Types of Djinn

Types of Djinn

Adapted from The Vengeful Djinn by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno, Llewellyn, 2011


There are different types of djinn; the Qur’an mentions only three: Djinn, ‘ifrit, and marid. Other names include jann, ghul, shaitans, hinn, nasnas, shiqq, si’lat, and a host of others. The names above vary depending on the region in the Middle Eastern country. Some of the best-known Djinn are:


The ghul (ghoul) are shape-shifting cannibalistic and blood-drinking creatures that feed on the flesh of human beings, especially travelers, children or corpses stolen out of graves. The oldest references to ghul in Arabian lore are found in The Book of 1001 Nights. There are several types of ghul. The most feared is a female type (ghula) which has the ability to appear as a normal, mortal woman.  According to lore, such a creature marries an unsuspecting man, who becomes her prey.

The ghul are nocturnal creatures who inhabit graveyards, ruins and other lonely places. Sometimes they are described as dead humans who sleep for long periods in secret graves, then awake, rise and feast on both the living and the dead. Ghul also personify the unknown terrors held by the desert.

In Persian lore the ghul has the legs of a donkey and the horns of a goat.


The hinn are weak djinn, close to animals, and they especially like to appear as dogs.


The ‘ifrit (variation: afrit) is cited only once in the Qur’an, in reference to a djinni who fetched the throne of the Queen of Sheba at the command of King Solomon. In lore, it is evil and powerful, and difficult to control.


Jann are shape-shifters who lives in the desert, and take the forms of whirlwinds and white camels. They are open-minded about humans, and were among the first djinn encountered by people. They have the power to hide or reveal oases in the desert, depending on whether they like or dislike a party of travelers. They are the enemies of the ghul.


The marid is unruly and rebellious, and the most powerful of djinn. The marida (plural) possess great knowledge of magic and have assisted kings and priests. They are also known as “blue” djinn and are the ones most often associated with wish-granting genies.


The nasnas is another weak form of djinn, hybrids of human-like and animal-like forms, and may account for some of our encounters with mysterious creatures. It is described in The Book of 1001 Nights as a half- human being, that is, it has half a head, half a body, one arm, one leg. It hops about on its single leg. The nasnas was said to be the offspring of a shiqq (see below) and a human being.


The palis is a vampiric foot-licker that lives in the desert. It has low intelligence and can be easily outwitted, according to lore. It attacks sleeping people and drains their blood by licking the soles of their feet. It can be fooled by two people sleeping end to end with their soles of their feet together or under each other’s head.


The shaitan (shaytan) is a rebellious, malevolent djinni associated with demonic forces.


The shiqq is a  lower form of djinn, a half creature,or  literally only half-formed and thus monstrous in appearance.


The si’lat are expert shape-shifters and the smartest of the djinn. They can mimic human appearance with ease.


Djinn are also denoted by colors:


Older, intelligent djinn, often ambivalent about humans.


Leaders of families and small clans. Less powerful than Blue but more powerful than Green.


Young and immature djinn, ofter playful and mischievous.


Powerful djinn, thought to be kings. It is not known if there is one king or multiple ones.


Hostile and aggressive djinn.

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  1. Liz D'Aste says:

    Extrememly interesting! Brings to mind the ‘ALLIES’ of the Castaneda books. I have encountered different types of ‘djinn’ (or what Castaneda referred to as inorganic beings) over the course of my life and I so appreciate you writing about them.

    Thanks for your work, look forward to reading your book. Also enjoyed your interview on Mysterious Universe.

  2. Gwendolyn Ruff says:

    I have allways been drawn to the mysterious and unexplained,i also wanted to learn about jinns the last movie that i saw on jinns was wish master, your website is very interesting, and informative thank you i will keep reading the information coming in, thank you again.


    • Rose says:

      Everyone here needs to understand that the Djinn are NOT vengeful creatures. They are NOT “GENIES.” They in truth are elemental beings. Why do you think the Marids are of the water element. Why do you think the Ifrit are of the Fire/Volcanic element?

      These beings are under the command of God protecting this earth. God gave each of these beings a very special purpose. But it is HUMAN DISCORD that affects then, that drives their inner fury. Just like any human gets upset when someone cuts a human off in traffic.

      These creatures are no different then human beings only on a different paralleled dimension to earth, what’s called the “astral/plasmic plane” of existence. Whoever wrote that book, needs to really open their hearts and minds to realize how EVERY HUMAN thought, words, feelings and actions have a vibrational signature to them that affects all that is.

      Djinns want to trust humans, but humans have not proven themselves to be trustworthy. You know why I love to hang around animals better than other humans? Because animals don’t have ulterior motives! Animals love unconditionally which is something the rest of humanity needs to learn.

      So if you cannot be about pure sweet wholesome love, don’t even bother with getting yourself a Djinn cause YOU wouldn’t be able to handle one. You need to get in control of your own thoughts and emotions before you can take one on. Got it! They are not TOYS, they are beings with REAL FEELINGS. Remember that!

      • Ella says:

        Who released all the Djinns? Why aren’t they telling people that they are the Chemtrail Planes? Why are the powers that be telling us they are government planes that are “spraying” us?

      • Angela says:

        I so agree! They deserve the respect! It is true! They do care deeply about our planet and nature! We should do the same! That is there message to us! We take everything for granted. That is what pisses them off the most!

        • admin says:

          The Djinn do deserve respect, just as we do, and I have a great deal of respect for them. As they have mixed motives (like human beings) that does not mean that we should put up with the hostile ones, anymore than we would tolerate human terrorism. — REGuiley

      • Farha says:

        hello there, jinns are the ones who harms the humanbeings.us without knowing cause we dont see them.they are smart enough to harm you.they are ones who give us diffrent kind of diseases by being filthy or by magic.they are nothing like humanbeings animals. if a lion could talk it would still attack you and tear you off.jinns are the same like real animals.not freindly like a lot of mentally ill psychopaths and animals that feed on humanbiengs sadness,misery.evil stays evil.they just harm.and they never let you have a good life.always after your job life,happieness.im possessed by them.and a lot are.psychatry full of people are possessed by jinns,demons,ghosts,whatever you call them.psychopathas,a child acting like a murderer all of a sudden possessed by migid/dwarf jinns,humanbeing even an animals insanity in caused by jinns.and humanbeings are like them aswell.they dont stop.but in cases if they knew shaytans in the body making them do it then they would try to do something.all the ghost clinics everywhere that we dont know of or heard of are jinns,demons.of diffrent religions. and when i listen to quran azan some flee some gets weak,some gets burnt,some die.they hate good smells.specially musk,rose ,kewda,.these things help noone.they harm you and everything about you.there is no such thing as white magic.magic is magic.illnessess diseases,lossess,sadness,relation problems,fighting with loved ones.some take full controll of the body.cutting aarms,self harm,harming others are in a lot of xases jinns. they are the psychopaths inside humanbeings,planets found.no one knows who or what lives there.invisible visible. yet the gov does nothing while they roam arround in this world harming everyone and everything.thats how smart the american or european gov is.that they send everyone with multiple personality with diff voices to the psychiatry .but its true.a evil humanbeing lies and are tricky and monsters aswell.they might just copy the illnessess of others to get away from punishments.tiny jinns to large all are in this world. they settle in brain,can even control a human or animal mind.on which a humanbeing or jinns shaytans in the body might react.no one knows how to harm them.thats why they stay unharmed.they just destryo.they use everything that human being built yet they harm the humanrace.those are real animals and real psychopaths.family members having sexual intercourse all of a sudden jinns entering the body and taking full control of the body.sometimes from outside with their ability they can give us everykind of lusts to commit sins.these things were never our friends will never be.they just want the luxury of yours even if you have something or not.and they know they cant have it so destroy it.children running away,jinns making putting things in their mind or with full control of body took the child away if not abducted.jinns are the invisible man and woman we talk about. and witches who should be burnt and killed right away.cause a lot of or all jinns shaytans do magic to break up happy or sad family.the love between each other. they need beating on their heads. with heavy chains.people shoudnt go after people first.they can clean up the world by killing devils.its also possible when they enter a humanbeing the person becomes a killer or a rapist or a crminal of anykind.Allah knows best.magic white or black is a very evil things to do. keep your personal belongings safe ,wash them before you give it to anyone,dont give any1 your mothers name date of birth,anyones blood,hair.or anything of yours.and invisible things do it anyway by not being anywhere near a human being.every kind of bad things that are everywhere invisible being learn them and use it against us.these things are easy to see.if you put color on them you will be able to see them inshallah. but the thing is they are always inside the humanbeings. and they are lose in the house aswell. hit the house without making anydamages with a thick rope.crocs just eat things alive.things destroy humanbeings lives without mercy aswell.animals stay animals.something never leave.they are ones that needs to be harmed. and yell in the house that you need to leave if not then start hitting them. anyone spending time on their own,isolated is also a a possession sign.aswell.suicidal tendency thoughts,comes from the shaytans,devils.but we humanbeings dont even give the benefit of the doubt to these invisible problems.going after ufos this and that believing in them with proof,jinns are unseen,but when you have certain kind of bad dreams you know theyare there.people forget a lot when possessed.there are a lot of things we need know about these things.yet no gov pays attention in killing these devils.monsters who hunt humanbeings in pact.imagine while you sleep invisible things in your house raoring in silent attacking you from inside and out.causing you pain illnessess paralisys,sometimes coma.and leading you towards hell. they cant stand azan quran.thats why even muslims divert in other religion.people dont understand why they hate the quran and azan so much even if they are muslims and in their heart they love it. 2 kind of diff reactions from one body thats called possession.

        • Jay (Jafar) says:

          my father I now found out before I was born was possessed by a red shaitan djinn….my father admitted to me yes he was possessed and influenced by a red demon” to do bad things to his family…Turns out I am a half-djinn (red shaitan)….since I can control the urges and realize where they come from, the source, Also, my red-shaitan half-djinn self has supernatural vast array of psychic powers, telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, healing abilities, empathic senses, space/time/dimensional frequency sensing….Also seems when I feed on the psychic energy of others…these abilities grow ….the other red & black shaitan do not like me in the sense I am being guided by a nice Blue Wise Djinn that has been folloing my mom’s family for a long while….One of the gifts I have is yes, I can see them, sense them and sens the shaitan possess or influence other people…it’s a scarey but once you realize what they are….they get easier to deal with…

          • lionheart says:

            I wish I had gifts like you, I would have become an alim and helped those who have jinn problems by exorcising them.

          • atreyu castle says:

            I have some questions and maybe you can answer these. Is it safe to work with djinn and various types? Can we actually be bestowed knowledge and power? Perhaps abilities or enhance the abilities we already have? I have 2nd sight, channeling am fm connection, empathy and self super healing. I was wondering if a djinn or jinn ” various types ” could be a positive influence in my life. I hope these questions can be answered, thank you for taking the time to respond.

          • LawSuth says:

            In a certain respect, your personal story sounds a bit similar to my own.
            In my case, a direct relative had perpetrated several acts of sexual crime against vulnerable people, thence becoming possessed (so to speak, although in my view it’s nearly identical to the way this subject should be properly understood) by something that’s taken me years to understand. One of the main characteristics I can speak about is what I’ll refer to as “evil telepathy.” This, plus other trickster-related things and some oppressive, paranormal henomena. When I say evil telepathy, I mean that my personal fears and peeves are brought up in “inventive” ways by this person for the sole reason of exciting my emotional response. It’s basically similar to demonic obsession. This telepathy goes far enough that this relative can know the essentials of where I’ve gone, what I’ve been doing and names of certain things I’d never shared with anyone. Most of the statements they make have been designed with a kind of slippery plausibility, presumably so that, were I to describe them to someone, they wouldn’t necessarily assume them to be either hurtful ir evil in nature.
            I’ve been able to get rid of some of the parasitic “accompaniments,” but as long as this person lives they’ll probably have this inside of them; directing and telling them what to do in order to gain some amount of emotional “food.”
            As an aside I’d like to mention the concept of “fear farming,” a phenomena seemingly related to certain alien interactions with people. Corey Goode has spoken and written about it and there may be a connection.

      • Kerry says:

        I totally agree with you Rose. I have a Djinn ring and I love it. I have never had any trouble from him. I am a kind and thoughtful person who never wishes to harm anyone. I am also a sensitive and have had and still have many paranormal experiences. I have had no problem at all from my Djinn (yes, he is very real) and I have some very strange dreams since having him in my life. I have always treated my Djinn with a great deal of respect and I would never ever disrespect him. Just like humans, treat them how you would want to be treated yourself.

        • Erica says:

          Kerry, I have been browsing djinn bound jnunavuewlery and have been researching for about a year. I don’t want to make the mistake of buying a faulty piece or low energy/dark entity that is not a true djinn.

          Where did you purchase yours and how long have you had him?

      • lucy says:

        Perfect. Could not have said it better myself. Keep preaching, if humans began to summon djinn again it would make the healing much easier, all the chemicals and radiation and human negativity have had an effect on the Astral plane around earth, so much so that the angels have fallen from the Astral heaven. You can see why this is a problem. Start teaching people to summon.

      • Katie says:

        I agree. I have recently met a Jinn. It is following around a singer. It loves to hear her voice. It was the first jinn I have ever had to fact with and was own away and honnored to meet him/ I was giving a ghost tour at the time to an opera company.
        I told the group on tour that I felt jinn were Elementals and were neither good nor bad but reactive. All of the devices we were carrying went off to affirm I was right. I said it was attracted to her beauty and her voice and again the equipment went nuts. LAter as I reviewed my recorder I heard the jinns voice telling me how long it has waited to have this singer realize he was there aNd that he will make her very famous. WEIRD!

      • Marissa Campbell says:

        Well said .

      • saleem mohamad says:

        Animals are not subject to unconditional love ,they love us ,because they found comfort,homes and food through us ,so don’t need to work hard,they get all theirs need easy with our love and care for them.

  3. admin says:

    We received this comment from Richard, who says:
    Hi, read your book The Vengeful Djinn and it is fantastic! However I would like to inform you that the djinn have been mentioned in the Jewish bible, but under the name of shedim. It has been taught by Jewish mystics of old that the Arabic djinn and the Jewish shedim are actually one in the same. And like the djinn, the shedim have a nature that is both good and evil. However, it is the females that are referred to as shiddahim that are good. Again, thank you for a wonderful book.

  4. Ross says:

    what do you know about djinn hybrids. Half djinn and half human parents with a hybrid child. Is the child djinn or human, what powers do they have? When do they realize that they have these abilities if they do?
    In islam there is a term moughariboon ( someone who has a stand of djinn in them). See translated hadith abu daood.
    It is thought to happen during intercourse when the djinn enters the urethra of the male?

    • Brian says:

      Depends if the djinn is the mother then they are djinn. If the djinn is the father then they`re human who might have a small small amount of djinn power. Like the strength of a green Hinn.

    • joe says:

      Djinn hybrids aren’t hybrids of body they are hybrids of spirit they have half the soul of a djinn and exist as two different beings who are fundamentaly the same no two humans can be the same person but a djinn and human can and when they share the same body depending on the union the child could die at birth as for after if the djinn and human soul don’t find balance and one is stronger than the other depending on whos strongest the host go’s insane humans can’t mentally handle a djinns power and djinn can’t physically handle a human body and if the soul can’t handle haveing two half’s they die. But if they do find balance the relationship is a very odd blend of personality with strong emotional tendency and some one who is prone to unexplained black outs were they gain frightening strength and can remember only fragments of there actions the hybrid is usually in control of these black outs capable of setting them off but for some these black outs are highly addictive and they convenience them selvs they don’t have control.

      • Vincent says:

        As salaam alaiykum wa ramatullah wa barakatu, I am an American anglo revert and I can say the hybrid description is a bit freaky as I have had these black outs and occassional had odd dreams that dont fit most dream descriptions. Rather in these dreams I am living a different life with people I’ve never known

        • Armando says:

          I also have suffered from black outs where I misplace a whole day of my life with no recollection of what happened. I have realistic dreams where I am surrounded by familiar people but none of the people in my dream are actual people I’ve met or seen. The place of residence is a very familiar town yet it’s nowhere I’ve been to or have seen in pictures.

          I also suffer from headaches and fits of rage but I’m able to control those. I feel the emotions of others with extreme clarity and yet I can also ulterior the emotional state of the environment I am in. I’ve been working on my gifts a bit more over the years and have found out that I experience deja vu when a big change is in transition for my life.

  5. Khan says:


    Ever since i was 15 years old, i have been seeing strong blue waves of energy, only at night and dark places. At night time before i sleep, i cover almost all forms of light entering the room, because its easier for me to fall asleep with complete darkness. The blue encircling energy would just fill my whole eyesight range. I wasn’t scared at all, just really interested and excited. I did research to find out what it was. Some people online told me that it’s probably Djinns from King Solomon’s clan. I am 21 now. It has decreased significantly but it’s still there. Not only that, i also often see blue flickrs of light anywhere. Whethere i am reading a book, watching shows or movies on my laptop, staring at the sky (i ALWAYS see MANY blue flickrs of light in the sky), white walls and bath tubs. In fact i just saw a few flickrs of blue lights while typing this message. So what are your thoughts?


    • Ella says:

      Khan….that name keeps popping up. Those are probably Jinns you are seeing.

      • Khan says:

        When you say “that name keeps popping up” do you mean that you keep reading stories from people named khan or what? Yeah but i also thought it could be my chakras. The meaning of chakras is wheel and the blue energies i see move in circular patterns.

    • Christina augulara says:

      I have experienced three different examples that match your described events and they are all pretty much unrelated to one another so let me know if any of this are similar. Some times during a state of sleep paralysis I would see rapid flashes of rings of blue light with some strange symbols around the edges of the rings. This would last for about 15 minutes happened about 3 times in my life. The second event usually occurs after accomplishing a spiritually gratifying act. My vision will slowly white out I consider this to be a leveling up or auraic blessing bestowed in exchange for altruistic efforts. Lastly flashes of pin lighting could be from a detached retina.

    • joe says:

      I suffer from an arrange of vision problems and what your experienceing sounds more like a more serious problem with your eyes it’s a form of excessive light retention. When looking around your eyes absorb light allowing you to bounce it of your corneas more complex parts a large group of people suffering from even slightly bad vision including some with good vision absorb to much light it’s not something you can prevent it’s a natural failure within your eye and most of the time these colors drift as well as only seldomly appear I recommend seeing a eye physician in order to same your eyes long term but if it’s not the above named problem revisit the message board for a better answer.

  6. ross says:

    Hi Khan,
    blue light according to the book “the vengefull Jinn” could mean Marid. why not invite an expert supernatural phenomena too record it? Does this happen mainly in your house? If so it could mean they live there.
    I had djinn in my house but did not know it, until someone told me years later. Read sura Bakhara everyday or call the adhan, it may help.

    • Khan says:

      My brother plays different verses from the Quran, including surah baqara everyday on his phone. I mean an imam had given us taweez to put on our doors and stuff so the djinns won’t come into our house but i still see it.

      • Umm says:

        IF you want them gone, get rid of the taweez make tawbah as it is shirk to possess such thing. And then start Ruqya on your home and you to see if you have afflicted with Black Magic. If not, it is just a jinn so read Baqarah to your home as the sunnah indicates.

  7. aaron says:

    curious could a Ghula have white eyes and still be extremely hostile towards humans

    • Gee says:

      I was visited by one of those just this Saturday night, between 1 and 2am whilst sleeping. It called me whilst leaning on the side of the entrance to the frontroom, which is where I had fallen asleep. It showed itself as a dark haired, dark eyed mediterranean looking woman, half smiling a me in a friendly manner. I was about to walk into the front room in response to her calling me and knew it was a Djinn so I immediately looked at the door to the balcony and responded to her that she clearly wanted to leave but couldn`t since it was shut, that I should open it for her to leave and then it suddenly dawned on me that it needed permission to enter and that I was being tricked so I didn`t. At this point she revealed herself to me without the scenario embellishment, just surrounded by black background, as a hairless, chalky white skin, sculpted facial features and white eyed djnn, she engaged me in conversation and ended up trying to have me agree to giving her my son, her hands showed as elongated and pointy fingers and she was trying to have me ask for something in exchange for him. I told her it would never happen and that she was forbidden from ever mentioning him again. She fell into silence and that was that. I later remembered that this same med looking woman would show up in my dreams trying to suck energy from my son, assisted by a green eyed male who would try to kill me in the process. I have many more enperiences and only recently have my eyes been open to these entities.

      • Parveen says:


        I felt like responding to your message since I have two kids and I know you want the best for your kid. I was raised as a hindu and learned about Jesus in college. There are really two beings: angels and demons. Any being that would try to hurt you or your kid isn’t from God. I often plead the blood of Jesus over me and my kids before I go to sleep.

        • Aquinas says:

          Parveen, you are mistaken. Isn’t a human from God? Isn’t a human capable of hurting other beings from God. It is the same with Djinn. They have free will.

