[Compiled from The Vengeful Djinn by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno and The
Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology
and The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Copyright 2010.]

In Islam, Iblis serves the same function as the Devil, tempting humans to make the wrong spiritual choices. The name Iblis means “despair” or “he who is despaired.” Iblis is also the chief and father of the Djinn. He can assume any form.

Iblis is mentioned nine times in the Qu’ran; seven of the references concern his fall from God’s grace. His other name, Shaytan (Shaitan), or “the deceiver,” , is used in context of his rebellion against God. Sura al-Kahf 18.50 in the Qu’ran states that Iblis “was one of the djinn, and he broke the command his Lord.” As a djinni, Iblis was created by God of smokeless fire. Suras 7.12 and 38.76 refer to his creation from fire.

Why Iblis fell from grace
When Allah created Adam, he ordered all the angels to prostrate themselves before him, which they did. Iblis (who is identified as a Djinni in the Qur’an) refused, claiming that a being made of dust was beneath him, a being of fire. Allah cursed Iblis for his pride and threw him out of heaven. Iblis persuaded Allah to delay further punishment until the Day of Judgement. God gave him the right to roam the earth tempting people, and to destroy those who yield to temptation. He cannot compel people to sin, but only lure them to make the choice. He is aided by the devils (Djinn) who serve under him.

In another legend, in a time before the creation of humankind, Allah sent his angels down to earth to destroy the Djinn, who were rebelling against divine laws. The angels killed most of them, and captured Iblis, whom they took up to heaven and educated him. The remaining Djinn formed a new nation. Iblis, who wanted power, left heaven to become their king.

In the mystical tradition of the Sufis, Iblis refused to bow to Adam because he could only bow to God. Thus, Iblis represented the perfect lover, a model of loyalty and devotion who would rather be separated from God and God’s will than united with God against God’s will. In a 14th-century Syrian legend, Iblis actually assisted in the creation of Adam by gathering sweet and salty matter from the earth.

Another story tells how Iblis tempted Eve. He succeeded in smuggling himself into paradise by promising any animal who carried him in that he would bestow upon it three magical words that would guarantee immortality. The serpent agreed, and carried Iblis into Paradise hidden in its mouth. Iblis spoke to Eve from within the mouth.

The fall of Iblis is similar to the fall of Lucifer in the book of Isaiah in the Bible. Lucifer is cast from heaven because of his pride, and one-third of the angels follow him to earth. These fallen angels became synonymous with demons, whose job it is to torment people and tempt them into sin.

Iblis as the angel Azazel

In some early accounts of the Djinn, Iblis was once a powerful angel by the name of Azazel. The name Azazel means “God strengthens.” He originally may have been a Semitic god of the flocks who became demonized. Azazel is associated with the ritual of scapegoating as an expiation of sin, as described in Leviticus 16. In verse nine, God instructs Moses that his brother Aaron shall take two goats and sacrifice one to the Lord for sin. The second goat is for Azazel, and is to be presented live to the Lord for atonement, and then sent into the wilderness to the demon. This reference to the wilderness has led to beliefs that Azazel was a demon of the desert. The desert is also considered to be the home of Iblis when he is allowed to enter our world.

In The Apocalypse of Abraham, Azazel is the angel of disgrace, lies, evil, wrath and trials. He is the lord of hell, who is confined to earth by God because he became enamored with it. In Judaic lore, Azazel figures prominently in folktales, along with another fallen angel, Semyaza (Semyaz, Shemhazai). Azazel refuses to bow to Adam when he is presented to God and the heavenly hierarchies. Islamic lore also tells of Azazel refusing to bow down to Adam, and so God casts
him out of heaven and changes him into the Djinn Iblis. Although the angelic origin of Iblis contradicts Islamic beliefs, it is still considered by some scholars as an origin for this rebellious spirit.

According to Islamic belief, the evil that exists in the multiverse is due to corrupt humans and Djinn who have turned their back on Allah. Demons, fairies, ghosts, demonic possession and even sightings of aliens are believed to be the work of Djinn, or in some cases, spiritually corrupt humans who have joined Iblis. If we take into account the reality of the existence of the Djinn, then we can understand the great diversity of the paranormal. Rarely do Djinn present their true identity to us. Instead, they enjoy taking on many disguises. Many Djinn merely play a harmless
game with us for their amusement, but some have a more deadly agenda.

Stories about the Djinn reveal a long history of perceived injustices and indignities from their perspective, creating valid reasons for many of them to plot against humanity. Believing themselves to be wronged by God in favor of human beings, some Djinn have carried a deep grudge for millennia, and look for ways to strike back.

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  1. Hi, I was just doing some research on religious history and wound up here. Looks like you have some interesting stuff. . . I’m doing some translations of stuff nobody has seen before and putting it up so feel free to stop by and check it out. I think it might be interesting to you. 🙂

  2. BASIRU says:

    HI pls send some note about most powerful jinn for me. thanks

    • admin says:

      I do not recommend engaging with the Djinn.

