FAQS About the Djinn

By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The following are some of the most common questions  asked about the Djinn.  The answers are based on research, investigations in the field, personal experiences, and reports from colleagues and individuals who have had Djinn encounters.

Q:  Where do the Djinn live?

A:  They exist in a parallel dimension in the physical world.  They are “here” – but in a place we cannot normally experience.  It is around a bend in space, so to speak.

Q: Do Djinn take human form, and how can they be recognized?

A:  They can shape shift into human form, either male form or female.    There may be something striking or odd about them, especially in their eyes.   They may exhibit unusual behavior.

Q:  What other forms do Djinn take?

A:  As shape-shifters, probably almost anything that suits their purposes.  People sometimes see them as gray mist or smoke that rapidly changes shape as they move.  They also take on dark silhouettes such as Shadow People (see below).  They can appear solid but go through walls, and they can appear and disappear in an instant.

Q:  Do Djinn eat?

A:  They can eat human food when they take human form, but our food does not sustain them.  It gives them pleasure.  They can absorb the essence of food, and things like the molecules from tobacco smoke, which provide enjoyment. Their main source of nourishment is the absorption of energy from life forms.   The best is the draining of a soul, but is difficult to do and is considered unlawful.  It  is, however, practiced by certain powerful  renegrade Djinn.  The vampiric absorption of the life force can be quite detrimental to people, and cause health problems.

Q:  Do the Djinn ever sing or whistle?

A:  Yes, the Djinn have their own music and language, and they do sing and whistle, just like people.   Their own language sounds like a mixture of Latin and ancient tongues from the Middle East, such as Sumerian.

Q:  Do the Djinn create poltergeist disturbances?

A:  Yes, if it suits their purposes.  They can make noises, smells, apparitional forms, shadow people forms, and apports – objects that appear out of nowhere.

Q:  Can the Djinn cause nightmares?

A:  Yes, like some other entities, they can cause unpleasant dreams, especially “dreams” that are real experiences in an alternate reality.  When they wish to manipulate and control, they are capable of interfering in sleep.

Q:  Can the Djinn influence thoughts?

A:  Yes, they can affect moods and thoughts, and they can influence a person according to that person’s own inclinations – but they cannot influence or cause people to act against their own free will.  The Djinn have free will, too.

Q: Can the Djinn cause physical injury?

A: Yes, but they take such actions only when they feel they or their family or clan have been harmed or wronged by a person, much as a human would react in a protective way.   In rare cases, they can cause harm in several ways.  One is like an electrical shock to the system.  Also, they can knock a person down, cause things to fall on him, and alter his body to cause illness.  Hostile Djinn can act out in unprovoked aggressive ways just as criminal human beings do.  Malevolent Djinn are often called “devils,” but they are not the equivalent to the Western concept of demons.

Q: How can you tell the difference between Djinn and demons?

A:  It’s often hard to tell the difference, as the Djinn are artful at masquerades.  Sometimes they are identified through a process of elimination in terms of expulsion remedies.  Djinn are more likely to communicate with people than some other kind of entities, and especially in a derisive way.  Psychically sensitive people develop the ability to sense the distinctive Djinn energy signatures.

Q:  Can the Djinn possess people?

A:  Djinn often attach to the body’s field of energy rather than enter – and possibly become entrapped in – the body itself.  They can take over a person to alter mood and behavior.

Q:  Are the Shadow People really Djinn?

A:  I  have been studying Shadow People for many years and have come to the conclusion that this is a form taken by Djinn. The Shadow People often manifest as the silhouette of a tall man wearing a coat or cape and sometimes a hat.  There are no facial features.  They are usually bedroom visitors.

Q: Are there ways to minimize Djinn visitations?

A:  Like dealing with all kind of entities, one must often experiment to find an effective solution, as results vary by individual.  However, many people have found that leaving lights, radios and television sets on dampen down paranormal experiences in general.  The fields of energy generated by these devices may interfere with the energy fields of the Djinn, as well as other kinds of entities.  Some people also have success with prayer, invocations of angels, and with forcefully telling the intruders to leave.

Q: How do you exorcize the Djinn?

A:  Many techniques are advertised, but it has been acknowledged by Middle Eastern scholars for centuries that if the Djinn don’t want to go, it is difficult to force them out.  Some may agree to go with bargaining and persuasion, and some may agree to go as a ruse, only to return at a later time.  Some may go if they fear punishment from more powerful Djinn or angels, who can be invoked against them.  The ancient practice of beating a demoniac may make the physical body too unpleasant for them.  Some of them have an ancient and strong attachment to the land and can resist dislodgment.  It is a mistake for Christian demonologists to think that remedies applied against Satanic demons will always work against the Djinn.  In some cases, they might be effective, but in others they will not.

Q:  Are there any Djinn who want to be helpful to humans?

A: Djinn come in all persuasions, attitudes and mindsets, just like humans.  Not all of them are hostile or unfriendly.  Some are indifferent and don’t want to be bothered with us, and an even smaller number may be inclined to be helpful, provided it serves their own interests as well.  However, the final word is, none of them can likely be trusted.  They should not be equated with spiritual guides or angels.

Q:  Do Djinn reincarnate?

A:  As far as is known, no.  They live very long lifespans, hundreds of perhaps even thousands of years.  Like humans, they have the potential to ascend to an enlightened state of being.

For additional information, see “A Short Course on Djinn,” www.djinnuniverse.com.


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  1. Very awesome, I have loved the history and lore of the djinn.

    • Eric says:

      I’m surprised that out of all the forums with people talking about experiences with jinn that no one has mentioned seeing jinn in their true form - smokeless fire. I have seen one in this form. I had woken up in my bed, laying on my side. Within a few feet in front of me was a fiery demon-like thing. At the time I would have called it a “demon” as I was not familiar with the idea of “jinn”. It was maybe 2 feet by 2 feet. An orange-colored glowing energy like fire being. It had a detailed humanoid body and was suspended in a fetus-like portal. It looked impish. I immediately sat up on my arm and rubbed my eyes with my other hand. I just stared into this thing as it looked directly at me. Half of my attention was making certain that I was 100% awake and clear-headed at the time so that I would be able to write off the idea that I was suffering a sleep condition. It was alive - fidgeting and pulsing the whole time. Within 5-10 seconds it had faded away. I did not feel threatened or extremely frightened in this case (as opposed to other situations I experienced in the same house where a being in my house fed off my fear). It was fascinating to me to see this. Since then and before then I have experienced strange things in the house.

      • Danakabradpitt says:

        I thought I seen either a demon or djinn in its true form but not as you described. It had pitch black eyes , staring at me piercing with pure hate, or concern…not quite sure but it was Intense. Very long nose, pointy ears, 5’11 ish and had ancient looking cloth draped across its entire body , tan . Its skin was brown with a slight tint of green. Very leathery. It was so real and defined that I could see the hallway light bouncing off or reflecting off its pitch black eyes. It appeared and disappeared In under a second .

      • Anonymous says:

        Can you tell me more about some of your other experiences? I feel like I am being haunted by one constantly. I feel it’s presence throughout most of the day, but especially at night time when I want to sleep. Am I going crazy or is this possible?

  2. steve johns says:

    This subject reminds me of lectures about the Human Double by Rodulf Steiner. Could the human double be Djinn? Perhaps… I am looking forward to reading your book.

    Peace profound.

    • Kamal S. says:

      Steve, there is a type of djinn which we Muslims believe in that is in essence the human double, it is called a Qarin (you may see it written as Qareen in some sources) and in Persian and Urdu/Hindi contexts they call it the Hamzad or Hamazad.

      The Qarin can take the form of an exact double as you and since it is your constant companion through life it knows all of your habits and has witnessed everything you have.

      Arabic cultures reject the concept of the ghost but it is believed that some graves can be haunted, or places where one formerly lived. It’s presumed that the Qarin is the being haunting since it looks acts and talks exactly as you do.

      Richard Francis Burton and Edward Lane both mention the concept in passing if I recall correctly.

      In Folklore and popular belief Sorcerers, Sahirs in Arabic, are sometimes believed by Muslims to be able to evoke a dead person’s Qarin double under some contexts in order to extract information about the past.

      • Solihin Thom says:

        Yes, this is a doppelgänger - an agency which may be your own projection, or an element within you that needs to be known, and thus manifests. Doppelgängers can also be any type of projection or entity that one takes on, but it isn’t yours. They can be cultural, familial, archetypal, projections of need or want, ideas and any mental stuff strong enough or repeated enough to be able to manifest.
        I do not believe that doppelgängers are djinn as the djinn themselves are epigenetic activators - they switch on or off our DNA. The possibility is that it could be that this doppelgänger / Qarin may be the switch that you need to turn on some resource within you when you encounter your ‘double’!

    • Lisa says:

      Yes most definitely. It is known as the qarin.

  3. erin demun says:

    i have one in my house. it has appeared twice. once as a very tall shadow in my bedroom and once as an androgeonous version of me. that time it was looking right at me. It bangs on the walls when i vaccuum. doesnt like the noise in the day. it lives in the threshold of my front door and you can feel it in the livingroom. it makes your soul vibrate. none of us hang out in that room. i dont feel threatened by him, but when he scares me, my fear makes him rush up to me like a doberman would when it knows your afraid

    • Regina says:

      Erin D-I had the same feelings at my home, of something rushing up behind me then loom over me, usually when I was washing my face over the sink or washing dishes. I also noticed a feeling of something being very sneaky or slithering around at night trying to enter my room and walk toward my husbands side of the bed. I would actually wake up, as I heard the carpet fibers being pressed down. It was strange, because for that feeling I thought of a female-always. And for the looming, tall figure, I thought of a male. I went to a psychic (for something else) and she told me, without me telling her, that those were spirits (not good ones) and though they weren’t human, I had the gender right, according to the feelings that manifested from them. I was successful in getting rid of them. You should speak with a psychic (a good one) to find out how to clear your home.

      • Christine says:

        How did you clear your house?I was hoping you can tell me because for a long while I was thinking maybe I had an attachment of some form,my daughter doesn’t act the same and we don’t get along at all anymore,also marital problems that had definitely reached a peak.So if you can I’d really like to know how you got rid of them?

        • sena says:

          Play the Quran in your house. Especially the 2nd Chapter, “Surah Al-Baraqah”. God’s word burns them. This has helped for me.

          • Lisa says:

            Thanks Senna. I play the Quran in my house and leave it on repeat. I helps greatly & for some reason it reduces them in size. Another thing that helps is when I play the Islamic call to prayer, it’s like they flee at that time. But yes charter 2 is on in my house every day.

            • reece khan says:

              Its a djinn turned devil
              The prophet said the devils run when the call to prayer is established
              If your muslim do wudu before bed
              If not wash yourself before bed
              cleanliness is the key especially after intimacy with your partner

    • A realist says:

      There is no djinn in your house because they do no exist.

      • Day Taylor says:

        They do exist, but if you’ve never seen something it’s always hard to believe in it. I’ve had many strange experiences and “visits”. One night (while awake), I sensed a presence and turned to see a tall black figure standing by my bed. It was human shape but appeared as though it was completely covered in black leather or plastic, even around the face, which had no features. It floated to a position face down and horizontal above me, before floating up and through the wall. Freaky I know.

      • NEXSU says:


      • reece khan says:

        When it comes and sit with you for good
        Trust me you wont atheist anymore

  4. Chris Pagano says:

    Are Djinn the same as Reptillians?