          • Dala says:

            Aquinas is right. As I’ve been reading this thread I cant help but notice people seem to be all in or all out in terms of how they define a djinns morality. Either defining them as all “elementals” who love us help us and hate how we devastate the earth or all vengeful and psychotic.

            I rather think, given my analysis of the data, the nature of their morality likely can best be described as as somewhat of a mirror to our own. In that they are each individuals, and it just totally depends on who you’re talking too. If human beings are capable of atrocity, then so are djinn.

            Just my notion

  8. BlueQ says:

    I think I’ve seen a Marid briefly when I dozed a couple of times. Very human looking but with light-blue skin. He was extremely muscular with very huge disproportional arms. It had a very hulkish form; which may have been 10 feet tall if he was standing. He had a turban and sort of gold or bronze colored pants — no shirt, just thin arm bands and a long necklace. I could not see the entire lower torso or legs. When I saw him, it appeared as if he was rising from doing push ups or rising from prayer. I think he might have saw me watching him, because he sort of leaned toward me with a yawn or a hiss and flashed his teeth. They seemed sort of like fangs, but the shape was curved on the interior and straight on the outer edges. The rest of the teeth were normal. This sort of reminded me of the Hindu deities; except that he had a thin goatee.

    When he did this, he clasped his hands behind him as if to stretch like when exercising. He quickly went back to his previous position and seemed to just stare at me. Then I woke up. The venue for all of this, was not my current location. I think it may have been a temple of some sort with high ceilings. It could have also been a hmiddle eastern historic building, but it seemed to be clean and well maintained.

    This has happened twice and I’m wondering why I’m seeing the thing. If its malevolent, I need to know how to be rid of it; other wise, how to deal with any future visions. It wasn’t a scary sight, but I am a little bewildered by it. “Why me?” I would appreciate any help.

    • Secret Angel says:

      Consider yourself lucky. This Djinn must have trusted you enough to let you see his true form. Djinns really do not do that as a rule! So, he must have liked you and possibly wanted to be friends. Take a wait and see approach. If he gets out of line such as getting angry at you, tell the Djinn to be about love and not violate you or you will call Archangel Michael to remove him from your presence. Be firm and mean it when you say this. It is quite possible that the Djinn may never come back if you say that to the Djinn. So, you need to claim your space if the Djinn is an angry sort.

      But it sounds like you caught a Djinn in the middle of praying to God. Maybe his visit was brief to show you that you need to talk to God more often. That’s a real possibility, you know. And yes, Djinns like the Marid are usually quite friendly and mean no harm to humans unless you try to harm them or one of their family members. If you see the Djinn again and he seems nice, try talking to him like you would a fellow human. Who knows he may answer back. But he will have a boomingly loud sounding voice, try not to be scared by his voice. But first tell him that you will not harm him if he does not harm you. And mean this, and remember you can call upon Archangel Michael for protection assistance if the Djinn gets out of hand. Peace.

      • Brian says:

        Very Lucky. In fact djinn have power over luck that is how they grant wishes. Most of them. Djinn have demonic relatives. They are evil and twist your wish so it kills you: If you wished for a tattoo you`d get one of a creature that can kill you then it would come to life and kill you. After your dead the feast on your soul. The only good news is that they`re sun demons so when the sun goes down they vanish. On a lighter note remember if you make friends with the Marid falter it a lot like for a year before asking for three wishes. Also say something like” I`d love a magic carpet humans can control” if you after a while if you don`t want to ask for three wishes. Also don`t let the Marid know you are flattering it on purpose: just complement him every so often.

      • nobody says:

        Wait hahaha.how do you call angels.how do we know he is an Angel?whoa don’t we pray for rescue to the Almighty.
        If things were this simple then the prophets and the sacred texts should mention,when a nasty demon comes just call an angel.people beware of new age deceptions and trickery.
        Here’s the simplest problem reaction solution. All I’ll tell you more than half of the people on planet earth are in involved in occult practices and of various degrees.
        The pyramid is about knowledge at top and ignorance at bottom.you could be smarter than the guy at the top.but which knowledge?hahahahahaha
        This corruption is everywhere even in mosques imams scholars government education that’s the systematic one.then we have individual ones of jealousy or love spells,different stuff lower level stuff.
        Take a look around you might just be the only person never dabbed into the occult.wake up and fight.whenever you post exposing real truth in theres a war on the spiritual realm.
        You want to know I’m right.people will look at you funny or project hate jealousy.they see your auras.there’s so much to this,please don’t look at majority people as successful cause you don’t know what they do secretly.In Sha Allah,may we be martyrys in the fight against dajjal and ibliss army.THEY ARE FIGHTING YOU IN SO MANY WAYS YOU WISH IT WOULD BE AS SIMPLE AS A FIST FIGHT ITS MUCH MORE COMPLICATED.

    • rajin Djinn says:

      Maybe he likes you 🙂

    • joe says:

      Be weary but do not not fear and do not banish him he wishes to speak and is calling you to his home he has taken the time to respect you and probably asking your promission to speak not all djinn speak with words some do so with feelings or actions and in order to communicate they need you to open your heart to there words you must do this without fear but know this in order to hear him you put yourself in danger.

  9. Shayan says:

    I live in Pakistan and I am 16.My grandmother used to told me about Djinn that were in our house, she described that they were appeared after midnight and there was a whole family which were attending a marriage. And she also told me that they do everything that humans do and they were very pious also. So I wanted to ask you that, do Djinn have religion?

    Because the one my granny encounter were Muslims, as they do every type of obligations tbat Muslims do.

    • admin says:

      Yes, some Djinn practice religion, as do humans.

    • Ross says:

      Hi Shayan,
      I got a question for you. If the djinn fullfill all the religious obligations humans do. It must mean they do the religious pilgramage ( hajj); in what form do they do this. They must also do the call for prayer; in what form do they do this. They must also got to mosque on friday; in what form do they do this. What iam saying is that to perform all religious obligations they must be in human form; No?
      And if the djinn are christian they must go to church on sunday; they must be make communion in the church, and be part of the priesthood…

      • admin says:

        I don’t think we must assume that Djinn must make on human form to do their own religious observations.

        • Ross says:

          Thanks for the reply,
          The truth is i think your right. I was told that there are djinns in my basement at a house we used to live in, yet i never saw any. Perhaps there are laws they live by which prevent them from taking human form.

          • want info says:

            the jinn live on earth but live in a different dimension from us … they can see us but we cant see them. but there are people who can see them … and they are not something to be messed with god does not allow them to harm us but if they do it is great sin.

        • Ross says:

          Hello again,
          On the subject of djinn, and whether they are amongst us or seperate, I read about a council of choice that took place when Islam was gathering momentum, in the early expansionist period. Apparently, the djinn began to fear their destruction and flight from the land of the mortals, so they covened in the sacred mountains of Asir to discuss a vision be a djinn chief who envisioned a djinn being severed in two by the moon. He concluded that they must make a choice to be with or against islam. Certain tribes sided with islam and certain did not; please google council of choice.
          My question is: if the djinn live in isolated areas like the dessert or abandoned homes, why would they fear being forced to take flight from the land of the “mortals”?

          • want info says:

            the jinn live among us … they are afraid of the muslims because we have something called imaan and taqwa depending on your levl of beleif is a bubble of light that protects you … become muslim. 🙂

          • Observer says:

            The Djinn race of many tribes used to roam the earth before the creation of mankind. But they were corrupted and committed oppression, murders and killings among themselves. Angels were sent to remove most of them.

            With the creation of Adam, God Almighty wants the human race to be the “khalifah” in this world, pushing the Djinn race to the outskirts in remote areas like mountains, open seas, inhibited islands, the skies and desserts….

        • Secret Angel says:

          You are correct with your statement. Djinns live in another Dimension parallel to earth. As you know, the name Djinn means, “that which is hidden.” I do not know if you know this, but the Djinn are not “devils” or “demons”. They are beings that are simply misunderstood. It is human discord that corrupts them. The Djinn are elemental beings that were created by God (Source of ALL life), so of course they have magic abilities. But there is a downfall specifically for the Djinns because of their magical abilities, that downfall is the humans that summon them and then make selfish and sometimes evil wishes. For those of you who want to become rich or famous etc. Know this, you cannot make a wish and the Djinn grant it for nothing. There is always an agreement, a pact pre-made between the summoner and the Djinn BEFORE the wish is granted by the Djinn. (You don’t get something for nothing.)

          Also, YES, Djinns have their own religious observations and NO, they do not have to be in physical form for Mecca! They live in a total different dimension which is parallel to earth (the astral plane-the 4D). They are on earth, yet cannot be seen by physical human eyes (unless you are truly psychic). So, when the Djinns pray, etc. they do it in the 4D. FYI. Peace.

          • Brian says:

            Plus they can turn invisible(thwarted by cold)But, people with the Sight can see them(when their invisibility is of) .(the sight is an ability to see magic only magi,dragons, and for some reason apparently unicorns have it)Their dimensions is connected to ours so by imprisoning them we pull them into our world sometimes they find their own way in.

      • Christina augulara says:

        We might consider that while humans had sacred texts prepared for them excursively other beings may have their own sacred instruction from God that is not applicable from a human perspective. For example while the Holy Bible and the Quran (forgive my spelling) give some information regarding other beings such as Angels and D’jinn this information is only relayed to us as much as it is relevant so as to not confuse or burden us with matters that may lead us to practices and powers that were not meant for us. Hence the presence of forbidden fruit in Eden. It wasn’t for us but i am sure it had a purpose intended for another type of being perhaps or possibly it was intended for us a greater stage of maturity. The Bible also says that new scrolls will be opened suggesting that what we have been taught thus far will be expanded on.

    • Brian says:

      Djinn can be Jewish, Christan, Muslim,nonbelievers or satanist(God/Allah haters).

    • chris says:

      The Quran states that some jinn are Muslim, and some are not they like us have free will.

    • Bismillah says:

      Few muslims know these things.
      They endure the same test as us humans (Judged upon if they believe in one god or not, and their deeds). There are Muslims Jewish Atheists…Etc It Is said there are 7 great kings who rules and judge to make a bit of order in all that mess. They have their own civilisations, they live in groups just like us. They feed on flesh, bones, corpses. Some of them are benevolent some of them are malevolent.(Shayateen=plural of malevolent djinn), Ifreet is a very powerful malevolent bersion of Shaytane, djinns have freewill just like us, Kings are the most powerful followed by Marids who can be good and Efreets.There are ones who live with us in our gouses and are called al’Imar, or the inhabitants. Djinns usually live in places where there is water, like lakes and lagoons and near seas and rivers…Ghuls live in cemetries an caves and catacombs … etc There’s another type that was unmentionned, the Salif or the Samawi in Moroccan gnawi culture(the aerial)

      The kings are associated with the days of the week:

      Sunday: Al-Mudhib=the golden (Abu ‘Abdallah Sa’id)

      Monday: Murrah al-Abyad Abu al-Harith = Murrah The white one father of Al-Harith (nickname Abu al-Nur = Father of the light).

      Tuesday: Abu Mihriz (or Abu Ya’qub)= Father of Mihriz or Father of Jacob (Al-Ahmar = The red one)

      Wednesday: Barqan Abu al-‘Adja’yb = The shiny, father of wonders = The Black King

      Thursday: Shamharush the correct name is Shamharush (al-Tayyar = the flyer)

      Friday: Abu Hasan Zoba’ah=Father of Hasan The Whirlwind (Abu al-Nur Al-Abyad=Father of the white light)
      One of the nine djinns that heard prophet Muhammad read the Djinn Surat under the palm tree. God intended them to be there to listen.

      Saturday: Abu Nuh Maimun (father of Noah, the blessed one)
      Maymun of the clouds, has wings.
      Called Baba Mimoun in moroccan gnawa rites

      Djinns are not to be taken lightly abd are to be taken seriously. They consider themselves superior, are very tricky, and will often trick you into believing that they serve you while they’re driving you little by little to madness. Watch out watch out watch out. We all have one that is given to us, probably by Satan the immortal (until his time ends and god will want to take his soul) since birth to corrupt us they’re named the Qareens. Muslim monks have specific ways to chase them and process to exorcisms with specific rites scents and Ayats of the holy Quran.
      A human can never control a djinn as it is true madness, I repeat beware. They’ll probably curse your hole lineage, forcing you to do crazy rites you and your children and the children of your children and drive you crazy. They’ll lure you into giving you powers but none of that is correct.

      Father of the bile/ of bitterness.
      Satan is not analogous to Adam as he is not the first one created.

      Cheers I hope you get my message, beware !!!!!!

  10. Tam says:

    Guys, I am seeing white orbs for a couple months, then I saw
    beatiful blue smoke that lurks around for about 10 seconds (White orbs only flash or glow for 2 seconds). After a month of seeing blue, I started seeing Red. Red similar to outer space galaxy/Northern star of some sort. And this happens quick also like the white orbs. But the red moves as if someone is blowing out red glowing cigarrete smoke…and by the time the smoke swirls, it vanishes. WHAT IS THIS?
    I am learning about magick if this helps.

    • Ella says:

      You have summoned or attracted Demons to yourself. Do you have a vulture that follows you around? White chemtrail planes, black helicopters, small aircraft, weird people, synchronicity, any of that?

      • Brian says:

        That means he`s cut out to be a warlock they summon and control demons so if he is summoning them…

      • Christina augulara says:

        Wait chem-trails are D’jinn or Demons? I know they can shape change but i would have thought it was just mankind under demonic influence. Now synchronicity is bad? I assumed it was divine influence as I see these times they have always crossed my paths with strong personalities on the brink or in the trenches of spiritual warfare and regardless of the strife endured in these times the rewards i receive in terms of fortified faith and peace of mind I have always associated with the the benefit of seeking god’s will.

    • Kai says:

      Magic won`t help. If you have said your real name around it, it will deflect any magic. Try looking up transmutation circle, draw two that are facing each other on the ground, and ask its name. It will stay, not vanish. If it tells you its name, ask it to be gone on all 7 planes. If it does not vanish, Then repeat any story from the bible. It shall then go away.

  11. Justin says:

    What is the best site to get pictures of Djinn and is there a special ritual or something to summon them?

    • JamesGriffin says:

      i wouldnt suggest summoning a DJinn… they r to powerful… now if u are a DJinn or u are part DJinn this would be different.. there could be other ways to speak to one besides sumning…. we dont like to be summoned as if we r pets of mortals

      • Secret Angel says:

        Justin, I absolutely agree with James because of your inexperience and the fact that you don’t know if the Djinn you’d summon would be hostile or friendly. Since you are inexperienced, a hostile Djinn can kill you during the summoning ritual. Let me ask you something and I want you to truly think hard about this, would you like your freewill stolen from you? If not, then don’t do that to a Djinn!!!!

        Djinns are not pets!!! They are not toys! They are beings with very real feelings!!! Treat them with respect! They are elemental beings. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! We need them on earth, not stuck in some darn trinket nor lamp in order to keep crust displacement from happening and to make sure that water still remains on earth. You do not want to fall in the center of the earth’s volcanic lava, do you? Cause everything on earth would die if crust displacement happened! You like water to drink, right? Then please… do not violate a Djinn’s freewill!!! Thank you. Peace.

        • Brian says:

          I agree with almost everything you say but all djinn are made from fire.

          • Brian says:

            Just like man is made from clay.

          • Kai says:

            Djinn are made with all elements. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

            • Rosemary Guiley says:

              Fallen angels exist, just as do good angels and Djinn. There is ample evidence of angels who act in free will, and who are not kindly disposed toward human beings.

            • Mukhtar says:

              Kai ,
              Please do not spread disinformation. The Djinn are NOT created from the 4 elements at all, that is completely incorrect.

              The Koran clearly states that Djinn are created from “smokeless fire”, which according to Arab folklore is associated with the scorching heat of the desert wind Simoon. In the West however many have come to interpret this “smokeless fire” as possibly plasma or even radiation.

              Fire circulates in their veins instead of blood like us, and thus when a Djinn is mortally wounded, flames would burst forth from his body and consume him until he was but a heap of ashes.

      • Brian says:

        There is but the only one I know of summons an Ifrit. So that’s basically suicide since their the most powerful evil djinn.

    • Hawaiian Punch says:

      I don’t recommend summoning Djinn’s. I have Djinns with me that were brought over by an Egyptian Magi on their own free will to help what I need to accomplish here with that being of highest intent.
      To summon them against their will will mean death to the conjurer. They have to be experienced and it usually takes more that 1 person to do it because entities will try to sneak through… usually distasteful ones. When they do they can enter into you chakra points and hide. Usually what comes next is possession.
      The ones that I have are Kings, Queens, Teachers, Guides, Sacred and a few graduates of the Marid class that are believers of God. Accept for one, she a non-believer. Any wish made with her has to be well thought out or there will be karmic repercussions. As I said they are here on their free will and I treat them as family. Not a slave or a pet, to treat them as such they will most likely not respond to you.
      They are watchful and listen to your stories as you go on through your life. When something bad occurs they would do something to show that they are there with you. Some sort of miracle. Not all the time but usually with me is when there’s great sadness. My spirits with me have emotions and have compassion.
      I have not encountered any evil entities since I’ve had them. They are more like guardians for me. They also have an affinity for water.
      The descriptions of the races are right and wrong. Most don’t like us because they are rebellious and reckless. They could have destroyed this planet that’s why they were banished to another dimension. God told them to bow before his creation of man. They didn’t take to that at all and since they got booted off they feel like they want to come back.
      I’m babbling. If you’re going to summon them “DONT’ DO IT, DONT’ DO IT, DONT’ DO IT?” If you do first read up on them, from many sources and do your homework. These are dark spirits made from smokeless fire and they have emotions, they age like us but slower. I think 1500 of our years is equivalent to 16 of theirs. Give or take. Let’s put it this way. Their elders will look like 18 years old to us.
      Ok, Then find someone else that is respectable and knowledgeable in this area. They are around. I can’t offer any help there. I won’t be responsible for any info given. The men that brought me my entities did it as a favor and the knowing of my character.
      There are shops that say they have them. Don’t do it. It’s most likely and empty vessel and you’ll get ripped off. Also I’ve heard horror stories that people purposely put Christian demons or bad Djinn in some of them. Then you’re in a world of hurt.
      With that said, Good Luck!

      • Khan says:

        can you send them over to me to help me? Thanks

      • Brian says:

        No. They were removed because there wasn`t room for man with them there. Only one of them was asked to bow but didn`t: Ibis.

      • Brian says:

        Can You wish one to me? A Green or Yellow Jann or Hinn. A believer that is a Guide please. How about you point at my reply and say “I with that the nest time the person who typed that reply when to sleep he would wake up hold an old bronze oil lamp containing a yellow Jann, Christan, Guide djinn.” Thanks. I`d ask for a blue Marid but:
        A) my favorite type is the djinn and

        B)I don`t want to go mad with power.

        I`m just going to make some myths real like the Chinese Lun and wizards and other magi(magi is a general term for magic user). Maybe add something to a game like Mincraft:the red dragon mob we were promised and maybe some new golems types. That is pretty much it.

      • Brian says:

        The Egyptian magi must have been a real magician for the record performers are just naming themselves after a real type of magi. Egypt is where that magical art was founded.

    • Brian says:

      Bad idea. Djinn have demon relatives. You could easy summon one by accident then they will kill you and eat your soul. After all they were summoned to earth from hell.

      • Brian says:

        So there is a way to summon them.

        • VersionX52 says:

          [Note: This response has been edited. — Admin]

          Oh yes indeed Brian there is a way to conjure/summon the djinn!!!

          1st you need to have spent years practicing magick and studying all forms of magick… Summoning and cutting deals with Djinn is not something you do lightly.There is not set ritual to perform for summoning a djinn.Like all true magick you must be guided by your intuition… To get to the point where you’ll know how to summon a djinn and be able to do it will take you years….

