Kindred Spirit Interviews Rosemary Ellen Guiley

  Spring/Summer 2014 issue cover story!

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  1. a thought says:

    in my lifetime I have seen tiny balls of light that seem to bob up and down. they turn into humans which I forget.
    they are djinn.
    we are bombarded with miracles and unbelievables. heavens interdimensions so many fables some in the name of religion.
    I agree with rosemary they start as one form and when you get used to them change forms. alien shadow reptile part animal types.
    all of it is to fear you and involvement now here’s the thing why why is it so important and how could they feed off energy.
    I’ve had experiences where most colour has gone out of my vision then I’ve seen them the light balls and they then go for attack fear paranio anything to unhinge. before that has happened I had a feeling of self accomplishment brain power dare I say happyiness for myself. I was in touch with the real me.
    they say djinn pricks new born babies and there really does seem to be a controlling of the masses.
    I’m beginning to believe they are here in this dimension and from birth we are feared into ignoring them.
    I have seen the same colour at the end of the zeitgeist movie and in the matrix movie.
    I don’t believe humans have powers and all the magic is just tricks.
    it is connected to military who I believe are too bewitched by djinn.
    I think the djinn that live in all our homes are more powerful than any illumanti which is djinn.
    I had more attacks in the hotter countries.
    lots of the fables leprechauns mermaids genies all bob up and down djinn very nervous characters. I have found djinn to be larger than life a lot of addiction and all fraught with nerves. quite romantic because they copy stories. they go in for the long con and will wear you down with one character after another sometimes immediately. walk out the door then re-enter as another.
    most of the time I felt it was bad manners to interrupt their practiced skits it seemed very important to them. they throw in some dis-order or some psychology. it’s quite exhausting. they like to laugh but will hate you very quickly if you are funnier and you will be.
    they will take on the image of parents partners friends at the same time using your image to them.
    I’ve seen people with bad eyes when you die your pupil changes and I’ve seen that.
    they hang round pubs hospitals mental places anywhere for re-invention.
    they hang in groups that’s why old tribes are big on group traditions. we are plagued by djinn traditions.
    there are usually two one good one bad cop.
    they are obsessed by sex and talk about it harass in a way that tells you they haven’t a clue.
    do we become them or were we once them I do not know.
    it seems their job is to prevent us from seeing. what I don’t know. the colour was kinda black and white grey.
    I do not believe anybody is telepathic more somebody is whispering in our ears that we blank out.
    the djinn that controlled me used television and movies both images ans storylines. I was hypnotized to never watch either so I could only believe each scene that was staged.
    they pair you up and their whole tribe arranges events everything over years egging each other on over your involvement to which you are oblivious. there is a servitude quality about them and they are quite childlike like a toddler with it’s mother.
    I actually liked them but they always let their nerves take over so they overeact in everything so when they turn it’s too much. they don’t get boundaries they overserve and overpunish.
    they groom and they fracture our brains for possession I do not know to save us from a colourless life I don’t know.
    but it has to be addressed. too many people are affected.
    father in raaf.

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