      • ross says:

        Very interesting account of what happened in heaven. Its funny that we muslims don’t talk about jinn, and rosemary and Philip need to draw our attention to it. It is as if the topic is taboo.

        • admin says:

          We lost awareness of the Djinn a long time ago, so they are new to many people — even though they’ve been moving among us all along! — Rosemary

          • ZAHID says:

            ok ok ok but how did iblis actually come to heaven under what circumstances was he created there, was he brought there, was he created else where and found him self in heaven because i can not understand how something evil and bad could ever come from heaven or be let in and for what reason you can never learn bad behavior when all you know is good . can you explain such things instead of just repeating the same old same old.

            • lili says:


              • Zack says:

                as long as i can remember (correct me if i’m wrong) iblis is the djinn itself .. he do good thing and serve god and pray pray and pray and follow god rules until god lift him up to heaven from sky 1 till sky 7 but.. he has his own motif he is not doing it in humble he was thinking ”if i keep praying and do endless amount of good thing and follow god command i might get what i want” what iblis want is to be the politician to rule the world to be the commando in charge of all the angles and be the ruler of earth.. so ofcourse god already knew but god want to see how long can he do this .. and then god put iblis to test by asking all the angel to bring stuff from earth (i believe its sand or mud) to create Adam a.s (the first human being) and then god ask all the angels to bow to Adam a.s and they all did exept Ibis (Djinn) he just stand there and said ”eh,he is created from sand,mud meanwhile i am created from the fire.. i am better than him,i am better than him” just these few ignorant word and Iblis is tossed out of heaven.. and as long as i know iblis was never born an angel or never became an angel he is just a Djinn who loyal to god(but asking for something in return) (correct me if im wrong) and then he convince the serpent that he’ll grant the serpent immortality if the serpent could bring back iblis to the heaven .. so iblis hide inside serpent mouth and go back to heaven through serpent mouth he convinced eve to eat the forbidden fruit that God said ”You can eat whatever you want in this heaven,but do not eat this fruit” and insya-allah it is to test both Eve and Adam.(if i make any mistakes feel free to correct me as i am just a normal human being who make millions of mistake everything,thanks in advance),

            • Azman says:

              The djinn was created first then the human as told in the Quran
              Surah Az-Zariyat 51:56
              I created the jinn and humans for nothing else but that they may serve Me;53
              Iblis then considered as evil upon his rebelion to Allah s.w.t

      • Maze says:

        Yes they are powerfull, but we should not fear them. Fear god.

  3. colt says:

    these spirits if so powerful must be very hard to control and one could be left compleatly para if one thinks so and loses that control in that these demons ect are in a battle with humans.
    is it wise to get in to a subject where you could be seeing signs omens and the devil round every corner?
    if one takes such a stance then where could it lead if when everything becomes a threat from beings you cant see or hardly controle gains control.
    its tempting to think in such ways that there are supernatural demons but then again how do we know its not this if it exists invisible forces plan to want us to think like this seeing as if we are thinking other dimensional thoughts we are not earthed (which could be what they want anyway)so getting us out of this earth in a sense in revenge for what happened to them to i.e to hurt god?
    all this could spin your mind and take ones focus away from the dimensions we were made for.
    not saying these beings may not be true but people must go with the upmost caution in these things or insainity calls and real dispair.
    i dont speak as a christian im just stating the obvious.
    people take care ok.

  4. Rony says:

    Djinn is a creation of god that predates humans.They also regenerate like humans.They’ve families like humans do & it’s believed that they also follow different religions like humans.There’s both good & evil amongst them.The evil ones that try to harm humans are called “Shaitan”.It’s believed that miracles can be attributed to either God or devil.And today most of the miracles that take place through miracle workers are from devil or djinn which they perform through their help,they do this to misguide people from the true path of god.Djinn’s have always been worshiped by pagans which they believed to be some godly dieties & in Islam it is believed that in every Idol there recides a devil & during the time of the Prophet when they went on to destroy the Idols that were worshiped at that time they faced the physical manifestation of them.
    And in todays modern age people in Middle East,Africa,Indian subcontinent & all over the world use Djinns for black magic purposes.
    In Bangladesh,there are many reported insidents of Djinns studying in Madrasas as student & many living among the humans as doctor,lawyers etc.And sightings & possesion is quite a common phenomenon in this part of the world.And I believe people of the west have very little knowldge about this & often they attribute such activities to human souls which’s just a misconception cause after the death of humans The angel of death(Azrael) takes away the human soul.The things they actually see is the physical manifestation of the Djinns as they’re the masters of shape shifting which they use to their advantage to misguide or harm human beings.

