Is Everything Paranormal Caused by Djinn?

By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
My research on the Djinn has uncovered their presence in every paranormal experience and all phenomena, from hauntings to attachments to alien abductions. The Djinn are superior shape-shifters and can easily masquerade as entities for which we have given other names. Does this mean that everything “out there” is Djinn?
I do not believe that to be the case. On one hand, I have interviewed numerous sources, including Muslim experts, who hold that the Djinn are behind all things supernatural. And, I have often remarked to fellow investigators that there is so much evidence of the Djinn that it could easily seem they are responsible for the whole paranormal show.  However — as I stated in The Djinn Connection, and as I have repeated in numerous interviews — I am not able to make that leap myself. The Djinn are indeed everywhere, and sometimes they are quite well hidden and disguised. But I also believe there are other kinds of beings as well: angels, a host beings who interdimensionally share the planet with us, and off-world beings.

No one has the definitive answer to the question of just how much the Djinn account for our paranormal experiences. Researchers should take Djinn into consideration in their analyses, be open-minded, and follow where the evidence leads.

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  1. Backman says:

    I have encounter a genie before, but I also have some questions of my own. Because I am not really a human. But I am in a form of a human and I am a good person and know little more about the human races, religions and the dimensions. But if you know about these beings and their agenda, then what do you know about god. You know, the one everybody serve and never know who he before you start taking scary stories from religious people. You need to think deep about these beings and ETs…so please contact me , i still have some question of my own and also fill in some of my memories..

    • ASNID says:

      Humans don’t know much because all history is written by the winners of any conflict/war and survivors of man-made or natural calamities and truth is lost. Our lives are too pitifully short for us to gain true wisdom.

  2. Gary says:

    If King Solomon was able to control the Djinn. and the craft of masonry, a much guarded secret was kept secret. sounds like the Djinn must have taught the craft. Hence the secret rituals that go on with the freemasons. How else would they have learned that knowledge? The secret rituals that go on within certain organizations must somehow be related to the Djinn. I remember going into a room where an organization met at 14. the place gave you the creeps. there were 3 of us. in broad daylight, and you felt like something was about to leap out at you and you would turn around and there was nothing there.This concept of the Djinn, King Solomon having power over them, and the birth of freemasonry from King Solomon, makes things much clearer. creepy stuff.

  3. raul says:

    First of all what ever the quran has revealled is truth it cannot be denied. Whatever prophet muhammad has said is also truth and the 10 companions who were given glad tidings of paradise mentioned by Allah in this world is truth.whatever scholor you see be carefull who were did he studied and if he is renowed and recoqnized? When you say the word i but these are words of shaitan. A good adviser in my opion on regards to any islamic subject is Ask imam .com

  4. raul says:

    Im a muslim who is married to a scholor she is called Alima in arabic which means one who is knowledgable in regards to Islamic teachings and rulings etc….my life comes from a long life of experience in regards to paranormal ; satanic cults. Coming from a portuguesse background with a mom almost a nun. We found that there people who are working with the Devil and who are hiding the truth !BY THE WAY JESUS DID NOT DIE FOR YOUR SINS its a big lie so that you have an excuse to sin. Bbc on the truth of jesus explains well. Point is that you must know your enemy and only the quran and sahih hadith or prophetic sayings give you a straight answer Yes or No . Not everyone is going to except the truth because God has made it this way that this life is a test for a believer. There is a hadith on regards when Allah created heaven and hell and he tells the arch angel to go and look at it and tell me what you see.

  5. Dani says:

    Heh. Are you the same raul from the other commentaries where you say you practice magic. How come you became muslim?

  6. Vavrinec says:

    As a convert to Islam my studies have taken me into the world of the Djinn. In the Qur’an in specifically states that there are no ghosts or spirits of the dead, Djinn are the ones responsible for any paranormal activity & they use people’s fear against them. The Prophet (PBUH) in Hadith, specifically stated that each person is assigned a Qarin, a Djinn, to test their faith in Allah. The Prophet (PBUH) also stated that he converted His Djinn to Islam so all his Qarin whispers to Him is good. The Sunnah Al Jinn in the Qur’an speaks of a group of Djinn that listened to the recitations of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) & converted to Islam. The moral here is that yes, all that people believe about ghosts, demons, or other paranormal events are perpetrated by Djinns, a race of beings created by Allah who also have free will. They can be good or they can be evil. Just as humans can choose to be good or evil.

  7. Phoenixx says:

    I have to say, the Djinn are NOT the only “supernatural” entities out there. I, for one, see all spirits. And I have a ghost attachment myself, he is a human boy, who died a normal human death. It was recorded and everything. I have had him for a year and he is fine. However…. I have met Djinn first hand as well. I have also met demons, dragons, wolf spirits, and shadow people in the spirit realm. I myself walk between realms. (a talent I learned over time) The djinn are real, but so are gods, angels, demons, ghosts, etc. It is really not much different, that side, than this. It is a food chain. Stronger spirits eat/destroy the weaker, and the ones that survive get stronger, etc. Djinn are just a strong, upper-level race of spirit beings. Coming from the other side myself, I should know.

  8. Elene Gusch says:

    The spirits of deceased humans are decidedly not Djinn, so it cannot be possible that Djinn are behind “every paranormal experience and all phenomena….”

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