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The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. — Socrates

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,/Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.—Hamlet, Act I, sc. v

The Vengeful Djinn, by two scientifically minded experts in the fields of the paranormal and supernatural, is an important contribution to the ongoing pursuit of answers about the Unknown, an often attacked but nevertheless serious undertaking that attracts controversy and derision from both within its ranks and without.

Guiley and Imbrogno cover a large swath of study and territory in the book’s 260 pages, which include two appendices, a bibliography, and an index. They begin with a detailed and yet well-explained tutorial on quantum physical aspects of alternate realities and the idea of the multiverse, including “string theory,” setting up with science the plausibility of the djinn dwelling in a parallel plane to ours, which allows them to interact with us without being seen.

During my own research of the paranormal/supernatural, theology, and mythology over the past twelve years, I have come to see quantum physics as the nexus between Science and the Unseen, and this lead chapter lent a certain credibility to the explorations to follow, above and beyond what I already knew about the solid reputations of the authors.

This faith in Guiley and Imbrogno’s credentials and commitment to serious scholarship as opposed to the rampant hucksterism infamously attached to their fields of expertise is invaluable to a balanced and enjoyable experience with The Vengeful Djinn because, recalling the infallible insight of Socrates, when it comes to the Unseen, Paranormal, and Supernatural, we truly do know nothing. That is, after all, the whole point. From John Keel to the many disciples, imitators, and exploiters who have come after, there is a great deal of necessary interpretation and trying on of different theories in order to make some semblance of what is just beyond our senses.

Like any work of solid scholarship should, The Vengeful Djinn operates on a number of levels. First and foremost (and most appealing to the widest audience), it is a thorough and enlightening explication of the djinn, using primarily the Quran as well as other sources to historicize, categorize, and analyze their creation, hierarchy, motivations, and tactics. If it were nothing else, this book would be an excellent contribution to the literature of the Mythical and Mystical. The sections on their relationship with Solomon, their commonalities with angels and demons (and faeries and leprechauns!), and their various classifications and range of powers make for fascinating reading, as does the authors’ prescriptions for dealing with them.

But The Vengeful Djinn then goes a step further, out to where some would say the buses cease to run, as the authors apply the fundamental traits and habits of the djinn to a wide variety of areas of the Unexplained. This is dangerous territory, leaving the authors open to sharp criticism. But the scientific methodology and field experience they bring to the table work as a sort of talisman for Guiley and Imbrogno. Their anecdotes from around the world, with at times high-level politicians and military personnel, lend a helpful legitimacy to theories that would otherwise try to cling to steep, slick, and slippery slopes. Their well-known work in identifying and testing portals to other dimensions and planes using a variety of high-tech instrumentation (some of which I have also used) is invaluable in staying with their at times tenuous lines of theory.

Toward the end, the authors delve into the world of Shadow People and the less-than-peaceful agenda of the djinn and their continued manipulations of the human race. Perhaps my own fascination with the Mythological and Mystical and the nature of the Unseen Beings that seem without a doubt (and equally without a solid classification…) to be operating in and amongst us, if we but take the time to pay them some attention, precludes me from commenting too strongly in favor of the value of this exercise in exploration, but I will say that whether you read this book as scholarship, case book, or entertainment, or preferably some combination of all three, Guiley and Imbrogno’s The Vengeful Djinn is well-written, expertly organized, and well worth your time.


Once in a great while, a book comes along that carries with it a message that could profoundly affect our lives as well as those of future generations. The Vengeful Djinn is such a book. While its message may not be obvious to all who read it, its implications could heavily influence our very way of life! Perhaps I should first qualify my statements by telling you a little about myself and the nature of my research.

For over 35 years I have studied and conducted experimental research in the fields of parapsychology and human consciousness both in and out of the lab. The scope of my research covers just about every aspect related to awareness and consciousness as well as various phenomenon known today as paranormal which is basically a classification of all phenomenon that can not be explained “by” or “fit” into the scientific belief system of the times. I have also studied and practice a very specialized tradition of Toltec shamanism through a direct lineage going back approximately 500 years. I was trained in a one on one apprenticeship with a very adept and world renowned Toltec shaman and have followed this practice for over 20 years. These unique perspectives of both a scientist and a shaman have opened many doors within my research over the years.

Currently, I am a researcher with the professional division of The Monroe Institute, which is one of the top research facilities in the world dealing with human consciousness and the human energy system. In my own lab, I am studying the effects of intense magnetic and electric fields upon the hyper-dimensional buffering zones found between dimensional realities more commonly known as the veil between the worlds. Some of the implications presented by Rosemary’s and Phil’s book, The Vengeful Djinn, are directly related to my research.

I have followed Rosemary’s work for years and I use it quite extensively when I am researching a relative topic. I know I can trust her work for accuracy because she goes to great lengths while researching material, including traveling to other countries to gather information first hand. If a book has her name on it, you can trust that the information is accurate. The thing I like about Phil’s work is that he is not afraid to step outside the box in his thinking. His credentials are impeccable! He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics, astronomy and chemistry from the University of Texas and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2010 he was awarded a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry from MIT. Together they make a great team and I am looking forward to their future projects.