  5. Rony says:

    And though the Christian world don’t want to listen what Muslim or others have to say on spiritual topics.It’s a established truth in this part of the world that the Islamic “Ruqiyah” is the best system of getting a person rid of demonic possession.Even people of other faiths seek help from the Muslim Imams when they face such situations.The reason I see why people fall victim to such cases cause they don’t even know how to protect them from such beings.Some use charms,ammulets etc believing that these will protect them but these things rather make them open to such attacks.Only firm believe in God saveguards a person,those who seek help in material object or other beings God makes him dependent on that object & his lifts his protection from him.There’s always a barrier between a believer & Shaitan,he cannot harm him physically until he gives away his righteous path.And in Islam there’re several Surahs (chapter) in Quran,chanting which ensures protection of a believer from such beings.These are Surah Fatiha,Falaq,Nas & Ikhlas.And among all of them the verses of the thrones which is known as The Ayat Al Kudsi is the most strongest,it is said that when there verses are chanted a guard from the heaven comes to the aid of the reciter.

  6. Is it really impossible to acknowledg-e the plight of the Palestinia-ns without disregardi-ng the tragedy of the Holocaust? I think all human suffering is reprehensi-ble. Neither should be ignored, but neither should be forgotten.best wow gold

  7. shena says:

    i belive whtever good or bad happens its the will of god.my question is can a demon harm human physically that is like by scratching?

    • rajiv says:

      yes they can even kill

      • Zack says:

        im not sure about that.. kill? god said to Iblis ”you can lead human to wrong believe and to Hell but you cant force them to do so rather than they doing it themself” from this quotes insya-allah that devils cant harm human by pysical but they can mislead human..actually Iblis/Shaitan is too weak they can only tempt you .. if you believe in god and ask for his forgiveness no devil can near you nor mislead you insya-allah may god bless you all.(i am just a normal human being,and god servant if i did or do something wrong please enlighten me and correct me immedietly,assalamualaikum.

  8. rajiv says:

    they are even female jinns

  9. Hey,exellent replys i have been studying theology,including magick for 25 yrs. In 2006 i died twice,heart complications.I was a”born again” christian prior to my demise,with out going into detail i learned that our creator does not require us to jump through hoops.While studying antient sumerian manuscripts I foolishly read aloud words and phrases which were magickal formula!That evening i was tormented by nightmares! I awoke 3 times,then fell back into same nightmare.After the 4th time i awoke to a foul oder of shit and sulfer.Standing at foot of my bed was a black figure with yellow eyes,its skin was shining,and it had an over coat?All black,I was terrified!At first i thought still dreaming, Then it grinned at me with a wide mouth full of yellowish teeth.I closed my eyes several times.when i looked it was still there it grinned wider!Then gone,the oder lingired for awhile i got up and stayed awake 4 two days!The text i read aloud had the word[name]IBLIS!!!

    • Jared says:

      I should very much like to know where said manuscripts are.

      • Erdem says:

        I’m not sure if you’re trying to troll here… [edited]. Iblis, (Devil) Shaytan in Islam. Does NOT represent himself as an Eerie black figure with yelow visible eyes, and shining skin. Of what i know is that Shaytan ”Iblis” has only 1 EYE. Because of a stone thrown into his eye by Abraham over 4 thousand years ago.

    • lili says:


  10. Cadir says:

    assalamu alaikum… can i ask some more articles related to djinn… ^^kinda interested with this stuff
    tnx and MAASSALAM…

  11. Vanessa says:

    Hi, we live in South Africa,with my Husbands Parents. Last year our youngest nearly drowned in their pool. While praying for her in ICU GOD gave me a vision of our Daughter walking away hand in hand with JESUS. She turned around, ran back to me, hugged me and told me that she would see me on the other side.She then went back to JESUS and the two of them continued off into the bright white surrounds.After her transfer to another hospital she regained consciousness and is 100% Fine. GOD/JESUS/ The HOLY SPIRIT saved our little one. My husband said that a demon threw her into that pool, her eyes were Open when he found her. Now this year my husband has begun work at a sales company and a Spiritual Warrior has befriended him. He told my husband to look for a Monkey type statue near by the front door. That is the thing which tried to drown our youngest. Apparently these creatures that you speak of inhabit monkey statues. Three nights ago GOD took the Warrior and brought him here to this house. that creature was sitting on the roof,cloaked in black and refused to speak to the Warrior. GOD sent JESUS who spoke to it in an Alien tongue and it then left. The Warrior said that the statue needs to be burned, however my Mother in Law has a soft spot for it and seeing as it belongs to her in her house I don’t have a say about it. She would think I’m bonkers anyway if I had to mention what we have learned. My question to you is HOW can we protect ourselves from this evil being? Is there something that I can put in front of that statue to deflect its intent? it calls itself azazael, and its attached to both of us. My Husband is the First Born but his young brother, with the consent of their parents and sister has claimed from my Husband his First Born Legacy.The young brother is paying for it via his throat cancer, which is in remission now. My Husband told me this this morning, that the blood line curse carried down from when Cain killed Able for his First Born Blessing is Still being perpetuated today. I too am the First Born in our family but my Sister has taken the blessing. Both our siblings are prospering while we are not. Where am I going with all of this? I don’t know! I want answers: why is this thing attacking us? Why does it want my children dead? why is it the prince of them that is focusing on us? My Husband was told when he was 19 that he is a powerful spiritual warrior. He is Now 40 and has been clean of his drug addiction now for 6 months. Doing his 12 Steps and being sponsored and handing his Life over Daily to GOD is what is keeping him alive. but it seems that now this thing is trying harder than ever to get to him, and apparently it works through any one! I was also surprised by how the Qu’ran and Bible are the Same Story! I had no idea! shows how ignorant I was. I always knew that GOD was the Same in Every Culture but I didn’t know that the story was the same! Any way, if any one is moved to write something, give advice, anything I am most grateful. that thing spoke to me yesterday while I was hanging up the washing and it looked like the thing that one of the writers wrote about! I am not afraid of it per say, for I ask JESUS,GOD and The HOLY SPIRIT for protection. I want it gone for good! or what Prayers do I need to recite to protect my family! Thanking All of You soooo much! Vanessa