          • admin says:

            I am always amazed at the number of people who want to conjure Djinn despite all the warnings and examples of bad outcomes. They always think they will be able to do it and get away with it. You don’t “experiment” with this sort of activity. Conjuring these kinds of entities requires a sacrifice of the life force, and there are many ways they will take it from you. Every “favor” has a price. It’s not always obvious at first — that’s how people get sucked in. Furthermore, you don’t learn the skill to do it in an hour or two. It is easy to suddenly be in over your head, with serious or even irrevocable consequences to yourself, your family and even your descendants. -REGuiley

            • jinnia says:

              Brian don’t do it.(;

            • Marissa Campbell says:

              I too am amazed at the insistence on conjuring - despite many grave warnings. Out of curiousity, I once played a youtube video of what was represented as “invitational music.” Within a week, I miraculously had taken a photo of the face of a Djinn that shapeshifted out of a spark of light, a UFO over my old family homeplace; shadow figures and other dimensional beings; many bright epheral lights and varying shades of auras. Since then and before, I have captured other phenomenal photos, in different places and cities, which now make me wonder (1) Whether a DJinn is following me or my family; and /or (2) Whether there is a portal above and behind the old home place. Not only have I taken phenomenal photographs; but also videos, including one of a black helicopter circling the area in question - as recently as October 2016. I have always regard sci-fi to be totally fictional; but my photographs and videos are changing my views

            • Marissa Campbell says:

              I too am amazed at the insistence on conjuring - despite many grave warnings. Out of curiousity, I once played a youtube video of what was represented as “invitational music.” Within a week, I miraculously had taken a photo of the face of a Djinn that shapeshifted out of a spark of light, a UFO over my old family homeplace; shadow figures and other dimensional beings; many bright epheral lights and varying shades of auras. Since then and before, I have captured other phenomenal photos, in different places and cities, which now make me wonder (1) Whether a DJinn is following me or my family; and /or (2) Whether there is a portal above and behind the old home place. Not only have I taken phenomenal photographs; but also videos, including one of a black helicopter circling the area in question - as recently as October 2016. I have always regard sci-fi to be totally fictional; but my photographs and videos are changing my views

              • hell inside says:

                Omg this real and I also when I just capture a photo with camera my view just changing
                When I am just watch mirror and my eyes just changing this like devil just watching me in the mirror and laughting at me
                I just thought I am only one like this in this world
                sorry for bad english

  12. hello,
    i find this artcle interesting. but as a student of shamanism i’ve come across some entities including the djinn. as well as haunted items that they are attach to. not all these entities are evil. but not all are good. i learned the best way to approach them is like with human strangers. you get to know them.
    in my studies of the kabbalah i learned they are identified as the shedim as well with the lilim.
    and in muslim tales the entities are both good and evil.
    to any who wish to summon them. my advice is not. however if you do. please do an extensive research about them. then decide then if you wish to continue. these entities deserve are respect. they have been around long before our race ever existed. some are hurt by the bad press.

  13. D Warcliffe says:

    I am concerned with a friend of mine.He has had strange occurrences lately and they are happening with greater frequency. We have a mutual friend who seems to have certain powers and she believes he is possessed by something. When she ‘connected’ to him, she said the entity made her physically sick. She is very concerned about our friend, as am I. We are both at a loss as to how to help him. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Secret Angel says:

      That girl possessed by that evil spirit (making her sick) needs to tell that evil spirit the following. “In the name of the Most High God. If you do not get out, I will send you to the court of the sacred fire for your final judgment.” And make sure she screams this firmly almost like gritting her teeth. This point will come across to the evil spirit for it to want to remove itself from her, right quick! If the evil spirit says, “No, I won’t go or don’t want to go!” OR seems to be choking the girl, YOU call upon Archangel Michael on her behalf and say to Archangel Michael, “My friend can’t cry out for help. This evil spirit is violating my friend’s freewill and possibly trying to kill her, take that evil spirit to the court of the sacred fire for judgment never to return to her or anyone she cares about.”

      That should help your friend out and when it does, you will notice a much lighter feeling in her room and house. Much Love. Peace.

  14. Azra says:

    What is your take on the Hybrids between the Djinn and Human?

    • admin says:

      I believe there are many hybrids that pass for humans. Some of them are created in what people think is the ET abduction phenomenon, which I believe the Djinn participate in, and may even be the major players, masquerading as ETs. — Rosemary

      • Secret Angel says:

        No, Djinns and ET’s are two different beings totally. Just like Djinns and Demons are two different beings totally! Djinns do not masquerade as ET’s. I’ve personally met ET’s and Djinns. I’m a self-proclaimed Psychic. I work with different vibrational energies, etc. alot. I’m also an empath! They both have a very different distinctive vibrational frequencies to them;Each species of ET’s and groups of Djinns that is. FYI. Peace.

        • admin says:

          Djinn do masquerade as ETs.

          • Brian says:

            No they don`t.

            • romulus says:

              Yes they do, just because there not an ET by species that dosent mean the Jinn have never masqueraded as one. Evil Jinns would manifest as one in order to scare their victims.

          • Mukhtar says:

            Yes I agree, Djinn DO indeed masquerade at ETs, and I say this based on research and information gathered within the truther community. which has led to the general belief that The World Elite are preparing to deceive the entire world by having Djinn impersonate aliens.

            Don’t be surprised when one day in the coming future you awake to news that an alien civilisation has arrived on Earth, and being ever so benevolent, they seek only to help and assist us silly humans by offering technologies, medicines, resources etc. And everyone’s gonna sing their praises and think they’re the best thing ever, and we we’re gonna let our guard down because this is the vehicle that the elite will then use to discredit the major 3 religions (by saying that proof of alien existence means that God and all his books are complete lies and fiction) to get people to renounce God (ultimately gearing them towards a 1 world religion). They may even have these Djinn masquerade as Jesus, and impersonate The Messiah’s return to earth from the heavens and this “Jesus” will then inform the masses that these “aliens” are our brothers and we must embrace them and that there is no God and that he is also of these aliens and that its been them all along who are our divine creators and not God blah blah, you know all that lovely crap, all to discredit God and get us to turn our backs on spirituality and divinity, leaving us vulnerable. Then when the time is right (and sufficient souls are wayward and lost I guess) according to their plans (the elite) these lovely aliens will suddenly turn on us and reveal themselves to be malevolent and evil beings that have been lying to us all along, and who seek only to invade and conquer our planet (the schtick we’ll be told is said to be something along the lines of these aliens seek to use us as slave labour as they need some specific resource unique to the Earth). This is when the elite or “illuminated ones” will reveal themselves from the shadows of governments with a tall tale of how theve been looking out for humanity and have a solution to our alien invasion problem: one world government. They will spin such compelling bullshit of how the only way we can defeat the “aliens” is is we basically forgo our borders, cultures, religions and differences and become ONE world and pool our resources for only as a joint world will be strong enough to defeat the “alien” oppressors. And people will eat it up because the elite will play on the whole “coming together as one people and setting aside all our differences” drivel to fool the masses and strong-arm the world leaders. All so as to create a 1 world government, to match their 1 world religion i spoke of earlier, as well as the 1 world currency thats also gonna be implemented at some point (look at how the $ is poised to crash). And this is all to usher in a new age, the age of the antichrist.

            Sounds like fiction but maybe just keep it in the back of your minds in case. And one day if/when this comes to pass then remember this and hopefully you won’t be deceived.

            • Marissa Campbell says:

              The future may very well be now. I recommend that you tune in to the Youtube Channel of Rudolf of Germany, who purports to be a “tall white alien.” He has shared over 200 videos of significant note; and claims to have telepathically assisted Donald Trump in being a more identifiable candidate, which contributed to his success in the Presidential campaign. He is also actively coordinating an alien / human hybrid DNA program, with over a 100 volunteers, who passed his hair sample test. Please, watch some of his videos and share your perspective as to what role, if any, you believe that Rudolf of Germany plays in the Djinn agenda you have described here. Thank you for this very enlightening discussion. I have always been one to discover, discern and share truth. To that end, I maintain an open, but investigative mind.

        • Dani says:

          Wow wow wow, I think you don’t get it right at that point. Demons are bad Djinns just like Terrorists are bad Men. Different vibrational energies do not imply different beings; they may imply different TYPE/RACE of Djinns. Some groups of deceitful Djinns simply want to fool us by making us believe that there really are ET’s. If there really were alien visitors to Earth, they would have assigned an ambassador to the UN. And if there really were alien visitors, I just can’t understand why they keep playing hide-and-seek with us.

          • Marissa Campbell says:

            Alien ambassador? Rudolf of Germany, the “tall white alien.” I recommend that you tune in to his Youtube Channel.

        • karmapolice says:

          ..and some djinns ARE what christians call demons

        • Christina augulara says:

          If by ET you mean UFO the the classification stands. Unidentified being significant requirement. If by ET you mean not from earth or Extra Terrestrial then you would the term would still be mostly correct save for the fact that they were probably here back before we were here but even then their point of origin is unknown to me so the term ET is pretty accurate, and lastly what is the point of being capable of shape-changing if they have no interest in “masquerading”.

    • Brian says:

      There`s no such thing if your mother is a djinn the children are djinn. If the father is the djinn and the mother is human they are humans who could have weak djinn powers( weak green members of their father`s tribe weak)(being a djinn only passes through the mother).

  15. Azra says:

    I also would like to note, Djinn like Humans can be Good, Evil, and ambivalent to either side.

    • Brian says:

      I`ve heard that the ruler of the djinn must be nether good or evil so they can judge fairly.(magic causes them to become in between).

    • Christina augulara says:

      But not like a human more like a force of nature transcending moral ambiguity and focusing on keeping the balance of nature in a harmonious state.

  16. Ninja says:

    Djinn’s are note denoted by color. Quite a few Djinn do not subscribe to clan and are older than religeon. I think someone needs to study harder.

    • Secret Angel says:

      I agree with your statement, Ninja! We need to stop labeling that with we fear and do not understand AND start loving. Love is the most powerful transformational force in ALL THAT IS. Peace.

      • Brian says:

        This information comes from the djinn themselves probably.

      • karmapolice says:

        love is not the answer for dealing with jinns-knowledge of the lore, incantations and remedies, wisdom, respect and personal power is

        • Marissa Campbell says:

          Without a broad knowledge base, there can be no understanding; without understanding, their can be no wisdom; nor the ability to discern. Without the ability to discern between manifestations of good and evil, one should be very careful about delving into the unknown. Danger lurks in dark shadows, as evidenced by the black turned orange auras that have crept into my digital photos, when I thought that I was alone on deserted streets.

    • Brian says:

      ??? Djinns color tells us their age and social status. That s it. Well it also tells us if their evil but that can change(if they change weather they are good or evil for better or worse their skin color changes).

  17. JamesGriffin says:

    I have a question… Have any of you heard of what is called “The Five”… its complicated to explain but if u have please contact me…. but other wise i have another question… say that a DJinn has taken human form and has forgotten himself.. and with each death he is reborn.. now.. he is begining to learn once more who he is and is following the path of aeryn… his true form is white though and u have no discription of white DJinn.. do u beleive that color to be possible?.. ty and i await ur reply

    • afifio says:

      Is it this one ? Groups according to their speciality. Names in Arabic perhaps. These are the main division of Iblis goverment that worth to be cautioned

      1.Tsabar - Ungrateful, curses, misery
      2.Dasim - Divorce
      3.AI-A`war - Fornication
      4.Maswath - Lies specialist
      5.ZaInabur - Quarrel/fighting

    • kensil says:

      james…. i have heard of the five. many years ago when i was sixteen i just saw a vision of five huge human like things sitting at some kind of table, they seemed to be like kings or a council of some sort i only saw this one time id like to discuss with you more about this its always been shrouded to me and i never really understood it my spirit guides couldn’t even help me understand. i do remember however, they imparted a feeling of immense fear upon me

    • Brian says:

      It could be the djinn equivalent of an angel: one who has died and gone to heaven or maybe this site just told us some of the basic colors. Think about it if a djinn is too young to turn blue,to old to be green and a common civilian what color would they be? Light yellow,gold, maybe white?

    • Kai says:

      The five is five elements. Pyro(fire), Aqua(water), Terra(earth), Aero(air), and Kclab(darkness). Please not that Kclab is black backwards.

    • Christina augulara says:

      Does the five refer to a list of stories propagate this notion of reincarnation of spiritual beings into human form. IE: The last unicorn, Lunar:the silver star harmony, and Neil Gaimands’ Sand Man series. These stories promote this belief because personifying the characters in human form makes them easier to relate to. D’jinn have long lives and it is doubtful they have much need for reincarnation in the sense that you are thinking. Pleiades “light beings” (who I am suspicious of) claim that they have sent a number of incarnate souls here supposedly to heal the planet and in harmony with your theory just like Jesus prior to his baptism and just like Thoth in Egyptian
      mythology these reincarnated souls are enlightened to their eternal consciousness when triggered like a hypnotic sleeper agent unlocking vast knowledge and power when the time comes. I have an intrinsic distrust of these pleiadiens and I suspect that they are actually manipulating gifted humans as they just awaken to higher states of consciousness. Trick them into thinking they are part of some righteous intergalactic war between them and a few other races. Making us feel like a part of their family before we know what we are capable of and responsible for.

      • Marissa Campbell says:

        Almost to a tee . . .you describe Rudolf of German, the self-proclaimed “tall white alien” of Youtube. Amazing . . . four years later . . . all of what you have anticipated is coming into being . . .

        • Marissa Campbell says:

          Correction: “Rudolf of Germany” (It would be great if this site had an edit feature to the comment section. Having a degree in English, it is disturbing to be stuck with my editorial mistakes. Like the sound of nails screeching on a blackboard. )

  18. Kim says:

    Hi, howz everyone doing? I jus started studying Djinn after coming across the metaphysical jewelry on Ebay. I was interested in buying 1 but Im unsure after reading about different ppl’s experiances. I would value and respect the Djinn as my new best friend but someone mentioned earlier they dont like to be summoned. Im not to too clear on that part, do u mean the invocation ritual u perform after receiving the vessel or do u mean summoning them for favors?

    • Christina augulara says:

      It’s far more likely that greater being will summon us rather than us summoning them. Likewise in regard to how they feel about being bound to a trinket, even if you are nice to your black slave in pre Lincoln America you still own another being keep it as a piece of property locked in a small cage only let out when you remember to take it for a walk. If I was that dog I would bite.

  19. Marium Khan says:

    I came to this side for information on how to rid of incubus. I trully find this site and most of you people very informed and experienced, I have some un imaginable experience in my childhood I find myself really liking these beings and intrested in them.

    My childhood is full of strange encountes where they helped and stuff but they never tried to communicate me it stopped now when I grewup and than all of a sudden I started experience these incubus attack since 2008 (when I was 15) n now I am 24, I dont remember most of the attacks since they only happened after I slept but I do suffer after attack symptoms and sctrach marks etc(some time like snake bite, other times just blue bruises n scraches)

    In one attcack recently I was able to stop the being and saw his face and appereance when he float and vanished into my cieling. I am not at all horified by these beings but I want these attacks to stop because he is not letting me have a real relationship and any proposal for marriage always ends up mysteiously gone also because i feel voilated.

    I am really worried I have also seen them in dreams, many time I see a girl n sometimes a young boy and once a huge snake playing on my lap, once they gave gifted me a huge house with wood work and room with humangous and softest bed for me n my family, in dreams they are very friendly and it feels they want to approach me on friendly tems but every time that I dream them,un nescessary fights are ensued in our household, which I have been told are sign that they are around, I have also been told by a man that, they are trying to control me from almost seven years.

    my elder sister also suffered some incubus attack and ended up being insane, now she is not normal.
    I also suspect that these things are hovering around my little sis, she is only 12.

    as I see lots of you know all these things about them and some of you also have them I ask you to pleae please help us. PLEASE HELP ME

    • nancy says:

      im having the same problem the sexual attacks seeing small flashes of blue or white lights and i hear voices that sound like they are coming out of a radio.i am not crazy and i pray for deliverance from JESUS all the time .im told that it is demonic possesion.e-mail me at [email protected] i have much to say and alot of questions to ask.please answer back.-nancy

      • Raj says:

        In the name of Jesus Christ the devil and his demons will flee. Get an experienced Christian Pastor in the area of demonic deliverance and see how that demon runs for its life when the name of Jesus Christ is invoked.

    • Khan says:

      Where are you from? Are you from pakistan? There are loads of rituals to banish and summon djinns online. Try them.

    • TORI says:

      One must stand ones ground and be aggressive example be like Royalty in personality. Royalty demands respect etc for the predator seeks out the weak to destroy

    • Lerqi says:

      Please Marium play surah baqarah all day loud in your home for 41 days. Do not be afraid. Fear gives them strength. If your sister has gone mad, that means that they are in her head. Beg God for help and no other. I believe someone cast a very strong black magic spell on your family. It is probably someone you know very well,but do not suspect. Be careful who you allow in your home. I can help guide you. Let me know. There is help for this. You need to take several precautions, but surah baqarah is the strongest advice I can give you.

    • want info says:


      I am muslim and the way to protect yourself from them is
      after the MAGRIB AND FAJR namaaz prayerz

      pray 10 times durood shareef-


    • syed says:

      Dear Mariam/Nancy & Khan,i wish you all got rid of these problems but if not just follow this site with fullest of your own belief , if u r muslim u can say Allah if not whatelse u believe the Most like God,Jesus,Mama Marie,Bhagwan,Bhuda etc .just in 7 days i bet all of if ur beliefe is strong enough u ‘ll get its result from very 1st day but dont discontnue till 7 days n also dont exceed it.
      thanx to all of you

    • karmapolice says:

      a Manzil played all night will help..also recite ayat al kursi before sleeping…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBbKVDm4Ccc

    • Christina augulara says:

      My girlfriend and I are suffering from much of the same thing. it is a constant battle shutting them out but some things you can do fill cups or bowls of water and pray for the water to bind the evil forces. In the morning dump the water in the toilet and flush. This is a daily process. Do not engage in any negotiations or two way conversation with them. I say them because it sounds like a few types of entities not just one incubus. You can also salt the perimeter of your entire house with a thin solid line of salt especially around your bed. Get some sage and do a native smudging process. If you have faith invoke the power of your faith. Demand their exile from your life and the lives of your family. Seek help from as many spiritual people as you can. And it is important that you take note as best you can of how many seperate entities you are dealing with and what they are. Good luck.

    • bekkusu says:

      Uh…if you was 15 years old in 2008…how could you be 24 years the time you post this text? …

  20. Chipoltespice says:

    I heard this on C2Cam and I listened to this several times. This was one of the most fascinating programs and I am going to buy this book.

  21. Smail says:

    Fom what I have read regarding reptilians, UFOs and shifters, skyrods etc, might all be spiritual manifestation of Djin, but this world is extradimentional, and only God and his prophets (pbuth) may have a certain knowledge of this unseen world

  22. La_Pati says:

    I’ve had this thing ever since I could remember; whenever I close my eyes for a period longer than a blink, I see a surreal moving patterned background (usually black and white moving stripes)but there would always ALWAYS be a pair of almond shapes in the middle, like eyes, and they would typically be red but have static texture/pattern to them. Sometimes when I close my eyes, like in the shower, I kinda ‘stare’ at them, and when I do, they seem to be ‘opening’ with a top static-y blue eyelid liner.

    Is this a normal thing for people and I’m just reading too much into it? Or am I really seeing ‘something’ or ‘someone’?

    • want info says:

      Your spiritual eye has opened sometimes you feel sad or sometimes happy … your sleeping pattern has changed and you may get headaches.
      your not seeing yet but opening the way to another side

    • Christina augulara says:

      mk ultra mind control

  23. Jhonnywho says:


    I have a problem with a djinn (i think its a IFRIT) I’ve been looking on the internet and this is one of the places where I can on the internet.

    Befor i begin there is one thing that i must tell you that ive med some djinn’s one with a white black flame, mine self i a bleu left hgand and a (fire)red from my right hand the bleu is from my self the other take a gues.

    The problem is that I sometimes unconsciousness me and I’ll be right back again. Then my mood changed for good after boss (furious).

    when it happens I feel spiritually Weining strength so I therefore collapses.

    In the past 3 or 4 years ago I a few times been a medium because my mother had a strange feeling that I told someone that I saw through his eyes could see. But in those sesies came a burnt appearance (skin of snakes scales) and with horns and who wanted me to draw a black hole and it felt really at that time.

    I was also the 2nd who had given me so much as the feeling early.

    A while ago I got trouble again and I feel quite different but not happy inside … but it felt at not like me wall myself I’m happy.

    If anyone has tips like to let you know whether an idea where I should be.
    I live in the Netherlands I have a lot for but there are limits (financially that is).

    • The Scientist says:

      I am going to the desert to do a study on sand booms. There are superstitious beliefs associated with the weird frequency noise produced by the desert and djinn. We will embark on our expedition at the beginning of October. Hopefully our studies will help in the mysterious sounds made by the desert sands.

  24. Marguerite says:

    I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on your site to read all of these different amazing frightening experiences other people are having, because I was just about to purchase a djinn on ebay. What stopped me in my tracks of curiousity is a notice saying, ‘not available to UK’. I feel real lucky, and thanks again for all the information, some time in the near future I will purchase your book. I need to know all there is to know, that should be known.

  25. Brian says:

    If you want a djinn look on eBay. Make sure to buy from _____. He sells djinn for about 99 cents.

    • admin says:

      I do not recommend buying djinn from anyone at any price. People think they will stay in control, but sooner or later, they will not be in control. The djinn will be in control.

      • Brian says:

        He gives you an invocation spell so you can control it(invoctions spells are rare most people don`t have it because they need to find the djinn`s name, look up how it was imprisoned and then find the correct invocation spell,its hard work) plus he gives you a description of that djinn so you know more about them if you want a djinn buy from bisvun. Oh and to the guy who got rid of the name before: please don`t do it again please.