In The Vengeful Djinn, they bring to light information almost unknown to western culture as well as many possibilities that I find very intriguing. They suggest that many paranormal phenomenon and manifestations occurring in the world today may have connections to Djinn on some level. When examining my own case files I have to admit that the data and nature of many events contain a surprising amount of Djinn characteristics. If this is even partially correct then we will have to look at our model of reality in an entirely different light!

If these creatures referred to as the Djinn really do have a hidden agenda then it is imperative that we shield ourselves with knowledge now. Our entire solar system is changing energetically and it seems to correlate to an increase in paranormal activity around the world. Could this change in energy open portals between our world and that of the Djinn? Consider this, on approximately December 21, 2012 (next year) , our entire solar system will pass through the galactic plane, an event that happens about once every 33 million years. Astronomers now believe that there is a large black hole at the center of our galaxy that is spinning very fast and creating an extremely thin band of highly concentrated energy reaching completely through the galaxy. When we cross the galactic equator we will pass right through this energy. Could this be a hyper-dimensional trigger that will make the veil almost vanish for a short time? Could this be what Ultra-terrestrial creatures like the Djinn are preparing for?

Hopefully this will not happen, but it is a very real scenario. Don’t be caught off guard and un-prepared. I recommend that everyone read this book and keep it close for future reference.


Often paranormal investigators have focused only on specific areas of research — like ghosts & hauntings, UFOs, cryptids, etc, without seeing what may be underlying connections between these various manifestations & treat them as completely separate phenomenon. Rosemary Guiley & Phil Imbrogno make a strong case that not only are many of these things connected, but that the Djinn “mythology” may actually provide an explaination for the very source of the manifestations themselves. In The Vengeful Djinn the authors continue their groundbreaking research into the unexplained, this time as a formidable team combining their years of experience — Guiley as the foremost expert on the broad spectrum of the paranormal & author of nearly 50 books & Imbrogno as a scientist as well as the author of several volumes on the unexplained in the tradition of Keel & Vallee.

This book not only provides a vast amount of detail on the beliefs concerning the Djinn as well as one on one encounters that people from the Middle east have claimed to have had, but also give many examples of instances in this country where individuals have had strange entity encounters & experiences that appear a lot more “Djinn-like” than what we have come to think of as a classic ET, angelic, or demonic encounter.

A latter chapter contains a description of an “area of high strangeness” somewhere in the US — a small geographical location where a team of investigators experienced disparate types of paranormal manifestations all in the same place. The disturbing events described will keep you up at night……….


My personal journey into the world of the strange began with a UFO sighting as a 12 year old in 1967 and today I am a Sr. Field Investigator with the Mutual UFO Network and have also investigated reports of paranormal activity for nearly 20 years. At one point, it was generally accepted that all “aliens” were from other planetary systems, all hauntings were caused by disembodied human spirits and all strange creature sightings simply proved the existence of undiscovered species.

In the 70s, the late John Keel with his theory of “Ultraterrestrials” and Dr. J. Allen Hynek with his EDI (Extradimensional Intelligence) were the first to suggest that certain UFO/Alien encounters and other fortean events may involve contact with another dimension.  In The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies, Guiley and Imbrogno, like Keel and Hynek before them, think outside the box to craft a compelling case for the existence of these interdimensional beings and their impact on the human race.

Like most westerners, my knowledge of Islam and Middle Eastern culture/history is minimal at best, and the authors establish a connection between them and the Djinn that is easy to comprehend.  Likewise, concepts like the multiverse theory are presented in clear, concise manner that suggests how these Djinn may interact with our dimension.

One chapter in particular – where Imbrogno narrates his initial Djinn research in Saudi Arabia and culminates in his descent into a massive cave and evident encounter with one of them – could be scripted into a fantastic adventure movie!  I for one, hope Mr. Imbrogno someday can return to further his research in that part of the world – and of course share it with us.

The authors present accounts of several individuals which suggest the Djinn may indeed be behind the bizarre events they are experiencing.  From my own experience as an investigator, I concur that these cases do not fit the normal patterns of residual or intelligent hauntings.  In fact, by reading about them, it has caused me to consider the possibility that certain past cases that “just didn’t fit the mold” may have involved something interdimensional, perhaps indeed the Djinn.  (8 years ago, I was part of a group exploring some of the strange chamber structures in Putnam County NY where the authors have conducted field research; the events we experienced ourselves in this area of “high strangeness” make it one of the most extraordinary places I’ve had the fortune to visit.)  Of particular interest to me is what the authors relate about Electronic Voice Phenomenon and contact with the Djinn.   As EVP has been a focal point of my own research – both using traditional methods and the “Frank’s Box” & similar ITC devices – their comments compel me to take a closer look (or more correctly “listen”) at what I’ve recorded or will in the future.