    • monibaluch says:

      Recitation of The “CHAR QUL” must be done 5 times a day by someone with the ability to Recite “CHAR QUL” from the glorious Quran in arabic “Azazeel” is same as Iblis there are different names of for “Shaitaan” e.i Hebrew, Arabic, persian and urdu or hindi etc..
      What u must do is go on youtube type the above mention “Surah`s” and play them loud once before break of dawn , afternoon , early evening, before dusk and once after dinner.You must also not be under any influence and hygienically clean, statue of monkey must also be destroyed and not burnt because “Iblis” , or “Azazeel” are Djinns as mentioned in the “Quran” are not angels but “Jinnat” made up of fire therefore burning the Idol may not help.
      Try this for whole one week starting from Monday, also sacrifice 1.25 kgs of Meat by slightly marinating it with a hint of turmeric (an indian herb) you must dispose the meatloaf in a graveyard or any open deserted place without any fear and hesitation yourself never looking back.

      • mariam says:

        your faith will clear you from jinns !!! make a 5 times prayers clean your house with a holy water, play the surah baqarah and al kursi.

        • Zack says:

          sister(i believe you are a woman) that’s a really good advice but why play the surah? why dont we read them instead if can read 30 juz of al-quran so the whole house feels alive.

    • lili says:


  12. Lerqi says:

    Dear Vanessa,
    Please do not call out Jesus or the Holy Spirit for help. Only cry to God. I can not stress this enough. this is the biggest mistake Christians make. Jesus was a prophet. Do not attribute to him the power and glory of God. All help lies only in the hands of God. Jesus is in heaven and can do nothing for anyone. Immediately remove all statues, figures around your home. Keep your home free of all animated objects. This is very important. Do not play music either unless it is totally clean in words. Play in your house Surah Baqarah from YouTube. It is about 2 hours long. Play it loud and let it resonnate into all your rooms. Listen to it. It is in Arabic but very soothing to the ears. Do not enter the bathroom without asking God for protection. It is in our own bathrooms that all evil reside in. Very few people are aware of this. Never walk around naked or semi naked. Recite a prayer only to God before eating/drinking anything. Play the adhan on YouTube several times a day in your home. All jinn/demons flee when the adhan is played or recited. If you feel any sort of pain or even discomfort while listening to surah Baqarah or adhan, do not be discouraged. They inflict you with pain because they want you to turn it off. Do not ever do that. May God help you. Ask me anything else you wish to know.

  13. Usman says:

    Allah is the most powerfull and the lord of all the heavens, keep your trust in Allah and he will never let the devil hurt you Insha’Allah. I love all my fellow human brothers and sisters no matter what colour or background, it is the devil that devides us. Dont let him win people 🙂

    • seeni mohammed says:

      100% i agree what brother usman said..

      i love all my brothers and sisters. as allah created all from adam and eve.

  14. ebrahim says:

    please recheck sources pertaining to the paragraph in relation to the sufis. the view stated is a complete misconception. have been a student in sufism for over 20 years, have never come across such a thing. aside that it makes no sense at all to reason and intelligence, and against completely against the barometer of common sense.lover and enemy are distinct as night and day. and no matter the direction of perception contraries can never be reconciled. the outward act of rebellion of azazeel revealed the inner state of his heart, and so what ruled his heart. love is not in accord with rebellion, hate is - and all consuming fire. at the most he was acting according to the rage of his nature. and so lost the lovely name azazeel and having it reeplaced with the name iblis - the shaytan, i.e the accursed. love bestowed is not returned with a curse. other thanthis, the article and responses are excellent.

