the healers what trees, leafs, spices, scents, powders and etc to use in order to save ones life only shows there kindness. Mahmoud I to know of pious Muslim brothers who have assistance from Djinn to do good for others and help them in the right way. They do not exploit people for money or wealth. There are many things I am aware of that I cannot speak upon that I have whitnessed relating to Djinn. These people I believe Allah has place here to help with the aid of Muslim Djinn. May Allah swt continue to guide us. Thank you Mahmoud !

  204. Michele says:

    Just some thing I have noticed in the past 6 months…

    I have noticed that ever since I became far more enlightened by a swami & moved to total life and dietary changes prescribed by swami, while still practicing my own religion, I have experienced total djinn silence as well as total silence from other entities that have been around for years. In those years I could not stop others from witnessing in my home at those times these entities and the djinn activities. Some friends would never again come to my home out of fear.

    I never mentioned any djinn or any entities to the swami ever. However, I am far more devoted to my beliefs than ever before and that will only grow.

    I wonder about this. Did the enlightenment do that or did swami sense that, or do his practices simply relieve the troubles? - could be the latter. It rings truest to me.

    However, I never imagined all that would simply cease especially for a solid 6 months straight.

    A blessing, though they are not that bad of a djinn, but they kind of used to be. Perhaps they took on the swami healers ways. The djinn mirrored my religion as if it was their own.

    Once in childhood I was startled and asked them not to appear to me as it scared me - they never appeared that way again - only in my minds eye. But now they are in the same status of memory in the mind rather than a psychic
    vision of them. I did say “hello” one time since their absence to see if I’d get a response, they responded in the mind’s eye only. I just wanted to know that they were safe. This one is not hateful. They used to be jealous or curious and more ego filled and dropped all that over time until they ceased to be active at all.

  205. Michele says:

    Ah, this comes to me to all of you, I wish to say…

    We humans can get stuck without realizing through our awareness that we are giving to get. We get stuck in this cycle easily because we repeat the cycle every day through some thing we all must do to some degree…work. This helps us fall into the trance of the cycle. So, what we do to avoid this is we consciously give….with no expectation of getting at all. Then just be aware of the tool and when you work just be aware of the potential rut. If observed enough the thought will move your whole being into a different cycle that the djinn have to get in to address you at all…again I say…they can only address you from where you are, not where they are….they have to be where you are. So, if you constantly live to give and get with every thing you do, you live in a perpetual state of let down. Because it is a natural characteristic of that cycle not you, again I say it is a characteristic of the cycle. So, a natural characteristic of the cycle of giving with out expectation is that you are free. So, you get a djinn to address you in total freedom….what do you think happens in the mind of a djinn? They addict themselves to that freedom…not you…you are a vehicle to light and love and all in that realm with you will be seeking the light and love…no longer looking at the finger that points to the moon, but rather they will finally look at the moon and stand in awe of that with you and that is God’s presence, all who see, feel, experience, bow in the presence of the creator of all that was and is when they are in view - it is healing.

    Enlightenment is not a word that can only be said once like a spell, read about in a book logically, or achieved through struggle, Illumination is a light that turns on.

    It is a way of life that is given with no expectation because of ultimate free will.

  206. David says:

    This story was told to me a few days ago by a friend, a mislim of arabic descent. It happened while he was in prison back in the 90s in wormwood scrubs, London.
    He had just been moved to a renovated wing (he spent a total of three days there) which used to be the death row back when hangings still took place.
    A new inmate was brought ito his tempory cell, an arabic man who openly wore a crucifix. My friend asked him why he wore the crucifix when he was clearly muslim, the man replied that it was given to him by the prison chaplain because he had told the chaplain that something was following him. My friend though his new roomate was a bit crazy and offered him the pick of top or bottom bunk, the newcomer chose the top and not long after a bell sounded to give warning for lights out.
    Sometime in the night my friend woke up after feeling a cold draught and he looked towards the foot of the bunk and saw a distortion in the air, like a heat shimmer. The moment he saw it, it shot around the side of the bunk and stood there. He said its eyes were like black holes and it reached out a hand and pushed down on his chest.
    My friend said he could neither move nor speak and could barely breath and the black eyes looked directly into his own and the pressure in his chest got worse. He tried to speak a verse from the Koran that his mother used to say to him but couldnt even open his mouth, so recited it in his mind. The moment he did this the pressure on his chest relaxed and the creature retreated and vanished.
    Kicking the underside of the top bunk to attract his cellmates attention, he got up and asked him almost hysterically if he’d seen that. His cellmate denied it and rolled over turning his back to him.
    The cellmate was moved out the next day and my friend spent 2 more days in that cell before being moved.
    Speaking to others of arabic descent (other prisoners or after he got out, my friend wasnt clear on that) he was told the creature he saw was a djinn that they called “the presser” (because it pushed down on peoples chests), and it would have killed him if it could have.