Obviously, The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies only cracks the door of a subject worthy of further research (which is clearly the authors’ intent).  I highly recommend it to those with any level of interest in the paranormal, UFOlogy or any fortean realm.  In particular, I suggest that serious researchers/ investigators of these phenomena digest what is presented in this book and always be mindful that unconventional events seldom have conventional explanations.


I purchased The Vengeful Djinn yesterday after anticipating its release for months. My own research into “extreme haunting” situations indicate that these often-overlooked entities could very well be responsible for a significant percentage of negative preternatural occurrences throughout the world, and throughout time. Both Guiley and Imbrogno are impeccable researchers and writers, and I predict that this book will be a cornerstone reference guide for any serious paranormal investigator.


As a long time student of the paranormal, I very much looked forward to reading this book. It was worth the wait. I learned maybe more than is comfortable to know and now wonder if a lot of hauntings are not caused by ghosts at all, but the Djinn. This would explain many things such as the high strangeness of alien abductions and their similarity to fairy abductions in past centuries. It would explain something that once happened to me! The bit on “shadow people” has me sleeping with one eye open. Good work, Philip and Rosemary. Please, more!


The Djinn are an entity that are only heard of in western movies and cartoons. For someone who wants to learn about the real Djinn, this book has great coverage on both the modern day and ancient Djinn phenomenon. Imbrogno does a great job of tying various paranormal phenomena in light of his research on the Djinn. As someone who was brought up in the Islamic faith, the stories of the Djinn were nothing new, so I was surprised with how much new material I’ve learned up from this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone with the slightest interest in this mysterious, and often dangerous race.


I have just finished your book, The Vengeful DJINN, VERY GOOD.  It is the first time that I read about some people with the same experience that I had when I was young. I was born in Austria and a green Djinn came in my bedroom .. I am still horrified when I think about it.  What you should write is that the colors, the green and the red are something you cannot imagine. It is so fresh in my memory as if it had happened last night. There are not too many people i could ever talk to about this…  But there are some things you don’t know about them.

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5 Responses

  1. Bruce Edwards says:

    As can be expected, researchers Philip Imbrogno and Rosemary Guiley offer intelligent and well-researched insights into an often overlooked area of paranormal experience.As Rosemary states in the introduction one path invariably leads into another when investigating the hidden realms-pieces of a puzzle as we try to understand the boundaries of reality-and our place in it.Philip is accomplished at bringing his scientific background to a level of understanding for the layperson.His explantion of how different dimensions may co-exist in the same place brings fresh insight into uncharted possibilities.Together they bring evidence that an ancient race of beings may working to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs. Beware the return of the Djinn.

  2. richard tanzer says:

    i’ve read your book the vengeful djinn. and found it fascinating. however i wish to point out that djinn are mentioned in Jewish Mysticism known as the Kabbalah.
    The djinn are refered to as the Shedim (females refered to as the Shiddahim). and are related to Lilith the first wife of Adam.
    In his book Legends of the Fire Spirits (published by counterpoint press) pages 34-36 Robert Lebling has identified Lilith as the qarinah of Adam as well as identified the djinn with the sheddim with the djinn (pages 37-38) all in all. it was a fascinating book.

    • admin says:


      Thank you very much. We are familiar with the sheddim, too; we think there are quite a few entities known by other names who trace back to the Djinn, and in “The Vengeful Djinn” we are hitting just the tip of the iceberg. We appreciate Robert Lebling’s work and recommend his book and Yahoo discussion group, which we have included in the Resources section here.

      In our discussions with paranormal researchers and especially investigators, we have gotten a great deal of feedback about “unresolved” entity hauntings and encounters that didn’t seem to fit any known types or respond to the usual remedies. Now, we are hearing, things are making sense from a Djinn perspective. We believe the Djinn have an active presence everywhere.

    • Ross says:

      Hi Richard,
      I think all the mystical tradions whether jewish muslim etc have a djinn component. In mystical muslim cults they do chants to attract the djinn, sometimes reversing the verses of religious text. When done repeatedly it attracts djinn; however, when the the verses are reversed it attracts evil djinn. I think the mystical or magical component is really witchraft. However, because of the miracles these mystics do they gain credibility. Unfortuneately, we know from whom witchcraft originates.
      My 2 cents worth

  3. Raph says:

    from what i been reading here. yeah. your about right. but theres the good ones that have made damn sure that things dont get out of hand. theres always 2 factions at work. perhaps more. one in favor of a possible peaceful takeover or occupation resulting in major favorable change. and the other ? well i dont think anyone wants to be conquered. especially by powerful and hostile supernatural beings with a big chip on their shoulder. and i beleive that the Djin are active on other plaines of existence. in the multiverse. on other Earths. where this event may have already happened. for the Djin move through realms like a fish moves through water. our other selves may have already felt the firm yet kind hand of their new rulers, or the iron fist of total enslavement or eradication. am i worried, naw. its about time.

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