    • admin says:

      From Rosemary:

      I think there is a connection between reptilians and Djinn, and the Djinn may use this form as one of their disguises. In ancient lore, the snake is one of their favored shape-shifted forms. Reptilians may be a variation of that, and one better suited to modern times in terms of being a way to interact with humans.

      • Don says:

        Could Jesus have really been a Djinn? or my friendly angel?
        Yep,totaly confused now

      • Christine says:

        How do you know for sure we aren’t just dealing with demons? How do you know there is definitely a difference between the two?

        • Carlos says:

          Djnns can be good or bad, when a person or a Djinn go away from God, it mean, when they fall on practices that can lead astray, they become shaytans, which is basically demons, but the conception is more specific: Shaytan come from the arabic word “rebel”, they are these which have rebeled against God and their orders.
          It is said that the first Djinn, as the quran says, was Iblis, also know in the Christian religion as Lucifer. But he wasn’t no Angel, but a Djinn, which was so dedicated to God and so virtuous that he was allowed to walk between the angels. But when God created man, he simple became jealous, and this envy in his heart soon became pride, and when God ordered all the angels to prostrate to man (adam) as a sign of respect, Iblis didn’t make so, and he disrespected God’s order, and said he was going to break mankind, by the meaning to lead them far away from God’s path. And so, he became the first shaytan, and with other Djinns, they began to torment mankind to get away from God’s path, and become so Shaytans themselves.

          Resuming it all: Djinns can be good or bad, but if they become bad, they become Shaytans, which is basically a similar idea of demons.

          • Conner says:

            So Iblis, who was/is a Djinn, became jealous of humans? Is this because both Djinn and humans both were given the gift of free will? By prostrate you mean to throw oneself down in adoration? Implying that iblis nor Djinn were treated with the same adoration, hence more jealousy? I remember very little of what i thought i knew about all of the known unknowns, as well as all of the unknown unknowns. after a visitor came to me while i thouht i was dreaming a few years back, well it was enough to throw me off track for a while. I didnt see a shadow, no white orb, but this was a very tall being with blue skin matching the blinding aura that he was producing . I got startled as i saw it so it shapeshifted, but it came to me shapeshifted into a quadriplegic in a hovering wheelchair basically, hovering towards me until it was hovered directly above me, theeeen i woke up.

            • Mukhtar says:

              Sounds to me like it was just Professor X trying to recruit you 🙂

              (i’m just kidding 🙂 being silly, totally innocent fun! hahaha!)

  5. Isaac says:

    whats the difference between a demon and a djinn?

  6. Raúl says:

    “They exist in a parallel dimension in the physical world” NO, they exist in the psychic world, but appear here in the places they like preferably more, or according to other interests. His manifestation on earth is always temporary and discontinuous, even in cases of possession.
    The idea that for example, some live in deserts, is an exoteric truth. It is due to the experience of certain events during temporary manifestations in our world.
    I know all that because I have one in my charge. I am kimbandeiro.

    • admin says:

      We may be talking about the same thing. A parallel dimension in the physical world is a psychic realm; that is, the Djinn are not “off planet.” I am interested to hear more about the Djinn in your charge.

    • Christine says:

      Raul-what do you mean by:you have one in your charge? And what is kimbandeiro?

      • Conner says:

        It means his friend kimbandeiro and him made a deal and for a time being, kimbandeiro is essentially employed by Raul.. that never ends well for the employer

  7. Raúl says:

    Well, it’s a difficult relationship, so to speak, but now we are getting along better lol. I no longer work with him except a few occasions, the rest of the story belongs to the Quimbanda.
    Geniuses are complicated, sometimes I think it’s better to do magic without using them but my contacts are since I was a kid, though I started with Jewish magic. Today I just do magic without them, except with the planetary genius.Those who would call jinn is exceeded slightly.
    Although they could not be considered “separate intelligence” in the Platonic sense of the term, are not elemental spirits or Goetic.
    Since the jinn, even those considered “good” are sublunary beings, they are all goetic spirits. And sublunary not be understood literally what is little understood. Explaining this would require some time and space.

    About the psychic world, this is not an “alternate dimension” to the planet earth or to the “world of bodies”. There is no traditional orthodox teaching that supports this. The psychic world is a non-corporeal, so words like “outside” or “inside” are misplaced. The anima mundi, to use another expression, do not apply the time or space. The duration of geniuses or “form” has nothing to do with what we understand. They have no corporeal form, the closest would be, figuratively, something like a force field. They do not age, do not eat, procreate, not as we understand it. These are just forms of expression that certain traditions used to refer to processes that they carry out for certain reasons.
    A wise like I’bn Arabi said that the way the geniuses who have sex was the conjunction of two forms of smoke. This shows that they do not “make love” as we understand, and that is a symbolic way of expression, even when present with forms adopted in this case smoke.
    Due to the literal understanding of common people have of this is that there have been some scholars who have denied many things said.
    The only way to properly learn esoteric, is with the Orthodox authorities from authentic spiritual traditions, not through books or testimony, except to come by tradition, just as many things are learned only orally, including the esoteric understanding of certain exoteric expressions that are in traditional books.
    A good guide to turn to ask questions, a Sufi, but today many have as much knowledge as people in the street. Although there are still some who know, “really” a lot.

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much Raul. — Rosemary

    • Christine says:

      Raul-how did you learn as much as you did?Did your parents have knowledge and taught you?I’d love to hear about your experiences with these “expressions” Thanks~Christine

    • Abdul Setrah says:

      to my knowledge the jinn live in our world but are concealed by their will, tribes reside among the 4 elementr such as :earth(forrests,desserts,caves) water: (river,sea,lake) etc i know they not just astereal as i speak and hear them as clear as humans,they are very much a part of my life,maybe to much,this is just in my family, i didnt ask for it. Ive now made the best of it for the past 5-6yrs

      • jason says:

        i am speachless atm. you have just answered a lot of my questions i have been asking myself for the past 25 years since my first jiin encounter. i was approx 3 yrs old i woke up to see a tall man wearing a trench coat and to me what seemed like an akubra hat (like a cowboy hat). i couldnt see his face or any other distinct features. i have never been so terrified in my entire life as that night and will never ever forget it. i have been reading up a fair bit about this encounter i have had and am still not sure if it was a jiin or a demon. i still sense energy around me all the time and occaisionally see the odd spirit and always get messages from them. i try to ignore every kind of paranormal activity that surrounds me as im still sure there is a more higher power involved then your average person encounters. i dont want to piss this thing off but also want to know what it wants what it is and if it can go away. im not sure what to do as i keep reading from people who seem to know what there talking about saying dont mess around with them if you dont know what your doing.

    • jason says:

      i am speachless atm. you have just answered a lot of my questions i have been asking myself for the past 25 years since my first jiin encounter. i was approx 3 yrs old i woke up to see a tall man wearing a trench coat and to me what seemed like an akubra hat (like a cowboy hat). i couldnt see his face or any other distinct features. i have never been so terrified in my entire life as that night and will never ever forget it. i have been reading up a fair bit about this encounter i have had and am still not sure if it was a jiin or a demon. i still sense energy around me all the time and occaisionally see the odd spirit and always get messages from them. i try to ignore every kind of paranormal activity that surrounds me as im still sure there is a more higher power involved then your average person encounters. i dont want to piss this thing off but also want to know what it wants what it is and if it can go away. im not sure what to do as i keep reading from people who seem to know what there talking about saying dont mess around with them if you dont know what your doing. this comment was meant for Raúl.

  8. Alan says:

    Hi Rosemary,
    how do you know demons (fallen angels) and jinns aren’t the same?

    • admin says:

      We have no way of knowing if there is something yet behind the entities we recognize. The Djinn preceded humans and are different from angels.

    • NEXSU says:

      most where created from fire. the angels were born from water. the angels have NO will. djinn have a will. the other djinn are created from special human souls.

  9. Michele says:

    As I understand it;
    The people friendly djinn like kundalini energy which can be cycled on for long periods of time with djinn skills, it causes anamoured feelings.
    This could not be done with the common fear sucking, anger driven djinn or most people. I think it can only happen if a djinn feels assigned to a person and accepting of a human being, as if they belong to one another, which they may, I think the human has to be somewhat aware of the djinn. I also think this is how history arrived at the rumors of the Queen of Sheba. As the saying goes “there has to be real gold otherwise there would be no fools gold.”

  10. Rosaline says:

    Hello Rosemary, I just purchased your book online the other day on the djinn. I have been interested in the mystique since child-hood. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the paranormal, particularly the djinn and angels lately. I was wondering if you could possibly elaborate on what you noted above: There may be something striking or odd about them, especially in their eyes. They may exhibit unusual behavior…What would be some examples of how their eyes would appear? And are there any examples you could possibly give on their unusual behavior? It would greatly be appreciated…I am doing some research for a project I am working on, and am trying to come up with some ideas. Thank you, and I look forward to reading your book when I receive it Wednesday!

    • admin says:

      The book may answer those questions. Email me if you still have some outstanding after you have read it. Thanks, Rosemary

  11. lina says:

    i was reading your site on the djinn, well done i myself have 2 djinn inside my body i was told recently about them one been a male the other a female! my health is not the best they have destroyed me internally and continue to do so not even doctors could tell me whats wrong until i got referred to a sheik from the middle east who told me how this all got sent and done to me. one of the djinn was sent to me to take my glamour and beauty away and that sure has worked on me in the last five years i have seven sisters not one of my sisters are over 50kgs not one but now im over 80kgs and look nothing like i used to at all!!!! i have never been overweight in my life i look pregnant everyday and people are way to quick to assume i have been upto no good as im not married just had a 3rd divorce im 38years the black magic that has been done is sickly and evil i have been trying to get help for 5years

    • Angela says:

      Hello Lina,.. I am very sorry to hear this. Are you sure they are inside of you? Do they show themselves in your dreams? Have you tried asking them why! And whom sent them? You need to face your demons.

      Perhaps they are testing you! Take a deep breath and exhale! Close your eyes.. now ask them. They will hear you! Tell them you wish them no harm. You only want your life back! I don’t know why they are doing this to you! I also don’t conjure them nor use magic. As I read of some people in this site whom do! The D’jinn’s who visited me are peaceful and came in a more intellectual manner. Not a monster.

      Start to drink herbal tea that consists of rose, sage, & mint. Imagine you are standing under a waterfall of holly water.. a giant silver cross is hovering over this waterfall. I know this has worked on Daemons. I’ve never attempted this upon D’jinn’s. I can’t say it will work. Please let me know if it does. I wish you the best of luck!

  12. lina says:

    i have so much to tell you about the jinn and djinn and they are all my own experiences i have some much knowledge and experience that i could myself write a book!!! if you would like more information from me please let me know i would love to educate the rest of the people in the world about this cause its more than evil to have your life altered due to someones evil wishes and be controled by the djinn is a living hell

    • Christine says:

      I would love to know what happened and your story and knowledge.Anytime you have time,I will look for your e-mail lina,thank you!

  13. Sophia says:

    Greetings: Djinn are not evil. Djinn are not taking over the world. Djinn have families and animals and pets, i.e., dogs (they are not partial to cats — research ancient Egypt). Treat them with respect, and they too will treat you with respect. There are many types of Djinn often mistaken for fairies, familiars, spirit guides, demons, etc… As with people or any other supernatural or other-worldly “being,” there are both good and bad/evil. Like attracts like. Never cross a Djinn, but don’t worry about them or bother them, and they won’t bother you. Don’t play King Solomon or it will back fire in your face. Djinn can be loyal and quite helpful. Remember, they were here first! So, respect them and their part in this world, as we all have a part to play. So many people claim to know Djinn, and truly have no clue. Some equate them to the offspring of the Grigori (read the Book of Enoch). Either way they are often mistaken for the “others.” Djinn can be quite beautiful and magnificient…. We could learn much from them if we weren’t so quick to judge and were more willing to respect them. Respectfully, Rosemary.