    • Brian says:

      Well that’s how much his first one started out.

  26. CherokeeWinds says:

    I have a friend that may have been subject to a djinn are there any ideas on how to rid her of this djinn any suggestions. This is what comes up from the ring her husband gave her Ancient Powerful MARID DJINN DESERT KING Genie & MANY Attendants Ring …

  27. Lerqi says:

    Do not ever make the mistake of buying a jinn or getting one in any way. Doing so will only lead to your destruction. I know of a college history professor who went out several nights calling out to jinn. He wanted to meet one just so he could learn more about history. He wanted to meet a good jinn. He tried for several nights until one night a jinn called out to him. The professor asked if it was good and religious. The jinn replied saying that it was a Muslim like the professor and was good fearing Allah. The professor was thrilled. Making the long story short….the professor took it home and allowed it to live with him as a practicing Muslim. Meanwhile the professor got all the historic information he wanted from the jinn. Several months pass and the professors son gets very sick and almost losses his mind. After days of pondering,the professor realizes that it was the jinn doing this to his son. Then he eventually realizes that the jinn was not a Muslim but only posing as one. He went through he’ll to rid his life of this jinn and heal his son. He has his personal story posted on a website in which he begs people to never trust jinn and to stay away. !!!

  28. Lerqi says:

    Typically jinns will be good at first to gain the trust then they start hurting and destroying. This is their pattern. It is always this way. I am not saying that there are not any good jinns out there, in fact there are, but the good ones stay away and prefer not to mingle.

  29. want info says:

    I seen jinn they come in different forms most of the time i see them in black, black once in the form of a dragon there eyes are red. and in there true form they look like humans but shimmer like smokeless fire. i once saw myself having sexual intercourse with a female one … I also see them in different colours … but they cant touch me due to some kind of light that comes out of my own body and i am protected by a white clear shield.
    I am muslim and the way to protect yourself from them is
    after the MAGRIB AND FAJR namaaz prayerz

    pray 10 times durood shareef-


    • I have felt a presence, someone or something pulling my covers back but when it has happened I have froze in fear. I have had the worse luck ever since the first time it happened and I was only 9 years old. I have also seen white blinding lights and black dots in front of my eyes but put it down to dizziness and fatigue but when I saw your comment about seeing human beings who seem to have fire shimering around them with no smoke I remembered seeing the same thing. Do I have an entity with me?

      • Kai says:

        No. All entities hail Solomon. Unless you are a relative of him, it is probably that you have said something that made a djinn angry. Consult with your astrological signs. Cancer gets the most plagues, while Leo is the protector of Solomon.

  30. want info says:


  31. braveinnocence says:

    Interesting stuff!!! I have been working with Djinn in a very different manor than you above. For me they are the fire elemental leader and I work with them as a singular being often with other elemental leaders & always in the presence of several archangels in a sort of Christian / neo pagan ritual of my own invention. I’m pretty sure that the being I work with is the oversoul of the classes of beings you have met. (For instance if you work with a single oak tree I would be working with the Tree deva)

    Who I see can be in animal or human like form & has had no physical contact with me to date. They only appear are a wispy almost imaginary image. In the presence of Archangels I can ask it for details about itself or other concerns relating to fire or transformation. This is who I call Djnn but is the singular spirit of the oversoul of all these creatures you speak of. I would be quite curious to meet some of your beings here, these “physical” (or astral) expressions of the Djinn of which I speak. Many of you give many warnings & caution. However, my intention is to meet them not to enslave them. To be a friend, to be honest & to expect the same in return. I never use
    store bought incantations or repeat any sorts of words that I do not understand. My rituals are from from the heart, from a deeper understanding and in the presence of Angels & Archangels. Is there any reason for me to have concern or caution? Secondly, is there are any of you who could work with me on this & on these terms? Please let me know. Thank you.

    Another point: is it possible that there are “people” we know for years who are actually Djinn but don’t know it?

    • Shradha says:

      I would be interested in working with you because I have a similar approach.

    • Omar says:

      I find what you’re saying here to be very interesting. I have couple of questions i thought of:
      1)when it appears as an animal, is it in the form of a pig or a dog?
      2)Also as a part of your ritual, do you use the bell and do you use very specific phrases to call the entity?

    • Marissa Campbell says:

      Concerning Rudolf of Germany, the self proclaimed “tall white alien” on Youtube. Although I have never participated, I note that many of his followers (especially participants in the hybrid program) do participate in his alien or german incantations, which they do not know the meaning of. In a recent case, Rudolf represents that the “prayer” is to ward off demons, when one of his followers interpreted the latin phrase to mean “They want to be deceived; so allow them to be deceived. ” I try not to dabble in that which I don’t understand; but I certainly appreciate your curiousity. I personally am content, with knowing that the photos and videos that I have taken are based on ancient and contemporary reality and are not a projection of my imagination or the product of photo shop skills, which I have yet to acquire. I have never seen any phenomenal paranormal activity with my own eyes. Only digital equipment has resulted in the validation that I have; and for me that is all the contact that I need.

  32. Andrew .S. says:

    I keep seeing the colour red , every where , i dont know what to do . even when my eyes are closed . when i sleep i can see my self sleep on my bed , it’s so real . do u have advise

  33. Fsa says:

    Very interesting site. I thought I was freakish to be curious abt the paranormal n jinn. But Quran talks very clearly abt jinn so we have to believe in their exsistence like the Angeles,prophets ,day of judgment etc.I hve had personal experience but nothing in comparision to the stories here. Mine was more to do with black magic done on me and my family.Alhamdoillah we’rebetter now thanks to the mercy of Allah.I’m very keen to read your book and find out more on this subject.
    Peace be on you all.

  34. 1 day me and my friend were hanging out , my cat went missing and he flew to the floor

  35. erys says:

    hi, i’ve purchased an online spirit vessel containing an ifrit. (yeah, people been saying buying spirits from sites aren’t genuine, i’m bit skeptic also about this but eventually trusted one and hoped for the best) i’ve got a vision from a dream and i told the seller about it, she absolutely gave me right away the “spirit” that was “calling” for me. I got the spirit vessel, it was a female ifrit. I’m a sensitive individual and got experiences with elementals/spirits even before having that vessel ( i learned a lot of wisdom from them, of course i’ve met bad ones as well) already done the bonding, protocols/rules to get along with the spirit. It seems she’s like waiting for me and got along well, she communicates through “whispers” or voices in my mind. But one thing that made me bit nervous (yeah, been seeing freaky stuffs everyday but this seems odd ) i tried the “mirror” portal communication thingy. when on my “mind’s eye” the ifrit showed a slender, brown eyed wavy long haired girl with a veil. she’s pale or white. But what i saw in the mirror is a far different, she got a humanoid face but has teeth like a shark’s, her nose are like a bat’s or snout (not exactly, kinda flat) then her eyes are far apart, like people from the film avatar (while performing that mirror communication, the sight was kinda blurry but distinguishable, like crossing your eyes and seeing from a far) But that didn’t changed my view with my spirit companion. Funny thing is, she’s like an older sister to me and she’s like building my character-making me more assertive in my life and offering me advices. as a matter of fact, today, i talked to her in my mind… and she replied with foreign language… and lol, i replied “is it ok to reply in my mother’s tongue?” and i got random words in my mind.. she’s a faint speaker or soft voiced BUT speaks with direct to the point.

  36. Omar says:

    Thank you for this article. I have had so many personal experiences through out my life, in this country and back home. Just to share some of my interesting experiences with you and other readers are: slaming shut of my jamed metal patio screen; rolling of my soccer ball toward me on my carpeted floor as I was watching TV while laying on the floor; whispering in my ear to “WAKE UP” in a crystal clear whisper; very hard 4 knocks on the the closet door, FROM INSIDE THE CLOSET (very scarry and disterbing); shadows (many times); one sprint of 2 yellow feet right before my face as I opened my eyes from a nap while on the floor (close enough to my face that I felt a thump in my chest); turning on the bathroom water faucet and shutting as I am watching it happening followed by flipping of my tooth brush out of its holder and many many more. Not all events were at the same place. I am very well aware of what I am dealing with (Djinn) and I am not afraid of them however what is disterbing is the sudden onset of the events when you do not expect them, just as the way you would feel if it was done to you by a human trying to scare you off. Comments are welcome.

  37. kevin says:

    hi im bought a female marid ring im not sure if its real but if so what do i do

  38. Michelle says:

    I disagree with anyone who states that all Djinn are evil. These people do not know the Djinn at all. Just because something has horns or bat wings and ears or a wrinkled up face or tattoed up face; doesn’t mean automatically it is evil. Come on, we are not living in the dark (prejudice) ages. Stop the ignorance!

    Demons and Djinn are two different creatures/beings. Demons live to destroy not only human life but also all of life. Demons were not created by God’s smokeless fire. Demons were created by the negative hateful thoughts, words, feelings, and physical actions of humans; by human beings. Each of these avenues has a vibrations signature to it. Love being the highest vibration and hate being the lowest. Human discord affects all of life including one’s self and nature. This is called by many the Law of Cause and Effect or Law of Attraction or my favorite The Universal Law of Freewill (Love) or a shorter version of this law of God called KARMA; but it is the same law.

    Now, the Djinn are elemental beings. Djinn only means, “Covert.” That which is hidden. Djinn are about protecting life. Destroying life is not on the Djinn’s agenda; unless in rare cases where they have an evil human master.

    It is God (The Source of ALL life) that created the Djinn and gave the Djinn specific commands to be the helpers of humans by being the keepers of earth. Anotherwords, God created Shaitan Djinns to create air and to keep it flowing on earth. God created the Marid (water) Djinn to supply the water and keep it flowing. God created the Ifrit (fire) Djinn to keep the center of the earth’s fire going and create new land (thru volcanic activity). Etc. The Djinn work in conjunction with each other in a meticulate order as instructed by God.

    So, by behavior there is a very clear distinction between the two.

    Ghuls are in a class of their own. All the Ghuls are, are God’s REAPERS. You know, Angels of Death. They do not feed on anything dead or alive. Like any good reaper, the Ghuls is instructed by God to bring the souls of his own; home.

    Again, it is not Ghuls who feed on anything alive or dead. It is energy-hungry demons that do. The Djinn do not like Demons or Ghuls.

    I AM a Master of Marid (Water), Ifrit (Fire), Uruttus(Plant Djinn), and Animal Djinn. Non of them have ever tried to possess me. Three did try to harm me but as their Master I gave them a stern warning that if they were not of love I would send them to the court of Sacred Fire for their final judgment. They have not tried to harm me since. They know that I care. In fact, I’ve been speaking with them and working with them helping them heal from the abuse they’ve experienced at the hand of their previous Masters. They thought I was going to be like all their past masters (a person who was mean to them), but I surprised them. They found me more capable and caring; and we’ve become friends. Now they are the ones protective of me. I’ve even let them go see their family until I call them back to me again.

    Like any human being, the Djinn have feelings. Remember that!

    • dustyn says:

      first of all demons are fallen angels, not created because of “human words, feelings, or actions” secondly, who are we to presuppose that djinn work God’s will? Thirdly what makes you a Master able to control these elements?

      • Kai says:

        First of all for dustyn, we are talking about Djinn. Djinn are a advanced kind of fallen angel. Second of all, Djinni do have feelings. I HAVE SUMMONED THE WARRIOR OF URUK, BARTIMAES!!!!!!

        • enlightened says:

          Angels never fall. This is a misconception
          Jinn are a creation like humans with free will. No such thing as fallen angels

    • karmapolice says:

      you are missinformed..too bad

      • daan arkham says:

        On the contrary about the ghoul class of djinn, they are not gods readers of any sort they are just like any other class of djinn except for the fact they tend to be more disgusting and depraved than most djinn and also I suggest if you are truly working with djinn, you better know what your doing bc they tend to be some shady creatures when they get the chance but good post.

    • Isaac says:

      1) JINNS aren’t ANGELS OR FALLEN ANGELS (There are no such thing as fallen angels.)
      2) There is only one Angel of Death and he will kill all including himself so everything in creation will be in Gods hand when everything is destroyed.
      3) Your ‘Mastery’ over the Jinns is Black Magic. If you summoned them with a ritual, then what your doing is wrong. If you called for them in somewhere like a misty valley, or a desert, or on a street at night, that’s different.

    • Mukhtar says:


      The information you’ve offered is wholly incorrect and seemingly seeks to cutesy the concept of these fierce and dangerous creatures. You should research more, read and article on this site or the book itself and refrain from spreading misinformation until such time as you are correctly informed.

      1) Yes not all Djinn are evil, its been stating repeatedly that they have free will like us and therefore they consist of bad guys and good guys just like us. But they are not about love and preserving human life, nor are they massively about ending human life either. They exist in a separate realm and live their own lives. Yes those bad ones infiltrate our world and interact with sorcerers and black magicians but for the most part the only time a Djinn really takes any interest (good or bad) in human life is if it or its family/clan/tribe has been disrespected by humans, or if they’ve been forced to interact in some way (falling in love or summoned).

      2) The Djinn have NOT been tasked to help humankind in any official capacity (thats what angels are for). God has assigned certain evil Djinn called Qareens each and every person on the planet with the sole purpose of trying to lead that person astray and off the path of good. Stop living in this fantasy where Djinn are your guardian angels because they are not concerned with us if they can help it. God created Djinn to worship Him, just as Man was.

      3) The Djinn are NOT involved in these elemental vocations that you’ve mentioned because generally these are assigned to the angels. For example, The Koran states that the Archangel Michael is in fact in charge of bestowing rain upon the world etc.

      4) Ghuls are NOT God’s Reapers nor are they Angels of Death. Ghuls are savage and depraved Djinn, most commonly females, that rob graves and FEED off decaying human flesh. It is said that the head of a Ghul looks like that of a cat with a forked tongue.

  39. Michelle says:

    I can tell the clear difference between the Djinn and a demon trying to portray itself as a Djinn.

  40. john tukey says:

    can you email me on a simple conjure thanks?

    • Marissa Campbell says:

      John Turkey. Your timing is impeccable. The day after the Mayan Prophecy of the end of the world ‘as we know it’ (2-21-2012), you have a strong desire to control Djinn? Now, here it is 4 years later and the true and profound meaning of the prophecy is just now being realized by those who are awakening to a whole new universe, involving super-intelligent and ancient beings which few of us can see or sense; but even fewer seek to master for personal gain. The USA has only recently (11-8-2016) survived an epic battle between good and evil - the jury still being out as to who the winner is. As evidenced by the results, there are already enough evil forces loose in this world. Therefore, I personally and respectfully request that those portals that have yet to be opened; shall hereinafter remain closed.

  41. john tukey says:

    im looking for just a vary simple conjure

  42. Does any of you meet Azazil? If you meet (considerably) the most powerful Jinn {Azazil(Satan)}in the universes, tell him I hate him!

  43. November says:

    I have some questions.
    Upon reading some of these experiences, I think I may have had a few.. And maybe you can tell me more about it?
    11 or 12 years ago (I’m 19 now), my first experience, I went outside at dusk. I don’t know why. But I walked around the side of my house, and concealed behind a young tree that we had was a black, featureless figure. It didn’t move, but I felt like it was looking at me. I was scared and ran back inside the house.

    The second experience was a few years after that, a friend of mine and I were looking into a vacant apartment in the apartment complex we were living at, and saw a blue, almost neon, featureless figure. This time, I wasn’t afraid, and looked for a while. My friend and I looked at each other, then back where the figure had been, but it was gone.

    That same summer, we, the same friend and I, were sitting on a hill overlooking my apartment, and a small, maybe two foot tall, imp-like shadow crossed the wall in front of us. We followed it, and it went into his apartment. We saw it go up the stairs, and we followed it again. His mom’s room’s door was open, and it hadn’t been before. We looked inside, and the bed skirts were fluttering.

    What did I see?

  44. silly me says:

    Did I fell in love with a djinn? Why whould he want me so bad?
    Ive been thruh a very tough relationship and at the beginning I got a lot of warning sings. I didnt listen and fell in love. Now we separeted and I sarted to become healthier….still I feel his presence like he wants me bad an cannot live without my energie…..does this sound mad? I have good guidence now, but still. What kind of djinn does this? just looking for answers

    • karmapolice says:

      it is very difficult to get rid of a jinn who has attached himself to you-you need a strong shaykh

    • Kai says:

      He probably loves you back. Did he tell you where he went? Go to Google earth and search that area. Tell your self these words “I am not afraid”. Search and draw 2 transmutation circle facing each other. Think of a happy and sad thought at the same time. Cry out in tears, but with a happy voice that place and his name. If he did not tell you his name, this will not work. Even a fake name will do. He will hear your cry and come.

  45. Shazana says:

    Hi I’ve had few problems during night,when I sleep I always pray and remembering Allah S.w.t,when I sleep all of a sudden my body is being squeezed I can’t lift my hands it’s like something is holding on realy tight on me,I’ve heard it laugh in my left ear,I’ve seen black shadow for about 2-3 sec,now I’m not sceard of it caz I’m only sceard of god,I just want to know does anyone know what it could be?I realy need to know caz it’s happening alot and I have my children around so it’s quite spooky.

    • Syed says:

      Dear Shazana,i wish you already got rid of these problems but if not just follow this site with fullest of your own belief , if u r muslim u can say Allah if not whatelse u believe the Most like God,Jesus,Mama Marie,Bhagwan,Bhuda etc .just in 7 days i bet all of if ur beliefe is strong enough u ‘ll get its result from very 1st day but dont discontnue till 7 days n also dont exceed it.
      thanx to all of you

  46. codey says:

    Hi can anyone help me with invoking a djin to aid me in my magical workings?

    • admin says:

      Sorry, but I won’t post material on how to conjure Djinn. It is risky and dangerous and I do not recommend it. -REGuiley

  47. Uzaif says:

    Hi there. I wanted to know who are more stronger, The Marid or The Ifrit? And do Ifrit and Marid possess humans? And i also wanted to know is there any type of jinn called “Nekrataal”? I am Posting this in responses too. Plz Reply.

  48. Uzaif says:

    I also wanted to know are there many marids in the world or only few?

  49. travis says:

    The one I see all around me is black a king what am I to do…

  50. No name says:

    Supposedly jinn have been connected to an infrared and electromagnetic energy, which is interesting to note is being used in the USA (who have been caught affiliating with jinn, or if you want to call them aliens or whatever, go ahead), but in price scanners, biometrics, hospital finger scanners, and scariest of all, now when you get your ID, they make you pledge your right hand into accepting the image they take of you as yourself, complete with barcode, and sometimes a chip, etc. and in hospitals and on ambulances they are plugging light machines into peoples foreheads, doing strange things at the er with psychic experiments and in my experience are also torturing people there, trapping people, taking their blood for unknown purposes and yes I saw elves there… I’ve connected this infrared spectrum of light to jinn or aliens in past research and after being attacked by teams of them who could change dimensions and such, and worked in hospitals, bus systems, etc. it is my opinion that these elf like beings, the whole master race being blue eyed and brown eyed people who are ruling the earth in some weirdness ( beavis and butthead? Terrance and Phillip? Wayne and Garth? Jay and silent… Okay you get the idea) and that they form the duality described as the duality of the serpent, that satan has a huge army of jinn with him, the nazis joining Japan and really how their entire alliance was not just blonde haired blue eyed people but was also connected to this bizarre phenomena which has also been used to mind control children in the past. Seems to me like the master race of the earth are connected to jinn, genies, the occult, etc, and the elite families and bloodlines who control the united states are maybe humanoid jinn, the more powerful type who are flaunting it all in plain sight. Just one of many realities or possibilities,I dunno. Also jinn are the same as the Grays, reptile aliens, all that stuff can be explained when you read the true scripture. They seem to like cell phones and have ways of creating illusions through time. They were not helpful, hated the holy spirit, attacked friends emotionally and seemed fond of pedophilia, the USA government, and a lot of them were even in the military. Brown and blue… So obvious. I wonder if that’s what all the blood and crips, Freemason, secret magic American flag stuff is about? Time to wake up, the stars move, follow God, repent, try believing in true scripture and praising God as a true believer and you’ll see, those rules are there for a reason. The carnal mind, the fleshly attachment, that’s what America sees you as. Accept the mark in the light world of genies including iblis on your right finger. They got you.your picture and that’s your new time.seems to change the vibrations of consciousness and their enemy seems to be people who don’t have brown our blue eyes, people who could do paranormal things like disappear, clone objects, walk through walls, etc. They even used cell phones to assist in mind control stalking, driving in color patterns, convince people they are Bible characters, and it seems other ppl who were being tortured and experimented on were people who prayed or believed in God. I told a church that the scripture is real and they called the police to arrest me because I mentioned that the bad things that happen seemed to be caused by jinn. Then the elf police with red and blue eyes, lights, and flags came to take me away… Hah! And they say Lucifer it’s the devil? The whole government is lying. Then again maybe I’m just hallucinating like all the government mind controland people trying to cover up what I’ve seen say. The military seemed to acknowledge that it was real along with a few agents and most true believers. Life, it’s weird…

    • daan arkham says:

      Jinns are not the entities involved in the illuminati conspiracy, these beings are actually reptillian draconian and not jinns, jinns and the demonic reptillian are completely different entities even their natures are completely different but I’m not saying the govt dosent’t use djinn but they don’t see them as equals to the draconian and also lucifer didn’t create Jinns God did.

