Interview on Djinn and Their Habits in Afghanistan

[Note:  I receive many accounts from Americans who served in the military in Afghanistan.  Some of them come home with Djinn attachments.   This is an interesting interview with an Afghan man about the Djinn who lives near his village. — REGuiley]

Afghan Diary: Where the Djinn Live

Islam is a religion with a complex cosmos that shares much with older forms of Judaism and Catholic-Orthodox Christianity.  In many parts of the Islamic world, Muslims believe in a universe with daily events full of saints, demons, angels, and miracles.  This is a much different cosmos than what more reformist branches of Judaism and Protestanized Christianity believe in (though many Pentecostal-type Christians are starting to migrate to traditions and beliefs of the Catholic-Orthodox cosmos).

One of the most common otherworldly creatures in Islam are the Djinn (aka Jinn aka Genies).  These are more than the magical people who live in lamps according to Dinseyifed Americanization of Arab tales.  These are beings created out of smokeless fire (as compared to clay/mud for humans and light for angels).  According to the Qu’ran’s Surat al-Jinn, Djinn are creatures which have free will.  While in Islam, Satan is a Djinn, Djinn can be hostile, neutral, or even friendly.

From reading parts of the Qu’ran, Hadiths (stories of Mohammad), Islamic fairy tales, and books on Islam I knew that Djinn are suppose to live in another dimension.  However, it was not until my recent conversation with a Kuchi Pashtun tribal elder that I realized how strong belief in Djinn were and where Djinn fit in our world.

Below is a recalling of my conversation I had with an elder through a Pashtun interpreter.

Me:  Let’s go take a walk up those hills and survey the area.
Elder:  We cannot go there.
Me:  Why not?
Elder:  Because the Djinn live there.
Me:  The fire beings?
Elder:  Yes!  The smokeless fire spirits.  You, a Christian, know and believe of the Djinn?
Me:  I have read about them.  As a Catholic my faith is open to the possibility of other creatures.  How do you know the Djinn live there?
Elder:  They use to live where our tribe settled (over a hundred years ago) and built the village.
Me:  So why did the Djinn move?
Elder:  There were too many encounters between people and Djinn.
Me:  I thought the Djinn live in another dimension (this took the interpreter a minute or two to convey)
Elder:  They do.  But our worlds are so close together that it is possible for cross over.
Me:  Were there any bad incidents?
Elder:  Most Djinn were kind or neutral to us.  Some were mean though.  Many Djinn left because they were afraid of our ancestors because our ancestors were all warriors.  Others left because we would accidently step on their children.
Me:  Stepping on smokeless fire babies is not good for Kuchi-Djinn relations.
Elder:  Yes, yes.  Very true.
Me:  So do the Djinn leave you people alone?
Elder:  Most do.  We consider them our neighbors and friends.  Some are mean, just like how some people are mean, but we respect them and they respect us.
Me:  So you never go to the Djinn place?
Elder:  No.  When a baby is born we take some gold, bones, and some of the child’s hair if possible and put it in a bag.  We take the bag and leave it on the Djinn’s hills.
Me:  Why?
Elder:  So they can celebrate the child’s birth with us.  The gold is a gift, we give them the child’s hair so they can see part of the child, and bones because in the Hadiths the Prophet Mohammad once visited a tribe of Djinn and brought them a bag of bones.  When the Prophet’s followers asked why he had a bag of bones the Prophet replied, “Because Djinn eat bones.”
Me:  Sounds like you have some good neighbors.  So why can’t we go up the hill together?  Would not the Djinn think I am your friend because I am with you?
Elder:  The Djinn do not travel much.  They may think you are Soviet or British.  I do not want to put you at risk, my friend.
Me:  Thank you.  I tend to prefer distance between me and other worldly beings anyways.

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  1. Jinn enthusiast says:

    Hi Rose,
    Have you ever encountered a real jinn by yourself?

    • admin says:

      Yes, on many occasions… some involving paranormal investigation cases, some involving alien abduction cases… and of course, once you start calling attention to them, they show up in the oddest places just to let you know they are watching. — Rosemary

  2. Christina says:

    Interesting article and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wonder how these beings feel about us as Americans now. I do understand thoughts of antagonism towards the Russians/formerly known Soviets. Am a student of history and admittedly rusty on British/Arabian topics; although, Brits were all over the place back in earlier times and would make sense from ex-pats during late last century/early twentieth century. But, why are we as Americans more favorably looked upon by these creatures? I would think it more reasonable they’d hold us duplicitous and contemptible because our troops are still there fighting for things not our concern and all fueled by our greed to control their resources. I love our troops but not our Commander. With Obama’s background as Muslim you’d think he’d be more in tune with the lore of Islam to garner peace and respectful reverence unto these beings-that that above all else should have qualified our troops being totally removed. So, did the tribal elder say more on why they consider us friendly as opposed to the others?

  3. Ashraful Ferdous says:

    Did they harm you or try to harm you? or They did nothing!!

  4. bob says:

    I’ve had a lot of encounters with djinn or shadow people along the years, I live in Africa and its a common occurrence first I thought they were evil spirits etc but a recent encounter with what I’m sure was a child playing with me and running on my bed it pinched my leg to more or less prove to me that it was real ,then another one kissed me gently on the neck while holding me down it was effeminate, my past experiences were more of male type shadowy beings that were aggressive it seems they ,are attracted to strong emotions like fear,worry etc I now know that there are different types of them and not all have a bitmalevolent agenda

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