    • admin says:

      “The Vengeful Djinn” does not contend that all Djinn are evil. Some of them are, just as some humans are evil. The ones we encounter in problem situations and hauntings represent only a part of all Djinn. I have a great deal of respect for them, and yes, they can be quite beautiful and magnificent. In The Vengeful Djinn I examine their use of other forms, including those you have mentioned. Thank you for writing.

    • Ross says:

      Hi Sophia,
      I think you have a point to be made about not interfering with them. However, one must be aware that we all have a djinn assigned to us, and that it is able to influence our thoughts. There is a saying ” empty mind is the devil’s workshop”, and like most sayings that are passed down from generation to generation, it’s usually true. So one must guard against these tricksters. Otherwise, they can dupe you, and get a good chuckle while doing it. While we are staring out the window daydreaming or thinking of nothing at all, they are busy crafting our
      our demise; hard at work.

      • Sophia says:

        Ross: I disagree with what you say. Although, like Rosemary points out, some Djinn, like some people are evil and “tricksters,” by nature, but they are not assigned to each of us and are not plotting against us or worrying about tricking each and every one of us. They have their lives and are busy and don’t pay much attention to us. I hail from ancient Egyptian roots, and there are a great deal of fun stories about some of their “trickster” nature, i.e., don’t be the last to leave a market in the middle east. This is not to say that some people may encounter one that isn’t kind, but I truly believe this is rare. Remember, if like attracts like, so if you think they are out to get you….well….change your thoughts about them, respect and believe that they are not all out to get you, and you might even make a friend. Wish you the best! s

        • Angela says:

          Sophia,..I Agree with you on this. 🙂

          • mike says:

            The law of nature is not like attracts like, that is false, opposites attract. This is law. Positive electrons are attracted to negative electrons. North pole side of a magnet attracts the south pole. If you take two magnets and try to connect the two together at the north poles they will repel each other. So law of nature is opposites attract.

    • Christine says:

      How do you know all of this sophia?Where did you learn these things?

  14. ABR says:

    According to these faq’s they are hard to get rid of. Is there no hope? Pls
    Help! I believe that they live in my home and I thought moving would help but now I’m not so sure. I have become very sick and my husband has lost all motivation. Can you recommend someone to help us? Please.

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      First you need to ascertain exactly what your problem is — it may not be paranormal. You must find someone in your area who has expertise with problem spirits, who may be able to tell you if that is the case. There are many individuals, who can be found on the internet & via metaphysical stores, who can do so. I have had good results with Taoist Qi Gong experts myself (acupuncture community). — Rosemary

    • Iman says:

      There is plenty of hope. In Islam, to get rid of a possessive djinn all you need to do is liten to Quran, especially Surat al-Baqarah. Here’s a YT link:
      Listen to it repeatedly, even if it gets uncomfortable. Many Islamic scholars say a possessed person can’t stand the Quran because the djinn inside him/her is being tortured by it.
      You can even let it play in the backbround as you go about your day. Prophet Mohammed said:
      “Do not turn your houses into graves. Shaitan (demons/evil djinn) is barred from any house in which Surat al-Baqara is recited.”
      More information about excorcism is here:

      I hope God rids you of the evil. Be well.

      • Vanessa says:

        Thanks! You are a Star!
        Playing the you tube link you gave,that thing has NO place HERE ANY MORE!
        Best Regards

        • A realist says:

          Ummmmm, you all realize there are no such things as Djinn other than in literature. No one is possessing anybody. Troubles in relationships are soley caused by the people in the relationship. You people really need to grow up.

          • Nebra says:

            Mr. realist, With all due respect I don’t believe your in any position to tell others what they themselves have expierenced in their lives. Its quite odd that all these people have similar expierences. I’m 32 but when I was 17 years old one summer In now the former republic of Yugoslavia ‘Macedonia’ I myself seen a Jinn. It was a my grandparents home,my moms parents and It was the 1st time I traveled to Europe on my own; Regardless of how many years have past I recall it in great vivid detail buddy. While getting ready for bed, trying to settle down I was eating waffer cookies and reading a article in GamePro magazine, I was the only person in the new big house while my grandparents were already asleep in the house my mom grew up in which was attached to the new home in a L-shape design. My bedroom had only 1 window with white shade pulled down 3 quarters of the way and curtains around the window. The moon is very bright as I was out in a village and there is no light pollution as there is in big cities, so when the lights are off inside I could clearly see everything in my room. Well as I was just laying there relaxing trying to sleep I opened my eyes as I thought someone had entered the room, and I was correct it just wasn’t my grandma. At the end of my bed was a tall dark silhouette of a man and I was frozen but not frightened more perplexed at what I was witnessing. It kept repeating the same thing, it was unfolding its arm and offering its hand to me, and this continued for 10 minutes and I know this cause a clock was on the wall. Eventually I got scared and as soon as that emotion overcame me it dissapeared before my eyes. I’ve actually been lucky enough to speak to a Islamic Scholar on a radio show called Coast To Coast AM along with Host George Noory in 2008, 9 years of trying to call in the show. Both were quite amazed with my vivid account after all these years of my expierence back in summer of 1998; as I’ve only written a fraction of the details. All I can say Is I think you should open your mind and open a book but with all due respect you can’t tell anyone what they expierenced wasn’t or isn’t real. Maybe change your name to Mr. Ignorant

          • Danakabradpitt says:

            Um…lol when a djinn appeared in front of me , it was right after my ex wife (married at the time) had left me for good and I was shedding tears in my empty kids room at night. Something drew my Attention to a blank spot against the wall with the most strangest influenced way , like it was reaching into my soul and almost guiding my eyes and head toward that spot and even my gut was acting strange . Is it coincidence this happened right at that moment I think not. It was a message to me by either the being itself or God . Yes it was real , insane accuracy in the details of this scary looking troll (somewhat but I mentioned a description in a comment above ) And for the time it appeared and disappeared it was astonishing how I was able to remember and or capture it’s image and remember it.

  15. Eddy J. Bowers says:

    I’m from near Brighton,on the south coast of UK. Where I used to live before,I feel certain I had a malevolent Djinn On two occasions while I was asleep in bed,I had the distinct feeling that somebody/thing (male),was somehow behind me,pushing their hands and arms under and through mine,and pulling me backwards and upwards,until I felt I had been ‘levitated’. It terrified me and I fought hard against this ‘entity’,and I was dropped. I woke up in a heap in the middle of my bedroom floor,near a wall and NOWHERE NEAR my bed! Another time,(again whilst ‘asleep’ in bed,I had something order me to take a picture of the bedroom wall. (It was NOT pornographic,but it had a semi-naked male and female kissing,but nothing sexual!) I said ‘No!’ and the entity repeated his order. I again said ‘No!’. He told me that if I didn’t remove the picture,he would do it himself. ‘OK’ I said,’do it’. Suddenly,there was a loud crash and I woke with a start and my heart was racing. I turned on my lamp,and the picture was smashed against the wall on the floor…and it was EXACTLY MIDNIGHT!!!

    • Dani says:

      Hmmm, it could have been a pious djinn. As far as I know, pious djinns abhor offensive stuffs or behavior of sexual nature. Consider yourself lucky that a “stranger” would bother to teach you how to behave. From this perspective, I don’t think it was a malevolent djinn. Regards.

    • be carefuo says:

      I believe this is real. I think the realist is a atheists. How come people believe in god which is spirit but not demons. They believe angles can watch over you but a dijinn can’t watch you. Spirit world is what it is. I really don’t care what nobody think. I just want it gone. Not trying to impress nobody. Just know that my life is real and so is all that’s happening.

  16. Trent says:

    Hmm… If I was in this situation I would remove the image but not without good cause. Ask it what it wants from you, but be gentle. In the rare but unfortunate case that it’s interest don’t coincide with yours, you should ask it to move. Permanently!

  17. Eddy J. Bowers says:

    This happened where I used to live,and since moving away from there,I haven’t had anything else ‘untoward’ happen to me. Obviously I no longer have that picture,as whoever it was that didn’t like it,smashed it! The strange thing was that,again in my previous home,I once had a visitor(friend) that had never been to my home before…his first visit. As he came in through my front door and into the hallway,although it was a hot summer’s day,he shivered and immediately said,”Wow…this place is haunted” and continued on to describe an “older” being that didn’t like the changes in rooms,like decoration,etc.
    Until that point,I had no real idea of who the original occupant had been. I asked my next-door-neighbours,and they told me he had been a “small,grumpy old man that had died in the main bedroom there two years previously!!! Originally,my friend had described him as a “little,elderly man who always seemed to look miserable”!!! Coincidence???

  18. Joseph says:

    “Like humans, they (the Djinn) have the potential to ascend to an enlightened state of being.” From my understanding, the Djinn do not possess scriptural references, and indeed they do not entertain the Bible; there are books, it is said, in the Djinn kingdom, but no Bible; it may follow then that without that spiritually sanctioned literature what other tool would they have at their disposal to discern and ascend? From ‘ Scottish Tales of Magic and Mystery” compiled by Marion Lochhead.

  19. Raquel says:

    I had never heard the word djinn till just last night. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I had encountered a djinn. I was at work last night I am a part time bartender, when this man came in. I asked him what he wanted to drink when he told me i had a powerful energy that he had never felt before. He then wanted to show me and long story short he made a napkin levitate then used the energy within his body to zap me with a small lightening bolt that came off his finger. I was terrified but couldnt seem to pull away from him. He wanted to then make a deal with me. He said i will give you a gift and in return you will give me something of yours. He said he would make me young forever which was odd cause thats what i wanted i didnt need to tell hom he knew. He had a very demonic look in his eyes so instantly i tried to pray but could not. His electirc energy was so strong the hair on my head started to pull towards him like static. He then told me he would tell me who he was but he had to spell it out and on the napkin it said djinn. I had no idea what that was so i just left it alone. He then left and i began to ask others about the man. No one knew what i was talking about and no one seen this man. I grab the napkin and theres no writting on it. I then google djinn and become horrified. I am very scared. I went to a priest an talked about it.. I just dont know what to do to protect myself.

    • afifio says:

      Yes, he can give that to you but dont deal.
      The hardest part is departing from him if the deal is done.

      I dont know what he want, it varies, but old folks in my area have this deal - blood descendent/slave forever in the family and its damn hard to cancel when the contract made.

    • Sipan says:

      Same story here , nothing helped untill a shaykh did , they cant stand the quran

    • Christine says:

      OMG! That is the scariest story I ever heard!What kind of man did he look like?Have you ever been visited again?

  20. lala says:

    can a jinn imitate a dead person?