  51. random tantrum says:

    Master race collective consciousness slowly taking over the world? Military secretly working with alien jinn manifesting as humans with one of two eye colors? Jinn disguising themselves as humans to work with satan and the master race to enslave regular people made from the earlthy realm (clay)? Satan/Iblis pretending to be Lucifer, creating an illusion through time with jinn/genie magic and messages through time to create a false religion where chemicals dumped in the sky and satellites replace the most merciful, God/Allah? America USA, where drugs, frequencies, and mind control tv steal people’s abilities to manifest and create their own reality through the power of prayer where holy tranquility and good works reign supreme? Ruined by evil jinn aliens who work for satan to steal souls with evil pornography and rape dens supported by pedophile priests and catholics pretending to be saints molest children? Love ruined? Government NSA devil system of mind control remote neural monitoring with voice to skull demon influences changing times, creating illusions, making a false reality to destroy and steal heaven, ending reincarnation, creating victims? Red vs blue devil matrix rules the earth too with less and mind control, pretend it’s racist, is it like the blue genie vs the red genie? Jinns interbreeding with humans, ruining lives of children with machine guns, attacking holy cities in computer uniforms? Antichrists traveling the world with a false encouragement mind control speech from a jinn pretending to be human ruling the united states of unfairica government? More prisons and institutions to trap people who knew them and shut up the talkers, with drugs running through them, beheaded by chemicals and frequency contusions, the devil laughing as the slaves plug themselves in? Time messages and anti-God sentiment, filth and lies from the media and government, seems like it’s meant to ruin our spirits, to steal our repentance, pretending protection while devils with guns shoot down children and women, in digital costumes, marines gold and crimson protect pedophiles with smiles in the cameras, they have no hereafter, they’re slaves to the outlaws, the jinn who from satan made camouflage killings and torture and vanished into a mirage, a jinn devil playground I found in the middle of USA demon world dead black wire underground, machine matrix trap with the stars staying the same, like missiles to guard while they try to explain, here comes the end time, with justice their spirits slain, never to be resurrected again… Just rambling. Watch out for uncle Sam, he might be the devil disguised…

  52. Colin Maxwell says:

    I am celtic (dad) annunaki (mom) hybrid with blue/green eyes that shift to hazel for a while after giving healing sessions. I have direct connection to Rasputin through my mom.
    My birth was predicted by vedic astrologers and my aunt was given the responsibility as my spirit teacher. Christ Michael came to me at the age of three and gave me his sword which i held up to my chest and took within me, enfolding it within me as my ventral nervous system. I knew then why he had come, why he bestowed it. i knew then that i could carry ‘home’ within me and that he was my real father. His sword remains within me as a never ending source of liquid love, warmth and belonging. It is the Hridiya, the heart cave, within us all. it is a power that we all have, that can save our world and take us home as well.

    when i was about 5 my aunt took me to visit middle eastern saints and heads of state as her husband was the pilot for a middle eastern ambassador. For some of the meetings it was love at first sight. i spontaneously began the practice of ujai pranyama at the age of 8. my aunt provided books and gave lessons out of our middle eastern journeys. i calculated and delineated my first professional astrology chart at the age of 13. a year later my veil came down until i began meditation at the age of 19.

    it was during my junior year of college when i broke through into the abode of the Nagas. to gain entry i had to dance as a crocodile. crocodile was how it started..i remember the dance went through a monitor lizard phase… it ended as reptilian humanoid by going through several layers, turnings and upgrades. i remember hearing a cadence like …’and then there was …. and then came the … and here we ….’ there was the physical part of the changes in muscle memory, breath patterns, stance and gait. there was also the spiritual empathic awakenings, sense of belonging and inclusion. we incorporate much reptilian dna and it has its songs of life at each level.

    i had heard and understood what to do. it was given to me as a test, came to me as a memory, and produced physical and empathic catharsis. similar in some aspects to Reichian streamimg. it happened during a time of intense pressure and revelry. it occurred independently from within and also formed the perfect gestalt to the occasion. it seemed to me that i danced for several minutes. people watching said it was weird and saw it as some sort of seizure.

    as the dance was happening where i was on earth it was also happening in the Naga dimension/abode and they were empathically linked to me and danced along in the ritual. To compliment my achievement the king of the Nagas opened up the corpus callosum communication between the right and left hemispheres of my brain and i saw everyone’s destiny to become co-creators with God through the Inner Christ as Love. i also saw that i seemed somewhat ahead of the curve at that time (1970).

    the callosum opening procedure was similar to plugging bare live wall current wire into your ears. my brain was galvanized with light and electricity. after the opening my voice changed to the extent that my mother did not recognize me over the phone. the voice change was immediate and remains today.

    Following the opening i experienced a kind of continuous ah-ha, series of connected eureka moments all throughout the next day wherein the teaching of the ancient mystery schools, gnostic, 4th way philosophy were overlaid, conjoined and revealed in parallel synchrony to my wakening awareness. It was as if a perfectly adapted infinitely wise master teacher was tasked with downloading revelatory progressive wisdom packages tailored just for me. For several days afterwards i was nodding my head ‘yes’, suspending my breath in rapt concentration grokking to a clairsentience no one else was aware. for decades it could wave up during times of transition/inner work… The revelatory process is very manageable today and more smoothly integrated. it really shines when i do astrology for an avid client.

    i now know the identity of that master teacher.

    my destiny as a way shower was set that night. also my aura expanded out to about 50 foot radius. it seems i have some projective abilities and a deep awareness of my and others subjective/objective balance. My readings are characteristically life affirming. i read from within my clients and help them find their own spirit path

    i love the djinn and they love me. they come to me with bird, dog, horse and dolphin and help with communication and healing. Human healing procedures are different due to the free will.

    during deep meditation intensive purification retreats the djinn dance around me and drink the discarded stress laden soma/effluvium pouring out of my chakras.

    Picture Rabindanath Tagore reciting vedic poetry with about a dozen dancing baratanaja maidens ritually cavorting, twirling and circling him with tinkling bells. the feeling is similar. The djinn definitely come to party and my effluvium is their empathic wine.

    In ’76 the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi chose me to be the Minister of Information and Inspiration within his World Government the domain of which was the field of consciousness. For him i traveled to 27 different countries and presented his meditation plan for global peace. Several TM-based prison rehab projects eventually came out of the 2 year effort. coming back stateside i wandered and taught meditation, yoga, energy healing and did astrology readings until i married and taught high school math and science on the Navajo REZ. Djinn on the REZ are called yeibichay and katsina.

    i am now retired from teaching, the kids are up and out, my wife, also retired, has happily ensconced herself on the other side of the globe. My wife is a Nordic, very tall, very white, almost transparent, lots of low pressure blue blood, Celiac, IBS, Addisons, extreme sensitivity to earth toxins, high functioning psychic/autistic savant. we are both first wave ala Delores Cannon. Now that the kids are out it seems like our work together here is over. i advised her to take Bodhisattva vows. She did. It helped when nothing else did..she left for a Guruculum in Uttar Pradesh. The earth is a very difficult place for her to live. Where she is now is very close to heaven..no toxins. very much like home, in the company of saints like her.

    i have accepted and read all the books of Moses. i do not conjure as i understand the laws as astrological cycles. i cannot even imagine the conditions or tactics of the time of Moses…although i would like to get his birth info and run his chart.

    I am wanting now to know well my own garden…in that i feel i have pulled a lot of rocks out of there..i have come to know my brother better in the house of my father…. i am again hearing the voice of the turtle dove in the land…

    i am also thinking of the djinn. i have always been loved and aided by them, often miraculously. in each meeting i see it is the humans that set the tone. We hold the middle ground. in the tradition of the reptilian ethos you must assert the fearless support of your love for all life…and that life must rise to the occasion… we are the manusha and are responsible for the law…we are the co-creators.. we create a lot of heaven surrounding when we ascend.

    Finding a talent for the inner marriage seems to be the order of the day. meditation and prayer are the pathway.
    i get visions of torches and ovens to create impossible metal crystal alloys incorporated into atlantean healing devices utilizing enochian sigils, quantum mechanical vibration effecting kinetic transfer of magnetic/empathic and electrical/thought. then i see all of it being based in consciousness and us doing all of it intuitively wihout any need for some device….

  53. MaryinMaine says:

    I had this experience as a young child, about 7 or a little younger. I gave always kind of wondered what it was or what it could have been and there are so many theories on the paranormal and unexplained, as well as some theories on it possibly having been something more normal than paranormal. I would like to tell you all this story and see what your thoughts are on it. After reading about the Djinn, I have another possibility about what it could be, the thing I saw. A black Djinn (king) is added to the list. The list is ever expanding and I wonder if maybe they are missing a type of Djinn because although what I saw seems to have similarities to some of what they described, nothing is exact even here. My search to find someone with an identical or very similar experience continues.

    I was in my own bedroom and felt like I was being watched. There was a very creepy sort of feeling in the room, so after a while, I took a breath and gathered the courage to run down the hall to my sisters bedroom. I crawled into bed with her, she was asleep. I still felt like I was being watched however and the creepy feeling got stronger as well. It was like whatever was in my own room followed me to my sisters room. I tried to calm myself down. I was scared and the silence was so deafening and eerie. I hid under the covers and snuggled close to her. After a while, I got brave and decided to look around the room. The bedroom was longer than it was wide, but overall quite small and the only furniture was a bed on the floor without a frame or box spring underneath (poor family) and a dresser at the other end of the room. The only window was behind me to my left. I looked around the room without having to sit up, my sister and I were still, un-moving. No lights were on and there were no vehicles or street lights coming inside either, just a small amount of clear, unclouded, dim moonlight. I looked and at the other end of the room in the left corner, this like, shadow appeared. It was darker than the room, which was pretty dark even with the dim moonlight, but I could see through it, the wall behind it. It seemed like a short shadow, so I assumed it was the shadow from furniture but the shape was wrong…and it seemed to sort of bob back and forth…move on its own. It seemed more curious than anything but was still quite creepy. It was bulky in shape and not a very crisp shape, it looked almost like a boulder in shape or as if it was a person curled up standing on its two feet hugging its knees with its butt just hovering over the ground, that sort of shape. Then as I looked at it, it sort of seemed to float off to the other corner (to the right) at that end of the room and vanish. Then a moment later, something else appeared (or maybe the same thing just decided to take a different shape) but this second shadow was SOLID black, darker than dark, and seemed very threatening and terrified me. I was so scared though that I didn’t dare move or breathe and I felt like my heart was trying to beat out of my chest so it could run away (anyone else picture this as a cartoon? haha) Anyways. This shadow, I saw both of these things head on with my own two eyes and I was wide awake, not asleep. The solid shadow was more human shaped, like a tall, lanky person, but it had these animal-like characteristics about it. I don’t remember any facial features about it. I just remember the crisp shape of the body and the hand reaching for me with its longer than normal fingers and sharp claws on them. It had the normal two arms and legs like a person. The way it moved though was so odd and creepy. It sort of crawled across the ceiling and moved to the slanted wall in a way that I can only describe as a wild animal would move as it stalks its prey…then as it got closer it seemed more like it floated or slithered. It was so close to my face. When it reached for me and I saw the claws, I finally was able to move and make a sound. I screamed so loud. The entire house woke up from this. I remember my sister singing church songs/hymns to me and the thing went away after a while. I cried so uncontrollably, hysterically after I stopped screaming. I didn’t sleep until the sun came up. I vaguely remember my parents yelling upstairs asking what happened and then my dad being in the room talking to my sister and other siblings complaining, etc. I come from a fairly large family. I am the youngest of 8 kids total. I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters, although one of my brothers was still born or died after taking a couple breaths, so we never got to know him. Anyways, I still wonder about this and more so recently after a series of extremely vivid nightmares that left marks on my body when I woke up happened just a few months ago. I am 20 years old now and this still creeps me out even thinking about it.

    • Kai says:

      You entered the 2 plane. Not good.

    • Christina augulara says:

      Hey I’ve had similar things most of my child hood less and less as I am in my mid 30s now but actually a bit more often this last year. As a kid I always thought and I shit you not I thought it was Freddy Kruger until I was about 15 or so that’s when I saw other weaker shadow people and entities. Recently my research has brought up a lot of those memories. If you want to educate yourself, the first thing you saw is to the best of my knowledge just a negative energy parasite, creepy but harmless on thier own. The more solid entity sounded like what people are calling Hatman. You can research shadow entities and hatman easily on the internet but Hatman is capable of physically hurting you and has been known to kidnap children. Some people have tried to talk to him and asked his name and the thing said “Scratch”. I’d love to hear more info on this 2nd dimension.

  54. sean says:

    two questions. can a member of the Ifrit be a good guy? and also, do the Marid had to wear blue all the time? because i want a Djinn that wears red and controls fire, but it is not evil.

  55. maya-marie says:

    its really quite interesting. I have been working on a graphic novel about a professor and a female djinn assisting him. I didn’t do too much research, just kind of letting the djinn character flow naturally. its all penciled and I’m about half way through inking it when I found about this website, and its really interesting how accurately I got a bunch of things. my family is more sensitive to things then I am, but I wonder if someone was trying to help me write XD
    if anyone wants to read the graphic novel, it’s being posted here in chapters at http://frontiermedicine.tumblr.com/ along with my main, more sci fi comic

  56. Zola says:

    I have currently experience of talking with djin after it is called by magician.a fire comes from the sky & arrived on the cliff & started to talk & i realized the the sprit is islma bcz the greeting is in islam (arabic) .i was surprised that the magician is christain & he is building christain church.i guess thal the skill of calling djin came to ethiopia(habesha people) by prophet mohammed & his fellows when they migrated into africa(ethiopia)

  57. Mahdi says:

    This post has been edited for profanity. — admin

    Interesting opinions. Humans can never be like us or control us. Somethimes we play along, but only to reveal who is worthy of our wraith. I heard there is actually one particular Jinn who is the ruler of the entire Jinn on Earth. He kind of doesn’t like what has happened on Earth and already has the approval of ALLAH to completely end all life on Earth. As for western ideologies, we are not benign, but we are not evil. We are the wraith of ALLAH. We are his dark ones. I’ve personally supervised the deaths of many. I’ve controlled life on this Earth without anyone knowing. I’ve sent those who thought they were so high and mighty to hell or heaven based on their worthiness. I don’t use psychology, I don’t make movies or music, I don’t work for tavistock or d.c. I can control reality on this Earth based on my emotions. I have observed human wickedness my whole life. I am the solution for this Earth. I am the one who brings all this to an end. No more monkey business.

    • Christina augulara says:

      Thanks for the memo. For the first time ever I kind of hope our shitty world governments are implementing their surveillance on this site since you admit or make tough guy talk about having ended many lives and announcing the intent to end all human life. That should be addressed even though I doubt you are “the one” you claim to be. I’m interested in your choice to CAPS Allah, in the King James bible they removed the name Jehovah from the bible and replaced it with Caps locked THE LORD, not to mention you sound very western and human or demonic or alien, but not like the other D’jinn I have communicated with. And I’m damn sure you aren’t judging and sentencing us to other realms. I’d like to suggest peace and forgiveness for humans have not had the clear guidance of our father.

      We have a world full of different religions, origins of faith, conflicting information, confusion and monarchy driving the under educated into war under the guise that it was what our God’s wanted us to do. The blind led the blind in their short lived lives generation to generation until technology and education came into our human lives. Now there is freedom of information, racism dies more and more, unity and love and rethinking this whole way we’re living is on the rise. You sir, if you were immortal are too blinded by the past to see what is happening now is actually for the greater good. IF you werent some human fear mongering fed up kid in his parents basement that is.

      • Marissa Campbell says:

        John Tukey. Your timing is impeccable. The day after the Mayan Prophecy of the end of the world ‘as we know it’ (2-21-2012), you have a strong desire to control Djinn? Now, here it is 4 years later and the true and profound meaning of the prophecy is just now being realized by those who are awakening to a whole new universe, involving super-intelligent and ancient beings which few of us can see or sense; but even fewer seek to master for personal gain. The USA has only recently (11-8-2016) survived an epic battle between good and evil - the jury still being out as to who the winner is. As evidenced by the results, there are already enough evil forces loose in this world. Therefore, I personally and respectfully request that those portals that have yet to be opened; shall hereinafter remain closed.

  58. Jojo says:

    I don’t know where to start. My earliest memory is when I was about 5-7 yrs old in the hallway of my home( which is gonna be 100 yrs old in 2021) which I consider the heart of the home, a portal playing music like out of an old record player with a megaphone on it. At first I thought it was awesome. And had never really had problems until my grandma whom I lived with passed away. This was traumatic for me, for she was like my mother, it took me two years of grieving. My depression even went as far as shaving my head of hair. Then things started to get weird, the next year we took a vacation to see relatives in Georgia and upon returning my sister came to visit, she had brought something with her. It was standing in the corner watching us. She told me of all the things she’s been goin through that she could only eat 2-3 bites of food and she was full. She was ill and gettin 3 scratch marks upon her body. Knowing that I was stronger than her I asked the entity to stay at my home so I prayed and weird things like her name being written backwards in my room, disconnected cell phones calling us. After many praying things settled down. But the shadow people remained. I felt a need to practice spiritual healing and the craft which intrigued me, but they say just cause you can doesnt meab you should. This was about 7 yrs ago. But now my two sons tell me the portal in the hallway is huge maybe 10ft in diameter, they literally hear it starting up like a loud whirling wind. And that they see the shadow people come in and out of there. My children and I are freaked out. My boyfriend of 7 yrs that lives with us has lost time that he cannot explain the other day on may 23rd, which really freaked him out. He only sees the shadow people out of the corner of his eye as to where my children and I see them standing in the corner or by our beds, and they come in 3’s to my children’s and they are asking them to follow them. I told my children to roll over in the bed and ignore them or tell them to go away. Now my youngest who is 11, is seeing them at his fathers house standing in the corners of the property. I mean why would they do that. And these beings are tall like 7-9 ft tall some with fiery red eyes or just all black, some wearing trench costs. I am scared for my children. And there’s a sense of dred in the home. My cat goes almost nuts and will not leave-my side. I just heard your podcast on IRN and I’m gonna buy your book ms guilley. Is there anything, any insight? I’m scared.

  59. twodjinn says:

    Djinn Arjabati? Or a name similar. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I had a very ironic situation 8 years ago. Anyone from Gary or Chicago area may remember these pink djinn.

  60. sherhin says:


  61. Michelle says:

    If the red-skinned Djinn are supposed to be hostile, and the Ifrit are supposed to be aggressive, then could someone explain to me why in the flying beans I have one that just sought and received forgiveness by the Supreme Creator for his prior misdeeds?

    He came to me a number of years ago and hasn’t left since. I met him in a dream, and he didn’t seem hostile…Then again, he hadn’t shown me his true, hulking, red-skinned form until a year or so ago, and has recently decided he likes the form of a wood-skinned, sheikh-looking desert nomad during the day who has a blue flame on his staff but dark red ribbons of flame swirling around his body when he chooses to show his power. His true color at night now is a glowing red that radiates out into an orangish color (like lava), with a golden yellow at the edge of his “skin”. He has always had golden eyes and a black ponytail, thin goatee, and semi-glossy black nails (more like claws) and sharp teeth and horns (when he shows them) regardless. I feel I need to mention, he doesn’t show me his back often but when he does, I see a stripe going down his back with stripes radiating out, almost like a tiger, but they’re connected, like someone decided to use an ink brush to draw the lines on his back.

    I’m confused as hell right now as to what class/type he is. And why the flying bean-monkeys did he choose ME of all people to come to? O_o I’m no expert in this sort of stuff, and I didn’t actively seek him out. I’m pretty sure he’s liked me from the get-go though, considering every time I get extremely angry or he’s in a mood to, I feel a big red hand rest on my head like I’m a puppy.

    • twodjinn says:

      Michelle, I have a feeling you’re safe with your mystique figure. One thing you must never underestimate them for any reason. Even if your feeling comfortable. Thier magic works in very strange ways. The color is always strange. The color you described could be right. However sometimes a radient iridescent color could be deceiving. I don’t want to throw off your stellar canaveral but I would like to feel the kind of remote energy from this this homodjinn. [Edited]

      • Michelle says:

        As long as you promise not to try to bind him or do anything that can be considered aggressive, I don’t see where he’d mind being looked at to be proven legit.

