Resources About the Djinn

Resources About the Djinn


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The Qur’an in English

Robert Lebling, an authority on Djinn, has the following three Internet sites for the posting of news and discussions:

1. The Jinn Group, Facebook

2. The Jinn Group, Yahoo

3. The Jinn Group, Grouply

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  1. sprite says:

    I have the book, The Vengeful Djinn; it is awesome! I never knew there were so many different types! Thank you for the info. I will use Djinn in my stories.

  2. Tuaim says:

    In my 30 year relationship with Djinn, I have never had a bad experience. I have never known them to harm people.
    I have been to Djinnistan more than once and have met Iblis. I have brought others there, and he has always been helpful.
    True, he can be arrogant, but if you push on, he will respect and aid. I have worked with all four races of them.
    Because of King Soloman’s mistreatment of them, the Mashti can be a liitle untrusting of us. But, they within themselves are not a race. They are simply imprisoned through the Solomonic seals. I warn others not to use these seals, because it is a reminder to them of bad times with us. However, these seals are useful with some of them, such as the Angelic forms. They are usually useless with the anthromorphic forms.
    The most frighteneng thing is our attitude toward them.
    Kindred and garu are much more frighteneng, they are not djinn.
    If anyone wishes to combine research with experience, welcome.

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