  21. oneal says:

    shadow people are so very real,i have seen one in my dreams

  22. ashley says:

    Hi well where to star ever since I was a little kid I remeber waking up in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone watching me. And everytime I awoke I looked at the end of the bed and would see a tall dark figure it had no facil features and even though it was pich black it was darker and I could always make it out. It comes and goes. Recently last year before my husband and I were married he came to spend the night. I woke up the next morning and he proceeded to tell me the he woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and he saw a tall figure stand at the end of our bed. It scared me since I now knew the thing was back. Well we went a year without and weird things going on. I lost my job in january so I’ve been home a lot. But latly I’ve felt really depressed and I have no motivation to do anything not even clean my house and this last week I’ve been having horrible nitemares that feel real and I wake up with the fear. I don’t know if this is do to a dijnn or what to do any advice I’m scared to let my husband know about this

    • Lerqi says:

      To all those who need help, please turn to the Quran. It is the only book which explains the djinn in detail. I am willing to help anyone who needs guidance for free. Anyone needing help can email me at [email protected]. The djinn can hurt us but we can protect ourselves. Please learn surah falaq and surah nas from the QUran and you will see the results.

  23. ruqya sharia says:

    This is a great info about jinns.

    I have learned enough.

  24. nora says:

    hi,i am interested in something called

    HAUNTED ANCIENT SEXUAL MALE ANGEL DJINN. does anybody know something about it? can they be harmful?thanks

    • Lerqi says:

      Any jinn male or female are very harmful. They are pathological liars and only want to harm. The goods ones never come near people. I can not stress enough how harmful they are. Stay away from all jinn. Protect your home and family by playing surah baqarah on YouTube. They fear that surah/prayer and do not enter houses where this is played.

      • NEXSU says:

        ha ha ha!!! I can not get over how stupid these djinn haters are! not all djinn are bad. this is just reflecting on the bad side.

  25. Wight Helen says:

    Very Interesting! Seems to be a catch-all for mindful projections. magicians have know for years about other paralell entities and existances. But being the war-like human we suspect the Djinn motives as being wholly bad. Just because they don’t necessarily serve human interests it does not mean that they don’t serve universal interests.
    All these spell dablers etc. that don’t go into sufficient depth, can’t be bothered, want results quickly and don’t heed the warnings just don’t know what they are inviting in. We too have a dark shadowy side, and you have to face that fact!
    I find it interesting that there is much literature about harmful EMF and yet you advocate using it. I so believe the electric universe theory, it seems to fit everything including our electronic thought patterns

    • Aminux says:

      Good point about the EMF,i feel so much better when i turn off all the electrical equipment near me.Dont understand why they say to leave electrical equipment turned on,doesnt make sense.

      • Christine says:

        I thought they said if you KEEP IT ON then it will keep them away? Which one is it?

        • Mukhtar says:

          Yes the article said that people plagued by nighttime djinn visitors and encounters had been to deter them by leaving electronics like TV, radio etc on all night because the frequencies somehow affect the Djinn’s frequency and keeps them away.

          I’ve personally found this to true and helpful and keep my TV on throughout the night. Also the background noise is better than eerie silence, especially if u live alone. The TV in the background feels like theres activity and bustle going on and not a still, silent home.

  26. jack says:

    So it sounds like a demon, looks like a demon, acts like a demon, tricks like a demon, but it is not a demon???

  27. ezio says:

    Don’t forget .Some might think after readin ‘oh its not true’ but djinns are true.i didn’t beleive it at first but they are thought to be strong,wise,cunning.any muslim will know about it.

  28. ezio says:

    you cannot see a djinn. they are invisible.

  29. travis says:

    I think one is attached to my soul if that makes sense it calls itself Thorn it talks to me and tells me very good info but yet its evil but so innocent I don’t know if I want it to go…. is this good or bad please help…

    • admin says:


      An attachment of a spirit you feel is evil is not good, no matter what the information. A manipulative spirit starts out with persuasive information and becomes increasingly controlling. See my article on “Remedies” for ghosts and attachments on the Djinn and Ghost pages of my other site, http://www.visionaryliving.com. -REGuiley

  30. michelle says:

    I read somewhere that knowing a Djinn’s real name allows you to bind them to your will and that there are spells where you invoke their real names in order to bind them or for protection against them. I also read that they are weak to iron and if you throw a plum pit at them it makes them run away. I just wanted to know if any of this is true?

  31. Kyle Germann says:

    I’m curious…I’m sure that you know of Aladdin and the magic lamp, right? Does the Djinn in the lamp have any basis in Djinn lore at all, Rosemary?

    • admin says:

      Yes, those stories are old. When the Arabian stories were translated by the French, “Djinn” became “genie,” a term that doesn’t accurately describe them, as they are not the genii of Roman lore (spirits of place).

  32. Tom says:

    Hi there. I’ve seen entities when I was young which sound very much like what people refer to as the Jinn. A lot of these memories are very hazy and not particularly easy to recall. There is is one however which stands out from the rest. It was very early on a Christmas morning, I must have been around 5 years old, and I excitedly went to my parents bedroom hoping that it was time to open presents. As soon as I entered the room I was immediately struck by a dark figure standing over my parents bed whilst they slept. As soon as I noticed it it began motioning toward me. I immediately closed the door and proceeded to my bedroom (which was the adjacent room) and went back into my bed - terrified! Next, this dark shape came through the wall from my parents room, passed through my brother whose bed lay against that wall, and stood a the foot of my bed for around 10 seconds before moving away through the opposite wall.
    I must have repressed for many years as I didn’t recall it ever happening until I saw a movie which dealt with a haunting where there was a scene with black nebulous entity which looked exactly like the figure I had seen. At this time I was 15.
    Until recently I’ve always put this down to having been a ‘ghost’, but I guess that was just a convenient label to help understand what I had seen. Having become aware of the Jinn the experience I had makes a little more sense (in that this was cognitive being rather than an apparition) and am now seeking to understand them better.
    The problem I’m having now is wading through all the misconception and misinformation out there and finding real and significant information.
    Are there any particularly informative web sites books or other sources which you’d recommend?

    • admin says:

      I do hope you’ll take a look at my latest book The Djinn Connection. Also Robert Lebling’s “Legends of the Fire Spirits.” -REGuiley

      • Tom says:

        Forgive me, I realised after I had clicked submit and actually explored this site further that you include an extensive range of resources on here. I will most certainly read your book. The other seems to be a little more difficult to come by unfortunately.

  33. Angela says:

    I will in deed read your book. I have been experiencing contact with the D’jinn. Started a month ago! More than one have spoken to me in the astral. They do care deeply about nature! They told me about a rare Cha beetle that is endangered. They told me if this beetle dies off! Our forests will suffer along with many of our species. Life thrives because of these beetles.

    He also told me that certain moths are very healthy to eat! I don’t know why he told me this? He was being kind. Also trying to warn us about the threat in nature! I do agree with them on that. Us humans need to start taking better care of nature! They also wish to be re born. They once walked in the reality before us. Now they are cast out into that other parallel universe. They do feel wronged. And some of them do enjoy making us suffer! You are right! Not all of the D’jinn’s are wicked. Some still have hope that they can fix things. I don’t know if they’ll succeed or not. All I know is they have done nothing wrong to me.. nor have they acted like anything other than an intellectual being trying to reach out for answers. What of the good D’jinn? They wish for peace.

    If you stay calm and listen.. they normally will tell you! For my experiences. They acted in a tactful manner. I could see nothing different from talking with a human. Other than there red and black eyes.. tattooed skin. Yes when they manifested in-front of me. They appeared as black smoke. Was like a movie.. I wasn’t terrified like most. I was fascinated.. As I watched.. I seen the three transform from smoke to a there D’jinn body .. I asked please make yourselves in human form.. as fast as I said it.. They began to form into three large white massive muscle bald men. Identical twins. I could see them sweating..from this transformation. They asked me very important questions. Concerning our Earth and there race.

    I don’t see them as the devils. I know what you all must be thinking. This is crazy! I don’t need anyone’s okay! I know what I’ve seen. And I am worried as well for our World. Not because of the D’jinn. Because of what humanity has done to our forests, water and wildlife!

    I won’t say anymore! Since I shouldn’t have said anything at all. I only want you to know. As humans are not all the same.. Nor are the D’jinn. Those whom do care for our world and nature deserve the respect! They are protectors of nature!

    • Christine says:

      Hi Angela! I loved your story about the djinn! I wonder why you didn’t panic?Did they send you some kind of comforting feelings before they just showed up out of nowhere?It looked like at the end of your story that you thought right away people would think you were crazy by..saying you shouldn’t have said anything,well I don’t think your crazy! I’ll bet you told family or friends and got a response that you could have done without…I feel ya when it comes to that,I get that in my life all of the time! I wanted to know if they still keep in touch,…I’d love to hear your whole story and your thoughts about the world right now.I wonder if you can ask them if they have any info? Thanks~Christine from NY

    • Chelsea says:

      I agree whole-heartedly.
      Well said.

      I remember when I was only aware of ghosts and residual energy and nature spirits, I used to sense this negative but sad presence.

      I thought that I could help this spirit find peace.

      They are REAL.

      I tried to help this spirit find peace by speaking to it and also tried something called “unwinding” which helps sort out emotional energies.
      I made it angry.

      He was VERY angry, and even told me he was a djinn, not a demon, but it seems he holds a grudge against me now.

      I don’t want to banish any djinns though. If they really have free will, even if they can’t be reasoned with, I want to leave them be. Maybe someday his anger will subside. I don’t know. but.. I knew better.. somehow.. so I deserve his anger.

      I am quite aware of positive djinns, and I find them to be amazing. ^_^ They can be very sweet and loving and wise.

      I do believe that djinn reincarnate.

      I have seen a djinn dancing before. She was really amazing and unearthly.. smoky, but also sort of ethereal.. the way she was dancing I couldn’t imagine her being bad.

  34. Kevin says:

    An account of a shadow person from a couple nights ago as told to me by my roommate.
    My roommate May got mean and nasty the other night after drinking a bit and our other roommate Chris (sober, wondering why May was making a bunch of noise and i believe talking to himself or something) tried to console him in the hall leading to their bedrooms. May told him “go away, don’t touch me” and Chris noticed a shadow figure walk up behind May and put his arms on him staring him down. May shouted an explitive and went into his bedroom slamming the door behind him. Chris says the shadow person stood there for a moment still staring him down and so he told him to “get out of here” and the figure turned and walked thru Mays closed door into his room.

  35. clown king says:

    Ok so I got a question…..my first male madrid has ben showing his self and haz gave me his name …. a while back like 5 months or so I wished he woud be pysicaly and spirtly bound to my body and soul…that wish made me have some intence pain 30 minits later and I passed out drempt of some dark stuff woke up and evry one EVRY ONE asked me if I was ok random strangers evry one I fell difrent and some time people look at me like I’m a demon and go pail birld fallow me I asked him to tell me something about his self and I smoked a cig and had a crown of smoke over my head….my question is what elce can I expect from the rest of this binding proses?

    • Christine says:

      Why in the world would you want something you know nothing about to bind to every part of you???I don’t get it?

  36. murray says:

    i am convinced that my brother is a malignant narcissist(covert) I also saw his blue eyes turn black when I had innocently beat him at something. He is truly evil and has all the 20 traits and more of a Malignant Narcissist. Just a short afterthought ( he has tried to kill me numerous times. How do these Djinn’s get here?

    • nora says:

      I wonder if there is indeed a sharp increase of covert narcissit dijnn possesing as this world is developing into envoking them through many means tv etc increase of shows pretty liars, how to get away with murder etc . it is interesting on how this brothers eyes changed colour .many times I saw my husbands eyes go from light brown to pitch black and his face changed. the narcissit spirit encouraged him not to talk for months on end ,disassoicated feeling from me. And many other vile acts leading from plate throwing to hurting me. not at all the man I married. now ending in separation i played the quaran verses recommended but the vile creature came back. so i dont really know which kind of jinn I was dealing with as my husband was also playing the quaran just before he left suddenly and coldy with any real emotion or empathy.