        Big question: How do I let that happen? I mean, I don’t want this sort of thing to happen then all of a sudden I’m having to fight for control of my mind or something. ¬_¬

      • Michelle says:

        I realized just how silly and paranoid I had been at that time. I ought to know that a Djinn doesn’t require the protection of a human being. >_< I'm curious as to how a remote reading would work. I'm still apparently very new a this, even though this Djinn has been around me ever since I was very little.

        • twodjinn says:

          Our conscious awareness never seemed to have alot of effect. However, we are all children to ancient energy are we not? Michelle, great description. I have succomed to accept and enjoy these experiences. I cannot make them happen. The other ones are strangely beautiful in so many roads. We all are experienced with colors. At first I feared red. Since, I have weild Alexander and braved. Human and fearless, I continue with the hope of sharing space w djinn. I am friend of years. Years between two beans. Twodjinn changed my humanity. Color pink…

  62. Usman says:

    Hey guys,
    I am having this weird problem since when I was 12. It happens to me like one or two times in a month I wake up in between my sleep and I feel like someone is holding my whole body, It feels like im paralyzed and floating in the air. Sometimes when i tried to see above my head I saw some kind of human form and it eventually dissapeared, I’ve seen white lines and forms of humans alot of times in my room when i woke up in nights.
    Is this some kind of Djinn? If yes then what is it? and how can i get rid of it!

    • Christina augulara says:

      Dont wage war, but take the steps to protect yourself, bless your home, salt around the bed, entry points etc, bowls of blessed water overnight and then dump them in the morning, do a smudge, pray to god and have faith in his protection and be greatful that god loves us, and of course ignore it, they are powerless unless you give it attention. So put it in the past after you’ve ‘walked away’ by taking all the actions you can to be rid of it.

  63. Pasha says:

    Salaam, I see a lot of varying comments from various people from different faiths and backgrounds. MashaAllah.
    Usman - you need to look up a fellow called Abou Mohammed - he does rukiyah (Islamic Exorcism) based in London.
    Djinn in Islam are something we are taught to stay away from. A lot of people mistake djinn with Shayateen. The djinn are either mohmin (believers)or kafir (non believers). The Shayateen are evil followers or offspring of Iblis or Shaytan and are separate from djinn. It is these that are locked away during the holy month of Ramadaan. It is through their whisperings that evil is inspired in man. Djinn, like mankind have the ability to to choose between right and wrong, to follow the path of Allah SW or that of the shayateen. Djinn are known to be harnessed and used for magic, fortune telling and other dark arts - this is fiercely prohibited in Islam. Djinn have also been known to act aggressively against people who have disturbed them or unknowingly harmed them, often leading to possession or illnesses that have no explaination. Rukhiya is prescribed for people who are facing such trials. This involves certain prayers over the person affected and may take a certain amount of time depending on the djinns anger or the person controlling the djinn and the djinns fear of that person/magician.
    As always, Allah knows best in such matters

  64. Pasha says:

    One more thing - a lot of muslims, especially from Pakistan and India use taweez or go to people who are known as peers. It is advisable to be careful with such things as such people are renowned to place invocations for djinn and all sorts of nonsense in these taweez. I had a taweez made many years ago and after advice from someone who does rukhiya, I opened my own taweez and was horrified to see the name yabadu written all over the paper. I was advised that this could be the name of a djinn. I was advised that the paper should be placed into water which has had the three quls read over it as well as ayaat ul kursi for three days then thrown away and the water thrown into soil.

    • Michelle says:

      Erm…Isn’t it bad to even say or type the Djinn’s name if it truly is the name of a Djinn? I thought that alone could invoke them.

      • Pasha says:

        Good point - I have heard something along these lines. The power of words is something that is recognized in Islam and therefore we are taught to guard our tongues - positive words breed and invoke positivity and vice versa. Perhaps it was a mistake of mine to even write it down.

        We are taught in Islam that in order to guard ourselves against the unseen, we must maintain ablution, regularly recite specific paragraphs from the Quran which are dedicated to warding off the unseen and guard ourselves from negative emotions and thoughts. We are most vulnerable to djinn and magic when in a state of anger or negativity.

        In such matters, as always; Allah SW knows best.

      • Kai says:

        No. I do it all the time.

  65. twodjinn says:

    One has spent many years to try and outsmart/out wit a djinn. Two djinn would be uncannily stupid.

  66. leondaniel says:

    I’ve been reading the comments and listened to quite a few of the interviews about the djinn and I was curious about the whole religion thing that djinn do participate and believe in, but seeing how they are interdimentional elementals, couldn’t they just inhabit a different planet and reproduce there and live on with their lives? Why are they so connected to this world? I don’t see the reason for them to be apart of god’s plan, because they’re pretty much godlike themselves and counld cross dimensions. I think they could benefit themselves more if they tarvelled through the cosmos. I know this use to be their home and would be amazing if we could share it with them, because we could learn tons from djinn. Its just a shame that some want to be us miserable or deceased, etc.

    Also to, I remember you saying you’ve inteeviewed native americans, we have a lot of spirituality believes and legends, I remember my father telling me about “bigfoot” and how he use to chase them away, he said they would creep around people’s houses and peep through there windows and how they could hide behind the thinnest tree. I came to believe that thesecreatures were actually spirits; also I’ve heard about the “little green men” who lived in rocks and they too were tricksters such as when we have our yearly powwows, people would came out in tents over night on the grounds and how they would run around shacking people’s tents and the windego a cannable spirit; would you say these spirits were djinn?

    Another thing, you mentioned that the astral planes shouldn’t be mistaken for the after life or something related to that, could you say that the astral plane would be connected to the dimension that the djinn live in? And if they spiritual forces that wonder the astral planes aren’t human spirit what of entities would they be or are they a mixture of elementals?

    If one was to learn the art of astral projection and you travel around, could you tap into these other dimension and if you could, I’m assuming this would be very dangerous and when you have an out of body experience, could a djinn possess and steal your body and live out your remaining life, if so what happens to your wondering soul if you cannot ascend into the heavens, would you be stuck in this plane for eternity or until ‘judgement day”?

    I’ve always been interesting in conjouring, just saying if you were to summon an archangel for protection, could you also summon a demon or djinn do extract information or help?

    Demons and djinn, ok I honestly don’t see the differents between them, because they share the exact history of being banished from heaven and seeing how demons exist to help you through your selfish needs and wants according to spiritual satanism, would you say djinn are more “evil” than demons? I still cannot grasp the diifferent even from your explainations. Demon spirits will forever exist? And djinn have a life span of a few centuries?

    There is so much more I want to ask, but I’m currently typing everything right now through mobile and I don’t want to annoy you with all these questions :/ so I hope you read this and get back to me, I would love to hear your feedback.

    Leon wilson 🙂

    • admin says:

      Demons may be a form taken by Djinn, who seem to mold themselves to whatever form and behavior they think will have the desired effect upon humans. -REGuiley

    • Christina augulara says:

      Here’s a concept I read about. Before the time of Jesus, “the satan” refers to any angel who tortures or tricks a person away from their faith in god, and since demons are used to be angels… that kind of holds true, but the story changes everytime some know it all decides to translate and update it… truth is we dont have all the facts, but we’re well on our way to recording recent facts that will enlighten us on all subjects, go with what we seem to know and what works. everything that doesnt work might not be the truth after all.we dont know

  67. Pasha says:

    Salaam Leon,

    Djinn and Demons or Shayateen are very different. Djinn inhabit the Earth just like we do - we just cannot see them, they are mortal and have
    the ability to choose between right and wrong. In Islam we are taught that they are created of ‘Smokeless Fire’ - in that there is a similarity
    to Satan and the Shayateen (Demons) who are created of fire, but that is where the similarity ends. Djinn have free will like humans. Shayateen are the
    progeny of Satan and bound to his will and fate and in that to his cause which is to corrupt all of Gods creations and take as many with him
    to the fire.

    Insofar as your first question as to why they are limited to this world, they are not. In the Quran there are references that they can ascend to the
    limits of the skies.

    Quran 55:33 O company of jinn and mankind, if you are able to pass beyond the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass.
    You will not pass except by authority [from Allah ]

    Quran 72:8 And we have sought [to reach] the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames.
    Quran 72:9 And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him.

    We beleive that djinn have inhabited the furthest reaches of our universe in order to seek a way back to heaven but have failed.

    In terms of unexplained phenomenon. Muslims believe that all bizzare phenomeon can be ascribed to the mischief of djinn. Little green men, Chupacarba,
    Mothman etc - most of these so called phenomenon correlate to what we are taught about the behaviour of djinn - to trick, to decieve and cause mischief.
    Please note that this is not true of all djinn as I have mentioned before - djinn are of two kinds, just like humans, believers and non believers.
    those who beleive, tend to shy away and spend most of their time in meditation and prayer.

    Djinn are not spiritual - they are physical. They exist in our reality and walk the Earth just as we do. It’s just that they exist in a state where
    we are unable to see them just like the air we breathe is invisible to our eyes.They can choose to take on forms which are visible to us, some benign,
    some terrifying. Insofar as the out of body experience and astral projections etc - djinn cannot replace the soul of a human. There have been cases where
    djinn have inhabited a persons body otherwise known as possession. My understanding of this process is that it is a combination of physical intrusion into the
    body as well as constant harassment. This is dependant on how angry the djinn is with the person or how persistant the handler/magician in control of the djinn

    As for summoning angels - this is not something that can be done - they serve one master only. There is no access to angels. They are messengers and worshippers
    only and exist only to revere the almighty. If you are summoning or invoking an entity, it will will be a djinn, no matter what shape or form it takes. This is
    something that is prohibited in Islam due to the dangers involved and costs incurred. Djinn do nothing for free - they have a price.
    In reposnse to demons existing forever. No, the Quran states in a few places ‘Every Soul must taste death’. Nothing that has been created will escape that fate.

    There is a famous Islamic Parable where an Islamic Saint was reciting the Quran till he came to this phrase. It caught his attention and he started
    reciting it over and over again for some time. He was stopped by a whisper in his ear by a djinn who complained that many of his djinn companions had died in fear
    due to this phrase and could he please stop reciting it.

    Demons or shayateen will too face death and judgement. You are however correct in your statement that djinn have very long lives. Some have been known to live for

    I hope that answers some of your questions in terms of what Islam says on Djinn and the unseen.

    Allah knows best in all cases.

    • admin says:

      I believe we do have access to angels, who are intermediaries. They are responsive to prayers and requests for help and act in accordance with divine will. — REGuiley

  68. Druid says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have a question
    is ENLIL a djinn or not ?
    because I have to make a presentation in my university
    i’m from france, sorry for my low english language.:)

  69. Kamal S. says:

    Enlil is a deity in the Sumerian pantheon. He was worshiped in Mesopotamia in the 3rd Millennium BC to the late first.

    While some Muslims believe that specific djinn may have been worshiped as deities in the middle east Enlil by name has not been attested, in my knowledge, as a djinn in Arabic lore.

    On that side note, there is attested evidence that pre-Islamic Arabs did worship some entities whom they explicitly identified as djinn in Arabia. Also in Syra-Palestine there is epigraphic evidence that Aramaic and Nabatean speaking Arabs in late antiquity, in places like Palmyra for example, worshiped deities whom they identified both as djinn and gods.

    This theme is also found in some Islamic lore such as hadiths and is mentioned in the Quran, that various djinn in antiquity did set themselves up as beings of veneration and worship by humans. This does not mean that every deity in the region’s pantheon was necessarily a djinn.

    Hope that helped.

  70. Joshua Walker says:

    Hi. I have heard of Djinn, and I really want to summon one. Can someone please tell me how to summon one. Or better yet, see one? Thanks! I haven’t seen any paranormal stuff in my life, and seeing a Djinn would be a good place to start!

  71. Joshua Walker says:

    Why not?

  72. Joshua Walker says:

    Are they real?

  73. Joshua Walker says:

    Are Djinn real?

    • JUNKIN says:

      Yes jinn are real. They were made after angels and before humans. All the so called “ghost”, “aliens”, “fallen angels”. are all jinn.

      • joe says:

        Ok I was with you until you sead ghost and fallen angels are jinn. 🙁 lucifer is a fallen angel as well as his followers. ghost are widely disputed as jinn but I say there two different entity’s.

  74. Cicero says:

    Just wanted to point out a fact. In order to be considered cannibalistic you have to feed on your own kind but you say the ghoul feed on humans. just saying were not of the same cloth but you know that. Maybe im splitting hairs.

  75. Majlis al Jinn says:

    Belzébuth (Enlil) is a djinn.

    • daan arkham says:

      Believing or email is not a djinn, there’s many theories on this demon and other demons but he is in fact a fallen angel who defied God with lucifer or in the Sumerian civilization he was seen as a powerful horned serpent God who often required child sacrifice but was known as baal

    • Kai says:

      So is Bartimaes, Azul, and many others.

  76. amal says:

    Interesting. As a matter of fact, jaan and shaitans are also mentioned in the Quran, in addition to the three types mentioned. Check surat Al Rahman (jaan) and Shaitan is in many surahs including surat Al Baqara.
    For those interested, there is an Emirati movie out about Djinns which has been highly successful here. It is based on the Emirati lore jinn um al duwais. Check it out.

  77. Angela Pena says:

    I ask this on behalf of my sister, can a Djinn possess someone? Not just any Djinn, but their keeper? I saw him when I was 5, he looked like an incubi, but he had no tail. He had ram horns, bat wings, glowing red eyes, buff, half man, half goat, he had goat legs. I know they have free will and now I see they can possess someone, I asked my sister Jesse if she believed in God, she didn’t respond, she never was loving towards me, can the keeper of the Djinn corrupt someone? On all Saints day on Nov. 1, I made the mistake of being in the living room while wearing a white dress and flowery scented perfume, i was recording myself on my video camera, on my way back to my room, i noticed there was an extreme cold spot behind the coach, i told myself that wasn’t good. locked and barricaded myself in my room, i changed my clothes, and what i saw behind me on the video when i recorded myself, it made me want to cry, it was the same spirit i saw in 2010, i was asleep, but i was under sleep paralysis, so it was like i was awake. i couldn’t move or do anything, but i remember feeling so scared, i remember calling out to god, saying “god, help me, please make this thing go away, i’m scared.” i woke up, my heart was racing, and i almost wanted to cry, i was so scared, there was a pagan dude in the psych ward that time as well, but on all saints day of this year, after watching the video, i noticed my arm started hurting, i went to look at it in the mirror, i had a bruise. my mom is an idiot, i’ve been begging her to take me to see her psychic, i know a really nice lady named nikki, she’s from india, because i know psychics only know of angels and demons, djinn are only mentioned in the quran, still can’t believe they are here in the states, but if ghosts and spirits can follow you, can’t djinn? i know their realm is separate, and they have free will, the ones i see are dark, but i know they can become good, i know summoning one is risky business, but i just want my sister Jesse back, I never stopped loving her, if she is indeed possessed, I don’t care if I die, I want to save her, she’s my sister, i want my sister back! I know I have the power to at least talk to one, 5 generations of women on my mom’s side of the family who could have been mediums, i told my mom if my grandma dies, i’ll have 3 angels to watch over me, she passed away on the 13th, we laid her to rest on the 16th of this month, the ability to be a medium comes from my great-great grandmother victoria, i like helping people, i have extreme empathy, i used to hear a voice, a women’s voice, i told my mom i realized it was the virgin mary. my grandma is in heaven, but i felt a cold spot in her house, i knew it was my grandma, i smelt women’s perfume, made me think of my grandma, another time at her house, i felt a cold presence, it was her, i knew it was, i told my mom she is always in my heart, and knowing she’s with me in spirit helps me cope with losing her. she used to cook for us, the other day i was cooking, i said it felt like i was channeling her spirit, i took pictures of the food i cooked, i was channeling her, because i saw a blue light in the pictures i took of the food, the same blue light i saw when i took pictures at my grandma house the day she passed away, cool huh? I also had a dream where I saw the word oracle, I know I have a gift and I am a special, according to someone who can read auras, my aura is blue, that of a high arch (archangel) i used to say my soul had blonde hair and blue eyes like the arch angel michael, i had a dream where i crushed a serpent with my heel, woke up, since it felt real, my heal hurt like hell in real life, and i know one of the names michael goes by is “conqueror of satan.” i told cousin according to my wiccan friend, gabriel is a women and the queen of angels, he knows about the book of enoch, i have the book, someone i love reminds me of gabriel, my 2nd cousin said maybe gabriel is michaels wife? my friend katesha said an angel whether male or female can take on a different form in this life, which it’s true, god can appear in any form, so can his angels. t make it worse i told him how i feel about the concept of gabriel and michael being husband being husband and wife, and i mentioned the “Yeha Noha” he said when he went to the church he went to on sunday, my gma died saturday, he said the said something about the yeha noha, i told him “you do realize the yeha noha is a native american song for happiness and prosperity, right?” great googly moogly, i’ve been telling people first it was the oracles from ancient greece who prophesied about the twin flames, then the native americans have the song “yeha noha, and now the religious people too!!! sign from god much? my twin flame is famous, tarot.com said something about a complicated relationship, he sees the number 11, the number 11 is so tied into my name, it”s not even funny, life path number 8, 8 screennames i use are QueenAngel2007, can someone help me? To make it worse, this famous person’s name is unisex, Ashley, Gabriel is unisex, and then he fucking reminds me of Gabriel as depicted in a book i have called the book of angels that mentions the book of enoch, I know I’m special, I just need someone to let me know it’s true and can defend me, because my sister jesse and michelle are evil, it’s bad enough they both threaten to put me in an insane asylum or mental institution, ugh. I know about the hearing voices movement, gonna reach out to them, they don’t discriminate, unlike these psychiatrists. i saw spirits even before meds, i once saw a teacher i had in middle school, i saw her aura, it was orange/yellow, guess she was annoyed cause the kids were being unruly that day, poor lady. the pills suppressed my gift and my genius, i have right sided cerebral palsy, high end are my thoughts, i am a genius, but the low end is it affected my emotions more. i cry when sad, pissed, happy, i even have the strength to cry in the most excruciating pain. I believe in diversity, i am catholic, i pass judgement on one, and i condemn no one, that is god’s job, i’m just his messenger, can someone help me? maybe the djinn have something to do with my birthday? email me, and i will let you know my truth about my birthday, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    • Kai says:

      Don`t Panic. View one of my earlier posts. It explains how to get rid of evil djinn. If that does not work, then summon The Immortal. His real name? Email me to find out.

  78. mr antoni says:

    what a load of bollocks yes the djinn exist but at least i admit i have no idea what they are all about, like people, diversity in numbers. my experiance which is little but more than most is they are polite fun loving beings goodluck.
    possesion hmmmm djinn cant posses people, but i bet they love that rumor you give power to that which you should not. maybe they run this site

    • Oh I know my name alright.. lol says:

      Maybe the D’jinn Do run this site. If they are tech savvy and it suits their fancy it would make sense that they would have an active role in the distribution of information about their culture, abilities, agenda’s etc…

  79. Sedona Ed says:

    Ms. Guiley
    I was watching a Youtube video about Spontaneous Human Combustion which got me wondering if maybe Djinn had something to do with that phenomena. Since they are created of smokeless fire (or plasma) could the fires be attributed to a failed attempt of a Djinn trying to physically, as opposed to spiritually, possess the victims?

    Also since moving to Sedona, AZ four years ago I’ve read a few stories about weird beings spotted in some of the canyons around here and was wondering if Sedona was a known “hotspot” for Djinn. It’s definitely an active place for UFO sightings (from personal experience)and I’m wondering what correlation there may be between UFOs and the Djinn.

    Any thoughts on these comments would be appreciated?
    Sedona Ed

    • admin says:

      The Djinn like the Southwest. There is a correlation to UFO activity and abductions — see The Djinn Connection. As for spontaneous human combustion, that’s an interesting theory! — Rosemary

    • Kai says:

      Djinn can be. If its master angers it or tells the djinn his/her real name, a djinn can destroy its master. Flames are most common, leading to spontaneous Human combustion. Sedona, Phoniex, and anywhere high in the mountains are good “djinn spots”.

  80. leondaniel says:

    ive been talking to this psychic for a couple of months now because im super curious about the djinn (she specializes in binding djinn to rings) she tells me all these bad things you hear about the djinn are just a western fabrication to scare people, or so they cant take advantage of their benevolent ways and even though the shaitan tribe could bring misfortune and other unfortunate events, they will never do harm to the person they are protecting or helping or the people around them.