  15. thomas lee says:

    The Djinn (especially Ghouls) are now lurking in the State and National forests and preserves-abducting children and old people (about 30,000 a year worldwide). So don’t hike through woods or the Appalachian Trail or you may become a source of body parts and blood for the ufo hovering over the State Park in Say Northwest Pennsylvania. The British Empire is no longer -because its people got rich and delved into conjuring up spirits. Now, as the USA too gets away from God,and Satanic Groups keep conjuring up Djinn(UFOs) ,we will see the US no longer as the policeman of the world ,but the Beast and the False Prophet will take over accompanyed by two little” greys”.

  16. In Muhammadanism (Islam), the Prophet stated in one Hadith that every Muslim has one shayatan (a jinn that trick human beings into falling into wrong path forbidden by Islam) with him or her. From some of my personal accounts, I should say that none of any human being is free from the shayatans, the soldiers of Azazel. Islam states that Azazel was once a true good servant of God and was the chief of the Angels. When he defied God to bow down to Adam, God expelled Satan from the kingdom of God’s servants. Before departing God and the leadership upon the Angels, Azazel asked God to empower him in tricking the mankind to take it (the mankind) away from the right path chosen by Him (God). God empowered Azazel to do what Satan asked because God wanted to test the the mankind’s fidelity. God will test the fidelity of the mankind up to the Judgement Day.
    Islam always mentors the human beings to choose the right path and to watch the traps set by (the shayatans)the soldiers of Azazel. Islam also recommends the human beings to learn differing between the right and the wrong. My true good words for the human beings are that they must not fear Djinn, they must fear God and must seek protection from them (the Djinn kind). Do not summon any Djinn or its kind because they will always lead you to Satanic traps after you will summon them or any of them, they will not help you and will put you in the misery that might take you to hell.
    The pious ones among the Djinn allow human beings to live with peaceful lives but the evil ones moving along the path of the Devil chase after the human beings to harm the most special creation (the human species) of the One(God). The early Sufi Saints taught their disciples that shayatans are so devilishly crafty that they can persuade any Adam’s pious child to fall into Satanic trap in the blink of an eye, so any Muslim seeks protection from Azazel soldiers, that Muslim must learn the knowledge of Islam about the rights and the wrongs so that he or she is not tricked into falling into the traps as he or she knows to differ between good and bad. My kind, the human beings, do not fear the Djinn, do fear the Creator, do avoid summoning and seeking help from the Janons (the Djinn), it is heavenly for the human beings to call God for help. The Djinn do not possess the power of humanity that the human beings have. Prophet Solomon, one of human beings, ruled over the Djinn. The gift of God for the mankind is Soul. The human beings must not fear the Djinn or summon any of its kind, they must fear God and invoke Him. The most special animate race (the human species) must ready itself for the Doomsday and the Judgement day. It must not remain into contradictions about the Djinn. The Djinn is merely the inhabitants of the unseen world that is beyond humans’ fancy or their mind’s eye. The human race’s bearing fantasies do not reach the actuality of their existential lives. God created more supernatural lives those the human race cannot think of. There are more than one universe… (Sura Al-Fathiha, verse no 2, Al-Quran). The existence of the extraterrestrials is confirmed by today’s Muslim Scholars and long time ago by the other exemplifications given by the Egyptian hieroglyphs and the civilization (the human race)on this blue planet, the earth.

    • lili says:


      • Aaarabisk Lee says:

        I am an American Indian mentioning that Shayatans or Shytans are jinns from a clan called Shayatan of Jinn race. Read Sura Jinn from Al-Quran. Ghul, Marid, Ifrit, Jinni, Shayatan etc are different clans of Demons (Jinns). Azazel can be called as a Shayatan and the leader of Shayatans. When anyone do something evil, he or she even are not possessed by a Shayatan have a personality or conscience polluted by Satanic deception from Azazel or from a Shayatan. Azazel came from Shayatan race (note the history of Azazel when he became Archangel). I studied Theology for more than 14 years. Don’t mind me but get a good suggestion: know the Greatest Scientific Book, Al-Quran, as far as you can and know what does the Book’s every verse means or a Shayatan with you will make you fall like Adam fell. I have seen these things (Jinns) with my own eyes! Showed my associates the proves of their existence and their clan differences: these are not Aliens from outer space! I am not giving anybody nonsense! Three special forms of these fire-made (made of fire)creatures (Jinns)are snake, white garbs or like goats or like dogs with shadowy figure and wings! Wish you would share the same knowledge with me, given to you!