  37. Somori says:

    I had a witch do a spell to help with my music career. The spell was to ask her djinn in a bottle.. To grant me 3 wishes..She says the djinn trust her and she knows how to ask in a certain way to receive the wishes faster. But after i did research..The djinn can be very pissed off living in a bottle..Do you think this thing could come after me and make my life measurable? Or just guide me to the right people and open doors for me?

  38. Daniel says:

    great book and a very interesting subject. There is more to the world than meets the eye and people shouldn’t mess about with this kind of stuff, I’m sure that films and tv programs are largely to blame.


  39. M.M. says:

    Hi All,
    I do have a photograph of myself and there is a Man with a Hat on and he’s right next to me. The photo is slightlly blurry because at the time of picture being taken I felt a slight breeze, like someone blew my direction, when looking at the photo later, I realised there was someone else that got into the picture with me. This Man with the Hat is friendly, he has saved my husbands life three times over the years. 🙂 If he is a Djinn, then he is a nice one. 🙂 I don’t know if i should post it on this site. If people are interested to see it I will do that. 🙂

  40. Shaqil Niaj Mirza says:

    This is amazing. Very concrete and genuine information gathered and put up by Rosemary. I have had issues with jinns since childhood and now in my adulthood. I have seen many types and even was abused by them. However, they have always failed to possess me because I recite the right scriptures with a bold mind without fear and trust in God only. They keep doing things but now I have gotten used to them. Good to see the many people have had these problems. By the way, I heard they plan on their alien disguise as a full on manifestation in front of all humans on earth.

  41. Ricky says:

    Do Djinn have a “true” form? We speak of all of these disguised and alternate manifestations, yet I haven’t seen a mention of what they true appearance is like.

    • admin says:

      No one knows the true form of Djinn. Their origins come from the wind (ancient legend) or smokeless fire (the Qur’an). They are shape-shifters. -REGuiley

    • Mukhtar says:

      Their true form is said to be truly horrible and more importantly, INCREDIBLY FRIGHTENING. This is why they were given the ability to assume other shapes and guises as their true form is hideous and scary.

      On a side note, Mankind is the most beautiful of God’s creation (as we’re in His Image). Yay us! 🙂

      • Danakabradpitt says:

        That’s why I think I had seen its true form . It was quite the sight to see…super long nose and ears and big big pitch black eyes. Very intimidating stare and pissed off it seems like. Nothing you would want to mess with . Definitely have a agenda … Nothing with that amount of emotion pouring through its eyes could not.

  42. Mehmet says:

    When the djinn take on the form of a human, they generally have inverted limbs. Like inverted feet and hands, it is visible for everyone to see, so they generally do not go into public in the shape of a man.
    However I’ve heard about stories in my home country about the evil djinn who serve Iblis, they are called shaitan or efreet. They sometimes make themselves visible to shepherds in the form of a stray sheep or goat. If the shepherd is foolish enough to follow it, it will take them to a cliff or a deep hole, where the djinn will cloud the eyes of the said person into believing that there is no hole or cliff before them, and it will lead them to it, causing them to fall to their certain death.
    It can also appear in the form of a black cat.
    However, often a heartfelt prayer is enough to ward them in this state.

    However, if you especially call one to your side, it can be the case that it will not leave. I know a few people that have done so, and the djinn has stalked them(musallah) for a long period of time until they sought out a hodja that was able to shoo them away with special prayers and incantations, along with a talisman that provides a clear barrier.

    Djinns are not to be trifled with, best to stay out of their business. They mostly live in places which we deem to be filthy or not fit for human enjoyment, like dark alleys(be careful when you’re taking a leak, and usually alert any djinns that might be in the vicinity for urinating on them will cause them to strike you), the ceilings of bath houses, toilets and etc.

    But one must be mindful of a single well-established fact, that in the eyes of the almighty, a human being is greater than a djinn. So djinns are by nature, subservient to humans who can control them. This can be done, but it requires a lot of patience, and a lot of knowledge of the of the holy texts and how to use them in order to bind a djinn to your service and how to absolve one when you no longer need one.
    Certain cunning men and women do this, but know that it is a grave sin to practice sorcery.

  43. Jessica says:

    Hi Rosemary,
    I just purchased your book and have been reading the various comments here on your site. I just had a quick question, maybe something you could confirm…I have been suffering from a great amount of fatigue lately. The doctors can’t find anything wrong, I’ve had blood tests done and it doesn’t matter how much sleep I get. I literally feel like the life is being drained out of me every single day. Can the presence of a Djinn do this? Other than that I am not experiencing anything and never have, but my sister claims she is a sensitive and feels things in our house that she thinks are ghosts.

    • admin says:

      It is possible for many kinds of entities to drain human energy. If regular doctors cannot pinpoint a cause you might try consulting a practitioner of medical Qi Gong (in the acupuncture community, but not all acupuncturists do it) who can see the spirit world and tell you if you have an attachment that is affecting your health. — REGuiley

  44. In the know says:

    I find this topic fascinating. As a Muslim I have grown up hearing many stories about jinns and black magic associated with them. I too had bad experiences with jinns due to family members having it in for my family.

    For all the people saying they have been in contact with jinns in one way or another would deffinetly advise you not to interact with them under all circumstances. jinns canbe good or evil like humans but 99% of good jinns will not interact with the human world and will stick to their own homes in mountains, caves, deserts and places where they will not come into contact with humans, it makes sense if you think about it.

    Bad jinns who reside in dirty places like toilets and derelict buildings and alley ways enjoy messing with humans because they know we cant see them and they enjoy tricking us and messing with our faith. If they try and contact you DO NOT RESPOND under ANY circumstances. It takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to be rid of a jinn.

    Jinns are like people in the sense that there are jinns who are Christian Jewish Muslim Hindu. They eat left overs of our food ie bones and waste.

    If you feel like there is a jinn in your house even of you are christian or atheist and it may be uncomfortable i would advise you to play Surah al Baqarah
    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcrsfg-EeqM)
    on loop in your house, it doesnt have to be on full blast but a level where the sound travels to a few rooms in the house.

    I guarantee if you do this you will not be bothered any more.

  45. Mon Sufyan says:

    This is ridiculously fantastical.

    Do not be fooled by this ridiculous crap.

    Jinn. Unseen. END OF.

  46. Pauline says:

    Ha, i am expecting mine this week ( my Djinn) from india…lod..so i wanted to find out more before he gets here woooi!!

  47. Cirese says:

    Just because you can’t “see” smog, doesn’t mean it’s not there and you’re breathing it.

    Something woke me up the other night by violently shaking the end of my bed. Djinn? Outboard motor? I saw nothing when I turned on the lights except the residue of my fear. Whatever it was, I’m now sleeping with a baseball bat. If it’s a Djinn, it’ll probably set the bat on fire, but I’m not having any more of this or any more of you people who think things like this can’t happen just because it hasn’t happened to YOU.


  48. Elizabeth says:

    Can a Djinn grant you Money wishes? Can the Djinn help you recover money stolen from you?

    • Kamal S. says:

      Elizabeth the temptation to resort to the djinn for such material wishes has led many people in history into a lot of hurt, including subtle psychic types of hurts such as obsession and forms of insanity. It is a door you do not want to open.

      The main temptations to resort to the djinn are success in money and career, and often in terms of Musical or Artistic inspiration.

      If you walk in a crowed city and ask random people to walk home with you some will be nice and honorable but many will not. It’s the same with the djinn you do not know what you are dealing with.

  49. Martin says:

    The Djinn populated the earth before Adam was sent down. Iblis, Satan, the devil is a Djinn NOT AN ANGEL. The Djinn have many tribes. They are created from smokeless fire…

  50. Nik says:

    I am quite experienced with living with these and found that they enjoy watching television more than the energies having much to do with it. I’ve been living with them since I was a kid. My relatives are Muslim.

  51. Almira says:

    I don’t know if you can trust the information here. Some are right, and some are wrong, and the others are just beyond my knowledge. But one thing for sure, I’m starting to doubt the articles here and the book/s because the first thing that came to my mind is that on the homepage, it says ‘IF YOU FEAR ONE THING IN YOUR LIFE, FEAR THE DJINN’ which in my opinion, is terribly wrong. I am a muslim, and my father who’s a Sheikh, and mother who’s very religious, taught me that in my life, I must only fear Allah SWT and nothing else. The Djinn’s existence can easily be wiped off, by the will of Allah. That itself proves that Allah is Almighty, and nothing is more powerful than Allah Himself. Allah also said that being friends with the Djinns, communicating, or doing anything with them is Haraam. If anyone does so, it is forbidden and the person will always end up in a tragedy for what they have done is something against the Shariah. Nauzubillah min zalik.

    • layla says:

      Absolutely agree here, if you fear anything other than God then they have you!
      The title ‘IF YOU FEAR ONE THING IN YOUR LIFE, FEAR THE DJINN’ is not a good title because it’s inviting them to possess you. And these threads are also putting the fear of life into people. In fact the Jinn are very weak in comparison to humans.Just by mentioning or thinking of Allah (God) you push them away. They are also very crafty and will pretend they’re your closest friend, and do all sorts of things for you, but their long term objective is to possess or prevent you from continuing on the spiritual path. Some people enter the jinn realm by dabbling in magic and others enter it accidentally when they are increasing in their spirituality - as the psychic realm may become open to a person of purity when they have progressed to a high level of spirituality but then fall back into sinning - this is when the jinn come to them (mostly bad,shaytan types). Remain skeptical, treat them with respect but remain at a distance and ignore them. The good Jinn never interfere with humans and never break their laws.

  52. Barbara says:

    I have seen what I can only describe as a white djinn - a smokey cloud like being that hangs around outside the windows of my house looking in at me. I sometimes see it outside my bedroom door at night laying on the floor like a cat or a dog would do. It looks like a white cloudy fog and appears in different shapes but I know it is an entity because I’ve seen it move and I’ve seen it try to hide. It must feel comfortable around me because it has been in plain sight many times. Should I be worried about a white djinn and what does it want? I don’t get bad feelings from it but do get the feeling that it wants to protect me. Should I be worried?

  53. Rachel says:

    I am curious why the Qur’an is the only “holy” book that speaks of these entity s? In the christian bible are they called something else?… I am newly researching these things because my boyfriend has been visited by one when he was young and lately he saw one outside our window at night when we were sleeping. He told me the next day because he didn’t want to scare me.How is it known that they have been here before humans? I have read a lot of Swedenborg’s work and am curious if these are the beings he was interacting with although he says they were angels. I guess because they can come in any form and are shape shifters how can you ever be sure that it is an angel?..someone please get back to me or direct me to a knowledgeable book where i can find this information. Thanks in advance… Rachel<3

    • admin says:

      The Djinn Connection discusses some of the many alter egos of Djinn: demons, fairies, Men in Black, Shadow People and a host of ancient gods and demi-gods. Swedenborg interacted with angels and the human dead. He also said he interacted with demons.

    • layla says:

      You see the Quran is the last word of God. The evil Jinns (shaytan) have colluded with the evil (shaytan) humans to change the wordings in the Torah and Bible. The Quran can not be changed as it is the last message.

  54. Snooze says:

    In the past the entity takes on voices of freinds and family. Like tonight, the voice of my nephew came from my front door, even though he was no where about. Well I never really engage with demonic universe, but at the same time I am not scared, more excited in a way knowing there is more to our universe.