  81. Oh I know my name alright.. lol says:

    The past three years of my life have been something of a gong show, but the most accountable times in the past year included one time when my spouse and I were driving home from out of town and there was a bright light about street light level beside the car. When I noticed I wasn’t passing it, I decided to pull over at the next pull out. We did and there the bright football shaped orange orb hovered about 45 feet away from our car and another smaller green one. We stayed in the vehicle and we noted that A) it made a torch like sound, and B) it seemed to be levitating a street sign…. much crazyness ensued after we stopped watching it and pulled back onto the highway finally head home, but we seemed to be chased. Then as we approached our home town a red one appeared infront of the car as we drove and criss crossed back across the road over the river and then back to the side it was orginally on…. twice! We have felt very watched and we have since has more accounts of stars very bright in the sky, brighter than the other seeming to move about… and last night the kicker was a blue light growing large to small and dissappearing entirely by a shadowy man who seemed to be a man then a child then not there, the light was blueish white and he was acting very erractic and not doing anything without haste or seeming to have any purpose to it, so it just stood out. All these events occur at night time, I hear voices in my head, they are different from us. sensitive, they say they’re old. I dont know what it is for but I insist that love is our best weapon, understand, resolution and patience that all things can be resolved if we try to see what is right for us all and that even in our differences we can have peace on earth for ever and ever. Much love to you all good night

    • Marissa Campbell says:

      I have photos of football shaped auras around shape shifting orbs. It is good to know that others have seen these phenomena, which I have only captured via digital photography; but have never seen with my own eyes.

  82. Solihin Thom says:

    Djinn, jinn, jinni, genie, gene, genome: these are forces that are made of smokeless fire because those that understood knew that they were the epigenetic element which switched on or off our genomic traits; errant psychic states, destructive behaviors, emotional or altered physiology and feelings and structural dysfunctional patterns. They were named such and such to help us rather stupid humans to understand what they had activated. The stories as in 1001 nights are teaching stories- with meanings and depth of understanding that entered us, as all narrative do, into the right brain. There are many types of djinn, some paired, male and female, some of huge height, others small. They have been commanded to help us by Allah, and yet because like us they often forget their purpose, they stay with us entrapping us in their force–which holds us in the genomic pattern which is activated by ‘them’ (actually our actions are the precursor, they are the ignitors or ignition). Djinn can be felt and seen by those who are clear and awake, developed and surrendered to the Great Life, others can use them for wrongful acts and casting them onto people–actually a form of good magic performed in northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. They summon the djinn. and send it to her, which will help Mrs Abdullah or whoever in her present state. The stories from the old hadith etc., are outdated and deliberately obscure, and I’m afraid the Muslim scholars repeat the same old fatuous comments without real understanding. Forgive me if I have said something wrong, but if you are going to disseminate information at least we should have some common understanding and not broadcast old superstitious understanding which was fine 1000 years ago, but not now.

  83. Jeremiah says:

    I have a jinn trapped inside of a ring. Is it safe to have one?

    • joe says:

      Djinn are like humans if I suddenly locked you up you would be scared but over time you would grow angry. It is not safe to keep djinn confined in eney way you should free it beg for forgiveness and pray that it forgives because if it doesn’t fighting someone who you can’t see and who is made of fire and smoke is a horrible idea.

  84. Face of life says:

    AA, and peace to you all.

    I wanted to ask if anybody here would have some answers. I have been suffering from magic and jinn posession for many years. I have never tried to contact one and kept my business to myself in that respect. I have has ruqyah/exorcism done on me quite alot and i read a book called munzil.

    My local imam has said the cure/spell would be broken if i got married but for some reason i can not. I think my condition is effecting this…..i have seen lots of women and for somereason it does not work out. He seems to believe its a love spell, and has said these things can be broken if i can get married. I am telling him i cant lol.

    On a side note a female friend i have known for years seems to be the key. I had a dream nearly10 years ago where i saw her being my beloved, this was no ordinary dream, it really felt that i took a trip into the future. This has since had a negative effect on our friendship ending up with me cutting her off and not talking to her for 2/3 years. However, random occurrences keep bringing us together, we ended up studying at the same place, same topic same class. She ended up working with me a few years later out of conicdence. I dont live close to her or work, and i work far from her home…..these are strange coincidences. As time went past i started feeling her more spiritually and vice versa to a point i could feel and see her with out even seeing her…..theres lots and lots of different instances but those two were the stand out ones. Point im making she has helped me through some of it by talking to her….when im really really honest to her…we both feel a spell breaking feeling. We are still mutual friends but this connection i have with her, i feel is connected to my dream and suffering of possession and magic i face.

    Anyone had any similar experiences or know what this all means. I did many times try to write it off as coincidence but i really feel convinced that my answer is related to her?

    • joe says:

      There are no coincidences in life and there are two options to this 1.fate/destiny/whatever force is drawing you together or 2. Her or someone close to you or her is the cause of your affliction in a attempt to get you two close to each other. If you know of someone who always suggest that you to meet up trie avoiding them a while and if nothing out of the ordinary happens just live your life, meanwhile trie to make the most of your unnatural attraction trie to find what instigated this to begin with like how you both felt when you first met.

  85. shafique says:

    Djinn are more powerful than human they deserve respect if you respect them they will respect you. If you hurt them they will hurt you most.

  86. ashwin singh says:

    r jinns more powerful or angels or demons, have there ever been conquer between them. we all know hjow jinns fight with humans. but ever there had been a fight between two jinns. and also if they r powerful then why they dont think of showing themselves and been showing their dominancy over the world…………

    • joe says:

      Djinn fight constantly they are very similar to humans in the fact that they are often quick to anger and slow to forgive djinn are born much stronger than demon’s but it is not impossible for a demon to be stronger than a jinn. further more there is next to nothing as strong as a angel there is lore to suggest that djinn once had wing’s and some still do some people even believe jinn are evil but it is my belief that like humans jinn were once residents of heaven but were cast out like humans. Further more djinn are sead to live much longer then humans in that sense the wound of being cast from heaven could be fresh and make them bear ill will to angels that have have the wings they might have lost.

  87. gara says:

    who know the name of the djinn’s king and where his palace is?

    • joe says:

      As fare as I know no ones sure if there is one king or many kings as fare as royalty go there are meny royal figures all of which live parallel to our own world but if your hearts set on finding the truth find a royal they can hide there form but they are black in color and leave a trail of scorched earth in our world abnormally hot summers with prolonged winters is were you must go djinn are often congregating around them so picking them out of a crowd is what it comes down to. Good luck remember djinn hurt those who hurt them.

    • Isaac says:

      Well, we all know, that there are good jinn and evil jinn. There are Marida, the most POWERFUL type of Jinn, who are known as Kings and Lords. But the thing is, there is one main Jinn, who unfortunately has the most power among all of Jinnkind. The one who tries to lead every single human into corruption. The one who tried to ruin every single one of the prophets plans. The one who appears in every single holy book, whether its The Quran, The Bible or The Torah.

      His name is Iblees, the king of all Shaytaan.

  88. joe says:

    Does eney one know of a purpleish redish black djinn

  89. alexandra says:

    I want to meet a djinn , not to enslave it but to be friends…is that even possible if so how ?

  90. parisa hashemi says:

    My dad’s side of family a re Iranian .I’ve heard of the Djinn for my whole life but recently learn more about them. My dad has told me there is good and bad Djinn. He always says something (i dont understand what hes saying) when he throws hot water so they have time to move. Anyway. .readingevery single post before i comment i thi k its safw to say i saw a djinn VERY briefly when i was 8.i was lying in my bed my ro om was dark but the hallway light was on. I remembeer lookimg at the door which was wide open and i saw a mans shadow (see through but very black,no features or hair)almost silhouettelike.i remember being freaked out because i wasnt usd to see ing stuff like that but strangely not scared enoigh to scream for my dad. I just pit my head under covers and passed right out.

  91. Seeker says:

    It seems some also have their own ‘versions’ of djinns !

    Well, many people do not know what a djinn is, so they do not know what class to put them in. Islam speaks in detail about the djinn in the Quran, so a person that is not familiar with the Quran might have a different impression of djinns. Overall, the religions that do speak of djinn pretty much classify them the same, it is just culture, individuals that make them more complicated than they should be. Some cultures speak of dragons, some speak of werewolves, some speak of vampires. Perhaps to them these might be djinns or maybe a supernatural being, but djinn are known as masters of disguise, so very well it could be a djinn taking a specific form as witnessed by other people. Therefore, they call what they see. Maybe a werewolf, maybe a snake dragon, but to me it’s just a djinn taking an odd form.

    Read more : http://www.brotherrahman.net/interview-islamic-exorcist-brother-rahman/

    The most Authentic & Trusted Djinn/Jinn Seller in the Web.

  92. Elhan says:

    Dear Sirs,
    i have seen a dreem where i was speaking to djinn with name al shuuhra or al shuuha(not exactly).In a dream i was exsosisming the jinn out of somones body, but as i was asying the dua to make him go , he didnt, what can you say about my dream and should i paya ny attention to this? and is there actually a djin with such a name?and pleasae give me an advide about this situation, because it is my first time i get dreams like that,
    Thank you in advance

  93. Elmo says:

    Hi, i m pretty sure i have a djinn in a photograph of my old cat its sorta weird photo and it has 2 djinnns who look identical the same i also seen them with my own eyes as figures in a (energy/chi)clouds flash? going from one animal to another. they look a bit like a cartoonish figure bit doglike but not really a dog. i also seen a figure identical to them but looks like a more higher djinn i seen him folowing me atached to my girlfriend but i could see him clearly in flashes. could it be that i have some sorta magickal photo with a djinn famaly atached to it.they are black with white around the mouth and have a verry cartoon like apearence.

    anybody could tell me more about them?

    i have seen also other djinn/spirit like creaters like jesters? going from one person to the other through dark clouds as i call it and they had bags with money on there back and i could hear the money rinkle as they went from one person to the other.

    sorry for my english grammer its not perfect

    i would like to hear from you who also had similair experiences.

  94. Sarah says:

    Is there anywhere at all that I can learn more about specifically the Si’lat Djinn. Or is that the only outstretched information on them?

  95. Gara says:

    Thanks Joe
    And one of ma friend told me that Dragons are live and there the most gifted jins god ever creat and the’re in africa…what you know bout it

  96. MissEkema says:

    please tell me further details concerning the Djins with abilities and powers to dohealing and cast negative creatures away
    Much thanks in advance

  97. Vaibhav Prakash says:

    I want to meet one djinn how can I find marid I am really very serious

  98. Ferhat Drake ar'Rifai says:

    At your service, I beg to inform you that although you have an excellent comprehension and knowledge of [bad] djinn, shaytani, your knowledge is half formed. Just like there are good & bad human beings, the same for of djinn. There also muslim, christian, etc, atheistic djinn as well. There are djinn who are fence sitters, just like human beings….and human beings have within them the capacity to become higher than the angels but also lower than the shaytani.

    How, then, do we deal with this race of invisible intelligent beings who share the planet with us?

    Obviously, firstly is to maintain respect & love, even towards enemies…hate the sin itself only, yes?

    Secondly is to steer clear of them as the most prudent way, for they can be easily upset, offended and become vengeful without detection.

    Thirdly is to acknowledge that there are friendly djinn who can be helpers just as the angels and saints,…..

    The Sufi Sheikh Xhemali Shehu ar’Rifai, R.I.P., said, “There are three types of illness, physical, spiritual and satanic. For the first you go to the hospital, as for a broken leg. The second requires a Sheikh. The third can only be fixed by God Almighty.”

    May God Almighty Grant, Bless and Beautify your seekings. May God Almighty Enlighten & Encourage you, your family, and your friends, & those around you all, by night & by day. In The Name Of Unconditional Love, amen.

  99. Syarif says:

    Hi, my girlfriend just saw a black smoke shaped like a snake in the toilet she’s in. She told me it was very clear. Im not sure if it’s a djinn, but if it is, can you tell me what type of djinn it is and will it do any harm?

  100. Syarif says:

    Hi, my girlfriend just saw a black smoke shaped like a snake in the toilet she’s in. Im not sure if it’s a Djinn, but if it is, can you tell me what type of Djinn it is and will it do any harm?

  101. Cathy says:

    I think that we are all constantly under the influence of the djinn. I have been somewhat under “attack”. I have upset a djinn by kicking him out of my apartment. I didn’t know how he got in and I didn’t realize he wasn’t human. I did not even know what a djinn was. Things that I say to myself in private are constantly being said back at me through other people. They can make you feel depressed, angry, happy, or laugh hysterically. I have sonically heard them talking to each other a couple of times. I feel that they influence what my interest are as well. The djinn I kicked out thinks I’m funny and stupid, weak, yet he mentioned a power (maybe psychic ability). He is a bit of a trickster. He is sarcastic and sociopathic. I think that we maintain free will, but they can make you think/suggest certain things. You need to choose to not listen to their suggestion. Maybe this is why prayer or belief works in banishing them.

    I have a theory, that they are actually technologically advanced and not magical. Maybe even time travel/manipulation from future humans or another species.

    I have not seen evidence of anything more than thought manipulation and providing information (as if downloading data). I can be shown the future, but it is evidently manipulated when it becomes present.

    I have seen evidence of weather manipulation. I asked for it to be uncommonly warm in Southern Ontario Canada and for it to snow in California. This happened over this winter. It is hard to tell whether it was my idea to ask for this weather, though. Maybe it had an advanced forecast and it manipulated me into asking it.

    Not all questions can be answered by them. They are very fast in reactionary timing though. I asked where the information comes from and it is always a book or a movie/show/video which is searchable through the internet that is named. Their ability to appear to us in any form can be thought manipulation as well, although the man I kick out was physically present. He shook me. Maybe this is some kind of advanced hologram which draws and manipulates matter.

    I have had many computer related phenomena happen to me over the past couple of years, as well.

    I think the djinn wanted to be friends, but I offended one. I feel a little sorry for the misunderstanding. He hasn’t physically manifested since.

    BTW anyone notice anything out of the ordinary about TV or social media lately? I didn’t believe that a wish could be so unsafe. Sorry about that. I WAS JOKING, DJINN, STOP IT! I wasn’t even talking to them when I said it! If it makes a difference, I can’t even look my own paintings in the eye without feeling guilt.

  102. R.C says:

    Consider this, just some food for thought. Those with the eyes to see will see, those with the ears to hear will hear.

    The Djinn actually helped create our very souls. Djinn are no more than conscious, individualized energy. Much as we are, but our memories get erased a lot quicker than theirs. Most of our memories get erased with each death we have, yet when we a reborn, we essentially take off from where we left off, it is only our environment and external circumstances that change, but with change comes a lot more opportunity to grow and evolve spiritually.

    Back to the creation of our souls. As with all energy, there is always duality.

    This is why we all contain the potential to be good and do good or to be bad and do bad - even though those terms are mere labels and are relative, they will be used for simplicity’s sake.

    We are in coexistence with them, the higher level Djinn are our creators, the Angels watch over those of us (Djinn and humans) who elevate ourselves above the norm through SELF effort.

    We are constantly being tested, every adversity in life is of our own doing in one way or another, our own karma coming back to bite us or reward us from this life or our past lives, sometimes it’s Djinn but they are simply acting as agents of Karma. Know this, we are constantly being tested. With each test we must pass or we must fail, whether we do so is up to us in we handle the test.

    Because we all have karma to work out(or in other words the law of action and reaction)we would do wise not to bitch, moan and complain about adversity but rather, take it on the chin and be happy that we had another amazing opportunity to learn something or at least to pay back a past deed we dished out to another brother or sister. Through this way of being, we slowly but surely graduate more and more in this school of life.

    Whether we graduate from this earth or not, is up to us. Whether we graduate to higher levels of learning or sink into lower dimensions is up to us.

    We are Gods in the making, if only we choose to be.

    So do you nurture and grow your spiritual seed, your soul, with love, or do you do what seems to be more natural in this dimension, and sink to the lows and focus on the the negatives.

    Love is the key, love is the answer to all questions.

    So it is and so be it.

    With love,


  103. Nazeef Begum says:

    Hi ,
    i see a white-yellow sparkle sometimes. I dont know why but the other i got some very sparkly Salwar Kameez and put them then i put some attar (rose perfume) then i put my really long hair down .i dont know but i felt a presence when i was in my washroom when i was looking in the mirror i saw the white-yellow sparkly light.

  104. Mohammed ali says:

    I seen a green jinn in my bedroom what does it mean

  105. Isaac says:

    Hi, my name is Isaac and I am 11

    First of all, I would like to say that the summoning of Jinn is WRONG. This is known as Black Magic and allows the user to literally use the Jinn summoned. Second of all, I have been wondering. Can a human, become a Jinn or a hybrid Jinn? I know humans can get possessed but can they actually BECOME a Jinn or a hybrid Jinn.

  106. martymcfly says:

    I’ve spent years trying to figure out what I ran into as a child and after years of studying spirituality ancient aliens and numerous different new agen spirituals and paranormal subjects I think I finally hit the head on the nail on this one and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of the djinn of course. but it’s the first time I’ve actually put two and two together that what I saw when I was young might have been a djinn.my story starts like this… I was staying the night at a friends house when I was around 10 or 11 and we were standing on his front porch arguing with his mother it was about one in the morning it was in the winter so she was making the argument that it was too cold for us to be outside but of course we thought we knew better. after a good five minutes of arguing with our backs to the front yard and staring into the house arguing with his mother I started to get this uneasy feeling that I would come to know all too well as I would get older. as a shiver went down my spine and hair started to stand up on my back I knew that I needed to turn around for some reason… When I turned around to my amazement there was the totally black silhouette of a humanoid looking figure but it was so black it eclipse the street light that was behind it and for it to eclipse the street light it had to have been very tall at least 10 feet and when I looked at this creature it gave me the feeling of just raw power and scared being frightened really. I think this is one of the first times I would really come to figure out that I maybe an empath. this all seems to happen it very slowly but in reality it probably happen in about 5 seconds. as soon as I saw this thing I started to grab my friend Jacobs shirt and I started saying Jacob Jacob whispering really I didn’t want to scare off what I was seeing when in reality I was the terrified one so that wasn’t the greatest logic but as soon as Jacob turned around it was like the figure was waiting on our reaction because as soon as my friend Jacob saw and confirmed what I was seeing it went from the silhouette of a human that had no details whatsoever to a strange crouched almost aggressive position like an animal about to lunge. Here’s where things get a bit odd. and in the same few seconds we noticed that on the palm of his hands it had red lights almost like laser pointers or the cherry of a ciggerette.the last thing that I would see you before running into his house was the figure on all fours running like a dog or cheetah would so when I see things on these web sites and blogs about shapeshifting black humanoid creatures this automatically rings bells in my head anybody else on here have similar experiences or could somebody with more intelligence than me shed some light on this subject because it is f****** with me hard. so for years me and my friend Jacob identified this thing as red dot. Because that’s all we knew to identify it as. Soo it sounds like something out of a horror movie but hey most of this stuff does. So any one else have an experience close to mine?

  107. a thought says:

    in my lifetime I have seen tiny balls of light that seem to bob up and down. they turn into humans which I forget.
    they are djinn.
    we are bombarded with miracles and unbelievables. heavens interdimensions so many fables some in the name of religion.
    I agree with rosemary they start as one form and when you get used to them change forms. alien shadow reptile part animal types.
    all of it is to fear you and involvement now here’s the thing why why is it so important and how could they feed off energy.
    I’ve had experiences where most colour has gone out of my vision then I’ve seen them the light balls and they then go for attack fear paranio anything to unhinge. before that has happened I had a feeling of self accomplishment brain power dare I say happyiness for myself. I was in touch with the real me.
    they say djinn pricks new born babies and there really does seem to be a controlling of the masses.
    I’m beginning to believe they are here in this dimension and from birth we are feared into ignoring them.
    I have seen the same colour at the end of the zeitgeist movie and in the matrix movie.
    I don’t believe humans have powers and all the magic is just tricks.
    it is connected to military who I believe are too bewitched by djinn.
    I think the djinn that live in all our homes are more powerful than any illumanti which is djinn.
    I had more attacks in the hotter countries.
    lots of the fables leprechauns mermaids genies all bob up and down djinn very nervous characters. I have found djinn to be larger than life a lot of addiction and all fraught with nerves. quite romantic because they copy stories. they go in for the long con and will wear you down with one character after another sometimes immediately. walk out the door then re-enter as another.
    most of the time I felt it was bad manners to interrupt their practiced skits it seemed very important to them. they throw in some dis-order or some psychology. it’s quite exhausting. they like to laugh but will hate you very quickly if you are funnier and you will be.
    they will take on the image of parents partners friends at the same time using your image to them.
    I’ve seen people with bad eyes when you die your pupil changes and I’ve seen that.
    they hang round pubs hospitals mental places anywhere for re-invention.
    they hang in groups that’s why old tribes are big on group traditions. we are plagued by djinn traditions.
    there are usually two one good one bad cop.
    they are obsessed by sex and talk about it harass in a way that tells you they haven’t a clue.
    do we become them or were we once them I do not know.
    it seems their job is to prevent us from seeing. what I don’t know. the colour was kinda black and white grey.
    I do not believe anybody is telepathic more somebody is whispering in our ears that we blank out.
    the djinn that controlled me used television and movies both images ans storylines. I was hypnotized to never watch either so I could only believe each scene that was staged.
    they pair you up and their whole tribe arranges events everything over years egging each other on over your involvement to which you are oblivious. there is a servitude quality about them and they are quite childlike like a toddler with it’s mother.
    I actually liked them but they always let their nerves take over so they overeact in everything so when they turn it’s too much. they don’t get boundaries they overserve and overpunish.
    they groom and they fracture our brains for possession I do not know to save us from a colourless life I don’t know.
    but it has to be addressed. too many people are affected.
    father in raaf.