    • lili says:


  17. bbaa says:

    Hi.how can somebody be able to know whitch type of jinn doe he have or posses or somebody? And its believe that most Djinn tell lies how to believe them then! Since human interact with them,

  18. sarvesh says:

    love you allllllllllllllllllllll

  19. muslimForever says:

    The section “Iblis as the angel Azazel” seems to be misleading. I mean readers may think by mistake that in Islam Azazel was an angel before becoming Satan ! No, according to Islam Azazel was never an angel, rather he was a pious djinn before turning Iblis/Satan(The despaired accursed djinn). The idea that Satan was an angel before, is a christian concept. In Islam, angels are not created/designed by God to have their own will (free will) to reject God’s command/law, djinn and mankind on the other hand is given this choice, hence enjoying heaven or being tormented in hell is applicable to humen and djinn but not applicable to angels. When God sent the mighty army of angels down to earth to destroy the Djinn, most of whom rejected divine laws, the angels saved only a few djinns because these were not against God’s law. Only one of these non-rebelling djinns was pious and the rest were neither pious nor against God’s law. Azazel was this pious djinn and he was captured in prostration to God by angels during this bloody battle between djinns and angels . Azazel was taken up to a high place near God’s throne (lauhe mahfuz) and educated by angels. When God made the body of Adam before putting the soul into it, God presented this body to the folks in that high place, that is, the angels and azazel with them. God said to them this adam is the best of His creation and ordered them to pay homage to adam for being superior to their kind. All angels did what God ordered them to do but Azazel the djinn refused saying to God that he does not accept adam is superior to him due to the fact that he is created from smokeless flame of fire but this adam fellow from filthy dust of clay. Now, if azazel were an angel at that point, he would have said he was created from light as opposed to from fire ( In Islam all angels created from light, all humen from clay, all djinn from smokeless fire) , in addition, to reject God’s command at His face does not match angelic behavior as I have said earlier angels were designed the way God created them. So when God cast him out, according to Islam he was not changed from angel to djinn, rather he was changed from a regular djinn(Azazel) to an accursed despaired djinn (Iblis/satan) and part of being accursed was that God changed his body parts (he became a morbid djinn so to speak), which is why the demons/devils i.e the descendant of Iblis(satan) are identifiable by angels and regular (non-satanic) djinns.

    • Zack says:

      Masha-allah brother/sister your comment is heart-opening may all bless you and all of us with his kindness amen.

  20. Abdul AD says:

    how about secret culd that forst people to sale some of there family?

  21. Alex Nero says:

    Many ufo’s move at high rates of speed,and obviously endure g-forces no physical being could survive.This implies that ufo’s are not spaceships,but illusions created by spiritual beings ,or they are the spiritual beings themselves that are shape-shifting.

  22. Rosemary Borde says:

    I don’t understand why the creator would create Jinns, even though they refused to honor Adam, the creator would have known this being the creator is Alpha and Omega, and this is the outcome of all suffering, violence, and disease, as well as corruption.
    Therefore why are we restricted to being obedient and moral in acknowledgement of the Creator’s will, to have eternal life, when the creator is responsible for the evil that exists on Earth.

    • Jhaps says:

      God gave man knowledge and intelligence in order man could use them to choose between good and bad,among the jinns there are those who are righteous and religious and there are also those who are wicked,the wicked ones are harmfull so seek protection always from Allah.

    • Dani says:

      Chapter 51 verse 56:

      “I have only created jinns and men that they may serve Me.”

      Both jinns and men have free will. Evils are created by defiant ones among the jinns and men, not by God. It’s that simple.

  23. No Mahdi says:

    I KNOW this. Only prayer to ALLAH 5 times a day (at least) the reciting of the Quran can dispell the Djinn. The Djinn are evil entities who do the work of shayton the pig on Earth. They become physically ill at the sight of the Quran and verses of ALLAH. This shows that Islam is true. The Djinn are allergic to goodness and devoutness to ALLAH. The Djinn nations are Turkey and all Turks, Israel and all Jews, Armenians, Iranians and Afghans. This was the true reason for the Islamic revolution in Iran. The devout Ayatollahs and Islamic clergy of Iran knew they were part of the Djinn, and if they didn’t swear total and utter allegiance to ALLAH, they would become pawns of shayton as all the other Djinn nations have become. This is why Iran is hated. Because the Islamic Republic of Iran is all that stands between the forces of evil shayton djinns and Earth. I have observed djinn working through traitorous Iranians who have abandoned ALLAH as well. It is up to the Revolutionary Guardians to get liquidate all un-Islamic Iranians worldwide. We cannot allow Iran to fall to evil like Turks, Jews, Armenians and Afghans.

  24. No Mahdi says:

    When Iran became the Islamic Republic, they changed the game on Earth by hosting the ALLAH force on Earth. This is why the one who is supposed to be Mahdi came as a Persian. Everyone thought Iran would host and lead the evil djinn of shayton, instead they showed that they are true to ALLAH and rejected shayton and the evil djinn. Islam must be enforced in Iran 100% by the Revolutionary Guards Corps. We are the only ones keeping all hell from breaking loose on Earth and it is shayton and his demons that have caused all the hatred to the Islamic Republic.