  55. CourtLynn says:

    A friend if mine is giving me his late grandmother’s vessel (quartz crysta) There us a high elder Madrid Djinn that she bound to it over 65 years ago. He is also giving me the John’s name and and a ton of info and family history of living with it. I’m told he has always wanted to help and assisted in protecting his grandmother. Even went to WW2 WITH HIS grandfather to protect him during battle. He said that the jinn has requested a new owner/controler and he has asked me if I would like to accept him. I have told him that I would given the history and interaction he has had with this particular jinn. I’m familiar with working around spirits but usually only my guides and other angles. I wonder if having a jinn under my control in my house will affect my open communication with other spirits. Is like to hear from people that have bound djinn in their possession and what they experience. Thanks!

  56. CourtLynn says:

    Sorry for the typos, this ph im using is not the greatest.

  57. Ll Mahan says:

    I have had an entity visit on many occasions,and it’s in my bedroom, comes from my closet mostly. There have been three different ones. A tall shadow man in a long coat and hat, thin, gangly. The second was an entity that rushes me when I sleep, it touched me one night and I awoke paralyzed with an electrical charge I couldn’t move for several minutes. The third is a no faced shadow man that engages me in sexual encounters. I am very confused as to what to do! My sleep is not restful at times, I make sure my closet door is closed tightly, one night it opened, I heard the pop of the door and my little dog went nuts, I could feel the energy in the room highten, I did say out loud get out of my room I’m trying to sleep, and in a few minutes the energy was gone. My question is What am I dealing with here? I’ve researched theses events and can’t really define the reason for ALL three of these entities affecting me at the same time. Do YOU have an explanation I can except? Thank you.
    LL Mahan

  58. Nadia says:

    Salam alaikum. first of all i thank deep from my heart for sharing. am so happy to find this website, i finnaly read something that been helpful. I am experiencing myself right now one of kind situation. where i am the only one in my entourage who can see (i dont see them anymore) but i did, however i still feel them, particullary on night time.
    to make the story short, I moved to the US 1 year and half ago, and after many months of hard time i foud the dream appartement ( now i call it nightmare apartement) in los angeles where i moved 4 months a go, and sine my all life change. I am followed by two jinns. a female and male, we already had conversation, yeah we did the worst advice i had from a christian friend. i entered in communication with them ( DO NOT TALK TO THEM) i used to talk to them, they move my hands ( fingers for yes or no) hamdullah not anymore. I can never say it enough but I AM LUCKY to born as muslim, until the age of 10 yo i was raised by my grand mother who is a real good muslim women. I know how to read A BIG plus. at the age of 10 yo i moved to europe,i am 30 yo. for almost 20yo, I didnt talk about the religion and I refused even to belong to any of it. But What is saving me and making me stronger and helping me to take back my life, is my strong blieve in ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala, and the Coran al karim.
    I still have problems, one of them is the sleeping time! i am dreaming for a good night sleep. meeting mu friends? the dust that i still feel allover me… I would like to go through some details with you.i hope i will hear from you soon.

    please forgive my english, my french is better.

    I pray and ask Allah for protection for all of us

  59. Peace & Love says:

    Greetings sister, im glad to hear you have found your way back unto the straight path and deen is the only way forward, i myself have experienced similar issues and these things are either sent to teach us lessons or give us dawah, in the sense that fear can either make us or break us. Despite the worlds misunderstandings, misinterpretations of muslims, we are very fortunate to be installed with the kuran al karim, sunnah and deen islam as our weapon and protection against all worldy matters especially in dealing with the unseen or unwelcome negative forces which have always been working behind the scenes since the start of mankind and only Allah knows best..Allah ul ahlam

  60. T says:

    I had this crazy dream but it felt real, I was conscious. I felt like I woke up but there was this dark shadowy mist hovering about a foot or 2 above me and once I noticed it I felt as if my body was starting to levitate and I couldn’t breathe. I tried my best to resist and after about 5 seconds I woke up gasping for air. This whole dream only lasted for 10 seconds maybe but it really freaked me out…. enough to look into it and that brought me here. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  61. a traveler says:

    Well I have come to this site on advice from a friend. I have always believed in jinn, always knew they existed. But I had some experiences in the last few years where something comes and takes me at night time. Sometimes I am asleep, sometimes I am wide awake. I wake in the morning with bruises, sometimes bleeding, and puncture wounds. Sometimes I have clear vivid memories of what has happened, sometimes I don’t. So I started to think maybe its something other than jinn…maybe aliens or some other creature. Lately though I have been researching more and I am starting to come around to the idea that its all jinn. I wish they would leave me alone. I don’t know what they want, or why they come to me (and my daughters). I try not to be afraid when they come, but the truth is that I am terrified and can’t seem to control my fear, altho I have done many things to try and control my fear. I play Quran, I recite at night on myself and children, I drink water that has been read upon and use oil as well. I have been seeing a shaikh, who comes and recites on us, but I have not had any affect from it- meaning my head doesn’t spin when I hear Quran, or I don’t twitch or fall asleep or levitate or anything of that sort! I do know I’m tired of it, want it to stop, and leave us alone. They are real…whatever name you use…they are real.

  62. Rhonda says:

    Never really thought about Djinn before other than I dream of Jeanne and Aladin, but something happened and I’m really curious. I always have very vivid dreams and sometimes they are reoccurring. The other night, the night of the blood moon, I dreamt that I was laying in bed, looking out the window looking at the moon and there was a golden cloud of dust and the most handsome man I ever saw - tall, slender, well built, muscular, dark hair, yellow green eyes, perfect white white teeth, in front of my window. I was surprised, but he said, do you remember me? I know it’s been long, I’m your Djinn. I was laying down on my stomach, and he sat next to me, and there were symbols tattoed down his neck, shoulder, arm and flanks that were glowing. Suddenly I got a picture of him dressed in like a boyer from the 16th century, and he said, yes, you do remember. He began to whisper something in my ear, it was familiar but I couldn’t grasp it. He started to trail his fingers down my back, and I felt the most intense pleasure I have ever felt. He said he knew my inner most desires and wanted to give me everything he promised and not to worry about anything ever again. He said he was released and had to see his father but would be back and wait for him. He started walking towards the closet and just disappeared. I woke up, and was so exhausted, I did not want to get up!! The dream is sticking with me and I can’t stop thinking about it. Should I be concerned?

  63. Caitlan says:

    Do Djinn take people as a part of a contract?

  64. Amir says:

    Warning to the friends
    I have realised these days that there are/is new age movements that is going on all over the world as they claim to have contact with off world aliens, angels, spritual beings etc. however most of these movements have connections to djinns. Please djinns are not a joke or guidence to humanity. first all these being were created to worship Allah alone and humans too were created to worship Allah and work for themselves to gain the prevelidge to afterlife.
    I had an expreince several years
    I was visiting a town and had to stay several days with a famliy. however there was a girl that family and she was possesed and we didnt realise it at first. but one night , she started to fight with her brother over a radio program that was airing at that time and we told him leave her alone and we sat outside the house and she was inside listening to music program on that radio and recording them over to a tape. so as me and the other guys were sitting and chatting the girl just started screaming inside the house , we thought it was the radio and kept on chatting. minutes later the girl jumped over us and starting running to street. we run after for like 15 minutes. at on time she was nearly hit by car on the highway. we finally cought her and brought her back inside .
    we started reading surahs from the Quran on her and I was doing the adan and so on exchaning each other on what suras we read. after like half hour the djinn started talking to us begging for his life as his reason for the possession was that he loved her so much and was threathening us if we would seperate them. we couldnt do much as he was a muslim djinn(I dont remember his name) and was reading verses to conter a verses. we called a sheikh exorcist to do what he can to save her.
    these beings will do anything to get your trust and report back to their masters and they will get reward everytime they succeed.
    the most effective ayah is ayatul kursi( surah baqarah verse 255) at night, either reciting or playing it on speakers. may Allah have mercy on you all

  65. Tristian says:

    i have met a few djinn and some were nice and some were manipulative, i also had to kick one out and the other was near me and really only wanted to be talked to but then eventually i let that one go. be careful i was lucky with one but not all are nice to you and not all want to leave easily. both were only speaking to me telepathically FYI.

    • Trisitan says:

      Hello Tristian,

      If I summon a djinn, how much time does it take to response to you ? Does it keep quite or how do I even know it is summoned to the object i have bounded it to with a ritual ?

  66. Blandoo says:

    I had a djinns that lived in my basement. It was an old house that was really dark and broken. We sold the house to get away fron the djinn. They would zap me whenever i tried to sleep at night. I think calling the adhan regularly will eventually drive them away. They will get pushed out by the angels that will come and there place.

  67. Trisitan says:

    If I summon a djinn, how much time does it take to response to you ? Does it keep quite or how do I even know it is summoned to the object i have bounded it to with a ritual ?

  68. imamanatee says:

    If I am Christian and wholeheartedly believe in the Bible and also think the Koran is good but not the “last word of God” how do I get rid of djinn?

    I could listen to the Koran but if I don’t believe in the Koran what does it matter?

    Some of you will tell me to listen to the Koran and see if it works but if it doesn’t? Then what?

    • reader says:

      It’ll work. Give it a try. No harm done.

    • Mukhtar says:

      I don’t think you have to be a Muslim or believer to have the Quranic verses work, I don’t think the power comes from what your faith is, I think those certain Quran verses have Djinn-averting powers already and when played aloud will drive Djinn off, regardless of whether you are a Muslim or a Buddhist etc. I would suggest that you use Youtube to play “Surah Baqarah” or “Ayat-Ul-Kursi” or “Call To Prayer” (just copy/paste these titles into YT search engine) aloud in your home a couple times a day (morning and evening) over a few days or a week even and then see from there?

      As far as I know that should eradicate any Djinn activity and pests.

      Hope all works out for you

  69. Aiden says:

    I was hoping someone one could help me out, I have been getting strange dreams about a male figure who feels oftern as though they are looming over me, I can sence them and feel them around, some times Evan touch them but can not feel them, this person can be controlling but extramly helpful in my dreams and sometimes we have relations, these dreams have been going on for some months now and it feels as though a relationship is being built but I do not understand this being could somebody possibly help me and and tell me of this being is hear to harm me or do Mr good and weather I should be looking to get rid of it.

  70. Absolutely confused! says:

    I’ve been experiencing some strange incidents for about the past few months & I haven’t any idea what else could explain any of it, besides the possibility of most likely it all leading to a Djinn/Shadow Person. I can’t find any information, either.
    I have a Senitel (bedroom shadow person) but it doesn’t just stay in my room..I see it in the car at night, I feel as though someone is constantly watching me at other people’s houses - when i look around, i only manage to catch a glimpse of a shadowy-leg & what seems to be a coat? disappearing behind a door/door frame. And the only time it seems to want to communicate is when i’m alone in my bedroom. Every time i am alone in my room, it feels as though someone is kicking the end of my bed. Multiple times, too! My partner hasn’t felt it once..
    It doesn’t seem to be aggressive or manipulative. Almost as though a needy-companion when it feels like the worst of times for me. I just don’t understand the kicking my bed part.
    Any takers to help resolve this situation? Please.

    • Rosemary Guiley says:

      When Shadow People show up repeatedly, there is a reason. The Djinn Connection has a lot of information about Shadow People, a form taken by Djinn.

