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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Vengeful Djinn

I received in the mail yesterday a copy of the new book from Rosemary Ellen Guiley & Philip J. Imbrogno, The Vengeful Djinn: Uncovering the Hidden Agenda of Genies .

So far, I have only had the opportunity to skim through the pages of the book, but it looks to be an excellent piece of work, and I’ll be reviewing it at my Reviews blog, just as soon as I have read it.

But, there’s one thing that I wanted to mention, as it’s relevant (at least, I think it is!) to my Final Events book.

As I noted in Final Events, one of the people I interviewed was a certain Dr. Mandor, a distinctly creepy character who had much to say about apparent U.S. Government research suggesting that UFOs have demonic - rather than extraterrestrial - origins.

As I noted in my book (when it was published last September), Mandor - who had worked deep in the heart of the murky world of officialdom in the early-1980s - had a deep fascination, and maybe even an obsession, with Djinns. Indeed, I noted in my book how his unsettling apartment was packed with images and statues of such entities.

Well, it so happens that in The Vengeful Djinn there is a story of Philip Imbrogno’s trip to Oman in 1995. During the course of the visit, Imbrogno had the opportunity to speak with a person described as “a teacher,” who had apparently seen a Djinn, but who also had awareness that not only did the U.S. Government know of Djinns, but that they were also “trying to deal with them.”

This sounds very much like some of the things related to me, and cited in Final Events, about how elements of the U.S. Government were supposedly trying to do “deals” - or, perhaps, near-Faustian pacts - with paranormal entities of a presumed demonic nature.

That Mandor was involved in this, and had an obsession with Djinns, leads me to wonder if the U.S. Government people Imbrogno’s teacher was talking about in relations to Djinns were somehow connected to the people I interviewed for my book - including Mandor.

It will be interesting to see if further data surfaces on this issue.

Posted by Nick Redfern

Rosemary’s comments:

Many thanks, I will post the link on our site.  This will be interesting material to explore on Thursday, April 7 on your radio show.  Here’s something else to put into the mix.  As you may recall from the show we did some months ago, I have been investigating shadow people for about 5-6 years now.  I have come to the conclusion that they are djinn — everything about them fits the djinn modus operandi.  I also discovered a significant link between shadow people and ETs (though I don’t think what we call “ETs” are really extraterrestrial, but something else).  People who are most bedeviled by shadow people tend to also have, or have had, marked and/or frequent ET experiences, usually of a contact or abduction nature.  While djinn are not demons, there is a “demonic” faction of them in terms of their behavior — so might that fit the research you’ve done in your book Final Events?

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  1. Cliff James EL says:

    ” I Created Jinn and Man But to Worship me.” ( The Great God)! They(jinn) are not meant to mix with man. But some even intermarry with humans, passing along their(jinn) mark upon human bloodlines. Shaitan(satan) were a group of jinn who refuse to humble themselves to man and was cast down. Down as in cast from the natural Divine Order that ” The Great God” had established in creation. Man was to be ruler of all the earth as man is a kinda little God who as God, was taught by God the true nature!

  2. Cliff James EL says:

    Mark of thew Jinn? Anyone who takes a photo and their eyes have a red glow is jinn or the offspring of jinn! Not all jinn are evil, only three of the six nown groups are evil! Ghul jinn eat human flesh, dead or alive and their eyes are sensitive to sunlight and ocean salt can burn some jinn. Some jinn are muslim and some are christian.Shaitan are another group of the three that hate humans and possess humans by attaching themselves to one of a humans’ chakra points controlling every aspect of that particular humans’ life causing great pain and suffering til the death or a pure hearted, positive minded human who fears “The Great God” reads a particular prayer from The Quran or Bible or Torah and jinn will flee! Iron, Copper, Brass made amulets are a great safeguard.Cameras are non-human and captures exactly what’s there and we’ve summoned in our imaginations what demons should look like and when we are faced with one, people are devastated. Shouldn’t be ! Jinn were created from a smokeless fire, wouldn’t you like to know what that is and means ? Up to 12 jinn can in habit one human being ! They have names that they will pronounce to any human if that human is a firm believer in “The Great God” and if not stay far away from jinn.They lives up to 10,000 years to each of our one year of life ! They are Masters of manipulation of the physical universe on all levels and all fashions.They hate humans who are pure in heart, those who hate humans because they were the first ” The God ” created with free will. They know ” The God ” because they actually, as we know the term and meaning: ” Hang Out With ” The God” as if a friend goes to lunch! ” The God” is ” Infinite and all else but finite, and nothing finite can comprehend, let alone master ” The Infinite” so therefore when man was created from the Black Mudd of the earth e was created as but a vessel by which ” The God” could travel the ” Great All” which ” The Great God” had “Made”! Experiencing each and every thing created by ” The Great God” and to see a reflection of ” Omnipitance ” in human flesh, which man is and given dominion over the whole earth and taught the nature of ” ALL” things ! Jinn rebelled, because ” The Great All ” didn’t teach them the nature of ” ALL” things and felt they should’ve been treated likewise and wasn’t. They were so close to ” The Great All “they had no clue as to the ” Force they were about to oppose and they did and then the first GReat Fall! They were cast outta one deminion and state of mind to another where the very same thing they loathed, they now had to bow down to because ” The Great All” gave ” Man the earth to rule and no matter how much deceit these ” lowly one ” sow upon the human being, ” Man” shall surely overcome the ” Continuous Attacks upon mankind, ” Mankind shall prevail victoriously by guarding against jinn with ” Divine Love” ! Peace And Goodwill To All Mankind and Good Jinn who beared witness to ” The Great All’s Messenger”; who was taken by night to a group of Jinn who waited patiently for ” His” arrival to receive ” The All’s Merciful Forgiveness” and ” Holy Words”as was promised to them once they sought forgiveness of their Lord!

  3. Geo says:

    Using a flash on a camera will produce red eyes on photos due to the reflection of the retina. So lets not ready the pitch forks and torches just yet.

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