  108. Chris Mac says:

    Hi I really appreciate the info you provided it came to me through a response of my past night terrors while I was in rehab… I came to the conclusions that the only way to overcome this fear was to draw them out and design them in my perspective as accurate as possible. I’ve then showed them to my art therapist in rehab and she said that it was an entity a symbol in my dreams and visions feeding off all my negative emotions, shame, guilt, hopelessness, lost cause, suicidal ideology. This entity was given involuntary by my mind to represent my negative energy from addiction, it would actually scare me from relapsing. I have drawn 4 pictures all relating to the concept of this entity/night terror, I was told by a fellow interfaith researcher that I was in contact with a Djinn feeding of my negative emotions, the drawings others have portrayed Djinn seemed to correlate into my night terror physically and abilities. If you want to see these pictures Ill send them too you. Just need more information about this event I had in my past.

  109. ETCH says:

    I agree with most of this, but did your research come across the Quran and Islam as an important source since all Muslims believe in Jinn as a creature created from smokeless fire as mentioned in Quran in many versus in addition that there is a whole chapter called The Jinn.

    • Rosemary Guiley says:

      Please read The Vengeful Djinn and The Djinn Connection, where you will find the Quran material cited and discussed.

  110. Asad Khalil Ibn Ibaku Ahmed Ibn Al Ayoob ben Dawud says:

    Cosmic rays and anomolies have been occurring since creation of Heaven and earth I’m sure Hebrew Sufi should agree that for the Angelic manifestation you have described some emanation therefrom.

  111. Steven says:

    Djinni, a poem

    Yes, gently with childish hesitance
    the man relaxed his grip
    and softly as a butterfly
    I landed on his arm
    his daylight world now gone
    his thoughts no more, but mine
    I am the teacher of his kind.

    Come then the desert mountains
    the hidden springs and mimes
    the sunlight on adobe, the planes
    that slowly fall from azure skies,
    the parchment scrolls, the petroglyphs
    the girls with smooth white thighs.

    He knows there is no origin
    he knows he will not die.
    You see, I am the teacher of his kind.

    “Dreams ask us something, and we don’t know the answer,
    they give us the answer; and we are astonished.”
    (J.L. Borges)

    [email protected]

  112. whiteheart says:

    in a moment of despair, i visited an oracle to help me get rid of bad luck. she gave me what a paper with symbols written on it and ‘b5our’to use daily. she told me i have to put the piece of paper in my clothes and make seven leaps on the vapour of b5our making a wish. after some time of practicing this type of magic, i fell sick. red marks appeared on my skin, and i have an allergy against water, i vomit when i drink water and i feel burn when i take a shower. i think i summoned a demon and he wants to harm me. at the night before my illness, i heard a voice calling my name, the other night, i heard nails rubbing on the door of my closet in my bedroom. evrytime i rise the head to find out the sound source, the noise stops and waits until i get asleep to replay the same noise. i often hear lots of noise around every night at 2 pm. it’s tormenting me. i feel it inside my head. i went back to the oracle and she gave me what she calls fas5 lfousou5. when i ate it, the red stains were gathered at the zone of my belly, and i had a harsh quivering at 2pm at the second night of eating this product. i asked a wise man and he told me the djinn loves this kind of aliment and that i shouldn’t eat it coz it erases the memory. i burnt the piece of peper and i got rid of fas5 lfousou5. i read koran and i prayed for allah. the allergy against water stopped, but the red stains still exist, they still itch and burn. any help please?

    • Aysha says:

      Visit an imam and tell him everything that’s happened to you, he will most likely help you. Play surat al baqara in your house, its supposed to make the djinn leave

  113. ted says:

    respite this Morning when u wake from sleep, Afternoon, Evening and when going to bed” I SEEK REFUGE IN YOU OOH! ALLAH, MAKER OF SEEN AND UNSEEN CREATURES, FROM THE DEVIL, FROM THE TWANGS OF THR DEVIL AND FROM THE EVIL OF WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO ME. Recite this for seven dayband dee the result, come one this site and testify what the Lord has done for you

  114. Alistair says:

    anybody ever come across a demon that looks like a human male
    tall white black eyes black hair draconian fangs long sharp nails usually seen in a realm that looks like a red version of the grand canyon dotted with fires with thick fog?

  115. Aysha says:

    I’m pretty sure my house has djinn, which is not uncommon here in the middle east. I’ve spotted shadowy figures running around ever since I was a kid, like I’d see a black tall figure suddenly run upstairs from the corner of my eye. Or I was once hearing my sister calling me upstairs, despite my sister not being at home that instance.
    I’ve also encountered a Qareen of one of my sisters, while having my other sister with me, we saw the exact same thing. I’m not sure if it was a Qareen or simply a Jinn that took the form of my sister, but it looked exactly like her, except it leaped up into the air and disappeared. They usually don’t do much though, just mischievous things, like suddenly dropping a plate, or an item suddenly thrown off a table. or move a chair suddenly. They like to do these things when only a few of us are home, mostly when its only one person.

    Once my mother got extremely sick and my father took her to the hospital. I was left at home with my two little sisters. My youngest sister was crying because of worry for my mom, I was just trying to console her, while my other little sister was sitting upset by herself. We were all in the living room when we heard chairs being moved in the kitchen, it didnt scare us since we were used to this. But then the lights in the living room started flickering, and my little sister (the middle one not the crying one, she’s always had anger problems haha) got pissed off, and shouted
    “THIS ISN’T THE TIME FOR THIS!” and suddenly the lights went back to normal and the sounds stopped coming from the kitchen. Now that I think back to that I just laugh at it, might not have been the best idea to shout at jinn but we were in a bad mood.

  116. Annunnaki says:

    May I enquire what is your sources for the “colors” of the Djinn please? I come from a culture and family who have dealt with them for generations. I agree with darker energies or skin tones, but never seen or heard of a blue, red or green one, for that matter. Unless in non human forms.

    Also I have always put requests to teachers and never came to any harm. Same as if you call uni you don’t get the army.

    I appreciate the work you are doing into shedding light on a much misunderstood matter. Thank you.

  117. JAY (real name JAFAR) says:

    I think it’s a coincidence that my real first name was Jafar . Named by my real father who I suspected was possessed by a Shaitain, based upon reading the Vengeful Djinn. However, my mother who was Hispanic said she always sensed the presence of a blue nice intelligent energy around her who would sometimes grant a wish when in danger. I noticed since I was a child I have many many psychic gifts, telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, and I can empathically feel everything around me and human emotion extremely strong. I was thinking if my mother has been possessed by a Blue Djinn and my mother was possessed by a Shaitain Djinn. what does that make me? I sometimes channel a very powerful aura of psychic energy around me. In highschool my aura actually ignited as a flame and people saw this. Could I be a half-djinn or Im suspecting born a full djinn in a human body. Recently, I noticed that sometimes I can materialized objects out of thin air by just thinking it! Even as a child I had an affinity and always loved Genie, Robin Williams Aladdin. Aladdin still my favorite Disney movie. Anyway, I feel like my Djinn condition grows when I have objects containing psychic energy around me. And I tend to eat less human food and feed off of the psychic energy of others! And as I feed off of psychic energies I feel like I can manifest more Djinn abilities. Anyway, my question is if my mother was possessed by a Marid and my father by a Shaitain…what does that make me?

  118. Michael says:

    Your wording Shaitan (also Shaytan, šaytān, šaitān all the same) refers to satan in modern verse. This is a title it means lord/leader/king of the region. Thus it refers to those who rule over the jinn. Also many have been using the term genie, which is an old Celtic word for benevolent spirit or what is generally called a guardian angel. These words have been confused over the time and should not be considered the same. Looking for all wordings connect to jinn, I have therefore collected a lot of information and suggest people use the correct meanings.

  119. Michael says:

    The word shaitan [also spelled: shaytan, shautan, shaytaan, etc] more commonly refers to satan, is an old word meaning leader/king of the region. It is not a dshinn clan name but title as one would say lord, count, knight, duke, etc… This indicates the dshinn have a leadership council with many shaytans to guide them, explaining the reason why satan has so many different names as well. Satan is derived from shaytan, thus all the dshinn leaders are named as this. It is incorrect when you state it is not known if the dshinn have a leadership structure, they were ordered to form a social order by God, then they must have formed a leadership.

  120. Dala says:

    Is the color orange associated with the jinn and if so, in what ways? it looked like the warm glow of a candle, or campfire almost..

  121. Morgan T says:

    how can you tell what color a Djinn is (i.e the eye color , skin color)

  122. Morgan, L says:

    Im 4 months pregnant, and I’ve recently been seeing a mist surrounding a bright orb floating around my bed. And last night I saw this blue-green mist like form that kind of looked like the Northern lights floating in my room. After I fell asleep I ended up having very odd dreams, and then I was woken up by a tapping noise on the wall as if someone was clicking their nail against it. When I opened my eyes I saw a human like form that was a different green and blue color with long black fingernails that came to points floating right next to me. Is this a Jinn experience?

  123. shakir modi says:

    i have seen white half human n half snake form in my land n also the black one.i have tried to sell my land but who ever buys it comes into problem n leaves the place the land is still with me bit i am in crisis n desperate to dispose that land but iam pulled to that place n my life is become a misery

  124. Essa khan says:

    Hello to everyone I need little help my friend always see ifreet in her dreams and she gets scared of it and she is unavailable to sleep and that’s effecting her health and her personal life what should I suggest her she really need help plz. thank u

  125. MeetUrEnd says:

    hmm lets see from where to start ^_^
    1st of all there are 3 beings had been created :
    1- Angels
    2- Djinn
    3- Humans
    since we are talking about jinn i would like to make it clear that (Demon - Shaitan )refers to the rebellious , malevolent djinni associated with demonic forces and Satan ( Iblis ) is one of the Djinn but he rule over the Shaitans only he is not ruling the other Djinn and i would like to say that Djinn live is different than ours in law and rules for sure but as for a simple life they know love and marriage as well and living like us and the religions that we human knows they know it too and there are who worship god and who don’t and as for the Djinn they are kingdoms and there are a several kings i don’t know how many kings exactly but it’s more than 7 kings and each kingdom rule a specific kind of djinn like Races cause djinn got alot of forms Elemental and other forms ( include the ones that Rosemary mentioned before )and those other forms can control elements and some others can’t control it but they can do other things and those kingdoms can make allies for sure , so as i was saying same goes for Shaitans they are not kingdoms but they r clans and the sons of ( Iblis ) each one of them rule over a clan and ( Iblis ) is the ultimate ruler of all those clans , and as for who is strong and who is weak it’s related to colors and some not cause there are some of them got mixed colors and you won’t be able to tell if it’s strong or weak , and as for marid it’s not the strong one it’s the Ifreet , sorry if i didn’t type everything since im short in time but if you need any info i would like to answer ( if i know , and if i don’t i will try my best to answer too ^_^ )

    • anas says:

      So there is basically two kind of djinns? ifrit, si’la ?

      and from them we can find shaitan(dark) and muslim(white djinn)

      can ifrit be killed by a bomb of gun? how many kind of djinn there are (physical advantages need to be explained to me)

      are all ifrit tall? like 2meters or 3, i’ve seen one djinn around 20 meters tall one time , i was in a water town like atlantic i guess im not to sure ^^

  126. Mikaieel says:

    Looong negative comments by person clearly effected by jinn…true to everything you said but one thing you fail to mention…if the dark is so stark how much more poerfull is the light. How much more secretive and tricky is the light compared to the evil you describe? Is dark more powerfull than light?…how much darkness does it take to blott out a light completely? How many lights is needed to blott out an entire room pitch dark? Jinn are stealthy we cant see or detect them at times…but did you know that they dnt even know what angel killed them whem its their time to be killed.? So…again..is darkness stringer than light? And one more thing…the world is not black and white…diffrent shades of colour makes ul life. To think in black and white is a crime against mother nature and God. Its why the quran states…Allah does not like those given to extremes…variety and and moderation is the proper and healthy way to live. Thats all God requires of us. Balance not perfection. Jinn are subject to Allah same as humans we differ in our key elements. We are as the earth we were created from and our fosterer Allah or God…humans are inclined naturaly to nurture and grow as is the nature of the earth we come from…we are benevolent inately because we have a piece of God in us..our battery that never dies come heaven or hell..the jinn have that one thing exactly in common with us…we both have a piece of God in us…our souls…like the jin we also have secondary elements.. thus starsigns…earth..water..air and fire..we are base earth and secondary elemental…Jinn are base and secondary elemental. Base being smokeless fire and then diversing into a mix or pure secondary element earth bound they to belong to earth but on the elemental plane. They behave and are inclined naturaly towards their base and secondary elelments. Fire on fire usualy are shaytan jinn.. fire on fire is pride and destruction. Fire on water is power and intense presure but also nurturing…earth and fire is warmth and intense…fire on air is self possessed and independent. So to say all jinn are evil is wrong ..but compared to us they have it extra hard to stay good because of their base fire nature…how much good is there in earth? More good than bad…in fire? More bad than good. Ut good is there none the less. So my hat off to those jinn who do actualy manage to stay true and loyal to Allah. For a jinn this is a momentus acomplishment so be carefull of ur words..fire is also pride and instinctive so hurting and offending jinn is very easy thus they become vengefull. Alot of times its not vindictiveness its instinctive…if you hurt a jinn by chance try to apologise they may just understand. Try and understand the narure of anything or anyone you meet in life…so when they speak you dnt assume to much and to wrong.

    • Vicegerent says:

      You are very accurate in your descriptions and understanding of the Djinn, I am thoroughly impressed.

  127. Bhai hanfi says:

    For Protection from Jinn,
    After every salat recite last 3 surah of Quran 3 times and blow on you do this 7 days,

  128. josette says:

    This was very interesting read.

  129. JTM says:

    I have encountered Jinn of various types. Some are friendly and some are not. I once lived in a place where a blue and a red were present. They first showed up in photos as colored orbs. The blue later appeared at night as a pure blue ‘flame’ that moved around the room and went through walls and doors. My wife also saw it one night, and was really spooked as she thought I’d been kidding her. It seemed to be very friendly and I nicknamed it ‘Sparky’. They are definitely composed of an electrical plasma, which is ‘smokeless flame’ just as described in the Quran. Look online and you’ll see scientific articles about the possibility of plasma-based life in space; well, we’ve already encountered it, and not in space. The red was hostile and attempted to possess me (unsuccessfully) twice while sleeping. Nasty feeling. There were also ones around a nearby river that I considered friendly. On our anniversary we stayed in a suite at a hotel along it’s banks one did ‘apports’ and teleported small things in the trash in the main room into the bedroom while we were asleep (with the door closed to the other room), dropping them on the floor and into into a sealed container. I also encountered what must have been a Ghul at an old indian burial site in the US West recently, that was decidedly unfriendly. So they are out there…

  130. JTM says:

    I’d also like to add that just before the ‘apports’ occured my wife awoke and so a mist hovering over me whle I slept. She shook me awake and when she did the ‘apports’ occurred. She’s had several similar encounters herself, although she doesn’t attribute them to jinn.

  131. Jaylinn says:

    I had a dream just last night about a red djinn. Before I had fallen asleep, I felt like something was in the room with me as I was lying in bed looking at my phone. I thought I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye and would shine the light of my phone and nothing was there. But I felt like something would rush up on me when I looked back at my phone and I was starting to get anxious.
    In my dream, I was in some sort of temple with thick golden pillars. It was dim but I saw a red djinn surrounded by young women. The djinn had black hair and facial hair and black eyes. He was shirtless, but wore a black belt and his lower half seemed like a snaking mist. He embraced one of the women and let her go and she seemed like she was in a daze. There was also a a small floating entity next to him but I cannot remember what it looked like. They seemed to be conversing and the djinn would rub his mustache thoughtfully. I was not afraid and just watching him.

  132. Astrapaios says:

    I have seen a Black Jinn, I purposely contacted it using the Lesser Key of Solomon and it’s particular sigil. I will say this, do NOT contact these spirits for money nor for selfish ends. I am NOT a Monotheist, I do not believe nor identify with the beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in other words I do not believe in religious dualism. My experience with this entity was actually positive, but again it is my opinion that these things have an issue with individuals that are trapped in a belief system of monotheism / dualism. Be non dual, love and respect nature above humans ( it was here before “US” hominids and they will leave you alone, they will possibly help and teach you things if your sincere, non dual in knowledge ( Advaita Vedanta), in thought, and action.

    “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem ”

    -Mentem in igne orbiculari

  133. Erika says:

    Is this what licked the pit of my ankle? Felt like a dog but when I looked under my seat there was nothing there…

  134. Khan of Jinn says:

    In the year 2004 I met with a red green jinn and lost. Unbeknowst to me the creature I’d heard from the night before crying outloud NO was heard by both me and my dog. I grabbed my pacifier and with anger gave chase to find the perpetrator of my space I met with no luck.
    Prior to that an archon entered my body through my anus it was green and pyramidal shaped and floated through my wall I was scared and let it rape me. So basically I’ve got the best of three worlds the archon the jinn and then Mkultra.
    It’s a joy to wake up every morning and not lonely as never am unentertained.
    The archon claim that I killed but it wasn’t me it was the preternatural pseudo spirit within.
    Naturally, there was grief and soon to follow meds that kept the imbalance of humors at bay or so the Dr says. Following my change of venue the voices still plagued me until I found AA and the voices went away for a year but not entirely.
    Then they came back strong in 2012 when they saw the time was right.
    During crisis in the family they ganged up with Mkultra and i helped by watching hours of TV all the while knowing that back in 2004 something had happened to me changing my life entirely.
    Then in Feb 2016 I had an automobile accident that sent me to yet another plane of understanding.
    I knew all along it was about the wrongs I’d done and to make up for my frailty.
    Some asses over here contend that I was a deprave immoral blight to the community.
    The authorities were aware of me and I was an excellent driver then perhaps better than them in some respects either way I lost face and the preternatural world was made aware of my absconding the mob UN, State Dept. Air Force too war aware of me and local sherrif all wanted to hang me.
    I was set up or so it would seem catch the eye of that many agencies. Go figure….
    So today here I sit before the TV watching my favorite late night show as I have insomnia for keeps due to in part my poor behavior in part a result of wheels in motion before my birth.
    So wretched and joyously forlorn I celebrate each day with laughter that drives my caprotora insane.
    My time is fleeting my hair grows gray I’m aging and I have a desire to do whatever it takes to maintain my dream of being me and then some one moment to the next.
    Thanks Jinn Archon and all who contributed to planning my exile I owe you one for now a message in a bottle. Later dinner and desert.

  135. Syed Rehab says:

    Look What I Believe Is Allah Has Created Us Different. We Are Two Different Creations And Just Like Oil And Water Can’t Be Mixed. Even Humans And Djinns Can’t It’s Wrong. Most Of The People Invite Trouble By Going To The Places Knowing They Live There And Trouble Them And Expect In Return To Comeback Like Some Warriors. Our Prophet S.A.W PBUH Said It Is Prohibited For A Man And A Djinn To Get Along So Never Do That. They Are In A Different Dimension So Let It Be That Way And For The Wrong Doers There Is A Painful Punishment In Hell Fire.

  136. Greg says:

    I agree with you, they are like us, some of us are good and others are evil. Everybody deserves some respect, they deserve to be respected to, they are other creation of God, there has been cases where Djjins has helped human beings teleporting them so that they don’t get hit by a car, some of them, I think, Ifrit, have this ability. There are good and respectful djinss, I have respect for them, and for you too, because you have demonstrated tolerance. I have a familiar, didn’t get to know him, he is dead now, that used to have a djinn friend, whenever she needed something, she would send him, a familar told me this, and I believe it cause there are a lot of them who are good and want friendship.

    I salute you : ) !

  137. jay says:

    Never had a good dream in my life. When I was about 24 it talked to me for the first time told me it was a demon and it was time for me to die. 37 now , what I have found out is it’s red and the kind that puts thoughts in your head. Two years ago I learned I could fight back to the point where it just talks shit and takes out it rage on the people I care about trying to learn to help them but they think I am crazy. They are Christian and I believe in a creator but not sure who they are. It claims it was there for my birth and what I know now matches my childhood. Can’t see it but can sense it never gets close to me but can still touch me may sound crazy but I can touch it in the same way. To all who say they have a bad life remember it could always be worse just really had to tell this story.

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