  71. LilAmin says:

    If u have problems with djinn just play surah baqarah(chapter 2 of the holy quran) from youtube and it will go away unless its a muslim djinn who are tricky to deal with.

  72. Charles says:

    I see white lights whenever I’m not paying attention to the area around me. Could that possibly be djinn. Like when I look from the side of my eyes I see white lights inside my mirror.

  73. shah says:

    Djinns are troublesome, i’ve had more than a few harrassments from them over the years.
    The worst was when one somehow got into the apartment i was stayin at, i tried to get up but couldnt and it sensed i was pissed cos my instant reaction was to protect my wife and also my mother and my wifes parents. It knew i didnt like it so it stopped hassling me and instead turned its attention to scaring the mrs, tapping on the walls when i was not in the room, moving stuff it managed to lift and shake a king size oak frame bed which was bloody heavy on its own but at the time there three people sittin on it.
    Glad i moved away from that place.
    Best thing to do is ignore them but not in a rude way just dont hang around where they are or if u feel a bad presence dont run cos like a dog chasin a cat your basically askin for trouble if you run its best to clear your mind and walk away.

  74. Mark says:

    I am planning on opening up my third eye chakra by practicing the Awakening I mantra(I think I said that correctly). But, from what I’m reading there is a possibility that I can see or sense shadow people and djinn. Should I continue with the process or find another way? What should I do? Thanks, Mark

  75. kileigh says:

    What are some physical signs that there is a djinn in your house? Odd things happen, voices smells sounds it feels like I’m sharing my home with another family

  76. jeremiah says:

    Hey i own a djinn thats been capturedin a ring i wear 24/7. And had good luck since i have had it

  77. JenK says:

    I was referred here by a friend and this is the first explanation that has come even close to what I have seen. It is a shadow when I see it with my physical eyes, but when I see it in my dream it looks like a male but with sort of feminine features, blue/black veiny skin, and black eyes. The eyes though are amazingly beautiful. There are no words to describe them. At first I was scared of it, but now, after a few years I feel like it is more so a protector. It came around when I was at my darkest place in my life and has stuck around. It is there more when I am depressed but I almost feel like it is trying to help.

    • Rosemary Guiley says:

      Many attaching entities, including Djinn, are drawn to people in emotional turmoil, and that is how they are able to latch on. They play the right emotional cards. There are Djinn who do have a fondness for people. I hear of no happy endings, however. Usually the balance of power shifts and the Djinn exert more control. It may take a long time to happen — the Djinn have lots of time to bide. Just be careful and aware of what’s going on.

  78. Ali says:

    Thanks for sharing the info. I’m surprised, however, nobody is asking the important question: How do we see them?

  79. Raihan says:

    Hi, i want to ask for some advice.
    If there’s a tall black figure or possibly a Djinn standing right in front of my bed and staring at me.

    Should i hide and cover myself with a blanket while feeling terrified, or should i brace myself and stare back at him/her with an intimidating aura?

    Will it be okay? Or will it possibly be dangerous?

    (sorry for bad spelling or grammar)

    • dark says:

      hey, raihan saw your post by luck, if you constantly find this happening, that means it might be locking itself on to you, you are most vunerable when your afraid, try not to be afraid have confidence in your faith. Do as you mentioned and stare back in a intimidating aura but dont be angry because you are also vunerable when you angry just be in control. What you can do is, if you are muslim, go to an islamic shop and get a sticker with and islamic dua, stick that at the top in the inside of your door. Also for the next week keep your clothes and your body clean and do not eat in that room or have any food left in that room. I think that should be enough to get you in the clear. Try not to think about it and think your life is to hectic that you dont even have time for this stuff.

  80. Adi M. says:

    So, I have never really commented on anything like this and I’m doubtful I’ll get in answer in time but…there’s this “thing” that has been attached to my dad’s house. It used to scare me when I was younger. I am not a religious person or a fanatic of any kind and I typically line with realism and logic over giddy nonsense. Still, this “thing” is the one thing that I can’t make an excuse for as I’ve literally seen it with my own eyes in front of another witness and to this day (he is now a police officer and Airforce) we still remain certain as to what we saw. Now, though it was scary to see something out of nothing like that (I won’t get into it) for some reason I think it is still attached to my old room in this house. We are selling the house and I live elsewhere now. Oddly, and I don’t know why I feel this way, I want to take this thing with me. I don’t feel right abandoning it/him. Is there some way of calling it up and getting it to follow me to my home? I mean, if there are such things, what if he’s not really “evil” just a different kind of …form or something? Any ideas or references on how to contact them?

  81. Wayne says:

    Jesus is the son of God. Christianity is the only true religion. God is God not allah. All you need is to believe in Jesus Christ and all will be well. You don’t need to fear anything because nothing can harm you.

    • Carlos says:

      First things first.
      If God has a son, does it mean it have a lifespan? Don’t get me wrong, I am not mocking you, I am using basic logic.
      Main reason for why we have childrens, and posibly the only real one, is to continue the existence of our species. If we can’t reproduce, our species dies with us.
      But if God need to have a son, does it mean he can dies? Also, does it mean he is son of someone? Such idea seems kind of contradictory to the own definition of God.
      And in the own bible there are lot of people that are often called as “son of God”, which also make this expression quite a common expression, and we often can see it for being used as “a person dear for God” or even “A servant of God” or even “a creation of God”. And in the greek translation, there are also different forms to express the form that Jesus said about himself, so, question is: are you sure you have readed it all and can absolutly with 100% of lack of doubt that it is like that?
      Second thing: Allah is the conjunction of two arabic words “Al Illah”, or “The Divinity”, or “The God”. Basically, it’s like when you create the expression “it’s” instead of using all the time “it is”. And it is an expression that even Christians and Jews which have arabic descendance use for calling God.
      Therefore, the expression “God is God not Allah” is really silly, since you are saying “God is God not God” or “God is God not The God”, but I will consider you have said that for your basic apparent lack of understanding of linguistics and specifically arabic language.

      Third thing: The idea that only believing in Jesus is enough to be well; Let us be sincere, the whole Gospels Jesus teachs about how to worship God, and even if you consider Jesus as son of God, simple saying “believing in him is enough”, but not following his basic teachings… sounds very contradictory.

      Fourth thing: You don’t need to fear anything because nothing can harm you. Well, this is partially true, nothing can trully harm you if you are not into a position that allow this to harm you. Besides, the own Torat, Bible and Quran says it clearly: the only thing which is worth of have fear for is God, and God alone, because nothing can really harm you outside of God’s will. But also, nothing can trully rewards you outside of God’s will.

      Understand that I am not intending to provoke you, but to correct some mistakes, and mainly, some misconceptions even usually spread between the own christian religion. I am saying it because before becoming muslim, I was christian, and I studied into a Christian School for years, and sadly, what I have saw is that we only studied the bible partially, not entirelly, and as far as I could see, personal groups for bible studying were also a place where all the bible wasn’t studied, but only parts of it. And even my father, which said me he had readed all the bible, couldn’t even remember a few versicles outside of these commonly said ones.

    • Mukhtar says:

      Seriously? Seriously!

      God is Allah, Allah is God and God is God. He is Who He Is, and though humanity has given Him numerous names across its cultures but at the end of the day, it all boils down to God.

      Everyone thinks their religion is the “one true” religion, and spend far too much time/energy in pointless pursuits to prove that. I truly believe if we spent more time just being good people and less time trying to prove our religion right then we may actually have a happy world to live in.

  82. A.R. says:

    In my dreams, they always visit me. They make noises like a pleasant whistle. I have encounter one of them that always we fight and usually in my dream she paralyzes me. During the fight I hear a load Woooosh noise in my head. However, I do not get scared or anything and in my heart I mention God’s holey names and I refuge to him and I rest in a peaceful state as I become paralyzed that I know God is with me.
    I usually see these friendly creatures in my dream as child like figures. I can see their faces and some are like cones floating in the air as kite making beautiful whistling sounds. They have never caused me harm. They are always very friendly and when they come they have a habit to hug me or sit on my arms. Sometimes they come with their children and I play with them.
    Also, there other ones at times come to visit me. They come as tall strong Holey figures covered in dark cloth like the ones that Mullahs wear, even their hands are covered not to be exposed to this world sins. These figures recite the Fatiha (Al Hamd Sura) in the most beautiful voices that mesmerizes your whole being. When they are about to come you always hear them reciting Holey versus beautifully (non like it in our world) and they appear. One of my experiences, they have carried me to the Jerusalem. They were two and I was the third and I was covered just like them facing to a direction reciting Holey versus from Torah and Quran (I do not know either or , but in my dream I was reciting fluently as if those languages were my native tongue). We were surrendered by Muslims and Jewish People only witnessing this event and was being told to rise against the sins of this world and I myself am not religious or a good person either, I only love God with my whole being, I fall for sin too and I am not sure why I was there.
    Anyways, I never had any bad experience with the Djins. I just feel like their heart is more pure and we are harmful to them. They like to be left alone,…. I, even, myself never call them or bother them or put thing around that would harm them or bother them (like Metal or certain objects that they are scared of). They only visit me as they with and usually it has always been very pleasant experience.

  83. jason says:

    great information, thank you. I live in the San Fransisco Bay area and am almost sure that I have suffered Djinn attack/possession/attatchment et. for decades. Can you refer me to a genuine practicioner/healer etc. you might be able to help?…I sure hope so. Thank you.- Jason

  84. Awoken Genius says:

    Raul knows as much as he knows because his Genius shared the information with him. If you’ve ever had knowledge come to you from ‘no where’ without ever learning it or say for instance you’re writing poetry or music or drawing and your creation is ‘coming from nowhere’. A Genius may have some influence over this. Some called them Djinn like Genies granting wishes, Greeks and Romans called them Daemons. I wonder how many ‘witches’ died related to a Djinns influence. Science says collective conciousness, but theres energies that we can feel but cannot see, science knows this. These djinn are not inside or out, they are ‘no where’ a place between light and void?? I did all this research when I was in a hospital bed broken neck and back and a fractured skull I came up with Awoken Genius. Creative Power. Had my intelligence insulted many times but its got nothing to do with my intelligence lol. The irony. Many things we do not know but im just saying there could be battles going on in the psychic realm that we’re oblivious to. If their realm is threatened because our Universe is messing with the energies of their realm I believe some Djinn would have a cause to defend themselves and maybe even protect us and guide us so we fix our own planet and stop messing with energies, playing god. And in reply to what realist said, what is reality??

    • Mukhtar says:

      Djinn are not victims here nor are they helpful alien guides that will aid us in fixing our world or anything like that. They exist in a separate realm and are invisible to us all because none of our realities were ever meant to come into contact or interact. But djinn have found ways to breach the barriers and have trickled into our world where they torment and beleaguer people, often allying with dark magic practitioners or using greedy, wicked men to exert influence over our world. They’re not our saviours or our friends. They may try to convince us that they are, but don’t fall for it cos they simply aren’t.

  85. diana says:

    I love them…n wish to have one.