    • lili says:


  25. No Mahdi says:

    Proud to be an Islamic Iranian loyal to ALLAH and only ALLAH.

  26. I am muslim I would like to leave the reply that the djinn can take control of us they are not evil they have a choice like humans to follow allah or the devil. The way to spot a djinn is if they feet are twisted backwards. Beware of people doing black magic they can control a djinn to paralyze inside out making you vulnerable heed theses words.

  27. djinn are not the only evil dajjal is the last fitna of this world brothers and sisters even non believers of islam I hope you may see the light of our religion . The Dajjal is considered to be a test he is all evil he will rule for 40 days until prophet Isa ( Jesus) will slay him at lot . To protect yourself from believing the Dajjal is god and to protect yourself from him luring you into evil read surah al kahf in the Qu’ran the first ten verses by heart.

  28. Michael says:

    This is what I realized. Turks, Iranians, Afghans, Jews and Armenians are all the djinn. Allah cannot hurt any of them as long as they reject allah. Non-muslims don’t givr a shit about allah and he can’t do anything to them. He only hurts his followers. A 100 million dollar satellite is more powerful then allah. Allah is merely a demon that wants to use the djinn so that he can proclaim himself as a GOD. A real GOD answers prayers before someone even asks. A real god doesn’t extort prayer from followers. A real GOD can’t be defeated by a supercomputer or satellites. Islam is a sham and worships a desert demon. I am becoming a Christian. I can drink, fuck and party and get everything I want from my life from a benign GOD. Fuck you allah.

    • nshah says:

      you must be one of the most loyal slave to iblis and dajjal,you will soon see the outcomes of selling your soul to them…blaming God for your own ignorance and laziness..! Only those who are satanic and demonic worshipers does that..!

      [Note: This post was edited for profanity. — admin.]

  29. Michael says:

    Iranians and Turks. Go back to being christians. You are beefing with people for the sake of an arab desert demon when you are more powerful then him. Allah ain’t shit and the real GOD has dumped on Muslims around the world to show allah is not shit but a demon roaming the earth scaring people into praying to him.

    • Zack says:

      even in Christian believes when you are not a Christian your prayer wont be answered (according to your believes) and in bible there’s a quotes Jesus saying to the disbeliever ”you fool,you stupid i have teach you the way and yet you dont follow the true path!” he was mocking the people who dont follow him and yet you guys say ”jesus is love jesus will accept all prayer and jesus is god” jesus is merely a human god messenger once you said a human being as ”God” at that moment you are praying to false god/Idols and remember this true GOD doesnt have a son by a tons once you said that ”Almighty God has a son by a tons” you are following falsehood/Devil way since God is standing alone got no mother no father even no son or Son by a Tons he create every human being and create Adam.. if you are saying jesus is God because he has no father.. then what about Adam a.s he has no father and no mother God create him without mother or father is Adam a.s is greater than your Jesus? since Adam a.s got no mother and father?

  30. Michael says:

    Let me tell you about allah. 30 years of torture for being born into a muslim djinn family. Fuck allah, I can do what you do and I dont have to pray to anyone or ask anyone to pray to me. Like Turk-Armenian djinn Ebru Can said: once you leave islam, you are free.

    • Aaarabisk Lee says:

      Dear Michael, for the last fourteen years, being hunted by and defensive from Djinns, I witnessed them with my own eyes while studying Theology. Within the period, I found the most astounding truth that God is no Djinn and no Alien but the One, an entity who created Djinns from smokeless fire (heated plasma), Angels from light, Muhammad from light being emitted by Theobody, and Men from clay! Everything is inside Allah, God the One and the Almighty. I never lost my faith from the existence of God. When I studied Ufology, demonology, alienatic beings, the spiritual worlds and Sufism, I found the truth that God is the One. There are heaven and hells. Hells are the hungry waiting to consume the sinners, sinful Djinns and Humans! Pray to God always, wait for his sign to help you, I know these things, the Djinns, die! They die when some special Koranic holy verses are loudly recited to make them hear. They turn into ashes after they die. You know the Djinn with a dog face and a shadowy figure disappearing into the thin air before my eyes was exactly the form of an Egyptian Mythological God Anubis! These things are beings, Michael! They can be killed. From my own experience, these things can be killed or tortured. Believe me they cannot kill you if you are truly a Muslim! When they want to kill you they will show you three times’ sign of slaying because these things are devils! These things can be killed by a Muslim if you are a one (a true Muslim).

    • Riaz says:

      Please brief ur statement and the source of ur quote saying: “Like Turk-Armenian djinn Ebru Can said: once you leave islam, you are free.” Free from what Mr.Michael?? sin….?? or rightiousness..??