  86. david hill says:

    Hello everyone i would like to say that you are correct in some ways and wrong in others, theirs are different classificatioms of dijinn, and how i know this is i personally have a clan that i talk with and see every night for the past couple weeks, the. Clan i talk with is considered green, aka forest people. Marb, her grandfatber leasoe, her other lover oosoe, her grandfathers bodyguard oinose, and many others, marb is with me at all times and i am their protector, they are not evil and they do beleive in god, their is another demon, or dijinn that is constantly trying to do something to their clan but i dont not allow it to happen, they have never seen anyone protect them but i have and i have the knowlege to help them and see them at will now that me and marb are considered to be lovers, i share her with her lover becayse i also have a wife and kid, i had been watched by them for 80 days, until they allowed me to see them they have a human form and marb true identy is something of a wolf her grandfather looks that of a knight but in that of a tree like shape very defined, i can see everything from their smoke figure because they were created in somewhat of a fire similar to humams when you think of sin, their are bas and vood and even humans to them can be considered demon for the nature of man can destroy all, they do need help and if you have auestion feel free to ask i live them and have asked them if i move to move with me they are good but their are bad , they need help just like we do

  87. Ryan Parkerson says:

    This is exactly what i experienced, i woke up with sleep paralysis and a shadow person was pacing like a crack head waiting for his fix to come to the door. As soon as i saw it, it aproached my bed and leaned over me and a dim light illuminated the figure and that light came from nowhere it just was and the creature shapeshifted into my sister and was coaxing me to get up and follow her to go babysit my nephew and i was tricked into believing it was her somehow it was like it had me hupnotized but i was still paralyzed and it just repeated itself continually till i could move my moth a little because i had been trying with all my might to speak. All of the sudden i could move and i screamed Get the fuck out!!!! I was instantly unconscience and woke up a moment later.

  88. Rizz says:

    I am Muslim heart mind and soul, let me start by saying that I have been incarcerated numerous times and I have studied the Koran as well as the bible. I was born and raised Christian, I studied the Koran during my last vacation (Jail) took my Shada when I came home but have not been on my dean at all. I still get high and do things the I know I shouldn’t do, i don’t pray as I should but I have been a better person to my friends and family than I have ever been, I have always been a good person and helpful before I turned to Islam and want to give my all to Allah and Allah alone. Since I have found Islam I have become closer to Allah than I have ever been, to where before I would cus a disrespect him. Allah has gotten me through so much in my life, and I feel like I am letting him down. I wouldn’t be where am today if it wasn’t for him. I Acknowledge how much he has done for me and my life as a whole. It has been so much better. I believe in Allah and worship him with all my heart and all things that come with it. I am a good person despite my habits. This website explains everything that is happening to me since I took my Shada. There is def a Gin making my life miserable, I need help to get rid of it everything mention on this website is happen don’t to me!! I thought it was the drugs until I read FAQ, please help me!!! I am suffering and I don’t deserve this!!! Please tell me wheat I can do besides leave lights on and watch Tv to make it go away. It Intagonizes me, it comes to my dreams, it yells at me, it talks about me. I wanton to go away. I will do Anyang anything jut please help me.

    • guided says:

      Recite Aaytul Kursi morning and night daily.
      Recite Ruqwa too.

      If its still there a bit, see a professional for Ruqwa or removal magick spell.

    • Mukhtar says:

      As far as I know you should:

      1) recite Surah Al-Baqarah or Ayat-Ul-Kursi out aloud in your home, once in the morning and again in the evening.
      2) You can also ask your local Imam to come by your house and deliver the Athaan or Call To Prayer in each of the rooms.
      3) Djinn can be deterred by calling out the Holy Name of Allah so when you feel/sense the Djinn’s presence near or around you or even when it starts to hassle you then simply recite “Allahu Akbar” (God Is Great) out aloud several times or until you feel safe again.

      Insha-Allah your djinn related troubles will end.

      And don’t give up hope! Based on your post it seems as though you are truly sincere in your love and praise of The Almighty, so just keep faith that He’s got you.

  89. Brianna says:

    I feel like the only one who came here to find out more about Djinn’s because I heard about them on the CW’s T.V. show, Supernatural.

    • why am i here says:

      Literally same. I’m trying to research stuff for a fanfic but I can’t remember how they get into the dreams. Lol I’m a loser but its cool

  90. just a nobody says:

    selam u aleykum i want to tell u my bothering i have in dreams this wife figure shaping as my wife shaping as other wifes trying to get me in rage and want to sexually abuse me.. after i started remembering her for the holy qur´an and the right path that she might forgot through her thousands of years lifetime she leaves me i guess it worked this shaytan has left or may just hidden i dont know(im gettin headace while writing this)… after this few days now im dreaming how my wife is gettin kidnapped and i get her always back but as a shadow herself like traumatised and totally sad and down.. in last night another jinn joined dream as shape of a big manlike bluegray smoked cloud with no face expressions i wasnt realizing him as jinn or enemy he was willing to help me in a way undiscribeable i didnt know its name i couldnt explain who is this but i was connected in a way of trust and deep friendship i knew he got my back and just like expected he helped me.. he is listening me when im reading he is a brother of islam im sure.. he is always by my side i dont know who he is but he is helping me getting rith of the shaytans but i dont know if i should take his help as i know from teachings it is not allowed.. i feel his big influence on my body and mind or is it another one a sheytan i dont really know(jinn are up to lies its incredible).. let me tell u a story of mine when i read time to time i am writing the catching verse on a paper and lay it on my hearth before i go to sleep and one time i wanted to write that (i wont recitate the exact arabic words here because of some people might use it for the bad) god is the greatest and in moment i wanted to write one of the allmightys name subhanallah something made me to write shaytan is the greatest.. excuse me on this point im still deeply scratched from this moment..
    only i can tell u people a jinn dont want the contact to humans it is very painfull for them and if they contact u it is not for ur good trust me people that is slaves from a shaytan jinn so called bad spirits u shouldnt deal with it is might bringin u to richdom or any other materialistic wants but u will never be happy and satisfied again ur childrens children will suffer from this affects dont deal with this kind of magic.. u should use ur souls for a good servent read the holy qur´an and go the right path u will see when u are a truth beliver how many shaytans will try to take u off from ur servants subhanallah
    have a great day (sorry for my english)

  91. why am i here says:

    I’m just trying to find some sort of super wiki on the djinn in supernatural…. dunno why i’m here

  92. Shiori says:

    Are vortices of some form always co-present with djinn?

  93. roberta says:

    I am awakened by a sensation in my bed for several months now. I have tried several methods to remove it all of which seemed to work for a day or 2 and then the sensation returns. The sensation is one of vibration wherever I lay down to sleep, regardless of the time of day or night. I have been sleeping on the floor for months which is where it is not as bad as in a bed but still very annoying. Imagine feeling like you are sleeping in a bed of worms. The vibration leaves pain in the side of the body that I laid on. I have avoided laying on my back or belly. This is a real thing for me. I did not previously believe or participate in theories of the paranormal.
    I function normally daily, I am a Christian who was married to a Muslim man. This started after the marriage was annulled. My concern is what is its intention- I am not afraid and I cannot be manipulated. It is simply annoying and a bit frightening because it is a real feeling. I welcome any help that will be effective.

  94. Seek Protection says:

    The Djinn also have various animals in their realm. These animals can be considered as the lowest form of spiritual beings in their hierarchy. The food source of the Djinn are interconnected and reliant on our world as they feed on the essence or energy of objects. However the type of food they consume depends on the strength level of the Djinn. The lower forms of Djinn such as their animals feed on the waste material such as excrement that is created by all life form on our planet. If you think about it this makes complete sense as the feaces on our planet is as abundant as the grass and plant material our cows and sheep feed on. Feaces is also the by product of food and still rich in energy that the Djinn animals consume. The higher level Djinns feed on a material that is also found in abundance on our planet and has been around since the dinosaurs: these are the “bones” that are left behind when a living entity dies. The bones they are either obtained from the meat consumption in our world or from the carcass of dead animals in nature as well as the human graveyards. The powerful evil Djinns however are able to bind to the skeletal system of a living host and feed on the the energy / essence of the bones and bonemarrow that provides us vitality. And they are able to cause a range of illnesses in doing so.
    To anyone who is sceptical of this updated information, I urge you to just Google the words “demons feed on excrement and bones”. And you will be amazed to find results that match these terms both in the Islamic Quran as well as in the Lotus Sutra manuscript of an ancient Tibetian Monk who made the same observation during his interactions with various level demons.

  95. One who learns says:

    In reference to Alladin and the oil lamp -look up ‘gaslighting’. These spirits can possess a body and some work in a ranking system like the military, these work with groups of people - see ‘organized stalking.’
    When a djinn and a human host have a close bond together, the djinn can be sent into another person and act like a spy for the host. All that the djinn needs is a brief feeling of emotion from its victim and this piece of emotion is like a packet of information, when the djinn returns to the host with this the host can meditate upon it and becomes aware of large portions of the victims history or their relation to a certain person. If the host is evil, they may stalk the people in the victims life after finding out personal information about them, the new victim may think that the previous person (first victim) is trying to contact them but it is the humans who are with the organized evil djinn army. Illuminati means ‘light’ - luminescent - light is color and the 7 colors plus black and white are the categories for spirits plus combinations. Also, they can be electrical, fire, water, smokey air spirits and others.
    The benevolent djinn do not ever lead a person to perform aggressive acts against other people. Resist all temptations to do so and the destructive djinn will find another host but a benevolent djinn is like having your best friend with you, you never feel alone.
    I lived outdoors for a long time and often unwittingly picked up ‘spy’ djinns. Before knowing what they were, I noticed people looking at me strangely, when I got to a mirror I saw a new expression on my face that I hadn’t seen before, I washed my face and regained my composure by focusing on stronger inner self and the thing quickly vanished. Sometimes intense exercise drives the weaker ones away so does incense, mexican copal has worked, so has native american sage bundles.
    At their worst they can confuse a person by making them associate the opposite response to feelings of love, kindness, joy and instead have a person believe that they need to act out of anger and violence. Those actions are wrong. Always remember no matter what - never cause suffering to another person, just leave the situation, stay alert and keep learning. The world can be very wonderful.

  96. Gwyn says:

    Hello..i have read alot in this discussion. I also have a question. I was THE BIGGEST skeptic on the planet about anything supernatural and the like. I am a christian but not affiliated with any religion. But i also have a scientific mind about things and could give you an explanation for anything it seemed. My husband would talk about his experiences and i would dismiss them as whatever…One night the kids ( teenagers) and I were watching a show on the tv. My husband was on call out fixing a water leak. It was about 3:25 am when the show ended. I noticed the kids had fallen asleep on the floor and got them up to go to bed. After i turned out all the lights and was headed downstairs to go to bed…i stopped dead in my tracks on the second to last step…I had the intense feeling of hatred…it was imense! It was liked someone had flipped a switch on in me. Now i could FEEL EVERYTHING…. All the sudden a flood of information came to me. I KNEW it wasnt human, I KNEW it hated me with every fiber of its being, It was like you took ALL the worlds hate and concentrated it one spot…it made me kinda sick it was so intense..I could literally point at a spot because i knew exactly where it was. I saw NOTHING. I heard NOTHING. But I Felt EVERYTHING! I told it in my head to leave…i knew that if i didnt mean every word that it would not take me serious. Again i commanded it to leave but invoked christs name to help. It felt like it wasnt sure i was serious and hesitated…but then in an enormous rage left…When i was sure it was gone i sat on the bottom step and cried..i was so scared and it took every ounce of courage i had to stand up to it.
    So now my question…was that a demon or a djinn?

    • Rosemary Guiley says:

      It could have been either, although some researchers contend that demons are a form taken by Djinn. Without further interaction, it’s hard to say. The question is, why did this being show up? They usually do not appear without cause, especially in such a dramatic way.

  97. Sbstokely says:

    Can a djin live inside of you and be protected by other djin?

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