    • Zack says:

      Brother you see us all Muslims as terrorist am i correct? just because 1,2 sick minded terrorist group out there represent us muslims? then why cant i reflect all christianity as Ignorant,Trash talker mocking other religion for their own good. i can say you reflect all christians ..ofcourse i can brother .. but i am not sick minded like you i wont mock Allah which mean God in arabic incase you didnt knew and i wont do what you just did bashing other country and religion because our God told us ”even he do bad things to you,you keep doing good thing to them” ”even if he scold you,threat them with good” ”even your worst enemy,threat them with care” so as my believes goes .. i wont mock or bash any other religion like you do .. if you cant accept my religion its fine .. i never force you to accept my religion in the first place .. so dont force u to believe in falsehood too.(if i made a mistake forgive me,if i insulted you in any way forgive me,and i never wish to start a fight im just defending myself and my religion from people like you who think your believe is the greatest and everyone else believe is nonsense)with that being said .. peace.

  31. Serene says:

    Michael ,
    Your blasphemous remarks have compelled me to write this message. Your extreme disrespect and hatred towards others & God has left me disgusted! In fact, all the racist and blasphemous comments I’ve read above are truly devilish in nature – shaytan would be pleased with himself for using you to carry out his work. So, congratulations for playing right into his hands. A glimpse for the rest of us into what the human accomplices of Satan/shayateen must sound like.
    If you choose to leave a religion, that is your prerogative, Islam can survive without you! But this does not give you the right to display such rudeness towards a faith and a God others hold dear to their hearts. Allah is the Greatest & nothing you can say or do will rob Him of His Majesty ; however as a believer and a Servant of Allah, I will not tolerate such remarks in my presence without defending my faith and God!
    It is indeed a tragic that you have the name of an angel (Michael) and yet your words resemble that of a demon. I pray to Allah to forgive you for your blasphemy — for your sake.
    Allah is far above what they ascribe to Him!

  32. nshah says:

    “Iblis refused to bow to Adam because he could only bow to God. Thus, Iblis represented the perfect lover, a model of loyalty…!”
    Wrong..! Who the hell he thinks he is..?
    He (Iblis), denied his Creator’s Rights…! it’s just that simple..!

  33. Kate Dircksen says:

    What exactly is the most important snake, I want to understand for homework?

    • Zack says:

      is this comment meant to be an insult? or a truthful question? if it is a truthful question.. i do not know sister as far as i know its a serpent.

  34. mylifeisanoveliswear says:

    uhh i have one of these things hunting me, and actually trying to kill me. no need to worry, i myself am high in rank, along with my fellow..spiritmen. we’ve been handling this for some months. but my question is: can these things be controlled by someone, something? on demand? it’s a complicated story, but as simple as possible, something/someone has been trying to kill me for my powers and they’ve been stealing energy signatures from people to leave faux bread crumbs. who ever it is likes riddles. riddles, puzzles and mazes.
    can anyone possibly, does anyone possibly, have any useful information or tips about this stuff? my group and i may be high in power, but we are still new to all of this and still having trouble trying to figure it all out. and info will be appreciated, greatly. thank you all :]

  35. Riaz says:

    Above all super cool facts of jinns over human kind…we humans have atleast 1 known advantages over them…this is humans can enslave them.see for example of KING SOLOMON, and also practiced in todays world both for good and evil causes. May Allah Guide us Among The Righteous…Allahu Akbar

  36. teslim says:

    Reading through this got me really scared, especially the part of the evil jinns. someone made mention of jinn occupying one’s body because it(the jinn) loves the person. How weird! I’ve been searching for mysteries behind these creatures and what they look like, where it can be found and the likes. And this has been helpful, jazakallah khairan to all that contributed. Now, my question is, how can we know or let me put it this way, is it possible to feel their presence be it by some happenings such as sounds or cyclones?Thanks in anticipation.

  37. ghetto says:

    if i see him it peak some1 if getting bottled

  38. gul hassan says:

    jinns are of three types according to ahadith, one are living in the form of snakes and dogs, others are flying with the winds and some can travel and rest and then remain their journey.

  39. Z says:

    “Say (O’ Muhammed): It has been revealed to me that a group of Jinn listened and said; ‘Indeed we have heard a marvelous Quran. It guides unto righteousness so we have believed in it, and we will never make partners with our lord’.”(Quran 72:1-2)

    • Zack says:

      Djinn is not just Iblis.Shayatan Djinn is both good and bad the bad one we call Shayatan and the good one we call Djinn.

  40. A passerby says:

    We were all creatures created for the amusement of god/allah, whatever you’d like to call it. A single human life means nothing to the supreme beings or the djinn. Why would they want to help humans when humans are nothing but a temporary diversion? It is the same as a child playing with an insect. Every being has only its own best interests in mind, humans included.

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